Bringing Claire Home (MFM)

Elinor's Stronghold 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,477
3 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

A year ago, Paul took his sister Claire away to escape Lord Jeffrey’s attacks on the hamlets. Mitchell and Claire were in love, but Mitchell hadn’t asked her to marry him before she left. Now he aches for her, and goes in search of her to bring her back to his home as his bride. But no one has seen or heard of her, and the hamlet where she was to go is empty.

Finally Mitchell meets Ivan, who takes him into the forest where Claire and Paul, and Ivan himself, have been living for the past year. But Ivan loves Claire, too, and Claire owes him her life. Mitchell suggests he and Ivan share Claire. Can this possibly work—two men with no tie to each other and the one woman they both love? And can they survive a dangerous journey home?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bringing Claire Home (MFM)
3 Ratings (3.7)

Bringing Claire Home (MFM)

Elinor's Stronghold 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,477
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

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Claire had adjusted to living in the forest, but she longed to be back at the stronghold, or even living in Paul’s little house in the hamlet. Winter was coming, and winter in the forest was horrible. Even though Paul and Ivan had dug down deep into the soil to keep the heat from the fire inside their shelter and covered their walls and roof with mud, and later, snow and ice, it was still much colder than inside a stone building with a huge fire. In the stronghold, they could always wrap themselves in a fur and sleep in the great hall when it was very cold. Here, the shelter was just big enough for them all to be inside. Her brother always hugged her to him to share his body heat, but the small fire, all they could afford to use as gathering fuel was a time-consuming task, never seemed warm enough to Claire.

From outside, the shelter was very low to the ground, easy to disguise, as the men had dug it a long pace deep, and she appreciated the enormous amount of work that had been done, so the temperature inside would be more moderate, and the shelter itself much less obvious to anyone searching for them. But it was not, and never would be, home.

It was no use asking to go home. Paul was convinced that life with Lord Jeffrey on the rampage was much too dangerous. Even here, so far north in the valley, there were signs Lord Jeffrey had attacked people. Several hamlets were derelict, all the people gone. One had been burned to the ground.

Meeting Ivan had truly been a life-saving experience. He and Paul together had been able to kill some larger animals that provided them with plenty of meat and furs for warmth. When Paul was by himself, it was much too dangerous for him to tackle a larger animal because if he’d been hurt, Claire wouldn’t have been strong enough to carry him back to the campsite to care for him. But with the two of them, life had been easier, and the tiny shelter was built as well. Claire knew Paul wanted her to marry Ivan, and she was grateful to him, truly she was, but the man she loved was back at the stronghold. She loved Mitchell with all her heart, and gratitude to Ivan didn’t change her feelings for Mitchell at all.

“Before winter sets in, you really ought to visit some hamlets and find out what has been happening in the valley,” she said to Paul that evening as they sat around a tiny fire.

“I don’t want people knowing where we are. It took a lot of effort to build that shelter, and it’s important no one learns where it is,” he said dismissively.

“You can go to a more distant hamlet, travel in a roundabout route. Your tracking skills are excellent. No one need know where you’ve come from,” she said coaxingly.

“It’s been almost a year. She’s right. It’s time for one of us to see what’s been happening. Only one of us need go. One person can hide their tracks much more easily than a group,” said Ivan.

“Do you think so? What can have changed? Lord Jeffrey is young and strong. He’s not a frail old man like Lord Ceadda.”

“In a year, anything may have happened. Possibly nothing’s changed, but I agree with Claire. It’d be good to know.”

Claire remained quiet and let Paul think through the idea. He could be very stubborn if he was opposed, but hopefully he’d agree this time. She really wanted to go home, and if there was no fighting in the valley, surely they could travel safely back to the stronghold. Two men travelling with her should be enough protection. It wasn’t as if they’d have a wagonload of possessions or anything. All she had was one other dress, her winter cloak, and a fur, plus a few cooking utensils. All of which were easy enough to carry. The men had their weapons, but they’d keep them in their hands anyway. It was going to be a very long walk though. Coming there, they’d ridden on a wagon for the first few days. It was slow, but an easy way to travel. Going back, they’d have to walk every step of the journey, but they were young, they’d manage.

