[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, HEA]

Emma Rae Madison wasn’t looking for one man, let alone two. After meeting Zeke Traynor at Clayton Forrester’s Double Rider Men’s Club security fortress by mistake, she’s intrigued and wary. The first time Zeke sees the girl of his dreams, he can’t resist her. But Clay won’t introduce them.

Zeke finds her later on at his bank, but before he learns her name, the bank is robbed at gunpoint. He takes a bullet saving her from a robber’s immoral intent.

Luke Benton was convinced a woman didn’t exist for them. Until he meets Emma Rae over Zeke’s hospital bed. He recognizes her as the one they’ve searched for. Now to persuade her.

While Zeke recuperates, Luke woos Emma Rae. When the three come together, it’s pure magic, and she agrees to move in. When she fetches her things from home, she finds the escaped robber waiting to kill her. She’s the only living witness to his crime.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Untethered (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Never having any knowledge of this lifestyle made this an exciting eyeopener!
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Clay, hands loosely resting on his hips, tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling as if suddenly remembering something important. “Oh fuck. That’s right. I completely forgot.”

Zeke suddenly laughed delightedly. Emma Rae adored the sound of his amusement best of all. She leaned her head to one side and watched him. He said, “Clayton Forrester forgot something? Wow. Has that ever happened before? Remind me to mark that down somewhere and remind you of it frequently.”

“Very funny, smart-ass.” Clay shifted again, and her view was blocked.

Staring at Clay’s wide back, Emma Rae tightened her grip on her shoulder strap. She slowly swayed the entire top part of her body to the left a bit to get another look at Zeke. She was rewarded with a good view of the side of his handsome face. So attractive.

As if sensing that she wanted to see more of him, Zeke also shifted his body farther into her field of view. She caught another glimpse of his beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous face. His dark, wavy hair was disheveled a bit, as if he’d just come out of the wind. He had an angular, masculine face with a trace of five-o’clock shadow gracing his strong jaw. His smile was genuine and lit up his whole face in amusement. His lips looked inherently kissable even when his smile disappeared.

When he gazed over Clay’s shoulder and caught her eye, his mere grin in her direction put what felt like a battalion of excited butterflies in her belly. Longing and lust vied for attention in her stubborn logical mind as she tried to quell her amorous feelings for this stranger.

Clay pointedly moved to his right and covered Zeke’s view again. Not to be outwitted, Zeke leaned even more to the opposite side to see her again. She tilted her head in the same direction to catch another view as well. She got only another brief look before Clay moved once more and came between them. “Nothing to see here, Zeke.”

“I totally disagree,” he said almost in a whisper.

“Why don’t you wait in the conference room until I finish up?” Clay took a step closer in Zeke’s direction, put a large hand on his chest, and fairly pushed him through the open doorway. “I’ve got to take a trip to the front gate. I’ll be back in less than ten minutes, then we’ll talk. Okay?” He didn’t wait for Zeke’s response before saying, “Great. Thanks.”

Zeke’s grunt of protest was ignored as the door was closed in his face.

Clay turned around with a wide-eyed, sheepish look on his face. “Sorry, Em. I honestly didn’t expect any visitors tonight. I know you prefer no one else being here while you work.”

She shrugged. She felt a smile shape her lips again as she said, “That’s okay. He doesn’t seem too threatening.”

Clay stared at her for a moment as if puzzling through the meaning of her words.

“Zeke?” His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. “No. He’s not a threat. Zeke’s a good guy,” he said slowly. His expression was one of expectation. Like he anticipated she would rail at him for daring to allow another man to encroach while she was here.

“I imagine you wouldn’t let bad guys into this men’s club anyway, right?” Emma Rae tried to think of another innocuous question to ask to gain more information about Zeke.

Clay’s body relaxed a bit. “No. I wouldn’t. Both Zeke and Luke, his best friend, are very good men. You won’t find better. Besides, I’d never let anyone hurt you.”

She nodded slightly and forced herself to look away from Clay’s stare so as not to break with her self-imposed mantra of “no men” and pump him for any and all information about his friend Zeke.

“Okay,” she responded and promptly bit the inside of her cheek to keep from asking for Zeke’s last name.

Emma Rae usually had the opinion that very few men were good guys, but a small thread of trust unwound inside her suspiciousness, because she trusted Clay. She looked away again, embarrassed to have been caught gawking at a good-looking man or suddenly wondering what his best friend, Luke, looked like. She’d already been thinking several wayward thoughts that she shouldn’t entertain further. Something about this club intrigued her as much as it frightened her. Perhaps she was afraid of her own feelings of desire.

I’m not looking for a man. I’m not.

Clay didn’t say anything else, but his expression remained inquisitive until he turned away. He opened the door and checked the corridor to ensure Zeke wasn’t lingering. Emma Rae refused to tell him that she wouldn’t mind getting one last look at his intriguing friend Zeke. Because she wasn’t looking for a man. Not even an attractive one. She squared her shoulders and exited, trying to put the gorgeous man out of her thoughts. But her mind was stubborn and refused to relinquish his image.

The moment they walked out of Clay’s security fortress, she saw the second vehicle parked next to the SUV she’d arrived in. The glance to the license plate as she walked by was instinctive. She could tell it wasn’t a rental car by the plate designation. She ran her gaze over Zeke’s vehicle to memorize the make and model. She presumed it was his vehicle, since it hadn’t been here less than an hour ago when she’d arrived.

