The Wolf in Your Basement (MM)

Magnificent Beasts 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,658
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
Eric Dark, a wolf shifter on a mission, is searching for answers. He thinks he’s found the company responsible for supplying his enemy with the radioactive silver that is killing shifters around the world. He goes undercover to look for clues. What he finds instead is love and his future mate, Tyler Cooper.
Tyler Cooper is stuck in a dead-end job he hates and in debt up to his eyeballs. Now that he has become his six-year-old nephew’s legal guardian, he knows he needs more money to provide for him. When he meets the dashing Eric Dark at work and realizes he is looking for a place to live, Tyler offers him the bachelor pad in his basement. Eric quickly accepts. It’s just the beginning to their whirlwind adventure.
Dark secrets are uncovered and deadly enemies arise that threaten not only their growing love, but also their lives. Will Eric be able to protect the man he loves before the people who want them dead have a chance to strike?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Wolf in Your Basement (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Wolf in Your Basement (MM)

Magnificent Beasts 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,658
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Eric hurried out of his car, slipped his phone in the front pocket of his jeans, and then waved. “Hi, there.”

Tyler widened his eyes. “Hi, Eric. Sorry I’m late, but there was an accident near my nephew’s school. The street was closed and it was a headache to get out of there. Have you been waiting long?”

Eric shook his head. “No, I just got here a few minutes ago myself.”

Tyler motioned to the boy. “This is Matthew. Matt, this is my new friend from work, Eric. He’s here to check out the apartment downstairs.”

Matthew smiled shyly, never looking Eric in the eyes. He awkwardly waved and said, “Hi,” then ran to the door and just stood there staring anywhere but at Eric.

Tyler mouthed to Eric, “He’s shy,” before grabbing two grocery bags from the trunk.

Eric rushed over to him. “Here, let me help you with those.” He took the bigger and heavier of the two bags in Tyler’s arms.

“Thanks.” Tyler grinned while walking up to the front door.

As soon as it was unlocked, Matthew twisted the knob open and scurried into the house. He kicked off his shoes at the door and disappeared into some faraway room.

Tyler leaned into the hallway and hollered so his nephew could hear him. “Matt, don’t forget to wash your hands. And there’s a healthy snack for you in a Tupperware in the fridge. Eric and I are going to be downstairs for a while if you need anything. Once we’re finished, I’ll start dinner. We’re having tacos.”

“Yay! Okay, Uncle Tyler,” Eric faintly heard the young boy say through a closed door in the far off room.

Placing the grocery bag on the hallway corner table, Tyler gestured for Eric to set his beside the other bag. “Matthew has always been shy. But ever since he came to live with me, it seems his timidity has gotten worse. I guess he’s still getting used to having his whole world turned upside down.”

Eric frowned. “I’m sorry to hear that. What happened, if you don’t my asking?”

“No, I don’t mind. My sister suffered an aneurism in her sleep and never woke up. Luckily, she had a will and asked that I become Matthew’s legal guardian if anything should happen to her.”

“My condolences.” Eric’s voice reflected the sympathy and empathy he harbored for him in his heart. He could see Tyler’s eyes glistened right before Tyler seemed to try to blink his sorrow away.

“Thanks.” He pointed to the closed door in the secluded section of the hallway. “That’s why I’m renting out the bachelor pad downstairs. The extra income will help pay Matthew’s daycare bills and after-school sports activity.”

“Yeah, I’d love to see it now.” Eric rubbed his hands anxiously together.

“Sure, follow me.” He meandered to the door, which was unlocked.

“Don’t worry. If you do decide to take the apartment, you can lock this door from your side. And you have a separate entry next to the garage door. So you have complete privacy.”

Eric laughed, tipping his head slightly back. Tyler’s conscientiousness was indeed quite appealing. “I wasn’t worried.”

Tyler led the way down the carpeted narrow stairs. “The place needs a paint job. I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, but if you take it, I’ll paint it this weekend.”

“No, you don’t have to do that. I can paint it myself.”

Tyler shook his head. “No. How about we paint the place together? It’ll go faster that way.” He flicked the light switch at the bottom of the staircase. Lights in the room behind the door Tyler opened came on.

“And here is the small kitchen I told you about.”

Eric scanned the perimeter. Just like Tyler had described, it had a mid-sized fridge and an eight-shelf, glass-door pantry. There was a short counter with a single sink at one end and two burners at the other. Wedged in a rectangular hole in the wall stood a white microwave. A compact, round table with two cushioned chairs was set on the right side of the room.

Eric swayed his head from side to side. “You call this a kitchenette? It looks like a regular, fully functional kitchen to me.”

“There’s no oven,” Tyler pointed out.

Eric waved dismissively. “For the few times I’ll be cooking, I don’t need one.”

Tyler’s eyes brightened. “Well, if you …” he said before releasing a long breath and shaking his head. “Never mind. It’s a stupid idea.”

Eric dipped to gaze intently into Tyler’s gorgeous hazel eyes. “No, tell me what you were going to say.”

Tyler smiled hesitantly. “I didn’t think before I opened my mouth, but I thought that if you paid me fifty dollars extra a week, I would include breakfast and dinner for you. You could eat upstairs with Matt and me. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about cooking for yourself.”

