Some Like It Rough (MM)

The Gentlemen's Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,115
8 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Bad boy Julian Decker leaves his old life behind when he gets a job working security at an exclusive club. It’s lust at first sight when he spots wealthy member Richard Caldwell, but the older man is way out of his league and doesn’t even know Julian exists. Julian is used to going after what he wants, and when an opportunity arises he makes his move.

Prominent attorney Richard Caldwell is part owner of the Gentlemen’s Club, where wealthy members can live out their romantic fantasies, but Richard gave up on love when he lost his longtime partner to cancer. Then on one of his rare visits to the club, a seductive new employee catches his eye and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. For the first time in years, Richard is attracted to another man and he can't deny the strong chemistry between him and Julian. But just as Richard starts to believe in miracles, he's attacked and all the evidence points to his new lover.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Some Like It Rough (MM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Some Like It Rough (MM)

The Gentlemen's Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,115
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I found layers of depth to both Richard and Julian that made their story richer. The author wrote Richard as older and more experienced, yet with a bit more vulnerability than Julian. Julian is younger, stronger, rougher around the edges, but is also gentle with Richard while being insecure about measuring up to Richard's wealth and lifestyle. This reversal of the standard older man/younger man dynamic made this story all the better. The author has written this story so that you are carried along with the men as their relationship develops. I enjoyed getting to know more about Richard, whom you meet in the first book of this series. And now I'm wondering, who is the next to fall in love at The Gentlemen's Club." -- Laurie P, The Romance Reviews

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It was a shitty night for a walk. Julian Decker shoved his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulders against the autumn chill. The wind was howling like a pack of motherfucking wolves, and a fine mist was threatening to turn into a soaker. Summer had barely slipped into fall, and already the leaves were blowing off the few trees on Pine Street.

Suck it up, Julian. If you’re lucky, there’s a lager and a blow job waiting for you at the end of the block.

Julian spotted a few men braving the crappy weather to catch a smoke outside the front entrance of the Backdoor.

Levi’s and leather and bears. Oh my!

A gay dive, the Backdoor offered cheap drinks, grungy décor, and communal bathrooms, but it was located in an area known to be unsafe after dark. Anyone looking for glamour and fancy froufrou cocktails wouldn’t find them here. The location didn’t bother Julian. In fact, it was a plus. The likelihood of running into someone from his new job had to be zilch. The bar attracted a mixed crowd—bears, twinks, and everything in between, including some overly touchy-feely types. Definitely not a hangout for the faint of heart, but if a guy was adventurous and willing to ignore the Backdoor’s intimidating reputation, he could have a good time—even a guy like Julian who had a new lease on life and was now working in the posh Gentlemen’s Club.

Julian navigated through the fast-food containers, beer cans, and old newspapers that littered the sidewalk. A slim, boyish-looking blond sauntered past him. An assortment of colorful handkerchiefs billowed from the back pockets of the boy’s tight-fitting Levi’s, advertising what kind of sex he was selling.

Green, orange, gray, red, light blue, right pocket… He’s a cocksucker.

Julian smiled to himself. Most big cities had a neighborhood where male street prostitutes plied their trade. Philadelphia was no exception. Escorts, callboys, gigolos, rent boys, sex workers, hustlers—made no difference what they were called. They were all the same—men selling themselves to potential clients who drove by in cars.

Been there, done that.

Curious, Julian followed the boy’s progress. Locks of blond hair whipped around the kid’s head as he flashed a seductive smile in Julian’s direction. The smile disappeared when he realized Julian wasn’t buying. Frowning, the blond turned away.

A black Cadillac STS slowed to a cruise and pulled to the curb. The window rolled down, and the boy walked over. A few words were exchanged, and he slid inside.

At least he’ll be warm for a little while.

Julian watched the tableau unfold with a sense of déjà vu. Some things never changed.

He narrowed his eyes at the familiar looking car and inched closer. Catching a glimpse of silver hair, his jealousy spiked a surge of temper that had no outlet. Bile rose in his throat.

It looked like Richard Caldwell’s car, but Julian couldn’t be sure. Richard wasn’t the only man in the city who drove a black Caddy. Besides, the wealthy lawyer could have any man he wanted. Why would he be cruising Pine Street looking for a blow job? It had to be someone else.

Julian had been fantasizing about the Anderson Cooper look-alike since the first day he’d laid eyes on him. And his vision didn’t include some honey-haired slut wrapping his lips around Richard’s dick. Or vice versa.

In Julian’s alternate reality, Richard went down on his knees for Julian only. He could almost feel his fingers twisted in the man’s silver locks, directing Richard’s moves every step of the way.

