Bound By Trust (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,697
16 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F with M/F/M, spanking, whipping, HEA]

Kerri doesn't know she is waiting outside a BDSM club until the hottest attorney at her firm pulls her out of the crowd and asks her to be his sub for the night. Not knowing what a sub is, she agrees.

Kerri's first foray into BDSM is a surprise, a shock, and an awakening. Hunter is a man like no other she's known.

Hunter is investigating a human trafficking ring, and she is getting an education in dominance and submission. Incredible sex and a healthy dose of intrigue are a heady combination, but when he adds his business partner, Richard, into the mix, all bets are off.

Can she live in his lifestyle without losing herself?

When his investigation closes, will he still want her?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bound By Trust (MF)
16 Ratings (4.5)

Bound By Trust (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,697
16 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Very good story. Loved it.
Sara Anderson
Not just sex - it actually has a good story too. I sure enjoyed it and look forward to anymore Ms. Daye may submit.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "BDSM is something that Kerri is very curious about but when she experiences first hand her first punishment with the whip, can she continue being with Hunter no matter how much she loves him? Or when he promised to never hurt her or let someone else hurt her? Kerri believed she was just going out dancing and drinking with her girlfriends but she had it all wrong. She is horrified that she has just spotted the man that has spiked her interest from the law firm she is interning at. He asks for her assistance but has no idea she is about to walk into a BDSM club, a different side of the club where membership is required. Let the dominance and submission begin! Kerri is a very innocent young woman but also daring. She can't believe that she is actually aroused from the different scenes that are going on in the club. Only now her heart is invested in whatever is going on between them and she runs away. Hunter can't believe that the woman he has been training has bailed out on him, but he soon finds a replacement. He thought that she had experience in this sort of stuff since she was dressed for it and was in line to go into the club. But he becomes irritated because she has no clue and he has to fill her in quickly before his meeting. There is only one problem, her baby blue eyes will haunt him--no, not really. He hopes they won't distract him while he is conducting his investigation. Hunter really was impressed with Kerri and how she composed herself at the BDSM club. Only that when she is so responsive to his touch he is half gone and there is no turning back. When their D/s interaction and relationship turns explosive with sex, Hunter knows he is screwed as she has gotten under his skin. Hunter is getting very protective and possessive of her but he is forgetting the most important thing—that the thing between him and Kerri started as a job and nothing else. Will he be able to convince her he wants more with her, actually everything? I have read plenty of BDSM books but this one really piqued my interest. I was very happy that I requested this book to review because it was excellent. It has the right amount of suspense with twists and turns that will have you second-guessing yourself. Now, Hunter and Kerri's romance relationship is so steaming hot that you will need a cold drink by your side. They are perfect for each other and the sex between them is damn hot. Kerri finds herself bound and spanked and she truly liked it, but has a hard time understanding what it all means. She is an independent woman and doesn't want to fully submit to Hunter because she believes she will not have a choice of what she wants to do. I truly loved this book and I read it in one sitting. Pick up your copy today and see if Hunter will rescue Kerri in time to tell her that he loves her and wants a true relationship with her." -- Cozy Reader, The Romance Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Kerri is a law school student who is spending some down time with friends who have dragged her to a BDSM club. As they stand outside in line to go in, she sees an attorney at the firm where she's been working as an intern. She's horrified that he might recognize her-and then he strides up to her and asks her to assist him with a last minute meeting, but she has to pretend be his submissive. Unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle, she agrees to help the devastatingly hot lawyer. Thus begins her journey into dominance and submission. Hunter is undercover, seeking to unravel a human trafficking plot and believes some of the players are at the BDSM club he frequents. He initially brings Kerri into the investigation, but when their D/s interaction turns into explosive sex, she gets under his skin and unknowingly worms her way straight into his heart. Both enjoy their freedom and independence. Once the investigation is over, will they continue the relationship that's just beginning to blossom or will they go their separate ways? With so many stories out there from authors I've already read, I don't often find myself reading works by authors I haven't experienced. However, the premise of this story intrigued, so I thought to give it a shot. I have to admit, I was beyond pleased. This story has a roller coaster ride of a plot, scintillating suspense, unexpected twists, and one helluva romance. Kerri and Hunter are perfect for each other: intelligent, sexy and feeding off each other's responses in bed and out. I really loved this story and sat up reading long after I should have been in bed. This is, of course, the first time I've read this author. But I can tell you one thing: it won't be the last. Wholeheartedly recommended." -- Bella, Fallen Angels Reviews