Claire had been a serving woman at the stronghold. One step above the kitchen servants, but below the sewing women. She’d enjoyed her work, learning about all different sorts of foods and how to prepare them, as well as the rules for serving guests. In particular she’d enjoyed time spent with Mitchell. He was such a big man, heavily muscled from hard work with brown hair and eyes. When he held her, she felt totally loved and protected. Of course Paul cared for her with all his strength, but somehow, when she was with Mitchell, she felt so safe and happy. He also made her heart pound and her cunt wet. Sometimes she wished she’d let him fuck her, but the thought of giving birth to a baby out in the forest killed that idea stone dead. Neither she nor the child would survive.




Her thoughts came to a rapid halt as Mitchell pulled her into his arms. “Do you understand, my love? I’m going to fuck you now to claim you as my bride, and then Ivan will fuck you, too, because you will belong to him as well. If you don’t agree, you must say so right now or it’ll be too late.”

“We could fuck her together. You in her cunt and me in her ass, or the other way around. That would be us both truly claiming her,” suggested Ivan.

Claire’s breath hitched. She’d never seriously considered two men, although the women had sometimes whispered about it, wondering what it would feel like to have two cocks inside them. And now it was about to happen to her. But it was the ideal answer. Both men loved her. She had tender feelings for both of them. Choosing between them would be cruel. This solution was much better.

“Ah, that’s a better plan. I’ll take her cunt. Are you happy with her ass?”

“Yes, indeed.”

“This first time may hurt a little, Claire, although I’ve fingered your cunt and your ass, so it shouldn’t be too bad. But for a woman, the first time always hurts. I hope we’ll give you much joy to take away the pain though,” said Mitchell.

Claire nodded. She knew the first time hurt. She also knew her maidenhood had been stretched by the games they’d played with each other. It was just as well she didn’t have to hang blood-covered bedsheets out her window, as she thought there may not be much blood. She was a virgin still, but only just.

Silently they removed their clothes then piled them on top of the three cloaks on the bed of leaves for extra softness and padding. The men whispered together for a few moments, planning what would come next, Claire guessed, and then Mitchell lay down on his back and told her to climb over his hips.

Confidently she settled across his hips, his cock bobbing near her cunt but not inside her yet.

“Suck me to make me nice and wet,” he said.

Claire had to shift back a little to get her head over his cock, but then she sucked him deep into her mouth, loving the remembered taste and feel of him, pulling hard on his cock, feeling it swell in her mouth, and flicking her tongue over his head.

“Enough. I don’t want to burst so soon,” Mitchell gasped.

Claire let him slide out of her mouth and wiggled as he lined his cock up at her entry. Then he grabbed her hips and slammed her down over him. There was pressure, a slight jab of pain, and then he was deep inside her, filling and stretching her channel. It felt strange, but good. Not pain, just a little tenderness inside her.

“Lie flat on me so Ivan can work your ass. Kiss me,” ordered Mitchell.

Claire loved to kiss him. He always tasted so good, and he was a wonderful kisser, arousing her to great heights with his licks and nibbles and sucks. Happily she joined her lips to his, loving the way he thrust his tongue into her mouth and tasted her everywhere. She responded by sliding her own tongue along the insides of his cheeks, and over the roof of his mouth, before tangling her tongue with his.

As she kissed, she became aware of Ivan preparing her ass. Mitchell had fingered her ass. He liked to slide a finger deep inside her ass and her cunt simultaneously, almost as if he’d been preparing her for just this situation. But Ivan had two fingers in her now, widening the opening. A cock was a lot bigger than a finger, although she expected the channel would widen to accept it just as her cunt had.

When Mitchell stopped kissing her, Ivan leaned his cock up close to her mouth. “Suck me now. Make me wet so I slide into you easily,” he said. His wide brown eyes were full of love, and suddenly she understood the two men had to cooperate to share her, but she was the one receiving the biggest benefit. She had both of them. Right then and there, she determined to do her best to love them both thoroughly and completely always.

Gently she took his cock in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. She licked up and down the shaft, playing with the long vein and pressing her tongue against it, enjoying the powerful throbbing she felt. She sucked the head deep inside her mouth then dipped her tongue into the little slit to taste his essence. He was very different from Mitchell, quite salty, like preserved meat in winter, but not at all unpleasant, so she sucked him again.


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