Not-So-Lone Wolf (MM)

Not-So-Lone Wolf 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,717
26 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Jules Scarlet is running for his life after his father discovers he's been impregnated by a werewolf. Now, Jules must die to redeem himself. But before his father can shoot him, Remy returns. His wolf is large and powerful, and the shifter has come to claim his mate once and for all.
Though Jules knows nothing about the alpha other than the amazing night they spent together, he feels a deep attraction to him. He wants to be close to him, and he also wants to know how it is that a human male can become pregnant at all.
When he discovers he is mated to Remy, he doesn't know what to think. One moment he's happy, but in the next he's kidnapped by angry werewolves who don't want their alpha mated to a human. Their plan is to quietly kill him before Remy can return from a run, and Jules doesn't know how much more he can take.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Not-So-Lone Wolf (MM)
26 Ratings (4.4)

Not-So-Lone Wolf (MM)

Not-So-Lone Wolf 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,717
26 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I was very pleasantly surprised by this first book in the new series 'Not-So-Lone-Wolf' by Marcy Jacks. I haven't quite figured out whether it's an alternate reality, or a historical time frame, as they reference villages, but also cities, and humans know about werewolves.

Remy is the alpha of the forest, a huge black and silver wolf the size of a black bear in his animal form. Jules is a human who just happens to be his mate. One night together, and months later Jules's dad figures out he's pregnant with the alpha's child and attempts to hunt him down and kill him. His own son! Luckily, Remy gets there before that can happen and he takes Jukes back to his pack.

Jules is a little confused, and surprised, to discover that some members of the pack live in cabins, wear clothes, stay in human form. All of his life he's been told they are monsters, animals, who can look human if they choose, but they're just beasts.

After a little drama, Jules and Remy figure out how to communicate and realize they love each other, and Jules is staying. I liked the secondary characters, Tybalt second-in-command to Remy, and his human mate, Scott.

I'm hoping these books continue to be this good, as I really enjoyed this. I can definitely recommend it as a fun, sexy, sweet, romance. Thanks, Marcy!
Christy Duke
Very touching. I recommend that you read this book. Love is powerful and this story reflects the relationship process and how strong emotions can hold a couple together regardless of who is against them.
Softcover C
Professional Reviews

"NOT-SO-LONE WOLF is a cute male pregnancy story with a touch of angst, some evil characters after the father-to-be, and a strong, proud alpha who swoops in to protect his pregnant mate. Unlikely though it may seem, Remy gets Jules pregnant before they really even know each other. Once the pregnancy almost leads to Jules being killed by his own father, Remy comes to his rescue and they begin to find out more about each other. Jules is a human with a heart, since he – different from most of the humans in his village – feels for the majestic wolf he finds trapped in the forest. He is also drawn to the gorgeous male with eyes the same golden color as the wolf. Once he figures out Remy got him pregnant and that he is no longer safe with humans, and neither will his child be once he or she is born, Jules settles in his new home fairly quickly. He has a lot of questions, but he is practical enough to understand his future lies with Remy – and his pack. Remy may be strong and he understands that Jules is his mate, but he will not force him into staying with the wolves. He is very considerate, and makes sure Jules is well taken care of. Although Remy prefers to spend time as a wolf, he adapts to Jules’s needs and stays with him a lot of the time. I am hoping to see more of Remy in the sequel – I’d love to get to know him better. If you like mpreg books with shifters who find themselves drawn to humans, if two men who come from different worlds sound like an interesting match, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read that has some hot shifter-on-man loving, then you will probably enjoy this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Jules looked down at his belly. He had no words, nothing to describe how he felt for what was inside of him. Sometimes he loved it, and sometimes he hated it. Right now there was no room in him for either. He just wanted to live.

“Even now you hold your hands over it, protecting it!” His father bellowed then pointed his gun, staring down the barrel and right at ’Jules’s head. “It’s too late for you.”

Jules shut his eyes, turned his face, and brought his arm up, as though that would be enough to protect his face from what was coming.

