Pillaging Elinor's Castle (MMF)

Elinor's Stronghold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,359
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Lady Elinor's father and two brothers are killed in battle, and Lord Rhys loses his demesne. To protect her people Elinor decides she will marry Lord Rhys, but only if he agrees the Captain of the Guard, Hammond, will share their bed and the decision making from now on. They agree and seal their contract in blood. Rhys and his people move into the stronghold.

After the wedding they begin to plan for how to survive the attack that will inevitably come. The stronghold is a wealthy one, and many will consider it an easy target with its lord and his sons dead. They also have to blend the two households together and prepare for the coming winter. At night Hammond and Rhys work hard in bed, learning to share Elinor, finding out what pleases her best, and arousing each other to new heights along the way.

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Pillaging Elinor's Castle (MMF)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Pillaging Elinor's Castle (MMF)

Elinor's Stronghold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,359
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



“Should I call Madam Heloise to join us, Lady Elinor?” asked Hammond.

“My aunt is no doubt sound asleep in a chair by the fire, along with Father Augustus. Besides, she is the last person who I wish to hear what I’m about to say. It is for our ears only. Swear to me you will not repeat this conversation.”

A puzzled frown marked his handsome countenance, but Lord Rhys instantly crossed his sword over his chest and promised. Hammond followed him.

“Lord Rhys, as we all well know, your father and mine discussed our marriage many times over these past twenty years. However, we both remain unmarried, and you are now landless.”

Rhys’s face began turning red, and Elinor hurried on with her prepared speech. She didn’t blame him for losing the battle, or for the death of her family, but the facts were plain for all to see, and she needed these men to agree to her plan.

“As the sole survivor of my family, this stronghold now belongs to me. That is the law. However, we all know it will be the focus of attack by every landless knight and masterless man in the kingdom. Sooner or later one of them will take the castle, or take me, or both. Neither of these situations is to my liking.”

Once again, Elinor stared at the men. Both clearly agreed with her statements but also were obviously confused about where she was going with her speech. Quickly, before one or another of them could start talking, she said, “I have a different plan. We three will jointly rule this stronghold. It is mine, and I will keep it. My word on the lives of the people—my people—will ever be the law. Lord Rhys, you will marry me tomorrow and will therefore take ownership of the land. Any child I bear will legally be your heir and mine. Hammond, you will share in all the decision-making. Your knowledge of strategy is second to none, and as Captain of the Guard you will train all our soldiers. You will also share our bed. We will be three in this relationship.”

Hammond gasped but remained otherwise silent, his warrior training having taught him never to speak out of place. Rhys, as a noble, was less reticent. “Let me understand your proposal, Lady Elinor. You and I will marry, so by law I will then control the castle, the stronghold, and all Lord Huart’s lands and wealth. My men will serve under the Captaincy of Hammond. You retain management of the castle and the people. And Hammond and I…share…your favors?”

“Exactly. We each give up a benefit to achieve a greater combined gain. I give up my lands to you, but I will manage the household, as many women do anyway. Hammond gives up the opportunity to have a wife and family of his own to serve us, but he achieves control over all the guards. He will also help train any of my sons, be they yours or his. A position of high status. You give up part of the control of the stronghold and must share my person with Hammond. But no one will ever know about that, and any child will bear your name. All in all, I consider it a plan that gives all of us the best possible chance of living long and happy lives.”

“Such strong security will certainly deter others from attacking the castle. Whereas, with the lord and his sons all dead, we would assuredly have been attacked within a month,” said Hammond.

“And I am currently homeless and landless. I was planning to travel to cousins in the next county, but your plan ensures the safety of my people as well as of myself. Besides, as you said, many ladies manage their households and people.”

“And many ladies are not faithful to their lord,” added Hammond.

“How will that work?” asked Lord Rhys.

“Tonight, you’ll both share me. That will seal our agreement in blood."




“Sit against the wall with your legs apart and your cock upright,” said Lord Rhys.

Hammond felt relieved. Now he understood how they’d be fucking. Grasping the oil, he did as instructed and opened the stopper so he could pour a little oil onto his cock then rub it down the shaft. Before replacing the stopper, he put a few more drops of oil on his fingers to oil Lady Elinor’s opening.

“Sit on his cock, facing me,” Lord Rhys told Lady Elinor, and obediently she moved to the bed.

“Wait. Stick your ass in my face, first,” said Hammond.

She did, and he thrust his oily fingers inside her pink rosette, smearing the expensive oil around her entry and massaging the tight ring as he so often had done in the past. It never ceased to arouse him. Touching her skin anywhere was good, but for some reason, her ass excited him even more than her cunt or her breasts, though both were wonderful to sample.

He guided her down onto his prick. He had to push to gain entry, but she didn’t flinch, and then he slid into her heat. Such heat. It warmed him through and through and made him burn to swive her with every inch of his prick, over and over again.

But first he had to wait for Lord Rhys. His liege lord spat on his fingers and wiped them on his prick, then spat and wiped again before he crawled across the bed, lifting Lady Elinor’s thighs up and inserting his own muscular legs on top of Hammond’s and under Lady Elinor’s. There was some wiggling and pushing until they were all in place, their bodies so tightly together they might almost have been one person.

“Like a saw,” gasped Lord Rhys. Hammond understood that as Lord Rhys pulled out he was to push in, as if they were two men working a saw to chop down a large tree. Instead, they were two men working on something much better than timber—although his prick was as hard a tree trunk. It had been for days, weeks even.

Watching his lord, Hammond timed his strokes to complement the other man’s, pulling out as he pushed in, pushing in as he withdrew. Lady Elinor’s ass was a wonderful place for a man to rest his weapon. She was hot and wet, her muscles clenching his prick hard enough to excite him unbearably. Yet as he plowed her deeply, his prick rubbed against Lord Rhys’s. God’s truth, it was the best thing he’d ever felt. Even the very first time he’d fucked her hadn’t been as good as this was. His balls were drawn tight against his body, his prick was full to bursting with his seed, his entire body was burning to fill her with everything he had, but he had to wait until she was ready.

Hammond kissed along her neck, lifting her thick, reddish-brown hair to lick and suck the soft, sensitive skin usually hidden from sight. She was a little salty, but altogether delicious, and like the finest wine, sucking her there made him a tiny bit drunk with the pleasure of it. He had to concentrate to keep plowing her steadily, every stroke matching that of his lord, but his lord was also highly aroused and they were moving faster now, harder, deeper, their pricks sliding against each other and slamming into their lady.

Suddenly, her muscles gripped him so hard he thought his prick might snap in two like an old sword blade. Instead, her body shook and shuddered against his chest, and with relief, he released his control and let his aching prick fill her ass with his seed. Again and again, he pounded into her, his essence jetting from him in an endless flood. He realized with shock that he could feel Lord Rhys’s seed, too, hot against the thin wall dividing their cocks from each other. That knowledge sent another burst of liquid from him, filling her again.

Hours later, his lord shook Hammond awake. “Again. This time I get her ass.”


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