Divine Phoenix (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 117,040
85 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Every woman wants a fairy-tale ending, but Lily Valentine has given up on that. Other women may get their happily ever after, but what she lives is more like a nightmare. Admitted loner Clay Cook has heard all the stereotypes about artists and even lived some of them. He struggles with his craft, wondering if his best work is behind him.

Mortally ill, Lily flees to Divine, barreling headlong into Clay’s life from the distant past. Clay’s brother Del returns from a lengthy deployment, suffering from deep trauma of his own, at a loss for how to move on from it. In an effort to remake herself, Lily unintentionally does more harm than good.

As Lily Valentine rises from the ashes of her former life, jealousy is sparked and danger comes calling. Will Clay and Del be able to save her when her old life tries to reclaim her?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.

Divine Phoenix (MFM)
85 Ratings (4.7)

Divine Phoenix (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 117,040
85 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great book in the series
Loved it......I can not wait for Seth story and Ben and Quinten story
Professional Reviews

Divine%20Phoenix%20BoM%20May%202012%20Erotic%20banner.jpg5 STARS: "Even in the darkest of times, a person can claw her way out and rise above the ashes to start anew. This story is about Lily Valentine, originally from Divine and childhood friends with Clay and Del Cook. Lily and her family moved away while she was still in school and she lost contact with the boys. Moving away may have seemed like the worst thing to ever happen to Lily until she met and married a man named JT, who turned out to be a sick, sick man. Lily spent the next twelve years in her abusive husband's clutches, with no hope for escaping. But after a final humiliating confrontation she decides enough is enough and Lily heads for Divine. Little does she know her entrance would be a smash. Clay is the local jeweler and owns a shop where he designs his own creations. Even though he’s as dependable and caring as he can be, Clay still buys into the stereotypical idea of what artist should be, flaky, in touch with with emotions and unreliable. He spends most of his time alone and works on his friends' tokens of love for their women while he has no one. It wasn't until Lily came crashing back into his life that he realized what he was missing. His older brother Del finally comes home from working in a private military company. It’s been four years since his last visit and this time he brought home some emotional baggage. Unable to deal with his issues, Del sets himself to making his run down ranch functional. Of course, that’s easy to do when you never sleep. Once he and Lily reconnect, sparks fly but Del can't help but worry about Clay's feelings. While Lily sets a backbreaking pace to improve herself and her life, Del sets the same pace but instead of improving, he ignores his issues. Clay is the healing agent for them both. Initially the story starts off as Clay and Lily grow closer to one another and when Del shows up everything shifts to create their triad. I really loved how different all of theses characters were and how they complimented each other without even trying. And how they just easily flowed into creating their relationship between the three of them with little discussion. Once the idea was planted, it literally grew wings and flew. What I enjoyed most about Divine Phoenix was the emotions that the author was able to pull out of me. As a reader, I admit I can be a bit jaded when it comes to conflicts and the bad guys. But this story really grabbed me from the beginning to the very end. I just wanted to hug Lily, kiss Clay and hold Del. And I really wanted to do serious damage to JT. But what made this book 5 stars for me was Ms. Rainier’s restraint when it came time for the climax. I deeply feared what I was going to read as I sped through her words but she gave you just enough without going too deep. Once you read this book, and I think everyone should, you’ll understand what I mean. Sometimes authors walk a fine line when it comes to painting a character especially the bad guy. They can come off a one dimensional or even ridiculous, but Ms. Rainier did it just perfectly. She painted a beautiful story with all the right colors and the end was a portrait of a divine phoenix." -- Plumeria, Long and Short Reviews

