The Not-So-Lone Wolf Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Not-So-Lone Wolf

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,979
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal Romance, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Not-So-Lone Wolf

Jules Scarlet is running for his life after his father discovers he's been impregnated by a werewolf. Now, Jules must die to redeem himself. But before his father can shoot him, Remy returns. His wolf is large and powerful, and the shifter has come to claim his mate once and for all.

Though Jules knows nothing about the alpha other than the amazing night they spent together, he feels a deep attraction to him. He wants to be close to him, and he also wants to know how it is that a human male can become pregnant at all.

When he discovers he is mated to Remy, he doesn't know what to think. One moment he's happy, but in the next he's kidnapped by angry werewolves who don't want their alpha mated to a human. Their plan is to quietly kill him before Remy can return from a run, and Jules doesn't know how much more he can take.

Mate of the Wild Alpha

Jules Scarlet is still getting used to the fact that he's now the mate of the alpha of the forest. Remus, a creature so powerful that he's been alive for over a hundred years. It's different living in a pack, but better than he imagined.

What's not easy to live with is the knowledge that there are people out there who want him dead. Jules doesn't want to be a burden on his mate, but he hates being afraid, and the only man he can turn to for comfort, his mate Remy, spends a lot of his time as a wolf.

But when someone from Jules' past is captured, this new captive brings about a frightening realization. The one who kidnapped and tried to kill Jules is still out there, and still hunting him with the intent to kill.

Remy will burn the forest down to the ground before he allows that to happen to the human he loves.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Not-So-Lone Wolf Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Not-So-Lone Wolf Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Not-So-Lone Wolf

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,979
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Not-So-Lone Wolf


Jules looked down at his belly. He had no words, nothing to describe how he felt for what was inside of him. Sometimes he loved it, and sometimes he hated it. Right now there was no room in him for either. He just wanted to live.

“Even now you hold your hands over it, protecting it!” His father bellowed then pointed his gun, staring down the barrel and right at ’Jules’s head. “It’s too late for you.”

Jules shut his eyes, turned his face, and brought his arm up, as though that would be enough to protect his face from what was coming.

The shot sounded, and Jules screamed loud, but then he didn’t feel any pain, and his father, William, Merek, and John were the ones screaming now as the dogs went wild.

Jules risked opening his eyes, hearing the chaos before he could see what was happening.

He gasped and lunged away.

The wolf, the alpha of the forest, was here! As large as any black bear, and twice as powerful and fast, its hind legs kicked up dirt and foliage as the dogs attempted to jump onto its back, biting and clawing at it, trying to bring him down.

More shots fired as ’Jules’s father and his men tried to kill the beast, but they couldn’t.

No one in a hundred years had been able to kill this particular alpha.

Now it was here, and it was killing the dogs and snapping at ’Jules’s father.

It lunged, grabbing the barrel of his father’s gun and biting down until the metal was warped and destroyed. It was junk now.

John was the first to turn and run and then Merek. William was the only one to stay behind, waiting for ’Jules’s father because he was loyal and good. He would not leave one man to fend for himself.

Jules felt grateful to him for that, even though he knew that he shouldn’t be.

His father had tried to kill him and all because Jules had managed to become pregnant with the child of the wolf that snarled at his father right now.

Though it was a mistake known to be lethal to many skilled hunters, his father took his eyes off of the wolf in front of him for just a second, long enough for Jules to see into those disappointed grey eyes. It wasn’t just disappointment and sadness. It was also disgust. This as good as cemented ’Jules’s betrayal. If his father had just killed him, then he could have been redeemed in his eyes and the eyes of the village. Jules would have been a victim of the wolf, and now he was a supporter of the wolf.

“Sir, we have to go,” William said, taking the arm of Jules’s father and pulling him back.

Ever the loyal servant. He would have made a better son than Jules did.

With one last parting glance, and one last glare at the monster of a wolf, the last two hunters turned and fled for their lives, leaving Jules alone to his fate, whatever it might be.

The large silver and black wolf watched both men leave, and he didn’t turn back for quite a few moments. Moments where Jules wondered if he would be able to sneak away unnoticed if he got up to run right now.

No. The wolf turned. Golden eyes stared right into ’Jules’s soul, freezing him into place. Jules couldn’t move. He could hardly think, could barely breathe.

Silver surrounded those golden eyes. It was in the fur of the wolf while the black nose and mouth was covered in blood belonging to the dogs. Jules didn’t want to look at their bodies, and that was not much of a problem since he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the giant wolf that stared at him right now. It’s breath puffed out in the cold morning air. Jules was only just starting to realize how cold it was now that he’d stopped moving.

It was made worse by the fact that his feet were bare and he was still wearing his sleeping shirt and cotton pajama bottoms.