“Why, that’s a wonderful idea.” Eric’s heart beat excitedly at the prospect of spending more time with this charming, handsome, and utterly fascinating man.

“I’ll take it,” Eric blurted out impulsively.

Tyler’s eyes turned owlishly wide in his obvious surprise. “But you haven’t seen the rest of the place, and I haven’t mentioned how much the rent is.”

“It doesn’t matter. You sold me with the included meals. I abhor cooking and will do anything to get out of making meals for myself.”

That was the truth. The only thing Eric prepared for himself was instant coffee. Freddie did all the cooking back home.

But it wasn’t the main reason why he jumped on the deal. Tyler was the one person who could perhaps help him find the information he was searching for at Systco Labs. The more time he spent in Tyler’s company, the closer he’d get to the truth about the corporation. And more importantly, the closer he’d get to this irresistible man. Eric was undoubtedly smitten.




Wobbly legs—that was what Tyler walked on after his release. He’d had not one, but two orgasms just now. And it was all thanks to Eric, the sex god.

He wanted to sit, catch his breath, and regain his strength. But when he began to move away, Eric waggled his index finger back and forth in refusal.

“Ah-ah, where do you think you’re going?”

“To sit on the bed, where else?” Tyler snorted.

“No, my dear. It’s my turn now. I want to make love to you, like I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I moved in here.”

A giddiness in Tyler began to travel through his limbs, suddenly invigorating him.

He laughed. “You’ve wanted me for that long?”

Taking Tyler’s hands, Eric kissed his open palms. His warm, supple lips made Tyler melt and so did what Eric said next. “From the moment we bumped into one another, I felt this connection to you, a powerful pull that I couldn’t and didn’t want to break away from.

“That’s why when you offered me the apartment downstairs, I quickly jumped on the deal. It didn’t matter how it looked or how much it cost. All I wanted was to be close to you so I could see your beautiful eyes every day.” Eric caressed the side of Tyler’s face. “And talk to you, get to know more about you.”

Eric dipped in to kiss him softly on the lips for a moment. Then he sighed and said, “I’m starting to fall in love with you, Tyler. Actually, I started to fall in love on the first day we met. My feelings keep growing and growing each and every day.”

“It’s the same for me. I’m starting to fall in love with you, too.” Tyler leaned his head against Eric’s wide shoulder and wrapped his arms around his neck.

Tyler could hear the strong, steady beat of his heart and felt so safe and happy in his arms.

Looking up into his eyes, he whispered, “Show me how much you love me.”

Eric offered him a sweet smile. “Your second wish is my command and my delight.”

“So I only get three wishes?” Tyler joked.

“No, my dear. You get a lifetime of wishes, all of which I’ll make come true.”

Tyler’s heart skipped multiple beats. A lifetime of wishes. Did that mean Eric planned on staying the rest of his life with Tyler? Tyler hoped so, because that was his ultimate wish.

Eric picked him up in his arms with such ease, as if Tyler weighed only a few pounds instead of a hundred and seventy-three.

Staring deep into his eyes, letting them speak of his love and desires instead of his lips, Eric laid him on the bed.

He stared appraisingly at Tyler. “You are so perfect for me,” he said.

Tyler never felt more desirable than at that very moment.

Eric straddled him, bringing his scalding hot lips to kiss and lick Tyler’s skin.

Tyler moaned, letting his apt fingers explore Eric’s sculpted back.

When Eric wrapped his magical lips around Tyler’s left nipple, sucking it, it triggered an explosion. His whole body shook with waves of pleasure.

It wasn’t an orgasm, only a prelude to it. Tyler marveled at the experience. He never knew his body could react in such a way.

Eric was a magic man and the spell he weaved and entwined around Tyler was spectacular. He relished every lick, suck, and nip on his body.

And when Eric trailed his lips to Tyler’s cock, circling it, Tyler gasped. The magic man was turning Tyler’s insides to jelly while making his extremities rock hard—his cock, that is.

Eric followed the protruding purple vein to the tip of his cock dexterously with his tongue. He licked the pre-cum, then gently sucked him.

“Ah, fuck, Eric, if you continue like that, I’m going to come,” Tyler warned.

Eric had said he wanted to fuck Tyler. Instead he was giving him the best damn blowjob ever. Not that Tyler was complaining.

Tyler’s words didn’t seem to deter Eric. Eric fixed his eyes on Tyler’s while he continued to stroke, lick, and suck him with his magnificent lips and tongue.

The lust and hunger in Eric’s eyes seemed to add more arousing fuel to the burning sexual desires in Tyler. He felt the pressure in his balls grow and his cock jerk and stretch.

And when he came, his cum spewed deep inside Eric’s throat, and the rest of the volatile sexual energy came out in bodily spasms and vocally with a loud, “Ah, fuck yes! Yes! So. Damn. Good!”

His cacophony not only surprised himself, it took Eric aback, as well. He stared at Tyler with wide, enthralled eyes.

And seeping through the crack at the bottom of his door, Tyler heard a young boy’s voice say from across the hall, “Uncle Tyler, where are you?”

Oh, now he’d done it. Thanks to his jubilant cry of ecstasy, he had awakened his nephew.

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