5 ANGELS: "For years, Lily Valentine lived with an abusive husband; one who treated her more like a slave than a spouse. She has nearly lost all hope, but she somehow manages to find the strength to run for her life. It is Divine, TX that she runs to, a place from her childhood and a place with happy memories. Memories that are especially sweet thanks to Clay and Del Cook, the best friends she's ever had and the two she thought she'd never see again. However, it is Clay who, upon her arrival takes her in and takes care of her. Lily finds that friendship with Clay is just as easy as ever and the bond is every bit as strong, but underneath that friendship is desire and she knows she's not the only one feeling it. The arrival of Del brings great joy and great confusion as Lily becomes aware her feelings for him are just as strong as her feelings for Clay. For the first time in a long time, Lily feels like she could have a happy life. The question is- with whom? How could she possibly choose one brother over the other? What if she didn't have to choose? Just when I thought I couldn't love Heather Rainier more, she went and proved me wrong with Divine Phoenix. I loved this book so much that I devoured it in one sitting. An excellent and fast-paced plot with just the right combination of danger and passion made that easy to do. I think I connected with Lily more than any other heroine in the series. She had suffered the worst betrayal imaginable, but she was brave enough to trust again and give love a chance. I've got nothing but love in my heart for Clay. His devotion to Lily and his brother was so great that he was willing to take a chance on something he never thought he would do- a permanent ménage. His desire to see them happy was so important, he was willing to explore outside of his comfort zone to make that happen. Del was a hurting and damaged man who never believed he would feel whole again. He needed Lily and Clay as much as they needed him and he wasn't afraid to admit it. If any trio were deserving of a happy ending, it was these three. I loved them separately and I adored them together. And when they were together? Holy hot lovin'! This book will have you needing a cold shower. Divine Phoenix was alternately sweet and sexy filled with the kind of passion that is guaranteed to rock your world. I am already yearning for my next trip to Divine and I am certain readers will feel exactly the same way." -- Tara, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Readers who follow Rainier's Divine Creek Ranch series have been waiting for Clay's story, and it exceeds all expectations. Clay and Del are dynamic, the perfect complement to their heroine, Lily- an amazing character who will have you laughing, crying and cheering her on. With fast-paced dialogue, a superbly awful antagonist and a steamy ménage, this is a thoroughly addictive book." -- Eve Polak, RT Book Reviews

4 STARS: "I have really enjoyed Heather Rainier’s Divine Creek Ranch series. In this book we get the story of Lily, Clay and Del. We have met Clay in previous books. He owns the local jewlery store. We have only heard about Clay’s brother Del and know that he has been over seas in Afghanistan. Lily is from Divine and has come back to get her life back together after being in abusive marriage for the last 12 years. Her return does not go so well, but someone is looking out for her. Lily was close with Clay and Del growing up and she is surprised to find Clay there for her in a time when she needs him most. Del is finally home after years in Afghanistan and carries a secret. I loved watching Del and Lily heal each other. It was a great part of the story line. This is wonderfully told love story between childhood friends and shows you that no matter what life hands you, you can and will come out on the other end. You may be bruised and a little lost, but with love and loyal friends you can put your life back together. That is one thing that I love about these stories. The common thread that with loyal loving friends you can and will make your way back. Happy Reading!" -- Piper McKay, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Lily woke the next morning filled with excitement. She grabbed the clothing she’d laid out the night before, the only decent attire she had that was appropriate for the shop, and headed down the hall to the bathroom.

The Kelly Clarkson song was still playing in her head, and she hummed to herself as she looked forward to her first workday and the small shopping trip she had planned afterward. Clay was letting her go a couple of hours early so she could walk down to Stigall’s, located in the same shopping center, and do some much-needed clothes shopping while he finished and closed up the store.

Lily wiggled her tush as she sang, “You don’t know a thing about me,” and pushed open the bathroom door with her shoulder. “You don’t know a thing—Aaahhh!” she screamed loudly.

Clay stood naked in the open shower, steam clouding around him as he toweled off his head. He jumped when she screamed, his feet slid out from under him in the slick bathtub, and he went down like a ton of bricks, the towel still draped on his head.

Lily slapped her hands over her eyes, dropping her clothing on the floor. “Oh, my gosh, Clay. I’m so, so sorry! I was singing and I didn’t realize you were in here. Oh, I’m an idiot!”


* * * *


Clay’s ass throbbed like a son of a bitch, but he couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped as he watched Lily fumble around. She’d dropped her clothes, which were now probably wet from the steam-dampened floor. Her hands were clamped over her eyes, and she stepped on the clothes as she bumped into the bathroom wall, then the doorframe, feeling around for the exit with her elbows.

“Clay, I’m so sorry. That was dumb. I should’ve knocked.”

He clambered back to his feet and wrapped the towel around his hips as he got a look at her long, shapely legs under her sleeping T-shirt. If she spent time in the sun, she’d be a deep bronze in no time. He squelched the thought of spreading tanning oil up and down those satiny thighs as his cock tingled and took notice of the direction his mind was going in. Down, boy. He stepped out of the tub and reached out to steady her before she bumped into anything else.