The shot sounded, and Jules screamed loud, but then he didn’t feel any pain, and his father, William, Merek, and John were the ones screaming now as the dogs went wild.

Jules risked opening his eyes, hearing the chaos before he could see what was happening.

He gasped and lunged away.

The wolf, the alpha of the forest, was here! As large as any black bear, and twice as powerful and fast, its hind legs kicked up dirt and foliage as the dogs attempted to jump onto its back, biting and clawing at it, trying to bring him down.

More shots fired as ’Jules’s father and his men tried to kill the beast, but they couldn’t.

No one in a hundred years had been able to kill this particular alpha.

Now it was here, and it was killing the dogs and snapping at ’Jules’s father.

It lunged, grabbing the barrel of his father’s gun and biting down until the metal was warped and destroyed. It was junk now.

John was the first to turn and run and then Merek. William was the only one to stay behind, waiting for ’Jules’s father because he was loyal and good. He would not leave one man to fend for himself.

Jules felt grateful to him for that, even though he knew that he shouldn’t be.

His father had tried to kill him and all because Jules had managed to become pregnant with the child of the wolf that snarled at his father right now.

Though it was a mistake known to be lethal to many skilled hunters, his father took his eyes off of the wolf in front of him for just a second, long enough for Jules to see into those disappointed grey eyes. It wasn’t just disappointment and sadness. It was also disgust. This as good as cemented ’Jules’s betrayal. If his father had just killed him, then he could have been redeemed in his eyes and the eyes of the village. Jules would have been a victim of the wolf, and now he was a supporter of the wolf.

“Sir, we have to go,” William said, taking the arm of Jules’s father and pulling him back.

Ever the loyal servant. He would have made a better son than Jules did.

With one last parting glance, and one last glare at the monster of a wolf, the last two hunters turned and fled for their lives, leaving Jules alone to his fate, whatever it might be.

The large silver and black wolf watched both men leave, and he didn’t turn back for quite a few moments. Moments where Jules wondered if he would be able to sneak away unnoticed if he got up to run right now.

No. The wolf turned. Golden eyes stared right into ’Jules’s soul, freezing him into place. Jules couldn’t move. He could hardly think, could barely breathe.

Silver surrounded those golden eyes. It was in the fur of the wolf while the black nose and mouth was covered in blood belonging to the dogs. Jules didn’t want to look at their bodies, and that was not much of a problem since he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the giant wolf that stared at him right now. It’s breath puffed out in the cold morning air. Jules was only just starting to realize how cold it was now that he’d stopped moving.

It was made worse by the fact that his feet were bare and he was still wearing his sleeping shirt and cotton pajama bottoms.

But now a new surge of emotion was rushing through him. Anger. He was angry at the wolf, and now that the immediate danger of death was out of the way, he lashed out. “What did you do to me?” he screamed.

The wolf blinked and then turned to face him completely, chest puffed out, looking ever much like the alpha.

Jules shrank in on himself a little. He couldn’t help it. This was a dangerous creature, and if it wanted to, it could turn him into a piece of dead meat like the dogs at its feet.

That helplessness came over him again, but Jules told himself to toughen up. He’d already cried, and if the alpha was going to kill him, then he might as well die like a man.

Or as much a man as he could be with a child inside of him while he was barefoot, dressed in his pajamas, and with tearstains on his cheeks.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Jules asked. “This is your fault. You did this!”

The eyes of the alpha flitted down to ’Jules’s swollen belly, and then the silver and black fur on the large creature rippled.

Jules couldn’t explain the transformation now that he was seeing it in the grey light of the morning.

The body shimmered, it shrank, and Jules must have blinked because it was over before he even knew it. The body of the wolf was gone, replaced with the body of a man that Jules had seen only once before in his entire life.

That night when he’d come into Jules room and stayed with him.

Jules swallowed when the man, whose hair was as coarse as that of the wolf and black flecked with silver, approached him and knelt down in front of him.

