New Reality (MFMM)

Slave Gold Dimensions 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,478
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Romantic Suspense, Multiple Partners, Interracial, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Reverse Harem, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, MFMM, HEA]

After trying on the slave gold bracelet at a market in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Sable Lang is whisked from one version of Earth to another.

Griffin shifters and the ruling monarchs, Alton, King and Tam Garrison are shocked and delighted to find their chosen mate while out for a stress relieving flight. Alton and his brothers change back from animal form to human skin. King Alton can’t resist the sexy, sweet smelling woman and kisses her.

While Sable tries to convince herself she’s dreaming she knows she’s deluding herself when one of the men kisses her.

Trying to find her feet on a new world while being courted by her supposed mates is difficult, but it’s even harder when she has an enemy.

Sable’s also aware of the heated gazes from most of the males and though she wants to hide away she faces her new reality head on.

When her nemeses make their move and kidnap her, Sable isn’t sure she’ll ever see her mates again.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

New Reality (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)

New Reality (MFMM)

Slave Gold Dimensions 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,478
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


She scrambled to her hands and knees when she heard rustling about ten yards away and held her breath. Her heart skipped several beats before it drummed against the inside of her ribs as fear took hold. Just as she got to her feet, her shaky legs under her, a small animal came out from behind one of the tree trunks. It was small and furry like a rabbit, but that was where the similarity to the bunnies ended.

Instead of having two longer front teeth and a lot of smaller teeth, she saw that its mouth was full of sharp canine-looking teeth when it yawned.

Sable took a step back, hoping the thing hadn’t seen her, but she froze when it lifted its eyes toward her. Perspiration sheened her skin when the furry rabbit-like creature lifted his front paws up to his face and started licking them and cleaning itself. The nails on the rabbit thingy were long and thick and looked razor sharp.

Sable slowly eased her one foot back and then the other, every single muscle in her body tensed in preparation of fleeing.

All of a sudden the animal stilled, its nose in the air twitching rapidly as if smelling something on the slight warm breeze. Its eyes widened and then it spun on all fours and hopped away.

Relief had her knees buckling, and Sable hit the ground hard on her ass. She was shaking and panting and then she started giggling.

“You can’t be awake, you crazy woman. There is no way you aren’t dreaming. You don’t have that kind of imagination where fictitious things are concerned.” When she had her breathing back under control, she flopped onto her back and closed her eyes. The warm sunshine felt amazing on her body, but she knew she had to be in her tiny apartment under her quilt. “Wake up, Sable. Wake the hell up.”

She opened her eyes again, and this time when she pinched herself, she dug her short nails so hard into the skin on her back of her hand she drew blood. When nothing around her changed, she began to panic.

She lifted the hand she’d hurt toward her mouth and stopped when she saw the edge of something banded around her upper arm.

Holding her breath again she pushed the short sleeve of her T-shirt up and stared at the bracelet wrapped snug around her bicep. She shook her head as she stared at the slave gold, and then she started laughing a little hysterically.

She’d been at the market when she’d met the stunning woman who’d urged her to try the bangle on. From then on everything was a little hazy, but she remembered hearing voices as the world spun around her.

Sable shook her head, again.

There was no way in hell the story she’d been told about Branwen and the slave gold bracelet could be true. Was there?

Then where the fuck am I?

The urge to panic with hysteria was strong, but she shoved it back as much as she could. She needed to think about this logically and try to figure out what was going on and find out where she was.

After she was on her feet again, she gazed about, trying to decide which way to go. If she could find a house or maybe a road and hitch a lift to the nearest bus or train station, she could get back home.

A loud screech rent the air, and she glanced up at the sky, shielding her gaze from the sun. She stared at the huge rainbow-colored bird and all her fear and panic subsided. There was no way any of this was real.

She had to be on some stupid TV show. She was being pranked, or was the show called Punked? Whatever show it was didn’t matter. She knew there had to be cameras and a TV crew around somewhere. All she had to do was find them and call their bluff. She followed the flight of the huge colorful bird, turning when it flew overhead, watching until it was no more than a speck in the sky.

Loud flapping behind her had her spinning around again. Her mouth dropped open, and she blinked with shocked awe at what she saw next. Three lion-like birds were flapping massive white-feathered wings and soaring through the air. Her heart slammed against her sternum and that anxious feeling came back again. Her breathing was noisy and choppy and her heart was racing so hard and fast it ached.

She tried to take a step backward, but her trembling knees wouldn’t hold and she fell to the grass on her ass again.

All three of the creatures lowered their heads, and though she couldn’t see their eyes yet, she felt pinned in place by their gazes.

“It’s not real, Sable. None of this is real. You’ve been drugged somehow.”

The lion-bird in front of the other two flapped its wings harder, but instead of flying faster, its momentum slowed and the animal dropped lower toward the ground.

