[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, angels, shape-shifters, HEA]
While on a mission for their pride of cougar shifters, Fergus, Tanner, and Nash Willis discover their mate, Sienna.
Sienna has been held captive and tortured for centuries; freedom to her means only one thing—she’s finally allowed to die. The brothers come to understand the horrors Sienna has had to endure, but they are unable to grant her wish for death. She’s their heart now, and they’ll die with her if that’s what she chooses.
Sienna is embraced by the pride in Pine Falls, their bonds of love and friendship paving the way for her to see the joy and love life has to offer. Once mated, however, Sienna is suddenly thrust back into the agony of her past when an old and powerful foe threatens to tear her away from her new mates.
Sienna gains new strengths from her mates' love, but they still need the help of the entire pride to rescue Sienna and keep death from finally claiming her.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Forever and a Day (MFMM)
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Ashley never lets me down with her stories!
I enjoy this series and I hope to see more of it.
Karlyn Plett




Sienna screwed her eyes tightly closed as the loud bangs were followed by growls. She’d been in such a wonderful place, why had she listened to them? They’d tempted her to come to them even when she’d known better. She should have known better. Pain, that’s all life was. Constant unending suffering and pain.

“Sienna, are you awake, honey? It’s me, Tanner.”

Tanner. He was one of the tricksters.

“No no no,” Sienna screamed. “You’re not real. You were sent by Branik. I will not be fooled.”

Soft growls erupted around her. The vibrations were strangely pleasant despite the tingle of fear the low rumbling sound induced. The only sensation Sienna had experienced in, forever, was pain. This new feeling wasn’t completely unwelcome. It didn’t induce pain, didn’t make her wish to die.

“Sienna, baby, please open your eyes.”

“You need to see you’re no longer in that prison. You’re here with us now, with your mates.”

Sienna pulled her hands over her head and curled into a ball. Not out of fear of Branik, but out of fear for her sanity.

“I dreamed of this word, ‘mate’.” Sienna was speaking to herself. She’d learned early on in her imprisonment that it was the only way to know for certain that she was awake. If she could hear herself speak, hear herself reason, then she’d determined she was awake and alive.

“It wasn’t a dream, sweetheart. My name is Fergus and I was there when we rescued you. I’m a cougar shifter and I’m one of your mates. We’ve been with you since that day. We’ve told you all about us. Try and remember.”

Sienna had been surprised when she’d woken a few minutes ago that any of her power had been present at all. Branik had been draining her for so long she’d thought it was surely all gone. She wriggled her arm, testing it for the searing heat of the cruel bracelet she’d worn forever. There was no pain. No weight. No restraint.

Sienna relaxed slightly and tested her power once more. If she wasn’t shackled, wasn’t dreaming or being tricked, then perhaps this was real. She released a tiny trickle of her gift’s energy. To her, it was akin to the way she’d seen a snake flick out its tongue to sample the flavors in the air. Only Sienna was sampling auras.

The truth of a person’s soul was reflected in their aura. Sienna had the gift to see the myriad of shades a person’s displayed. The color of an individual’s aura spoke to Sienna. The colors told her how an individual had chosen to live their life. Told her what fed their very soul. Whether those souls bloomed from bestowing happiness and love, or withered from delivering nothing but pain and suffering to others.

“This is a strange dream,” she mumbled as she focused on what her gentle exploration of the surroundings gleaned. She received a mental image showing her one bright sparkling aura that threatened to blind her to the other spots of color around her.

The bright aura pulsed a radiant white color, the purity of the color bringing tears to her closed eyes. She’d seen nothing but the black stains of evil for centuries upon centuries and had begun to fear goodness had vanished entirely from the world. It seemed it had only been absent from her world.

Sienna then focused on the three yellow lights that surrounded her own pale violet aura. The yellow auras were bathing her in a warm glow as they pulsed in time with hers. She stopped her heart, an easy task now the bracelet was gone, and saw the three yellow lights also stop pulsing. As her own aura dimmed, so did the three surrounding her.

“Oh my God,” cried a female voice. “Shit. Nash has no heartbeat. Brody, hurry. Get the crash cart.”

Sienna sat up, her gaze searching for where she’d pictured the three yellow auras in her mind. She found she was in some sort of bed with bars on the side. On the floor beside the bed, a slim woman with dark hair was pushing her fists into the chest of a much larger man.

“Brody, hurry. I think they’re all dead,” the woman said. Sienna could see the fear and horror on the woman’s face.

A dull pain in Sienna’s chest reminded her she’d stopped her heart from beating. She wasn’t certain she was ready to leave this strange place just yet, so she started her heart again.

The sound of a loud gasp drew Sienna’s gaze to the left. Another man was lying on the floor, his eyes fluttering open.

“I don’t think you should do that again, honey,” the man said, his hazel eyes growing warm as he smiled up at her. He ran a hand through his short, blond hair as he rose fluidly to his feet. “Remember we told you about mates not being able to live without one another?”

