Bound by Their Kisses (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,019
15 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Tessa Green isn’t looking for one man much less two, but Zander Keys and Tag Hodges aren’t taking no for an answer where she’s concerned. She’s just getting on her feet after fleeing one controlling boyfriend. Why would she risk her hard won independence with two Doms? They are members of the local BDSM club and the epitome of controlling men.
Zander and Tag know Tessa is the woman for them the moment they saw her. She’s gorgeous even if she is on the thin side, but a little tender loving care would take care of that. They try to convince her to go out but find she’s not willing to take the chance. After nearly a year of keeping their distance, they set out to show her that allowing someone to care for her and dominate her pleasure isn’t the same thing as dictating her life.
Can they convince her before she runs again?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bound by Their Kisses (MFM)
15 Ratings (4.0)

Bound by Their Kisses (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,019
15 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I liked it but I was all into the book and than it ended when I thought there was going to be more.. Its a good book to read in between books.
Love, love, loved this book.




Tessa hoped Zander would hurry. She really wanted to head home soon. She didn’t like walking that side of town after five, even if it was a long time until it got dark. Her area of Perkins City wasn’t the safest place to be after about four in the afternoon, but it was the best she could afford. As long as she didn’t wander around after dark, Tessa didn’t have to worry too much.

As she looked over some of the displays of artwork, one of the doors in the back creaked open then closed with a soft snap. She turned around to find Zander walking toward her. The sight of him never grew old to her. His massive shoulders blocked out everything around him, and Tessa couldn’t help but wonder how he was able to move around to ink out some of the beautiful works of art she’d seen around town. Despite being well over six feet tall with sculpted muscles most body builders worked hard in a gym to achieve, the man wasn’t stiff or clumsy by any means. He all but glided when he walked.

When she finally allowed her eyes to reach his face, his knowing smirk pissed her off. He knew the effect he had on women, especially her, and didn’t hide that fact. He had the most beautiful light blue eyes she’d ever seen. They had just a hint of a lift at the corners, giving him an exotic appeal. He kept his head clean shaven with a silver stud piercing in one brow and studs in both ears. Unlike many tattoo artists, he didn’t have ink all the way up his neck or on his face, but she knew that he was a work of art beneath the T-shirt he wore that stretched tight across his muscular arms and chest.

“Hey, Tessa. Thanks for bringing these over. I’ve got a lady and her old man in back who are looking for something different. I know Kelly’s stuff will be perfect for them.” Zander took the box from her arms, his hand brushing against her breast in the process.

Tessa fought hard not to let him see her reaction to the obviously intentional slip. It would only add fuel to his libido. She wasn’t about to play with him or his friend Tag. They were more than she could handle.

“Hope they like it. Good night.” She turned to leave, but Zander snagged her backpack before she was able to get away.

“Hold up, Tessa. Let me give you a ride home. You don’t need to be walking home at this hour. I’ll be finished in about ten minutes. They aren’t going to get it today, they just want to pick out what they want and put it back for next time.”

“Thanks, Zander, but I’m fine. I’ll see you later.” She pulled out of his grasp and walked over to the door.

The moment she stepped through the entrance of the tattoo parlor, she could breathe again. What was it about the man that made her turn into an idiot when he was around? Her nipples grew hard, and her panties ended up soaked every time. He was off limits. She couldn’t handle a Dom, much less two, and everyone knew that Tag and Zander were a team.

She’d only gotten as far as the corner before she heard the telltale sound of a bike heading in her direction. She had no doubt that Zander had called Tag as soon as she’d left. Now the other member of the dynamic duo would be harassing her. It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t handle their tag-teaming her all the time.

While her feminine side basked in the attention they poured out on her, the cautious side of Tessa demanded that she resist their pull to give in to them. Part of her enjoyed the excitement of having two hunky men attracted to her but inside she still remembered the way she’d felt being completely under someone else’s control. Never again. Tag and Zander were all about control. It would never work between them even if she did want to give it a try. Maybe she would be better off moving on and finding somewhere else to settle down.

Tag pulled up on the sidewalk in front of her, cutting off her path. She stopped and glared at the man. He wasn’t even wearing a helmet. She couldn’t help but stare at all that long black hair pulled back from his face. Instead of the leather thong he normally used, this time he’d wrapped what looked like a cable tie around it in a pretty shade of yellow.

He wasn’t as tall as Zander, maybe only an inch or so over six feet, but he was cut from the same cloth with a wide chest, thick arms, and tree trunks for legs. She could tell he had some American Indian in him somewhere by the narrow shape of his face and the strong narrow nose. His dark eyes missed nothing, and right now, they were watching her watch him. He gave her a slow smile and patted the empty seat behind him.

Tessa rolled her eyes and started to walk around him, but he quickly walked the bike backwards to block her planned escape route.

“Don’t fight about it, Tessa. You don’t need to walk home at this hour. You don’t usually get off work after three so we don’t worry as much, but it’s after five now. Get on, woman,” he said.

“Tag. I’m not riding with you. I can walk home just fine. Go harass someone else.” Tessa tried once again to walk around him, but he easily blocked her path. She was either going to have to look like an idiot and race out into the street to get away or give in and let him take her home.

