Lotus Blossoms (FFM)

Amazon Warriors 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,550
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M, HEA]
Due to an embarrassing incident at their graduation, Connor Quin has tried to avoid the delectable and infuriating Lotus Mansour for years, but when they are sent out on an important mission together for their tribe, tempers flare and passions burn. 
Lotus and Connor return to the Amazon estate, completely in love, to discover that their home is under threat because the three Graces have sought refuge with their tribe.
When Nicolle Shaw, the Grace of Beauty, meets Lotus and Connor, she becomes determined to have them, no matter the cost, but in the end it is her heart that gets broken as she realises the couple have no room left in their hearts for her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lotus Blossoms (FFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lotus Blossoms (FFM)

Amazon Warriors 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,550
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"What happens when loyal Amazons and the three Graces mix it up with renegade Amazons and harpies? A good deal of action, fighting, destruction, some death, and super magnified anger that comes with such mythical folks. Toss in a steamy reunion that then escalates to unbelievable proportions when a third entity is added. Not just anyone, but one of the immortal Graces and a triad for the history books comes into being. None of the action or the merging comes without some heavy emotional pain. When one walks through fire and chaos, reaching the other side is infinitely sweeter and blessed. This story has a bit of a tongue-in-cheek quality, but that doesn’t diminish one whit the excitement, the fun, the danger, the love, the sense of community and a whole lot more. Wonderful! Connor Quin is a male Amazon. They aren’t the best of warriors, but within the majority of Amazon tribes they are more than just sperm donors! Connor, in fact, is a super cutie and he finally gets past the nonsense that was heaped upon him during his senior year in high school and links up with the love of his life. Connor is also a talented computer tech nerd that made him oh so sweet to me. We nerds simply aren’t given enough credit for our sexy, passionate alter egos! Lotus Mansour is an outstanding Amazon warrior. She is one terror on the battlefield and one hot, sexy woman in a clinch. She was so disappointed in Connor when she was younger, that she turned that into some hellish kind of anger. However, several years down the pike when they get hooked up as reconnaissance partners the heat gets ignited big time. I just love it when folks who were meant to be together bridge the canyon and rocket to the stars! Nicolle Shaw is the Grace of Beauty. She and her sisters seek sanctuary with an Amazon tribe on their estate. It is Connor and Lotus’s tribe. Nicolle doesn’t get to meet Connor and Lotus until they return from their reconnaissance mission. Nicolle is swiftly jolted by an intense wave of desire when she shakes Connor’s hand. Additionally, Nicolle is intoxicated by Lotus’s beautifully exotic amethyst eyes and filled with an overpowering sense of arousal. Well, our trio has an auspicious introduction. I was entranced! The three sisters of Grace have some really amazing talents that prove incredibly useful in some important ways for the tribe. There are some quite exhilarating battle scenes, but the love scenes are smokin’ hot! I need to get to know more about Amazons and mythology for my own edification as my appetite was most definitely titillated by this story. Join the tribe, root for the good folks, and have a blast! I definitely recommend this book!" -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Below the surface of the windows, so as not to alert whoever may be watching them, Lotus used hand signals to tell him she was going out to search the area to find out what was going on. Connor tried to signal for her to stay in the car, but would she listen? No. She was already out of the car and heading to the underbrush at the side of the road.


Not two minutes after she was gone, Connor heard a thud on the roof of the car before it started to cave in slightly.

Someone or something was on the roof.

Connor reached over towards the glove box, where he kept his Government Issue weapon, a 9mm Glock.

 When the cold metal was in his hands he pointed it to the roof of the car while still keeping his peripherals locked on his surroundings, not only looking for a threat but wanting to see Lotus. He knew he shouldn’t worry. She was a capable and skilled Amazon warrior who would be very hard to hurt, let alone kill, but he loved her. It was his job to worry.

A fist with large claws burst through the roof of the car. Startled, Connor fired.

Connor heard a hellish, ear-piercing screech, evidence that he had hit his unknown target, but it did not stop the creature. It ripped the roof from over his head, giving him a clear view of his attacker. It was a humanoid woman flying twenty feet above the car with coal-black wings that spanned at least four meters on either side.

They stared at each other for a moment, taking in each other’s measure. A spark of recognition lit in his mind as he flashed back to when he was in training, learning about different species.

Connor found himself staring at the creature and it was actually quite attractive…until she opened her mouth to roar as she lunged towards him. Her mouth was full of what appeared to be fangs and her face contorted into something hideous.

It was then he noticed the recent bullet wound in her shoulder, reminding him of the 9mm he still held. He raised his weapon once more and started firing but the Harpy, which he now knew her to be, moved too quickly, faster than any Amazon, for Connor to hit his mark.

Where was Lotus?

As the beast neared, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Before he knew it, the Harpy was tackled from the sky by a mud-covered Lotus. The Harpy took the brunt of the impact as the two women hit the ground at the far side of the road.

Dazed, the Harpy didn’t have a chance to realise what had happened before Lotus used that to her advantage and twisted the Harpy’s head until he heard a sickening snap, killing the Harpy instantly.

Lotus stood and turned to him as if what had just happened was completely normal and said flippantly, “My clothes are ruined.”

“Are you all right?” he asked, concerned.

“Sure, but we need to get back so I can change and we can warn the tribe,” Lotus said as she vaulted into the car through the new sunroof. Clearly she thought the door was obsolete now.