But now a new surge of emotion was rushing through him. Anger. He was angry at the wolf, and now that the immediate danger of death was out of the way, he lashed out. “What did you do to me?” he screamed.

The wolf blinked and then turned to face him completely, chest puffed out, looking ever much like the alpha.

Jules shrank in on himself a little. He couldn’t help it. This was a dangerous creature, and if it wanted to, it could turn him into a piece of dead meat like the dogs at its feet.

That helplessness came over him again, but Jules told himself to toughen up. He’d already cried, and if the alpha was going to kill him, then he might as well die like a man.

Or as much a man as he could be with a child inside of him while he was barefoot, dressed in his pajamas, and with tearstains on his cheeks.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Jules asked. “This is your fault. You did this!”

The eyes of the alpha flitted down to ’Jules’s swollen belly, and then the silver and black fur on the large creature rippled.

Jules couldn’t explain the transformation now that he was seeing it in the grey light of the morning.

The body shimmered, it shrank, and Jules must have blinked because it was over before he even knew it. The body of the wolf was gone, replaced with the body of a man that Jules had seen only once before in his entire life.

That night when he’d come into Jules room and stayed with him.

Jules swallowed when the man, whose hair was as coarse as that of the wolf and black flecked with silver, approached him and knelt down in front of him.

“I thought I told you to call me Remy?”




His mouth was warm and wet and unlike anything Jules had ever felt before in his life, and then their bare cocks were together, touching and sliding against one another in a strange introduction that left Jules quivering, his toes curling. He thought he would yell out and make some loud noise that would get them caught because it was too good. No one in their right mind could possibly contain this much pleasure.

He didn’t. He held back. He panted and squirmed, and whenever he needed to moan, Remy always seemed to know, and the larger man would swoop in for another kiss, allowing Jules to let out whatever tiny noises he needed to into his mouth.

They stayed like for only a minute or so, but at the same time, it felt like forever. In a good way. The good kind of forever to be sure. Slowly dry humping each other, their dicks sliding and rubbing together, pleasure peaking. Jules was on the verge, the very edge of having his first orgasm with another man, when Remy suddenly came to a stop, pulling back.

Jules stared up at him, not getting it at first until Remy grabbed him by his legs and, as though Jules weighed nothing at all, pulled him forward, his ass coming up into Remy’s lap.

He shivered as he felt the alpha’s cock pressing against his crack, pre-cum smearing there, making him a little slick as Remy slid his dick back and forth, biting down on his lower lip, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

Wait, did alphas use lubricant? They were still creatures of the forest, so what if they didn’t? What if it was all saliva and spit? Jules had tried that once before on the handle of a hairbrush, and he hadn’t liked it. It had hurt. He always kept something for when he needed something inside of him hidden inside of his mattress, not beneath it. Even he knew that hiding anything beneath a mattress was foolishness.

He reached for the vial of cream, and he quickly held it out for Remy to take.

Remy frowned at it, but he took it anyway then looked down at Jules as he opened the cap.

Understanding dawned, and Jules let out a sigh that he wasn’t about to be fucked by this man without something to ease the way.

He spread his legs wider, eager and yet nervous as Remy’s fingers pressed against his asshole and then gently pushed forward until the ring of muscle would allow him inside.

He exhaled a deep breath. Another first. A person would be here, not an object that Jules used when he’d been desperate. This was exactly what he needed.

Remy seemed to know what to do, even without either of them saying a word. His fingers moved expertly, hooking and finding that spot inside of ’Jules’s body that made him grip the sheets, his spine bow, and a small hiss escape his mouth.

There it was. This was exactly what he needed.

He also had to pull the pillow over his face, needing to make some noise and needing to muffle it so that it wouldn’t he heard.

With the pillow safely in place, Jules panted and moaned as Remy’s fingers worked on him, scissored inside of him, and Jules moaned and shivered as his body accommodated the burning intrusion. Soon he wasn’t pushing back against those fingers. His body seemed to be trying to suck Remy deeper inside of him, and then he knew he was ready.

Remy knew it, too, and his fingers disappeared, leaving Jules feeling an empty burn in their place that he wanted back so desperately.

He was about to get it, as the pillow was taken off of his face so he could look back into Remy’s face. The man’s blunt cockhead pressed against ’Jules’s stretched asshole.

Jules sucked in a deep breath. His face felt cold after having stuck a pillow on top of it, but his body warmed again quickly when a pressure was applied and Remy’s dick popped through.

Jules sucked in a gasp. He was in no danger of moaning out loud this time, but Remy probably didn’t want to take the risk as he leaned down and kissed him again.

