The Alpha's Lost Mate (MM)

Safe Havens 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,513
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shifters, MM, HEA]

Apollo has been searching for his mate for years. Daniel, as an omega who cannot shift, was sold by his family, and Apollo has been looking for him ever since. When he finally finds him, Daniel is a shadow of his former self.

Daniel barely recognizes Apollo after their years apart, but he doesn't know if he can be a proper mate anymore. Not after what happened to him.

Apollo is determined to show his mate that he deserves a good life. He will do anything he can to give it to him. With patience and persistence, Apollo will help his scarred mate come out of his shell and into the light once more.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Alpha's Lost Mate (MM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

The Alpha's Lost Mate (MM)

Safe Havens 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,513
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


What the fuck did you do to him? Why is he in heat? I didn’t request for that!”

Oh, well, lucky for this guy then, because Daniel was going to rock his world tonight.

“We didn’t do it,” said the younger beta, the one who blushed like a little virgin when Daniel begged the guy to fuck him.

“Then who did?”

“We don’t know,” growled the older beta. “Can you just sign the damn paperwork? He’s been begging us to nail him since we leashed him.”

Daniel’s new alpha snarled. That should have been a scary sound. It usually was, but this time all Daniel could feel was hornier.

More desperation.

Just more.

“Take me,” he begged. “I need it. It burns, Alpha. Please.”

Again, the side of his brain that felt shame was completely shut off.

After he got fucked, and hopefully fed, and maybe some sleep, he would think about all this later.

For now, he needed to take care of business.

He barely saw what the guy looked like and only knew he wore blue jeans because Daniel tried sliding to his knees to undo the big belt buckle that had a cow on it?

He once knew an alpha who lived on a cattle ranch. It made Daniel feel good, made him want to keep going.

Except when the alpha stopped him, his hands gentle as he took ahold of Daniel’s wrists, stopping him, pulling him up and to his feet.

Daniel whined. He actually whined.

“No, please,” he moaned.

“Not now, honey. We’ll figure something out for you in a few minutes.”

That sounded like an eternity. Daniel couldn’t even be grateful this guy wasn’t going to fuck him right there in the back drop-off lobby because he felt already as if he was on fire.

He whined and tried kissing the alpha. Everything around him was still a blur, but he could tell he was having some sort of effect on the man.

He could smell alpha arousal in the air. He felt that the guy was hard beneath his jeans, so what was the problem?

Daniel couldn’t be that ugly.

The alpha still held him at arm’s length, more gently than the betas had done when they were dragging him down here, but still, it hurt.

It hurt so much worse than when any other alphas denied him what he needed, even when those heats were artificial.

He’d despised those alphas, putting up with them only because it was, kind of, his job.

This felt almost like a betrayal, which made zero sense.

The alpha kept holding Daniel back, even as he held him close. His arm was around Daniel’s waist. The hold felt almost protective.

And a little possessive.

That was nice. The stupid, horny side of his omega brain knew it was dumb, but he liked it. He found himself pressing his cheek against the man’s chest, the muscle firm beneath the red flannel.

He smelled so good. So fucking good.

Daniel moaned as the alpha signed whatever paperwork he needed.

“I want to know, in writing, who is responsible for inducing a heat on him.”

“You paid so much for him, sir,” said the younger beta. “Maybe they did it as a bonus for your purchase?”

The alpha growled something else, but Daniel couldn’t make it out. He was too busy putting his scent all over the alpha, dry humping him, and trying to inhale as much of his scent as he could.

He smelled so familiar. A reminder of another life. Years ago, something he tried to make himself forget.




Those three brain cells Apollo was working with before all suddenly went into servitude mode.

Anything to please his mate. Anything that would make Danny happy.

He turned up the warm water, very aware of how Danny was undressing, waiting for the water to become tolerable before he stepped under the spray with Apollo.

Apollo looked down at his mate, so skinny but so fucking brave for getting naked in the shower with an alpha he barely knew.

Both of their dicks were hard, which was a good sign. Danny smelled delectable, which was even better.

Just when he thought there was nothing that could make this better, Danny brought his hands up, fingertips softly brushing along Apollo’s abdomen, then his chest.

Exploring quietly. Fascinated.

“Danny?” Apollo needed to get this out before he did something he regretted. “You know what’s happening to us right now?”

Danny nodded. “I want to be fucked by an alpha, and you’re reacting to me.”

It wasn’t quite like that, but he had to admit, it was close.

Apollo was a single alpha, and Danny the omega of his desires. They were in close quarters, and they were reacting to each other.

He just thought after Danny’s fake heat and his clear malnutrition that this was something he wouldn’t have to worry about.

Not for a while, at least.

Fuuuuuuuck. Danny reached down and gently wrapped his slim fingers around Apollo’s heavy cock.

He hissed at the touch but was unable to pull away.

He should. He shouldn’t allow this.

But Danny was leaning closer still, his lips burning hotter than the water as he kissed Apollo’s chest.

The wolf within him howled. Apollo’s claws were trying to come out, not because he wanted to fight, though he was sure as hell fighting to keep from taking his mate right then and there.



Danny looked up at him, golden eyes glowing. He didn’t have the ability to shift, so seeing his eyes like that just fucking did something to him.

“Make me feel good.”

It almost sounded like a command, and every alpha worth his salt obeyed that sort of command when their mate gave it.

Apollo gave in, dropping to his knees and letting the wolf take over like it had wanted to do from the very beginning.

He kissed Danny’s hips and around his groin, worshipping for only a few small seconds before he could take no more and took Danny’s cock into his mouth.

Danny exhaled a hard breath, his fingers immediately coming into Apollo’s hair and gripping tight.

Apollo loved it. He was drunk on it. He hallowed his cheeks and bobbed his head, his every movement deliberate because he was finally, finally, giving pleasure to his mate.

“J-Jesus, Apollo.” Danny sighed, thrusting his hips very gently. The movement was barely there, as though he was unsure if he was allowed.

He was very much allowed.

Apollo held on to his hips, still so skinny, and pulled back enough to look up at the man. “Come on, sweetheart. Fuck my mouth like you want to.”

Danny’s eyes went so wide that Apollo could see the whites all around them.

The gold became so bright they practically glowed.

It seemed to awaken something within Danny because the next thing Apollo knew, his ears were being grabbed painfully, his head pulled forward, and Apollo forced back a grin as he opened his mouth and took his mate inside again.

Danny didn’t hold back this time, and Apollo relished the feeling of Danny’s cock on his tongue. He loved the way Danny’s hips pistoned quickly as he used Apollo for his pleasure.

And wasn’t it strange? For Apollo to get some pleasure from being used like that?

It was because it was Danny. It was because his mate deserved to feel good, and Apollo felt a sense of pride and duty in being the one to give that to him.

“Oh fuck! Oh my God! It…it feels…so good.”

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