The Love of Twin Wolves (MFM)

Redmere Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,480
16 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/F/M, HEA]
Bobbi Parkes is unlucky enough to witness a cold-blooded murder. When she notifies the police, she is forced to go on the run. The investigating detective was the murderer.
Kai and Tucker Rivers are wolf shifters who left their birth pack due to its strict mating rituals. You marry whoever the Alpha says, no questions asked. They believed fate will choose a mate for them, one they will share. They are tortured by doubt, until the day they meet Bobbi. They know in an instant that she is theirs.
Finding her proves to be only half the battle the brothers face. Not only is their mate human, she’s also been beaten so badly she nearly dies.
Their wolves are desperate to make her theirs and then hunt for the ones responsible for their tiny mate’s pain. When Bobbi’s pursuers attack the town, they start a fight they are unprepared for, because an entire wolf pack is now protecting Bobbi Parkes.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


The Love of Twin Wolves (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.5)

The Love of Twin Wolves (MFM)

Redmere Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,480
16 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Amazing! I don't know where to start.
Probably with Bobbi, because she was great; I absolutely adored Bobbi - I loved that she was unconventional looks wise. This made me feel like her struggles to survive were authentic. I felt her desperation (trying to pass as a boy, her eating habits- it felt genuine). And her injuries after the beating (I winced a few times)! It felt real.
I loved Tucker and Kai as well! They worked so well as twins, and the writing made me feel like they were deeply connected. LOVED the banter between them, too ("you're too moody to have a best friend"). The fact that their birth pack didn't approve of a shared mating was well done - it was just normal for them, even if it might be considered taboo by others. I thought that was a great way to address how special finding ones true mate is, and that it's not a choice for them, it just IS. I thoroughly enjoyed this! It felt so natural.
The writing style just flows so perfectly. That was one of my favourite aspects of this!
An excellent start to the new series. Author never fails to provide a great storyline.




Bobbi’s bones vibrated at the deep timbre of the male voice. She screwed the photo tight in her fist and turned away without looking up at the person who’d spoken. She didn’t like strangers talking to her. She looked like a young man and had found that most strange men who approached her were sick fuckers looking for a rent boy. She definitely wasn’t what this guy wanted.

She’d only taken one step when the deep voice called out her name. “Bobbi?”

“The fuck it is?” said another deep voice.

Bobbi kept her voice soft and deep as she dared a glance over her shoulder. “Are you looking for Bobbi?”

She saw only broad chests covered in tight black T-shirts. She turned, staggering a little as the pain in her side intensified. She looked up, and up, seeing broad shoulders, thick necks, strong jaws, and finally, handsome faces framed by short black hair. Two sets of black eyes stared straight at her from their identical faces.

“You’re her,” the twin on the left said softly. “Holy fuck.”

“Someone has hurt you,” the one on the right stated. Their eyes, both sets, seemed to flash with color in the light of the bus station. Flash red.

“Please give Sam a message from me.”

“We’re here to take you to her,” the one on the left said harshly.

“No, please.” Bobbi saw muscles ripple under their tight shirts as both men clenched their fists. “No more…” Tears stung her eyes as she looked down at the size of those clenched fists. She wouldn’t survive a beating from fists that big. She took a step back, holding out her shaking hands.

The photo fell to the ground, and Bobbi’s vision blurred as she stared at Sam’s smiling face in the crumpled photo. She was finished. “Tell her I love her, that she’s my sister in everything but blood.”


* * * *


Tucker had never been at such odds with his wolf. They normally functioned as one, even though they were disparate halves of a whole being. But that was before he’d encountered her. Before he’d seen her, scented her. Bobbi was not merely a battered woman in need of protection—she was his mate. His heart, his life.

Tucker was vibrating with anger as he stared down at the small, fragile-looking woman. He growled, the sound deadly and menacing. Bobbi’s already white face paled impossibly further as her gaze darted around the bus terminal, no doubt looking for the wild animal about to attack her. The wild animals were standing right in front of her, only they wanted to attack—no, kill—the man, or men, who had laid their hands on this delicate creature and hurt her.

“Tucker,” Kai whispered in warning. “She doesn’t understand what we are.”

“Or what she is to us.” Tucker stretched out his arm, his hand palm up in a universally nonthreatening gesture. “Miss. I’m Tucker, and this is my brother, Kai. I believe you’re expecting us. Drew sent us to collect you.”

That this was Bobbi was a certainty. Even though she was much changed from the curvy, voluptuous woman with long hair in the photo Drew had sent them, he knew it was her. Her eyes, big brown eyes that shone right now with pain and fear, were the same. Kind eyes. Someone had seen those gentle eyes and still brutalized her.

“Who the fucking hell did this to you, sweetheart?” Now it was Kai who shook with his wolf’s anger.

Tucker was losing the battle to contain his beast, and as he took in every fading bruise on his mate’s face, the way she was hunched and hugging her abdomen, he just slipped deeper into a primal rage.

“Oh.” Her mouth remained open as she stared at him. He knew from the heat behind his eyes that they would be turning red—his wolf was pushing to be free. It wanted to hunt. It was good at hunting. It would find its prey, and it would kill without remorse.

“Did Drew tell you we work in the Redmere police department with him?” Tucker managed at last. Tucker let his wolf have the freedom it wanted. He saw no reason to contain it anymore—they wanted the same thing. They wanted the person or persons responsible for Bobbi’s injuries, whatever they were, to die. “We’re detectives, as well. We can help you, Bobbi.”