Deeper and deeper, Remy slid his cock until he was as far as he could go, and then Jules moaned and shivered. He reached for Remy’s hand without meaning to. It was as though his body was moving of its own accord, and he took Remy’s hand into his own. Jules held it tight, shocked when Remy laced their fingers together, kissing him as his hips pistoned back and forth. The rhythm was slow for a split second before it picked up quickly. Remy’s thrusts were fast, but shallow. It drove Jules’s pleasure to spike, and he found himself holding back against his orgasm, doing everything he could to keep it from washing over him just so he could enjoy the ride a little longer.


Mate of the Wild Alpha


He was beautiful in his wolf shape, as large as any full-grown black bear, his back to them as he faced the nearly full moon.

It seemed larger tonight, and it highlighted Remy’s silver-and-black furred body with light.

It took Jules’s breath away.

Remy’s long, pointed ears twitched, and he turned his head.

Jules came to a complete halt when he was spotted. Their eyes met, and Remy turned to face him.

The wolf, who was taller than Jules in both his man and wolf shapes, was sitting, so regal, so beautiful and perfect that Jules really started to doubt the wisdom of showing up here.

Jules put his hands in front of him, onto his belly since he didn’t know what else to do with them. “I, uh, wanted to see you. I woke up, and you weren’t there. I’m sorry if this is a bother.”

Those golden exotic eyes flicked to Leo.

Jules looked behind himself just as Leo nodded, some unspoken agreement between the two shifters, and Leo turned to leave, leaving them alone.

Then it was just the two of them. Jules was still getting used to the fact that his life partner, the man who was to be his mate in life, was the alpha of the forest. He didn’t know what Remy was thinking and was still getting used to deciphering body language, but right now, he was fairly sure that it was perfectly all right for him to go closer, that Remy wouldn’t mind it if Jules wanted to stand beside him.

So that was what he did.

Remy stood, keeping his eyes on Jules the entire time, and then turned to face the moon again when Jules came to stand beside him. Though those golden eyes remained locked on Jules.

Jules couldn’t help himself. He touched Remy’s fur. It was coarse in some places and softer in others, like the ears. Jules just needed the comfort of knowing he was close to his mate.

“I’m sorry if this is a bother,” Jules said, smiling softly and leaning his entire body closer. It was almost as good as a hug. “I just...I had a bad dream. I know that’s dumb, but I needed to see you. Wasn’t trying to ruin your time alone.”

And considering Remy had two sides of himself to think about, that alone time was important. Jules didn’t want to take all of that away from Remy, so he felt as though he needed to be so much more careful.

Jules shut his eyes as he leaned into the fur. It was so peaceful, so warm, and so comfortable right where he was that he nearly dozed off while standing. He probably would have, if Remy hadn’t shifted.

The wolf melted down, smaller, into the shape of a naked man, his fur pulling back into the pores of his skin.

Jules opened his eyes just as a pair of strong, tanned arms curled around his body.

Remy’s hair, his human hair, was the same color as his wolf hair. Silver and black, an interesting shade for a man, and it had gotten a little longer lately, almost down to his shoulders.

“You’re not ruining anything,” Remy said softly.

His eyes were kind, his words gentle. Jules never thought he would need those things before, especially since he was a man, but now that he had them, he didn’t think he would ever be able to let them go.

Remy stroked the back of Jules’s neck and hair, a comforting gesture. “Tell me about your dream.”

Jules told him as he held his mate back. “I feel bad for bothering you about it, though. It was just a dream.”

“An important one,” Remy said. “Not much time has passed.”

Jules shivered. “I know, but I’m a grown man. I should be able to handle this on my own without coming to you all the time.”

“I don’t mind,” Remy said.


“Shhh, no more,” Remy said, pulling back just enough so that Jules could look into his eyes. There was so much sincerity in them that Jules was always taken aback by it.

“You are my mate. I love you, and it is my responsibility to care for you.”

“It shouldn’t be a responsibility,” Jules said, his face heating up, despite the cold in the air.

“It is one I enjoy,” Remy said. “I am also wise enough to be able to tell the difference between a mate who is unable to care for himself and one who requires comfort from time to time. I know you are not weak and helpless, but the child inside of you does make you a little more tender to these things. I’m also aware that you respect my need to be in my other shape. I take no offense when you require my time.”

Jules damn near sighed in relief as he leaned closer to Remy’s chest, pressing his cheek to the man’s heart.

“I love you,” he said softly. “I know I don’t say it a lot, but I do. You’’re the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“Am I, now?” Remy asked, a tone in his voice that Jules didn’t quite understand.

He moved to pull back, to look up into Remy’s eyes, but was too late as he cried out when Remy leaned down and scooped his arms under Jules’s legs.

He pulled Jules up and began walking away from the silvery view of the moon and valley, carrying Jules like a bride.

This had been how Remy had carried Jules the first time he’d been brought to the pack, after his father had tried to kill him for fornicating with a werewolf and allowing a spell to be put on him.

“Where are we going?” Jules asked, curling his arms around Remy’s neck. The man had so much strength that he managed to carry Jules around, despite the added weight from the child.




