Bright Day, Hot Night (MFM)

Dark Day, Bright Night 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,264
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

With Zane Miller in remission, he's claimed Meg Sullivan as his own. Remaining a good sport, Sean Neval can't refuse when asked to relocate with them. Being in close proximity to Meg tests his temptation, but he can still look, right? As Sean eases into their new arrangement, he struggles with his feelings for Meg, pushing the boundaries of his friendship with Zane.

A life-threatening incident pushes Sean and Meg together. Meg feels the energy building, reacting to Sean's presence in a new way as Sean continues to fight the weight of his affections. Zane sees the bond that is forming between them. Having stared death in the face while battling Hodgkin's disease, his new perspective on life has him ready to take all three of them to the next level.

The aftermath of acting on their desires has Sean and Meg feeling unsettled. Traumatized, Sean considers leaving Zane and Meg's nest. When an accident occurs, it has them all at a standstill. Will the risk of losing one solidify all three?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bright Day, Hot Night (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Bright Day, Hot Night (MFM)

Dark Day, Bright Night 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,264
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love the first book so much and this one was even better. I hope there is another later on i feel like there is more to come with the fabulous threesome
Barefoot Okie
I really liked this book!
Kandi apple



Sean leaned his chin in his palm. An aching weariness moved through him. His mind was filled with indecision. Zane and Meg were looking for a house. It would be so easy for him to just pack up all his crap in the small apartment above the shop and tag along as Zane had suggested, but for him it wouldn’t be that simple.

Certain things having to do with Meg had been common knowledge between them at one time, like Sean’s open admission that he found Meg attractive, as well as a good catch. Now with Zane’s remission, these things were better off being kept buried. It appeared that Zane just assumed that Sean’s opinion of Meg had now changed because Zane and Meg were together. Zane’s hand on his shoulder sucked him back through the oppressive vacuum.

“Should I count out?” Zane’s smoky gray eyes moved to his as he stood behind the register. Zane’s eyes were like a mood ring. They could change on a dime, from the color of an angry, wintery sky to a blue you’d only find in some exotic location far away, where the heat seared through your skin, making it bead with sweat.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Sean tidied up his work station. It’d been busy. With Zane still waiting for the doctor’s clearance to ink again, Sean was often swamped, especially on the weekends, but Zane was worth the wait. The guy was a gifted artist. Customers were just waiting for the go-ahead, their flesh craving Zane’s ink.

They closed up and stood out on the sidewalk. The early summer breeze blew down the block. It licked his skin, reminding Sean of all the temptations that the summer season held for him. Women were already wearing less clothing. Maybe there’d be some skinny-dipping while camping in the mountains and nights of stargazing. Zane had been sick all winter. Sean was looking forward to them engaging in a few of their favorite rituals.

“So where’re you guys looking to settle?” Sean tipped his head, the sky still holding the residual light of a longer day. He glanced at Zane, who leaned against the brick building, his eyes taking in the same scene.

“She’s got a lead on a real cute place over in Spring Oaks.”

“Oh yeah?” Sean faced him. Their eyes held. Zane shrugged.

“What cute means…who knows.” Zane laughed. “I don’t care. I’m going where she’s going.” It was quiet for a moment. Several cars passed on the street, the loud thumping of bass music vibrating through the night. “The woman saved my life. I’d jump in front of a friggin’ train. If she wants cute, then so be it.” Zane waved a hand.

“I hear you, bro.” Sean patted his back. Zane held his gaze. His eyes glowed like a shape-shifter’s under the storefront windows.

“I’m gonna talk to her, see if she minds that you relocate with us.”

“I don’t want to cause any—”

Zane’s hard words cut him off. “You’re not gonna. We’re best friends, and we still got a business to run. If she goes for it, you’ll move, right?”

“Shit yeah.” Sean’s chest went tight. His heart drummed a little harder behind his ribs. If he wound up with them under the same roof, Meg would be right there most of the time. He could still look, right?




Silvery beams of moonlight dusted their nakedness with a luminous light. It was such a sight, a masterpiece to one’s eyes. What he’d only been able to conjure up in his imagination had just become a reality. Sean licked his lips, swallowing.

Meg was radiant. Her skin sparkled like fresh-fallen snow. The way Zane catered to her had Sean sucking in his breath. His heart ached, his desire suffocating him. It was at this moment that Sean realized it was a need that had the power to destroy.

He felt his body responding. His cock hardened behind his zipper. Zane pressed Meg against the railing of the deck, his mouth devouring hers. Zane’s cock slid against her navel. The colors of her tat glimmered in the pearly moonlight. Zane held her breasts. They looked firm and perfectly rounded, filling Zane’s palm as if they were custom fitted. Sean’s mouth watered as Zane lowered his mouth, pulling her brown nipple into his mouth. Meg’s head fell back, her neck smoothing. The whimpered moans of her affirmation rang in Sean’s ears like music.

Zane lifted her. Meg’s legs crossed behind his back. Zane carried her to the corner of the deck, setting her up on the railing where the corners met. Zane dragged one of the patio chairs Sean had bought across the deck, placing it right in front of Meg. Sean stood near the kitchen sink, his gaze glued to the window. This is so wrong, but so hot, so good. Sean unzipped his jeans, pressing his cock into the counter’s edge, trying to kill his need, trying to stop what he knew was already snowballing.

Zane sat down. Sean could hear Zane’s low, guttural groans. His eyes stayed fixed. Meg’s breaths came faster, her luscious breasts lifting as her body pulled in more air. Zane lifted her legs, spreading her. He anchored her heels on the edges of the railing. Her pussy bloomed before him, so pink and pretty, wet with her dewy arousal. Meg leaned back, giving Zane all the access he needed, her fingers wrapped around the railing. Her hips tilted, meeting Zane’s mouth. His buddy’s hands slid up her inner thighs spreading her more. His head lowered.

Sean yanked his cock out of his pants. Cool air doused his skin, his hand beginning to jerk himself. Zane’s tongue slithered through Meg’s pussy. Sean knew he must’ve been doing an artful dance with his tongue and right over her clit because Meg called out to him, her cry a child-like whine.

“Zane, Jesus, please.” Her body bowed in pleasure.

Sean gripped his dick, unable to stop. His body was a vehicle that had just lost control careening down a dangerous road. Thick, slick heat splashed through his fingers. He spun around, tilting his head to the ceiling, his breaths heaving.

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