"Kerri is an intern at a law firm and works hard. When her friends insist she agrees to go out clubbing with them and feels a bit like a fish out of water since she let one of her more outrageous friends pick her outfit. Kerri looks like she fits right in, but appearances can be deceiving. What none of her party knows it that they are really about to enter a BDSM club where the front room is light and fun and the back room is erotic to say the least. Kerri is really shocked to see one of the attorneys from her firm outside the club too – even more shocked when he asks to talk with her. Hunter is much more than an attorney and right now he is working on a dangerous case. His cover depends on his partner, who just stood him up. Hunter can’t change the meeting he is about to go into. Frustrated he looks around and sees what could be his out – an intern from his firm standing in the club line and luckily dressed to go in. Hunter works quickly to gain Kerri’s assistance with his mission. Kerri walks into a new world with Hunter by her side that night. Master, Sub and BDSM are terms that first shock, then scare and finally fascinate Kerri – especially with Hunter by her side. That first night is more than successful and begins the teamwork of Hunter and Kerri. Kerri is led into new erotic pleasures by Hunter and then with his partner Richard. However, the pleasure is surrounded by the danger that is stalking their every move. Someone is using the club for more than dominance and submission and they plan on eliminating anything that will stand in their way – that includes Hunter and Kerri. Innocence is awakened with the erotic pleasure that can be found in the BDSM world in Bound By Trust. Kerri quickly has her eyes opened to the darker side of sexuality when she agrees to help Hunter. I could see that while some of it scared her at first, once things were explained Kerri was more intrigued than scared. Watching as Hunter helped Kerri explore this new world while working to track down human traffickers had me turning the pages wondering what new experiences would be around the corner. I found the relationship that developed between Hunter and Kerri to be very erotic and yet I could see that love was the real reason that Kerri could allow herself to become Hunter’s sub. The suspense and danger becomes up close and personal in the end and I loved how both Kerri and Hunter had no problems using their analytical minds to help win the day and take down the traffickers. Hot, erotic and steamy while surrounded by suspense is the perfect definition of Kerri and Hunter in Bound By Trust." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Hunter took her hand without a word and led her to a small shop with demure ladies’ dresses in the window. A bell chimed, and a bored clerk eyed Hunter, then gave him a quick nod. Kerri’s hand tightly in his, Hunter led her through the small room and down a short hall. Two turns later, the hall opened into a different shop altogether.

Here, leather reigned supreme. Kerri tried to school her expression as she looked around the room. In one corner, a variety of whips hung from a rack next to wooden paddles in several different sizes and shapes. With a tug at her hand, Hunter led her to the far side of the room and began to page through a rack of dresses—or what passed for dresses.

Jase would go mad if she could shop in this place.

Hunter lifted a dark purple dress off the rack, held it against her, and she shook her head in shock. It was more a series of wide strips and buckles than a dress. He handed it to her, and she put it back on the rack, only to find it draped across her arm a minute later.

“I don’t—”

His brow rose. “Your only response tonight is ‘yes, sir,’ Kerri.”

She slammed her lips shut, heat rising in her face as she remembered her role in this game of his. He added two more skimpy dresses and a skirt to the growing pile in her arms before turning to the display of stockings. To her horror, he chose a few pair of over-the-knee fishnet stockings and a pair of boy shorts in black leather before gesturing her toward the dressing rooms.

A woman in a long, formfitting black dress unlocked a dressing room and ushered them inside, shutting the door behind them. Kerri turned when she realized Hunter had joined her in the well-proportioned room. He hung the items she carried on a convenient hook and settled into the chair near the door, his eyes warm on her flushed face.

“You’re expected to model for me, letting me chose what you wear,” he said, easily answering the question that was surely written all over her face. His voice lowered to a whisper. “Would you prefer I turn around while you change?”

Kerri sighed. She’d never considered herself a prude, and she didn’t have too many issues with her body. Being realistic about her looks had always worked well for her. She shrugged and pulled off the top she’d worn to work, draping it on the hook to her right. She gave a quick thought to what panties she’d put on this morning, glad she’d opted for a full brief instead of something more revealing. Her penchant for pretty lingerie was a blessing in this case. Stepping out of her heels, she let the slacks slide down her legs and pool on the tile floor before they joined her blouse.

A sharp intake of breath caught her attention, and she cut her eyes to Hunter. He was staring, devouring her with his eyes, heat emanating in waves. And there was no disguising the tent of his pants. Kerri felt her blush rush in opposite directions, radiating out from her chest as she recognized his arousal at the sight of her body. Power suffused her, power she’d never known she could possess.

She turned her back on him and reached for the first dress, a black sheath with a deep plunging neckline. Stepping into it, Kerri tugged it over her hips and slid her arms into the deep cutouts at each side. With deliberate ease, she moved the thin straps up her arms and onto her shoulders. Hunter’s hands were at the zipper before she could reach for it, his hands smoothing down her back from the point just below her shoulder blades where the zipper stopped. Hot hands blistered her waist through the thin jersey of the dress, and his fingers splayed across her stomach.

Their eyes met in the mirror, his flaring with desire, Kerri’s with surprise and arousal. Her chest rose and fell as his gaze moved down her body.

“When you wear this tomorrow, you’ll be braless and every man in the place will want you for his own. But you’ll be mine.”

He pulled the zipper back down to her hips and edged the straps off her shoulders. “Try on the next one.”