Richard’s mouth on my cock, tongue swirling around the head…Richard swallowing my length and fondling my balls…Richard sucking me hard…

Julian hissed in a breath. His stiffening cock rubbed against the zipper of his jeans, creating a sweet friction that made the daydream feel almost real. He had imagined this scenario countless times in countless settings, and the fantasy never failed to make him hard. Since he’d started working at The Gentlemen’s Club, he’d only seen Richard twice, but the older man had sparked something inside him—an instant chemistry that ignited every nerve ending in his body. Richard’s image was freeze-framed in Julian’s head and the inspiration for all his erotic dreams.




“It’s okay. I get it. You want to fuck me.” Richard raised a brow. “Does that line always work for you?”

Julian grinned sheepishly and nodded. “But, Jesus, I can’t believe I said that to you. I was sorry afterward. Afraid you’d blow me off.”

“Interesting choice of words.”

Julian started worrying his lip again.

Watching him, Richard wanted to moan. “Julian?”

His eyes locked on Richard’s.

“I think you better kiss me before you chew your lip off.”

Julian stepped in. The kiss was surprisingly gentle when it landed on Richard’s mouth. Julian’s lips were warm and sweet and slightly rough where he’d been biting on them. They caressed more than kissed. The touch of lips sent shock waves through Richard’s body, and he responded by deepening the kiss—slipping his tongue between Julian’s lips, moaning into his mouth when Julian sucked on it.

Julian’s hands explored Richard’s shoulders and back. They followed every plane and muscle of Richard’s body. Even through his clothes, Julian’s touch sent him spiraling out of control.

If only I could feel those hands on my bare skin.

Richard rubbed his hips against Julian’s. Their fabric-covered cocks made contact, and Julian moaned. He could tell Julian really wanted this. So did he.

What the hell is he doing to me?

Finally they broke for air. Panting, Julian rested his forehead on Richard’s. “Wow.” The word turned into another kiss as he slipped his hands inside Richard’s jacket and pushed him back against the car. At six feet one inch, Richard was tall, but Julian was taller and heavier. The bigger man pinned him with his body, and Richard’s hands came up to tangle in Julian’s dark hair. Julian trailed kisses along his jaw, and then his hot, wet mouth opened on Richard’s neck, licking and sucking. Amazed at how quickly he gave up control to this man, Richard tilted his head to give him better access. It wasn’t enough. Moaning, he tugged on Julian’s hair.

“What do you want, Julian?” Richard whispered.

“You, this, us…” Julian’s voice was husky with need. “Been thinking about it so long.”

“Thinking about what? How did you picture us?”

“Oh, God.” Julian nipped at his neck.

“Tell me.”

“You. On your knees. Your lips wrapped around my cock. Sucking…” The big man shivered.

Suddenly, Richard realized he wanted the same thing. An image of himself in the submissive position with Julian’s cock in his mouth made Richard’s chest tighten with anticipation. He’d never believed submitting to be a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it had always been a sign of strength, of being secure enough to allow another man to take control. In the past that other man had been Tony, and Richard had trusted him completely. Together they had explored things that Richard had only dreamed of. Tony had given him the strength to be himself and the courage to make his fantasies a reality. Without Tony there would be no Gentlemen’s Club.

Can I trust Julian?

At least he didn’t have to worry that Julian would be turned off by any slutty behavior on his part. There was no need to censor himself here because both of them wanted the same thing—release. This was purely a physical arrangement. Richard factored emotions out of the equation, pushed aside his doubts, and got to his knees on the gravel.

Julian gasped and tried to pull him to his feet. “I didn’t mean—”

Richard shrugged him off. “Just because this is something you want doesn’t mean I don’t want it, too. Would you stop me from getting what I need?”

Julian clasped his hands behind his head and stood utterly still as Richard made short work of his button and zipper. He grunted as Richard started tugging the black slacks over his hips. Richard inhaled Julian’s musky aroma and leaned forward to run his tongue along the crease of Julian’s muscular thigh and nuzzle the coarse hair at his groin.

Julian drew in a sharp breath at the contact. “Are you sure—”

“Oh, I’m very sure.” Richard stared up at him. “Don’t hold back. I want to taste you, and I want to hear you moan.” He bent his head again. The tip of Julian’s erection brushed his jaw, and he growled.

Julian’s cock filled and rose at that growl, but Richard ignored it and instead went for Julian’s balls. Julian widened his stance and made sounds of pure pleasure as Richard nuzzled and licked his sac.

He sucked the cockhead into his mouth, his lips tight around the crown as he tongued the slit and savored the tang of Julian’s pre-cum.

Julian’s moan was music to his ears. So were the muttered epithets as Julian lowered his hands and threaded his fingers in Richard’s hair. Richard wrapped his fingers around the base of Julian’s cock and rubbed his five-o’clock shadow against the silky skin of Julian’s shaft. Julian let out a long, shuddering breath. “Drives me crazy.”

That’s the idea.



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