“I thought I told you to call me Remy?”




His mouth was warm and wet and unlike anything Jules had ever felt before in his life, and then their bare cocks were together, touching and sliding against one another in a strange introduction that left Jules quivering, his toes curling. He thought he would yell out and make some loud noise that would get them caught because it was too good. No one in their right mind could possibly contain this much pleasure.

He didn’t. He held back. He panted and squirmed, and whenever he needed to moan, Remy always seemed to know, and the larger man would swoop in for another kiss, allowing Jules to let out whatever tiny noises he needed to into his mouth.

They stayed like for only a minute or so, but at the same time, it felt like forever. In a good way. The good kind of forever to be sure. Slowly dry humping each other, their dicks sliding and rubbing together, pleasure peaking. Jules was on the verge, the very edge of having his first orgasm with another man, when Remy suddenly came to a stop, pulling back.

Jules stared up at him, not getting it at first until Remy grabbed him by his legs and, as though Jules weighed nothing at all, pulled him forward, his ass coming up into Remy’s lap.

He shivered as he felt the alpha’s cock pressing against his crack, pre-cum smearing there, making him a little slick as Remy slid his dick back and forth, biting down on his lower lip, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

Wait, did alphas use lubricant? They were still creatures of the forest, so what if they didn’t? What if it was all saliva and spit? Jules had tried that once before on the handle of a hairbrush, and he hadn’t liked it. It had hurt. He always kept something for when he needed something inside of him hidden inside of his mattress, not beneath it. Even he knew that hiding anything beneath a mattress was foolishness.

He reached for the vial of cream, and he quickly held it out for Remy to take.

Remy frowned at it, but he took it anyway then looked down at Jules as he opened the cap.

Understanding dawned, and Jules let out a sigh that he wasn’t about to be fucked by this man without something to ease the way.

He spread his legs wider, eager and yet nervous as Remy’s fingers pressed against his asshole and then gently pushed forward until the ring of muscle would allow him inside.

He exhaled a deep breath. Another first. A person would be here, not an object that Jules used when he’d been desperate. This was exactly what he needed.

Remy seemed to know what to do, even without either of them saying a word. His fingers moved expertly, hooking and finding that spot inside of ’Jules’s body that made him grip the sheets, his spine bow, and a small hiss escape his mouth.

There it was. This was exactly what he needed.

He also had to pull the pillow over his face, needing to make some noise and needing to muffle it so that it wouldn’t he heard.

With the pillow safely in place, Jules panted and moaned as Remy’s fingers worked on him, scissored inside of him, and Jules moaned and shivered as his body accommodated the burning intrusion. Soon he wasn’t pushing back against those fingers. His body seemed to be trying to suck Remy deeper inside of him, and then he knew he was ready.

Remy knew it, too, and his fingers disappeared, leaving Jules feeling an empty burn in their place that he wanted back so desperately.

He was about to get it, as the pillow was taken off of his face so he could look back into Remy’s face. The man’s blunt cockhead pressed against ’Jules’s stretched asshole.

Jules sucked in a deep breath. His face felt cold after having stuck a pillow on top of it, but his body warmed again quickly when a pressure was applied and Remy’s dick popped through.

Jules sucked in a gasp. He was in no danger of moaning out loud this time, but Remy probably didn’t want to take the risk as he leaned down and kissed him again.

Deeper and deeper, Remy slid his cock until he was as far as he could go, and then Jules moaned and shivered. He reached for Remy’s hand without meaning to. It was as though his body was moving of its own accord, and he took Remy’s hand into his own. Jules held it tight, shocked when Remy laced their fingers together, kissing him as his hips pistoned back and forth. The rhythm was slow for a split second before it picked up quickly. Remy’s thrusts were fast, but shallow. It drove Jules’s pleasure to spike, and he found himself holding back against his orgasm, doing everything he could to keep it from washing over him just so he could enjoy the ride a little longer.

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