“Ah, come on, you’re getting mud all over the car,” Connor complained, causing Lotus to snort out a laugh.

“That bitch just ripped a giant hole in the roof and you’re worried about a little mud.” She had a point, Connor thought.

“Why are you covered in mud anyway?” he asked as he started up the car and made his way down the road with more speed than the limit allowed, but they were exposed and vulnerable to another attack now. The sooner they got back to the estate, the less danger they would be in.

“When I got into the underbrush and looked around, I saw a Harpy fly overhead so I used the mud as camouflage to blend in with my surroundings and mask my scent. It worked because she started looking for me towards the east but when she heard the gunshot she turned back in your direction. Before she could get close I drew her attention by throwing rocks at her. She came after me but she came too fast and as I dodged a tree she collided with it. She was knocked out cold, which allowed me to come back and rescue your ass.” Lotus smirked.

“Hey, I had it handled. Besides, I’m a hacker and computer geek, not a warrior,” Connor said, despondent, as he stared down the road he raced down.

“Hey,” Lotus said seriously, drawing his attention. “Don’t do that. I was joking. You are the smartest man I have ever known, I knew you didn’t need to be rescued, warrior or not, and youwould have beaten her. But damn it! She threatened you, wanted to hurt you and for that I needed to kill her.”

God, he loved her.




Not wanting to wait another minute, Lotus hurriedly undressed her bottom half, shedding her skin-tight jeans and black thong. Connor looked on appreciatively as he quickly removed the T-shirt he was wearing.

The way he was looking at her…she had never felt so sexy.

Once they were both gloriously naked, Lotus seductively crawled over to where Connor now sat. He watched her every movement so she made sure to add an extra sway to her hip and swing to her breasts.

Lotus watched as his hard cock twitched its interest, causing her to smile.

As she neared, Lotus leaned down to lick its leaking head. Connor moaned as she enjoyed his taste, tangy but with a slight hint of apple, delicious.

After her brief taste, enough to tease them both, Lotus straightened to sit astride Connor’s slightly parted legs. Connor moved his hands to gently rest on her thighs.

“So...” Lotus said as she wrapped both hands around Connor’s impressive and thick cock, hands that Connor now watched in rapt fascination as his hold on her legs flexed. “I lost, which, if I remember correctly, means I have to bring you to climax with nothing but my hands, right?” she asked with innocent indifference as she stroked up and down his length.

Lotus didn’t know what she expected Connor to do but she sure as shit wasn’t ready for what he actually did.

He reached up and pulled Lotus’s hair hard enough to cause her to yelp her surprise and stop the ministrations of her hands. He tilted her head back, exposing her neck, and pulled her forward until her ear was near his mouth.

Connor said with such fierceness it was almost like a whisper, “I’m on the brink here, Halo, stop teasing me. We’ll call the hand job an I.O.U. I’ll collect later. Right now you need to climb on my cock and ride me like you fucking mean it.”

Lotus closed her eyes and shivered with excitement.

“Put this on me,” Connor demanded as he handed her a condom from what seemed like thin air.

With hurried movements she did as he asked.

Connor released his hold on her hair and she whimpered in protest, “You liked that, didja? I’ll make sure I remember that for next time.” Then he spanked her lightly on the ass, causing Lotus to gasp in shock, “but right now we’ve got other things to do.”

Lotus never expected this side of Connor but she was finding that she really liked it.

As his hands moved to her hips, Lotus lifted herself to her knees, shuffling forward until she was hovering right over where she needed to be. She looked at Connor as his hands glided over the surface of her body. Everywhere he could reach, he touched.

Lotus, her gaze still locked with Connor, reached down once again to circle his impressive dick with her hand. She lowered herself down and guided Connor’s prick to the entrance of her slippery, wet pussy.

They both groaned at the exquisite feel.

Finally, Lotus thought. She was getting what she had wanted for so long, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

Starting slow, Lotus anchored her hands to his shoulders as she moved and grinded against him, trying to find what he liked. She swivelled her hips, rocked backwards and forwards, and bounced on his cock with increasing speed. He liked it all, making her smile, because she did too. All the while, his hands were touching her, squeezing her ass, caressing her back or tweaking her nipples.

Lotus loved every minute of it but she could feel herself climbing towards climax. Frantic to reach her peak and desperate to prolong the moment, she didn’t know what to do.

Connor took the choice from her as he curled one arm around her lower back and held her tight. She watched as he moved the other hand to the floor beside him, bracing himself. For a moment she didn’t understand until he used the arm braced on the floor as leverage to thrust up inside of her, and the arm around her waist brought her down faster and harder.

The sensations it caused made her scream. She was so close and all she could do was hang on for the ride…literally. As a computer hacker, she hadn’t thought Connor had the strength or stamina for such a wild ride, and thank fuck she was wrong.

She felt Connor tense beneath her, ready to explode. That thought, along with the things Connor was doing to her body, made her shout his name as she came undone.

Lotus could feel her internal walls spasming around Connor’s cock as he roared his own release. She could feel him twitching inside of her but she felt a little disappointment that he wore a condom. She had wanted to feel him completely.

They held onto each other for a long time, breathing heavily in each other’s arms.

Their moment was interrupted when a hard pounding sounded on the back door of the van. They were on alert immediately, both taking a defensive stance. Had Delila or one of her followers found them?

“It’s the police. We’ve had reports of a disturbance.”

Lotus and Connor looked at each other, both stark bollock naked, and burst into huge peals of laughter.


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