It was foolish to get attached to a man she’d never have, but once the information about his vehicle entered her head, it was difficult to get it out or ignore the numbers and letters now ingrained in her mind as if carved in granite. Just like his image was stamped in her memory forever. Regardless of how intriguing he was, a relationship with Zeke wasn’t possible.

Emma Rae fully understood the nature of the Double Rider Men’s Club. Two men sexually involved with one woman was how the club worked. She didn’t even trust one man to be in her life. Two men having dominion over her body, spirit, and soul would be intolerable.




Luke edged closer. He’d removed his shirt but still wore his jeans. Muscles rippled along his shoulder when he lowered his hand and slid it between her legs. His finger hit her clit with unerring clarity. Her breath sucked in as he continued to finger her very slowly.

She almost said, “Faster,” but then remembered about the window she stood naked in front of being nonprivate.

A flash of movement came from across the central space above the stage. However, Zeke plucked more intently at her nipples, drawing her focus away. Luke continued pushing his finger languorously across her very sensitive clit, and instead of privacy, she started wondering about the acoustics of the box and if anyone would hear her shrieks through the walls when she climaxed. Which was about to happen pretty quickly if they kept touching her.

Zeke pulled his hand away from one of her breasts, trailing his fingertips down between her legs. Luke massaged her clit without a break, sending pulses of delight to her gushing pussy. Zeke gathered some of her suddenly abundant juice on two of his fingers. Before she realized what he intended, both those slick fingers were buried deeply between her ass cheeks.

The sensation brought a long groan from her lips. One hand went flat against the window, and she focused on staying upright.

“I need a taste of you,” Luke said and fell to his knees before her. She widened her legs to allow him access. Then she and Zeke shuffled a bit so that her other hand went flat on the window, as well.

Zeke pushed his fingers in and out of her rear channel a few times before Emma Rae decided that what she truly wanted was for his cock to make its entrance into her virgin ass.

Before Luke put his mouth on her, she said, “Zeke, take your fingers out of me and replace them with your cock.”

He paused for several seconds. “You don’t have to,” he finally said very slowly, but she could tell by his lack of movement that was exactly what he wanted.

“I want to know what it feels like. I’m ready to try it.”

“I’ll get the lube,” Zeke said and pulled his fingers from her. He moved away to get ready.

She gazed down at Luke and for the first time noticed that he hadn’t shaved either. He grinned. “I’ll just pleasure you with my mouth while Zeke breaks you in. I can’t wait to get my lips wrapped around your clit after his cock is buried all the way in your ass.”

He leaned forward, buried his face between her thighs, and wiggled his tongue over her clit. Her knees buckled as a raw bolt of pleasure rode up her spine. Her pussy gushed like a waterfall after a flood. Luke licked his tongue between her lower lips and gathered some of her excessive juice. He moaned and nuzzled his face between her legs. The scratchy feel of his whiskery face sent her libido into an upward spiral of ecstasy before he pulled away.

Before she knew it Zeke was behind her again. He pushed a palm against her back until she bent forward. She balanced her hands on the thick window as he slathered her rear channel with lots of lubrication. She looked down into Luke’s eyes. He calmed her with an expression of sheer love and devotion.

“Relax,” Zeke whispered. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The tip of his cock made its way slowly inside of her ass. It took every bit of concentration not to tense up as he pushed steadily forward. She lost her battle of nonchalance after less than a minute. The forward movement of Zeke’s cock overwhelmed her senses. She was about tense up, but then Luke shoved his face between her legs, and she felt the strong, hard stroke of his tongue across her clit.

Before she barely got over the surprise sensation, he wrapped his lips around her clit and started sucking her bud. Her legs trembled, and a climax built steadily in her core. Mindless with pleasure in seconds, she soon lost track of Zeke’s progress.

His cockhead made it past the ring of muscles at the entrance to her ass. But then Luke sucked her clit even harder. Emma Rae had so many bold new sensations coursing through her veins, she didn’t know what to focus on.

Zeke kept pushing his cock slowly and more deeply into her ass. The dark pleasure of his intrusion where no man had ever been put her libido in a whole new plane of blissful existence. She glanced down and saw Luke’s head bobbing between her legs. His whiskers scratched a tingly path against her inner thighs. Her clit ached with the pleasure of his exuberance and helped send her passion to new levels.

She wanted to come shrieking. She wanted Zeke to fuck her ass as her ultimate pleasure crested. And truthfully, she didn’t care one whit if the entire building watched her do it.

The fronts of Zeke’s thighs brushed the backs of her legs. He stopped moving, and kissed the back of her neck. The sensation of his huge cock filling her ass suddenly registered.

“I’m going to start moving now. You okay with that?”

She nodded. Luke continued sucking on her clit, and she didn’t trust her voice.

The pull half out and the push back in distracted her for a few moments, but when she felt Luke sucking her clit between his lips she almost lost it. Pleasure zoomed through her limbs at crazy speeds.

The pressure of Zeke’s cock up her backside was wickedly satisfying. She loved the commanding way he took control and built pleasure fast and hard inside her body as he started moving at a more steady speed. In and out. In and out. The realization finally dawned on her.

He’s fucking my ass. Feels so good.


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