I don’t need this. I really don’t need to know what he feels like to add more fuel to the fire of my dreams at night.

Tessa closed her eyes and dropped her head. “Fine. I’ll let you take me home.”




Zander chuckled when she opened her mouth then closed it, at a loss as to what to say to that. Then he none too gently dropped her on the bed to bounce once before Tag covered her with his big body. She squealed when he buried his face between her breasts and growled. Then all fun and games disappeared as both men settled down to explore and taste every inch of her body.

“So sweet and soft,” Zander murmured as he nuzzled her neck, licking and kissing his way from her ear down to her shoulder. “I can’t wait to find out what your pussy tastes like, kitten.”

“She’s going to drive me crazy until I get inside of her,” Tag told him.

Tessa couldn’t figure out how they were able to talk when she didn’t have anything under her mouth and yet she still couldn’t manage a syllable. The moment they got down to business, all rational thought left her mind and her tongue’s dexterity in forming words had disappeared. They were doing wild and amazing things to her already. What in the hell would happen to her when they finally fucked her?

Tag licked and nipped at her breasts, making sure that his hands stayed just as busy as his mouth. They plumped and squeezed until he finally closed his lips over one nipple and sucked. Then the fingers of one hand found and teased the other nipple at the same time. When he gently nipped at the one in his mouth, his fingernails pulled at the other one. Tessa arched her back and groaned, unsure why she didn’t just come on the spot from his breast play alone.

Combined with Zander’s suck and bite along her neck and shoulders, it was too much. Her pussy leaked her juices enough that she felt it seep around to the crack of her ass. She needed them to take her, now, while she was aching so hotly for them. If they didn’t, Tessa was positive that something inside of her would break. She felt wound tighter than a windup toy that had been left unsprang for too long.

“Please. Do something. I need you,” she panted.

“Oh, baby. We haven’t even gotten started good yet.” Tag’s words sounded more like a warning or a threat than they did anything else.

Zander’s chuckle didn’t comfort her either. What did they want from her? Were they trying to drive her insane? She was already there. All that was missing was the padded room and straitjacket.

“I can’t stand it any longer. I need to taste her juices. I can smell her, and it’s got my cock so hard I’m going to be able to trace the zipper pattern on it from my jeans.” Zander pushed back from her and disappeared from sight.

Tag chuckled. “Take them off, man. They’ll just slow you down later anyway.”

She could hear Zander off to the side then the sound of more rifling of clothing. She could almost see him in her head, stripping out of the denim to reveal his stiff, hard cock and heavy balls. She’d never seen them, but imagined from the way he’d felt pressed against her that he was quite large.

The bed dipped at her feet and hot skin pressed between her thighs, shoving them wider apart. Zander was there. Right next to her aching pussy. She felt a puff of warm air across the wet sensitive lips just before his tongue laved her from slit to clit.

“Fuck!” Nothing could have stopped her from crying out or the moan that followed.

“Later, kitten. Right now I’m enjoying my delicious treat for being such a good boy and giving you time to get to know us,” Zander said in a husky, strained voice. “And you do taste good, so very good.”

“Lick her dry, Z. When I get ready for my treat, we’ll make her come so I can have some,” Tag told him.

“Oh, I plan to. There’s no way I’m leaving one drop of her honey to go to waste.”

Tessa thought she’d come just from their words. They were going to destroy her. She’d never survive them should they be teasing her about having a relationship. There would be no need to leave town and find another place to settle to start over. She’d just shrivel up and die.

“Oh, God!” Tessa gasped when Zander spread her pussy lips to spear her slit with his tongue. The mild friction was just strong enough to have her squirming to get closer but not nearly enough to give her any relief.

“Help me keep her still, Tag. She’s squirming like a little piglet down here.” Zander’s mild chuckle didn’t soften her outrage at being compared to a pig.

“Pig? Did you just call me a pig?” she huffed out.

“Baby pigs are cute, Tessa. All pink and squirmy, just like you,” Zander said.

Tag moved slightly so that his upper body helped hold her abdomen still. It didn’t stop him from his almost obsessive worship of her breasts with his hands and mouth. They seemed to always be aware of what the other was doing, because when Tag caught one nipple between his teeth and tugged on it, flicking it with his tongue, Zander followed suit with her clit, driving her to the brink of climax before backing off again.

Over and over they played with her, until she begged them to let her come. Zander hummed his approval of her seeping juices, thrusting two fingers into her cunt to stroke along the sensitive tissues until she was sure she’d go mad with need. The way he tongued her clit had her pumping her hips as much as she was able with Tag laying across her abdomen.

Finally, as if they’d planned it, the two men coordinated their efforts so that Tessa’s mind went numb from the explosion of pleasure that coursed through her body from their attentions. Tag flattened one nipple against the roof of his mouth while he pinched the other one. Zander sucked hard on her clit as he stroked her sweet spot inside her wet cunt.

She was sure she screamed their names, but for the life of her, Tessa couldn’t remember as she panted through the amazing sensations flooding her body.

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