Sienna nodded, vaguely remembering being told this fact. The man who’d been having his chest punched sat up and thanked the small woman. He rose with a similarly smooth grace to the other man and came to stand in front of her. Sienna’s heart began to race. She recognized this man.




“We’ll feel you,” Tanner said with a growl. “Even if it’s only when we’re cats, we’ll feel you.”

Sienna rose to her knees on the bed. Nash and Fergus stroked their large, callused hands down her back to cup her ass. She tingled all over as her body ignited with need. She knew now what she needed. She needed these men. Needed them closer. Touching wasn’t enough.

She wrapped her arms around Tanner’s neck, her gaze riveted to the bite she’d left on his chest. She licked over the bite and the huge man trembled. Sienna felt her body begin to burn.

“I feel like I’m on fire,” Sienna said, her voice croaking as her throat felt suddenly dry.

“That’s because I started the mating yesterday and we haven’t finished it,” Tanner said. His eyes look worried as he cupped her face. “I didn’t mean to cause you more pain, honey. I’m so sorry.”

Sienna shook her head and pressed herself to the naked warmth of his chest. Her nipples shot sparks of pleasure to her core and she felt her pussy throb in time with her heart. “No, it’s not painful. I just need…” Sienna frowned up at him, lost for words to describe how she felt.

“You need us to make love to you,” Nash whispered in her ear, his hard body pressing to her back.

“You need our cocks inside you,” Fergus said, his fingers gently caressing over the lips of her sex. “So wet for us, Sienna.” She heard him growl and looked at him as he licked his fingers clean of her juices. “So delicious.”

Sienna’s skin seemed too tight, her muscles shook and her pussy ached to be filled. Tanner pressed closer, his boxers gone, his cock hard and hot against her stomach. She slid one hand from his neck to gently stroke her fingers over the glistening head.

“Fuck,” Tanner said, his body stiffening.

“It’s so soft,” Sienna said, lowering her head and touching her tongue to the liquid beading on the engorged head of his cock. “Oh my God.” Sienna sucked in a breath at the taste of Tanner’s secretions. It had an earthy flavor that sang on her tongue and tasted sweet as she swallowed. “You’re even better than French toast.”

“I need you, Sienna,” Tanner said, his cat staring at her from his glowing eyes.

Nash moved from behind her and Tanner lowered her gently until she lay on her back. His hands stroked up the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs wide as he lay between them.

“This won’t be slow, but it will be good for you, my mate.” Tanner lowered his mouth to her mound, kissing her softly as his breath feathered over her aching clitoris.

She couldn’t hold back a moan as his tongue licked her from ass to clit, his growl making his tongue vibrate against her sensitive folds. Her back arched off the bed in pleasure overload.

Tanner’s strong arm pressed over her pelvis, pushing her back to the mattress as his lips closed over her clitoris. One suck and Sienna’s body exploded in a pleasure she’d never imagined possible.

She was still shaking, her body alive with pleasure as Tanner moved up her body. He kissed her deeply, the taste of her own juices mingling with the taste of Tanner and making her desperate to have more of him.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, his frame so big she couldn’t lock her ankles together as she’d seen others do. Instead she dug her feet into his ass and tried to push his cock to where she wanted, needed, him.

“I have you, Sienna.” Tanner leaned on one arm, his body weight a sensual pleasure, not crushing, and aligned his cock with her pussy. She was so wet it slid inside at once, making her hiss. Her pussy burned as it stretched around the unfamiliar presence.

“Is this your first time, baby?” Nash asked softly, feathering kisses over her cheek.

Sienna nodded as Tanner began to slowly rock into her. His cock inched forward, then he withdrew, repeating the process until he was fully inside her. She felt no pain, only pleasure, as his cock caressed deep inside her body.

“Please, Tanner. Don’t stop.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby.”

“I’m so close again. I can feel the pleasure building. It’s just there.”

Sienna sighed as Tanner slowly started to move again. She knew she’d made no sense, but had no words for what she’d been feeling.

Tanner started to move faster, his cock going impossibly deeper with each thrust. He was everywhere. He surrounded her, filled her. It was heaven. Sienna felt the pleasure build again, slower than when she’d orgasmed in his mouth, but this was more intense.

“I may just die from pleasure,” Sienna mumbled, pulling from Tanner’s lips to stare into the eyes of her mate. Man and cat. They were one. They were hers.

Tanner lowered his mouth to her neck and licked over the bite behind her ear. Her body shook as her orgasm peaked. Now she recognized the feeling inside her. He’d claimed her. She willed her small fangs to descend, relieved when they did, and claimed Tanner as hers as well.

She flew, not in body, but in soul, as Tanner called her name as he orgasmed with her. Their blood was exchanged in the way of angels, and his semen marked her body in the way of his cat. She was mated and she felt his joy in their mating flow through her.

Sienna lowered her barriers and focused only on the present. Centered her mind on this moment. On being in this moment with her three mates and let her mind touch theirs.

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