Defending Rhyannon's Inheritance (MMF)

Elinor's Stronghold 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,595
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Hated and incompetent Lord Jeffrey wants to marry Rhyannon, and her bad-tempered cousin, Coll, wants to steal her jewels. She needs a good protector.

Alistair has loved her faithfully for years, but he has no assets and can’t support them both. Lord Devon is a suitable husband, but does he even like Rhyannon? It’s a big challenge, but maybe together Alistair and Lord Devon can protect her and her jewels from Lord Jeffrey and Cousin Coll.

Meanwhile, winter is settling on the stronghold and Lord Jeffrey is attacking the people once again. And Cousin Coll is determined to get her jewels any way he can. Surviving the winter is hard enough to do without all these other things happening as well. Everyone in the stronghold is living on a knife edge. Alistair and Lord Devon focus on Rhyannon. They’ll love her and protect her—and each other as well.

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Defending Rhyannon's Inheritance (MMF)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Defending Rhyannon's Inheritance (MMF)

Elinor's Stronghold 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,595
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Lord Devon and Hammond came into the great hall together, and after a few comments, Rhys stopped the chatter by saying, “Father Augustus and Lord Devon, can either of you explain why Lord Jeffrey acted as he did? Is he hiding something from us? Was he looking at the castle to assess its weaknesses before he attacks us? Do you think he is truly looking for a wife?”

Father Augustus waved a hand at Lord Devon, encouraging him to answer first.

“After the battle when he won your demesne, Lord Rhys, Lord Jeffrey changed. Up until then he’d been a good warrior, assessing all dangers, planning everything, guarding his men. But once he won the land, it was as if he’d achieved what he’d set out to do and could now sit and rest. He spent a week or more drinking his way through the demesne’s stock of ale. I swear he was not sober morning, noon, or night for a full week. He wouldn’t listen to advice from his men, and that was a change. Previously, he’d listened. He may not have agreed, but he’d always honored his men with his attention. As you know, after the ill-advised attack on the stronghold, I could no longer respect him, which is when I asked to be released from allegiance to him.”

Rhys nodded. It told him no new information, but it confirmed what he’d guessed and remembered. “Father Augustus?”

“I can add no more, I’m afraid. You know his father was knighted on the battlefield for chivalry, so, as the second son, Lord Jeffrey had no lands or inheritance of his own. I would like to know what he was doing at Court for three full years though. I shall write to some friends, but I doubt the answers will come in time to solve your problems, Lord Rhys.”

“I also would like to know that. If he was working for the King, he may yet be entangled in some plot of which we know nothing but which may spell danger for us all.”

“Rhyannon must leave here tonight, if she is to be delivered to a convent. She will need many guards in case Lord Jeffrey has men watching for just such a journey,” said Lady Elinor.

“Or else she must be married tomorrow morning. She could then remain here safely under the watch of your guards,” added Father Augustus.

“Lord Devon, you are the only suitable unmarried noble here.” Lord Rhys stared at the warrior. He was good-looking, broad of shoulder, and strong of arm. His hair was a pale-gold, his eyes blue, and Rhys thought a lady would not find him unappealing. Certainly, he was neither old, nor did he dribble.

“I don’t—I haven’t—” Lord Devon visibly pulled himself together and bowed. “Yes, lord, I will marry the Lady Rhyannon. It will be an honor. I should tell you, I was reared only with men and know nothing about ladies, but I shall endeavor to learn, and I give you my solemn vow to protect her from all dangers, not just Lord Jeffrey.”

Lady Elinor leaned forward across the high table. “Lord Devon, as a soldier, you are used to sharing everything with your fellow warriors, are you not?”

“Yes, lady, of course.”      

“And you know that the Lady Rhyannon and Alistair love one another?”

Lord Devon’s fair face colored red. He swallowed and said, “Yes, lady.”