Sable crab-walked backward using her hands and feet as the creatures got closer and closer to her.

First one, then the other, then the third animal landed silently on the ground, and when they stalked slowly toward her, she thought that maybe she knew just how an antelope or a gazelle felt like when being preyed upon by a lion or tiger.

Her limbs shook harder until she was quaking so much, her arms gave way. Instead of falling onto her back and being totally vulnerable, she rolled until she was on her belly, managed to get up onto her hands and knees and then her feet. Though she wanted to turn and run, she was frozen in place and couldn’t seem to get herself to move again.




“Look at these gorgeous breasts,” King said, cupping one of her breasts, then kneading and molding it in his huge hand. He flicked his thumb over the nipple, causing a heated ache to shoot straight down to her pussy. “I love these hard little berries. I wonder if they taste as good as the berry juice does.”

She didn’t get a chance to reply because in the next moment King was whirling his tongue around her areola, and then he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She gasped and groaned. She’d noticed each time Alton and then Tam had kissed her that their tongues had a slight sandpapery roughness to them, and King’s was just the same. Having his abrasive tongue lashing over her nipple had her quivering with an arousal so strong, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Tam nibbled and lapped at her shoulder and skin as he worked his way down toward her chest. He laved her other nipple with his tongue then drew it into his mouth and suckled on it.

Sable’s womb and pussy spasmed, sending another slew of juices out onto her folds and inner thighs.

“You smell so fucking good,” Alton said between panted breaths. “I can’t wait another second.” He pushed her thighs farther apart, smoothed his hands up her inner thighs, and lowered his head.

Sparks of need skated up her spine when he licked at her inner thighs. She couldn’t stop moaning because she felt so out of control. There was nothing she could do but lie back and enjoy each lick, each caress, and every kiss.

Molten need pooled low in her belly as Alton’s mouth got closer and closer to her soaked pussy. She jolted when he blew air onto her engorged, throbbing clit, and when it throbbed harder, her inner muscles spasmed.

The first lap of his tongue up through her folds from bottom to top was the most pleasure she’d ever felt in her life. The couple of times she’d had sex with her ex-boyfriends had never, ever felt like this, and they were just getting started.

King released the nipple he’d been suckling on, grasped her chin between his finger and thumb, and turned her toward him. She barely had time to inhale before his mouth was on hers.

She kissed him back as rapaciously as he kissed her. Each of the Garrison brothers tasted so good and yet slightly different from each other. Sable was sure she’d be able to tell who was who even if she were blindfolded.

Alton wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, spreading her legs wider, and then he shoved his mouth into her pussy. This time he didn’t lap at her slowly—he ate at her sex as if he was dying from famishment.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped out when King broke the kiss.

“Do you like have your sexy little cunt licked, honey?” Tam asked in a deep voice. “Do you like what my brother is doing to you?”

“Yes. God yes!” She cried out when Alton swirled his tongue around and around her clit. When he lashed her distended nub with the tip of his tongue, she bowed her hips up closer to his mouth.

He growled and then began to make a purring sound right on top of her throbbing pearl. Vibrations reverberated deep into her pussy and womb, making her clinch, and another slew of her juices wept from her hole.

Tension invaded her muscles, making her body feel so taut she thought she might snap. She rolled her head back and forth on the mattress, but when she tried to shift her legs with a restless need, Alton tightened his arms around her thighs, holding her in place.

Sable wanted to beg him to fuck her, but she was so breathless she wasn’t sure her pleading words would be intelligible.

Please, please, please, she chanted in her mind.

* * * *

Alton’s cock was so fucking hard he couldn’t stand his pants rubbing against his erection. The protuberance on the top of his dick was swelling rapidly, and he was leaking precum.

He’d never tasted anything as delicious as Sable’s juices, and now that he had, he knew it would never be enough. He could have spent the next week with his head between her thighs without coming up for air. Who needed to eat or sleep when he had such a delectation as fare?

Although he wanted to part the seam on his trousers and get some relief for his aching cock, he wasn’t about to release his erection until he’d made his chosen explode. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to keep his blazing need at bay if he freed his dick. His griffin had attempted and was still attempting to get out so he could claim their mate. He wasn’t about to do that until he had Sable’s consent.

Pushing his own lust to the back of his mind as much as he could, he twirled his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her pussy and rimmed her dripping hole with his finger.

When he dipped into her creamy well and she gripped the tip with her muscles, he groaned. He could just imagine having her slick, tight walls rippling around his hard cock. Once more, when he noticed where his thoughts were at, he blanked his mind and started pumping his finger in and out of her cunt.

She moaned and panted, and after a few strokes into and out of her snug heat, she began to move with him, rocking her hips in sync with his rhythm. Alton kept his thrusts to an easy pace, giving her time to get used to having his thick finger penetrating her, and when the tautness loosened slightly, he added another finger.

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