Trusting Her Two Doms (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,445
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
Maximillian “Max” Dominguez and Sawyer Jernigan stop for coffee and find their perfect woman. The trouble is, they’re Doms who run the local BDSM club, and Taylor Rizzoli’s never tasted the forbidden pleasure of submission.
Max is willing to curb his dark desires for the chance to have her, but Sawyer believes she’s more than up for the challenges they’d have in store for her. They find out someone wants her gone and isn’t worried about how they remove her from the picture.
They are determined to uncover the plot to get rid of her and enlist their new friends to help. Can Taylor accept two men who arouse in her things she’d never have contemplated before meeting them, or will she shy away from what they have to offer? What happens when the threat is gone and it’s just the three of them and a dungeon full of toys?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Trusting Her Two Doms (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Trusting Her Two Doms (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,445
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was a book that just got me all hot and bothered. Loved it.




Taylor Rizzoli rubbed her lower back with one hand as she stood up from wiping down the last table out front in her coffee shop. Rizzoli’s had been her parent’s creation before she’d even been born. She’d grown up between these four walls and learned all about life while serving coffee to the citizens of Perkins City. There weren’t very many secrets in a small town, but what few there were, she was probably privy to since outside of a bar, a coffee shop tended to be the next best thing to a confessional on Sunday mornings.

Now she wished she knew one more secret, why someone wanted her to leave town.

Traffic from now until ten would be light, so she used this time to perform the little mundane chores like filling the sugar and stirrer canisters as well as catching up on paperwork. She had one part-time helper who would arrive soon. Together they closed the place down each night.

When the chimes on the door announced someone had walked through the door, Taylor assumed it would be Darla. When she turned around to greet her, she was surprised to see two very tall, very handsome men standing in the doorway staring at her. The sight of them took her breath, and all she could do was stand there with her mouth open as they slowly crossed the room to where she stood behind the counter.

The shorter of the two men, though he was by no means vertically challenged, smiled at her with open admiration. It was enough to jolt her back into the world of the living. She drew in a deep breath and closed her gaping mouth. Finding her voice, she greeted them.

“Hi. What can I get you to drink tonight?” she managed to ask without stumbling over her words.

The one who’d smiled spoke first. “I’m Sawyer and this is my friend, Max. We’d like to know your name, beautiful.”

Taylor could feel the blush whooshing up her neck and into her face as heat burned her skin. No one ever referred to her as beautiful. She was cute but plump. She had her momma’s Italian genes.

“Um, Taylor Rizzoli. You must be new here since I’ve never seen you before. Are you passing through?” She tried to look busy while she spoke, wiping down the counter she’d already cleaned earlier.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Taylor. We’ve just moved here and are out looking around,” Sawyer said.

She couldn’t get past the unusual shade of brown of his eyes. It was so pale that she almost wondered if they were contact lenses. His light brown hair was shaggy, to put it nicely. Though it was definitely clean, it looked as if it rarely saw a brush. She could commiserate. Her hair tended to stay in a curly mess. She thought his facial features to be warm and inviting, but his height and size were a bit intimidating. Next to her five foot four inches, he had to be close to six foot two.

Looking over to his friend, Max he’d said, she had to suppress a shiver. Max probably topped out at six foot six with broad shoulders and very large arms. He had a darker complexion than Sawyer or even her with her Italian blood. His face appeared slightly longer than the other man’s with sharper features and a slight hump in his nose. A small scar marred his aristocratic features across the end of his left brow, while another one appeared at the crook of the right side of his mouth.

Both men wore overcoats in deference to the frigid winter air. She had no idea what the rest of them looked like and felt like if she never did find out, it would be in her best interests.

“Um, would you like something to drink? I have a lot of different flavors and types of coffee, as well as various other drinks. We also have some pastries and sandwiches if you’re interested in something to eat.” Taylor was beginning to wish they’d say no thank you and leave.

“I’ll have a large cup of coffee, black,” Max said before the other man said anything.

“I’ll have the same,” Sawyer added with an odd expression on his face.

She turned away and quickly filled their orders. When she turned around, it was to find both men intently watching her. She felt almost like a bug under a microscope. What were they trying to figure out about her? She was just a woman working in a coffee shop. She set the cups in front of them.

“That’s two dollars each,” she said.

Sawyer gaped at her. “You’re kidding. Two dollars?”

“Well, the refills are free as long as you’re inside.” She’d never had anyone question her prices before. Oh, they sometimes rumbled about the cost of things in general, but they’d never complained to her before. She wanted to disappear through the floor, but instead she stood up straight.

“A cup of coffee this size and this delicious is usually like four bucks in most coffee shops.”

“It is a very good cup of coffee, Taylor.” Max actually smiled as he took a sip of the brew.

“T–Thank you.” She felt totally off balanced now.

“What are those things in the case over there?” Sawyer asked pointing at the pastries.

“They’re cakes and pastries from the bakery around the corner. They are delicious and made fresh daily. Would you like to try something?” Taylor moved down the counter.

“What are those things?” Sawyer pointed to the little round cake pops.

“Cake pops. I have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry left.”

“Give us six of those, two of each flavor,” he said.