Remy moaned as his cock throbbed. He had to touch, had to curl his fingers around his dick just to settle the ache.

“Not fair,” Jules said, panting for breath. “Why do you get to do that, but I can’t.”

“I said you could pleasure yourself,” Remy replied, smirking as he let his hand slide leisurely up the length of his cock. He did not do this to give himself pleasure, however. He simply wanted to tease his mate. Remy gripped the base of his cock just hard enough to prevent his orgasm from coming. He said he would wait until he was inside of Jules before release, and he meant it.

Jules threw that in his face, however. “But I can’t come until you’re in me.”

Remy nodded. “That’s right, so now you must decide how much you want to tease yourself.”

Jules’s eyes widened just a little, more than enough for Remy to see the whites all around them.

“Tease myself?”

“You are preparing yourself. I can hardly say anything should your fingers come into contact with your prostate.”

Remy leaned closer. He didn’t linger. He went only close enough so that he could press a kiss to Jules’s mouth and then pull back. “Tell me when you’re ready, when you’ve made yourself so desperate that you can’t stand it. Then, and only then, will I fuck you. I will fuck you, and you will beg me for more.”

“Oh God,” Jules said. The man threw his head back into the sheets, his back stretching out, his muscles tensing, before he looked back into Remy’s eyes.

Jules’s eyelids were half shut. He looked almost drunk, desperate, for the love and affection that Remy was promising him.

“Make yourself need it as much as I do,” Remy said. “Then I will take care of you, just as an alpha is meant to care for his mate.”

Jules groaned. He reached his free hand down for his cock, but Remy grabbed him by the wrist and yanked the man’s hand above his head. “No touching that,” Remy said, smiling as the game became so much more fun and exciting. “You can touch your asshole, and stroke your prostate, but you can do nothing else. Do you understand?”

It was the alpha inside of Remy that also demanded Jules comply.

Jules nodded, a moan leaving his mouth. “Yes, yes I understand.”

“Good,” Remy said, releasing Jules’s hand and pulling back.

He liked holding Jules’s hand above his head, however. He would have to try that later, when they weren’t already in the middle of a game.

Until then, he sat back to enjoy the show that his mate wanted to perform for him. He watched as his lover, his little human, continued to thrust his fingers inside of himself. Jules scissored his fingers, stretching his hole wider.

Remy was forced to keep one hand on his cock just to contain the pleasure that wanted to burst free. He could already tell that he would not last long before orgasm once he pushed his cock inside of his mate.

He couldn’t wait.

Jules used his free hand to play with his nipples, to stroke and touch his chest and neck. He seemed to desire the touch a great deal, and Remy leaned in to press his tongue to one of Jules’s nipples after Jules finished playing with it.

It became apparent when Jules was no longer stretching himself, but also pleasuring himself, as his moans increased.

“Oh God. Fuck. R-Remy, I’m...I’m ready. Fuck, please fuck me.”

“Tell me you need me,” Remy said, feeling the wilder side of himself come out a little. He needed those words more than he needed anything else right now.

His mate thought he was a bother, that he should not be coming to Remy for assistance, no matter what it was for.

That was exactly what Remy was supposed to be doing. He was the alpha, and he was Jules’s mate. It was his place to keep Jules happy and content, and he needed to hear the man tell him that.

“I need you,” Jules said, his hips thrusting forward as he tried to get his fingers to sink in even deeper.

That was what Remy needed. He grabbed onto Jules’s hand and gently pulled back.

Jules moaned when his channel was empty, and then both of his hands were grabbing Remy’s shoulders again, trying to yank him closer.

“Not yet, sweet. Almost,” Remy promised.

Jules moaned impatiently. “What? But—”

“I know,” Remy said, reaching for the oil. He grabbed the vial and used the last of the contents to coat his cock with it.

He stroked his erection only to spread the oil, but he moaned and shivered even then as his pleasure spiked.

So close. He was so damned close that he could taste it.

Remy had to force his hand away from his dick. It was not an easy thing to do. He’d spent so many years of his life, decades, in his wilder form.

That form simply did not stop when pleasure like that was within reach.

Remy needed to be patient and wait.

He thought about the best way to take Jules in this moment. He’d had the man in a number of positions since they’d met, but none of them were overly ambitious or exciting.

With the pregnancy, there was always the worry, and the fear, that anything too wild would cause harm.

“Turn onto your side,” Remy said. His fingernails turned into small claws. If he did not gain control of himself, then they would become longer, more hooked, and he did not wish to frighten his mate with that.

Jules noticed the claws, looked from them and up to Remy, but he said nothing as he turned onto his side.

Remy slid up behind him, keeping one hand on Jules’s hip.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said.

Jules seemed to swallow hard, and then he nodded. “I know.

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