Kerri complied, holding on to every ounce of control she could muster, his words resounding in her head, you will be mine. Was he playing to some unknown listening device, or did he mean those words? Was this real or make-believe? Intellectually, she wanted to believe it was a game, a role they were both playing, but emotionally, she was rapidly becoming entwined in the sensuality of the situation.

Fear and anticipation swirled though her body as she attempted to put on the next dress. Again, Hunter stepped in to assist by gathering the dress from neckline to hem.

“Arms up,” he told her, his tone soft but demanding.

He dropped the dress down her body, holding the straps that were meant to cover her shoulders in his hands and placing them between her head and hands. Kerri tugged at the fabric bunched up under her arms and pulled it down her torso, twisting the varying strips of material to arrange it over her curves.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough fabric to cover all of her. Every stitch of the garment was an elastic mesh that clung to her body, molding to her like a second skin. The tan fabric was barely a shade darker than her natural coloring, an elaborate mixture of vertical and horizontal strips that barely covered her essentials. She’d be lucky to hide a thong under this one.




Her body hummed with impatient desire. The feel of his fingers dipping into her and the reaction they caused within her played over and over like a movie clip on a loop. She tried to think about work, tried to distract her lust-hazy brain with multiplication tables and grocery lists. But every time his voice rumbled across the foyer, her body clenched and begged for his return.

An eternity passed before she heard footsteps. Her mind couldn’t determine how many feet moved up the stairs, and no conversation preceded him. Kerri closed her eyes, waiting for his touch.

Then it came.

Kerri flinched, caught unaware.

Fingertips caressed the skin just above her left ankle, circled the edge of the leather holding her feet apart, then whispered their way to her knee. She moaned, a soft exhalation she couldn’t contain. They slipped around her calf, caressing the back of her knee before sliding to the edge of her ankle cuff. Her need intensified, the feel of his hand against her skin driving her into a near-breathless state of hyperawareness.

A warm palm caressed her inner thigh, squeezing the muscle before moving higher. Just below the juncture of her thighs, the hand lifted. Kerri whimpered, frustration screaming through her brain. She was being tortured.

Her eyes flew open at the sound of a drawer opening. A quick glance assured her that Hunter had returned alone. He lifted a black mask from the drawer and placed it over her eyes with an admonishment. “Just feel, Kerri. Don’t think, don’t worry. Just feel.”

The complete darkness was unnerving. Kerri listened for his steps, strained to hear his breathing, any sound that would tell her he was still in the room.


* * * *


Hunter sat in the easy chair in the corner, slipped off his shoes, and splayed his legs in front of him, much like the pose he’d left Kerri in. He had no choice. No other position would accommodate the painfully hard erection. He watched her squirm, need pushing her body for release. He wondered how long she’d last before calling to him. Hell, he wondered how long he could hold out until he climbed on top of her and sank into that delectably sweet body of hers. He was going to fuck her all day and all night, until he could walk away without craving her. After the incident in the pool, he wasn’t sure that was even possible.

Kerri was sneaking in under his radar, taking away his control in tiny increments until he wasn’t sure he could deny himself her body or her heart. He was days away from falling in love with her.

Not a good idea.

He wasn’t good at love. Sex, sure. Love he truly sucked at.

He’d heard it all. He was too controlling, too demanding, too distant. Women loved to be with him short-term, but in the end they all said the same thing. He expected too much, pushed them for more but didn’t make any emotional commitment. They wanted love with their sex. He just wanted sex.

Kerri was different. Every time he touched her, he felt a connection growing between them. He was thirty-three years old. He wanted someone to care about, someone to hold every night. But he needed someone whose passions ran as high as his.

He hoped Kerri was the woman he could build a life with.

Her head rolled on the bed, her arms tugging at the restraints. She was a strong woman, waiting for her pleasure. Hunter stood and silently stripped before moving to the bed. Without a sound or jostle of the bed, he hovered over her breast and exhaled. The nipple peaked at the same moment she cried out from the sensation.

His mouth covered the taut spike and sucked hard, using his tongue to add friction as her whimpers escalated. Hunter drove her higher until she was gasping, then pulled back, tweaking the tight bud and moving to the other side of the bed.

Stretching out beside her, he placed his palm on the slight round of her belly, letting his pinky finger brush lower, barely touching the top of her mound. He nibbled on her nipple, licked and sucked until her appreciative murmurs became restless mewls of need.

Finally, it was time to drive her crazy and watch her explode. Shifting his body, he swiped his tongue through the drenched slit of her sex, tasting the sweet nectar of her while listening to her scream. Hunter played, sipped, and toyed with her only to draw back as she got closer to release.

“Wait until I tell you to come, Kerri,” he demanded while she whimpered.

Tonguing her to the edge, he slipped two fingers inside and rotated them to massage the tender spot that would drive her over the boundaries he’d set.

“Not yet, sweetheart. Wait for it.”

“I can’t, Hunter. Please.”

He increased the pressure and kissed her clit until she writhed against his hand. “Now, Kerri. Come for me,” he growled.


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