“It is you who must marry her. You are noble and a fitting match. But there is no reason why Alistair could not assist you with caring for the Lady Rhyannon. As a soldier always has a man to watch his back, Alistair would be the one to watch your back, and Lady Rhyannon’s.”

Father Augustus drew in a breath noisily, but no one said anything. Then, to Rhys’s relief, Lord Devon nodded again. “That sounds reasonable, Lady Elinor.”

Rhys’s heart was pounding, the blood pouring through his body making him feel hot and cold all at once. Had his wife just said, in front of a group of men, one of them a priest, that Lord Devon should marry Rhyannon and then allow Alistair to fuck her as well? Yes, she had, and with a straight, innocent face. What’s more, Lord Devon had agreed! Never would Rhys have suggested such a thing, even if he’d thought of it, which he hadn’t. But then, he and Hammond shared Elinor, and that had been her idea, too, so he supposed he shouldn’t be too shocked she’d done it again.

Rhys lifted an arm, and Byram, the steward, came over to the high table. “Yes, lord.”

“Please ask Alistair to join us.”




Alistair slid into the bed, his body a handbreadth apart from hers. So now here she was, a married woman in bed with two young, strong warriors, men any woman would like to have, and they were both hers alone. It was an exhilarating thought, although one still quite difficult to comprehend. Silently, she moved her thighs a little, trying to ease their aching, to find a more comfortable angle to rest her body. On one side of her, Lord Devon’s breathing became heavy, and then he started to snore. Relaxing, she wiggled her hips and thighs until they were comfortable and let peace sink through her body, too.

It seemed like only a short time later, but the fire had died down, so it must have been an hour or more. Lord Devon’s hand was on her arm. “Lie on your front, lady. It’s time to complete our contract.”

As she obediently rolled over, she noticed him spitting on his cock again so knew he was fulfilling his promise to take her ass. Undoubtedly it would hurt, but once it was done, she was fully protected from Lord Jeffrey, so it was worthwhile.

Her body was jerked up the bed with the force of Lord Devon slamming into her ass. She buried her face into her pillow to keep from screaming at the raw pain of his entry, but then he lifted her hips and plowed into her once more. Before long, she was actually enjoying it. It didn’t hurt much. There was a feeling of fullness and burning, but nothing too bad. And he climaxed much faster this time. Her body was not starting to ache from maintaining the position he wanted, before a blast of heat in her rear told her he was finished.

Lord Devon rolled off her back and pulled her around to face him. “Thank you for giving me your maidenhead. It was a great gift, and I appreciate it. You may do whatever you wish, as often as you wish with Alistair, save only that your ass is mine. But anything else, you may do. And now, I shall watch you.”

Rhyannon had listened as the men had divided her body between them but hadn’t quite understood until just now that they would watch each other fuck her. But then, it was not very likely Alistair had turned his back while Lord Devon was taking her, so she had to agree it was fair for him to watch Alistair in action.

“Thank you, lord,” said Alistair softly.

He came closer to her and buried his face between her breasts. “For months I have looked at your breasts, wondering what color your nipples were and what your flesh tastes like. Now I’ll find out.

Alistair pushed her breasts together, rubbing them over the rough skin of his cheeks, then licking her skin, and burying his nose on her flesh. “You smell sweet, like rose petals,” he said, licking her flesh more.

Rhyannon wiggled as he licked and sucked all across her breasts, finally pulling her nipples deep into his mouth and sucking hard on them. An answering pull responded deep inside her, surprising her with the pleasure she felt in such a simple action.

Again and again, Alistair licked and sucked his way over her breasts, playing with the mounds, stroking the tender undersides, sucking every inch of her flesh. Deep in her core, she felt warm and happy because of his actions, and when he pushed his cock into her cunt, although he scraped across a sore place, it didn’t really hurt very much. As he pumped his hips up into hers, she moved with him, suddenly understanding how much better it was when they moved together, in harmony.

A hoarse voice from the foot of the bed gasped, “I must have your ass. We’ll seal this three-way bargain now.”



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