Taylor nodded and quickly filled their order, making sure to keep them separate so they didn’t mix. She couldn’t believe how picky some people could be about mixing flavors. She rang them up and took the money Sawyer handed her. When she gave him back his change, he closed his hand over hers for a brief second before releasing it and following the other man to a table in the back.

Taylor wanted to run and hide while they were in the shop, but Darla hadn’t made it yet. She was stuck out front trying to ignore the two men at the table in the back. Something about the way they had looked at her made her feel weak all over. The blood in her veins seemed overheated, and she felt as if her face still held the blush from earlier. God, Sawyer’s touch to the bare skin of her hand had sent tiny electrical sparks up her arm.

She wasn’t naïve. She knew attraction when she felt it, but to be attracted to two men at the same time just wasn’t a good idea. Especially when at least one of those men appeared to be downright dangerous looking. While Sawyer looked able to take care of himself, she didn’t get the same vibes off of him that his friend Max gave off. That man screamed danger. Unfortunately, her body screamed come and get me right back.




She opened her eyes to find Max staring intently at her face. Uncertainty filled his eyes as he cupped her cheek in one hand.


“I want you, Max. You and Sawyer both. Please.” She added the please in hopes it would wash away any fears he had that she would cry foul later.

Taylor had no intentions of changing her mind. Her nightmare had driven home the fact that life was short. She had no idea if she would survive whatever was coming. She wanted to experience whatever Max and Sawyer could show her without worrying about the consequences. She might not have a tomorrow in her future. All her life, Taylor had done what she thought was right for everyone but herself, thinking that there would be plenty of time later. Well, later wasn’t a promise, and she wasn’t taking the chance that she never got the opportunity to find out what it felt like to be wanted the way Max and Sawyer appeared to want her right now.

Max covered her mouth with his, a mere brush of lips against hers at first. Then he deepened the kiss, seeking more from her. She eagerly opened to him, welcoming him inside as he gently at first explored and teased until she thought she would go up in flames.

Seconds later, Sawyer’s hot, wet mouth closed over her nipple, drawing on it in tight pulls that stimulated every nerve in her womb. Her clit throbbed in time to the sensuous rhythm he set. He alternated sharp nips from his teeth with raspy licks of his tongue. He pulled and pinched the other nipple, making sure it wasn’t left unattended. Then he switched, and it all started all over again.

Taylor’s moans and gasps were muffled by Max as he devoured her mouth. She realized that at some point she’d wrapped one arm around his neck and the other clasped Sawyer to her breast. Their dual assault had her keening with arousal to the point she didn’t know what to do. Never had she felt so alive. Nothing had ever felt this way before.

Max pulled back from her mouth to nibble along her jaw and down her neck. When he reached her shoulder, he nudged Sawyer’s hand aside and took over at her nipple. With both men attending to her sensitive nipples, Taylor couldn’t be quiet. The more noises she made, the more they sucked and bit at her tender flesh. Each touch of their teeth or tongue sent another wave of pure pleasure to her pussy.

“Fuck! I can smell her. I’ve got to have a taste.” Sawyer gave her nipple one last lick then kissed his way down her abdomen and pelvis to her trimmed mound.

“Oh, baby. You’re soaking wet for us.” He slid his tongue between her pussy lips.

“What does she taste like, Sawyer?” Max’s voice had dropped even lower until now it was raspy.

“Like sweet ambrosia. I could feast on her all day,” Sawyer said.

“My turn next. Don’t get comfortable down there.”

Sawyer’s only reply was a vibrant hum that sent shivers down her spine. He lapped at her juices like a cat after cream. The more he licked, the tighter her body felt until she felt like a rubber band ready to snap.

“Oh, God. Please, please. I need you, do something.” Taylor didn’t know what she needed, but she needed it soon.

Sawyer licked around her clit over and over. Each pass barely missed the bundle of nerves, sending growls of frustration from her throat. She felt a finger ringing her slit, teasing her with its close proximity to her opening. She desperately needed them inside of her. No matter how hard she tried to move her pelvis in that direction, Sawyer kept his fingers just at the edge.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Sawyer entered her using one finger, pumping his way through her tight vaginal muscles until he was up to his knuckle inside her cunt. He thrust it in and out of her, stroking the slick walls of her pussy with each pass. When he added a second finger, Taylor wasn’t sure she would be able to last until he managed to get both all the way inside of her. To her surprise, her body stretched to accommodate them just fine. Now the pressure was more intense, and the pleasure almost jumped out at her as he found some special spot deep in her cunt that pretty much shot mini-climaxes all over her body with each touch.

“Yes! More! Please, I want more.” She was almost sobbing now. Her need to climax had tripled until she would do almost anything for relief.

“Sawyer, now! Hurry, man. I want a taste of her,” Max said.

Without warning, Max bit down on her nipple even as he lightly pinched the other one while Sawyer sucked hard on her clit and stroked that sweet spot inside of her. In that instant, her world flew apart. She literally exploded between them, her orgasm tightening every muscle in her body then relaxing her all over to the point of feeling boneless. Taylor was sure she would slide right out of her body.

Her scream of completion barely registered with her as she fought not to lose consciousness. She had to be dreaming. Nothing really felt this good. It just wasn’t possible.

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