Wanted by Her Two MC Men (MFM)

Curvy Women Wanted

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 18,300
4 Ratings (4.3)

Amy has a problem. There are two very sexy MC men who have asked her out, and she has to turn them down. She doesn’t want to pick between Diego or Killian. They are both so powerful, commanding, and attractive. She wants them both, but life is not like the sexy books she likes to read, so she can’t have them—at least not both.

Killian knows what Amy wants. He’s not the sharing kind of man, but for this woman he’s willing to do whatever it takes to have her. He has an idea: together they could have her.

Diego has never shared in his life, but Amy’s not the woman to walk away from. If having Amy means dealing with Killian, he’ll do it. She’s worth fighting for.

Together, they offer Amy a proposition where she doesn’t have to choose. She can have both of them. But Amy is a little afraid of her own desires, even when she accepts.

Now all Killian and Diego need to do is to make Amy see how well they work together. They have a chance of a future, and it doesn’t have to be within the pages of any book…

Be Warned: menage (MFM), anal sex, double penetration

Wanted by Her Two MC Men (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Wanted by Her Two MC Men (MFM)

Curvy Women Wanted

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 18,300
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

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“What brings you here, and would you like some waffles?” She had to keep talking.


“I’ll take some of your waffles, darlin’,” Killian said.


He took a seat at her kitchen counter. He’d removed his jacket, not his MC cut, not that it mattered. His large, muscular, ink-covered arms were on full display, and she couldn’t help herself but imagine them wrapped around her, holding her.


Diego pulled her attention as he sat down. He’d also removed his shirt. Again, more large muscles, more ink, but different from Killian’s.


Both men thrilled her.


What would it be like to be the filling in their sandwich?


Dirty mind alert.


Get back in the game. Don’t start thinking dirty stuff. It’s not your place to.


“So, why are you here?”


“We wanted to talk to you, sweetheart,” Diego said.


“What about? Is this for me catering for an event? If it’s any work business you can swing by my shop and we can talk business.”


“It’s not about business.” Killian reached out, putting his hand on top of hers. The instant he touched her, she felt this spark between them. It was strong, and she nibbled on her lip. Temptation was staring her in the face from both Killian and Diego.


They were a lot easier to deal with when there was only one of them. Two of them together and her body was going into overdrive.


She was already wet, and neither of them had said anything suggestive. She really needed to stop reading her books. They were turning her into a sex maniac. Not quite the maniac. To be one, she’d first have to be having sex. She hadn’t been with a man since her husband, and he’d stopped sleeping with her before the divorce.


Pushing her needs to one side, she looked at Killian. “What’s it about then? Was it the event? Did I mess up? Someone hated my food, didn’t they?”


“We both want you,” Diego said.






“Look, this could go ’round and ’round. She’s clearly nervous, and to be frank, I want to move this along before I die of old age.” Diego glared at Killian. The two seemed to be having a little glare-off at each other.


She looked from one to the other, then back again. “I’m confused.”


“Don’t be,” Killian said. “Diego’s telling the truth.”


“What truth?”


“You know your sexy books?” Diego asked.


Killian cursed.


Her cheeks heated.




“Well, how about you, me, and Killian act out a few?”


“What my mindless fuck of a friend is trying to say—”


“I’m not your friend.”


“We both know why you’ve been turning us down. We see your interest in both of us, and we’ve come up with a solution where you don’t have to turn us down.”


“It seems you both have the answer.”


“We’re not trying to sound conceited or nothing. We know what it is you want, and we’re willing to give it to you. The three of us, together, in a relationship.”


“You don’t think I turned you both down because I didn’t want to date either of you?” she asked.


“Did you?” Diego asked.


Why did he have to ask her that kind of question? This wasn’t fair!


“Erm, I … erm…” Words failed her.


Killian took her hand, drawing it up to his lips. “You don’t have to pick and choose between the two of us. This is what we’re saying. You can have it all. If you want us both, you can have us. No questions asked.”


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