She shook her head and stepped back. “This is nothing. I fell. I fell over. That’s all. I need you to tell Sam good-bye. I’m not going to contact her anymore.” She shook her head as tears started to roll down her face. “I can’t go with you. I was wrong to agree to Drew’s request.”

Her voice shook as she stepped back again. Tucker wanted to warn her, but only a soft growl came out. She shouldn’t push his wolf away right now. It was too close to breaking free, and it didn’t like her putting any added space between them. He closed the gap with one stride and was immersed in the sweet scent that was all mate, along with the acid sting of her fear.

“I can’t come to Redmere. I’m sorry to have put you to any trouble.”

Kai’s hand was firm, then painful, on his shoulder as Kai gripped him and tugged him back a few inches. “Bobbi, isn’t it? I’m Kai. We’ve been policemen too long to believe the injuries you’re wearing are from a fall.” Kai was all wolf as he spoke now, his tone hard, cold, deadly, and uncompromising. “We can talk here or in the truck on the way to Redmere—your choice. Know this though, sweetheart, we are not leaving here without you. No one is ever going to lay their hands on you in anger again, not while Tucker and I draw breath.”




He looked desperately to Kai. “We started the mating.” Kai’s frantic words confirmed his fear. Even though they’d already claimed her as theirs, it seemed nature would not be denied their full commitment any longer. The mating, once started, would lead to pain and death for all three of them if they failed to cede to the demands it was making on their bodies.

Pushing his fear aside, he sought to reassure and calm his mate. Bobbi would always come first for him in matters of her protection and her happiness. She was now his to care for. He would be the mate she deserved, the mate she needed. With that in mind, he looked into her eyes and was calmed by what he saw there. He was the mate she desired. This joining would seal their hearts and souls in a bond they both craved. His years of anguish and shame seemed inconsequential when she was here as his reward.

“Together forever.”

“Forever,” she echoed as she reached for him and pulled him into a kiss that sealed both their fates. There was no turning back. He let his instincts guide him as he deepened the kiss and moved to lie between her thighs.

She arched up against him, her entire body branding him with the heat of her need. He’d never imagined he could feel so much pleasure just from holding a woman in his arms. His cock grew harder, pulsing as the rigid length slid against the dewy folds of her core.

Her legs wrapped around his hips, tipping her pelvis and allowing the head of his cock to slide straight into her pussy.

She broke their kiss and pressed her small body tight to his. “More, Tucker. I want you so badly.”

“We’re here,” Kai soothed, gently cupping her cheek and turning her head. “Tonight, our lives together truly begin.”

She moaned as Kai’s lips took hers. Tucker tucked one hand under her ass and supported his weight on the other, fearing he’d crush her. “Mine.” He licked over his mark, and Bobbi’s pussy tightened as he thrust slowly inside her, not stopping until he was buried as deep as he could go.

“Heaven,” he murmured against her neck as she rocked her hips, urging him to move in a silent plea.

Kai released her lips but stayed by her side, stroking her cheek as he muttered endearments. Bobbi locked her gaze with his, and in that instant, they were joined completely, body and soul, as he began to stroke into her. Her eyes fluttered closed as she moaned and matched his rhythm.

“Stay with me,” he commanded, his voice sounding tortured and rough as his balls drew up tight, his cum churning as he fought to delay his orgasm until they came together. She obeyed, her eyes opening and a small smile stretching her luscious lips.

“So bossy.”

He thrust harder, deeper and faster, her smile slipping as pleasure made her moan with each drive of his hips. He was close, but so was she. He felt the spasmodic flutter of her inner muscles as they gripped his cock tight.

“Come,” he commanded, lowering his mouth to her neck. He let his canines extend and sink into the fresh wound of his mark. She cried out her pleasure as her sweet, intoxicating blood filled his mouth.

He came hard, the first few pulses painful as his cum shot deep inside his mate. They rode the wave of their orgasms together, their movements discordant and languid as they shared their pleasure.

He pulled his canines free of her flesh, then sealed the wound with his tongue, confident that the mark was now a permanent brand of ownership. The exchange of blood for his seed completed both the mating and the claiming. His wolf howled. They were bonded for life, their mate a gift that ensured their future happiness would be graced with strong, healthy offspring.

“I love you,” Tucker said. Bobbi stared up at him, and he frowned as he saw insecurity in her eyes.

“You are more than I deserve, little one, but you’re mine now, and I’m keeping you. I adore you.” Her smile washed the small fear away and made his breath catch at the sight of her sheer beauty. “That was incredible.”

He’d said the right thing, her body relaxing as a slight blush colored her cheeks. Tucker never said the right thing.

“For me, too. I never knew sex could feel this good.”

“Wait until we take you together,” Kai said. Tucker smiled as Bobbi’s blush deepened to a dark red.

“Not tonight, little one.” She smiled at his reassurance. “But soon. Tonight, we complete the mating. Tomorrow, once you’re healed, we complete the claiming.”

He glanced briefly at Kai, who nodded his understanding. Their instincts had been right: they did indeed share a mate. The pain of decades of anguish and guilt at their birth pack’s assertion that they were in some way flawed was now gone for both of them. Bobbi was here and she was theirs.

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