“It’s okay, Lily. I was nearly done.” Her cheeks were flushed dark pink, and he could feel the heat in them as he peeled back her hands. Her eyes were slammed shut, too. “You can open your eyes. I’m not naked anymore.”

She opened them, and her gaze slid as far as his chest before her cheeks went even darker, and she kept her eyes on his face.

Skittish little thing.

“I promise, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Her words were so sincere, and he smiled as he looked at her lovely eyes up close. They were brown, but all the gold striations made them appear much lighter. “I’ve always loved your eyes. They’re beautiful.”

Lily’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink, and she licked her full lower lip, so that it glistened. His cock reacted to the sight and he just barely held himself back from kissing her right then and there.

She pulled back and started to say something, but nothing came out at first. He felt suspended in the moment as she gazed at his mouth for a few seconds before seeming to come to herself. “Um.”

Clay released her and said, “Sorry. That was probably not appropriate. I know it’s hard for you.”

“It’s not that. I’m just not used to that.”



Clay gritted his teeth to restrain the territorial surge of anger he felt toward her ex-husband. He wanted to beat the shit out of the bastard for the way King had beaten down his fiery, spirited Lily until a compliment felt foreign to her. Showing Lily that anger would only frighten her.

He knelt down and suppressed a groan as his hard-on made its presence known. He gathered her clothing and gently handed it to her. “Sorry about your clothes. If they’re ruined you can wear just whatever you can manage today.”

Lily acted as though she hadn’t heard him while her gaze traveled the length of him from his chest, down his abs, to his towel-covered groin area. She must have seen his erection because her gaze immediately returned to his. And, yes, it was possible for her cheeks to turn even pinker.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Lil. I’ll let you get ready.” He left the bathroom without further comment. He looked down at his horny, thickening cock tenting his towel expectantly.What?




Del lifted his body and in a sweeping motion, threw the covers and top sheet away from them then rose above her. With one hand he jerked his pajama bottoms from his waist and pulled his feet out one at a time then threw the pants across the room.

Lily moaned and shuddered when he descended on her again, and she felt every searing inch of his long, hard body pressed against hers. Hot moisture rushed to her entrance and seeped against him when he lifted her thigh and wrapped it around his hip. With a growl, he looked down at her and smiled. The gleam in his eyes and the approval she saw there made her throat ache.

“I love you, Del. I love you so much it hurts.”

A smile came to his lips, and he whispered, “I love you, too, Lily Bell. Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll kiss it better.”

Tears spilled from her eyes, and she pressed her fingertip to her breastbone. “In here.” He slowly descended and pressed a gentle kiss there. She touched her fingers to her throat and he kissed her there. She cupped her breasts. “And here.”

She released them and held the back of his head as he took them in his hands and kissed them reverently and slowly, sucking gently at each hardened tip, causing her pussy to draw up tight with each tug of his hot mouth.

He dragged his scruff over both mounds, and waves of heat tingled all over her, and her breathing grew erratic. Her heart hammered as he shifted and moved his body lower.

He looked up at her. “Where else?”

She had to search her memory for why he was asking then remembered. She pressed a fingertip to her belly button, and he grinned as he dipped his nose down and tickled her there lightly then tilted his head and flicked her with his tongue before kissing her.

Moving her hand tentatively, she pressed all her fingertips over the tattoo, covering the spot she knew bore the name of another man. She slammed the door on the memories and felt only the touch of Del’s gentle lips as he kissed the spot above her mound.

Her fingertips drifted to her slit and parted her lips for him. She heard him growl faintly, but it was a sound that seemed to vibrate with approval all through her. Her cunt throbbed with pulsing arousal, keeping time with her heartbeat. Orgasmic waves rose within her.

She felt his hot breath on her wet pussy lips, and she let out a shaky breath as he teased her with his lower lip. “You make my mouth water.”

The heat coursed over her sensitive flesh, and her clit felt huge and swollen, demanding his touch. She felt suspended, waiting for the contact that would send her over.

He moved closer, and she bit her lip so hard she nearly drew blood as he laid his tongue against her clit and engorged flesh, taking her into his mouth. Heat sizzled through every nerve ending, and the sensual sound that came from her mouth didn’t sound like her at all. She arched her back as he lapped and gently stroked her cunt with his velvety tongue.

She was on the verge of orgasm without ever being penetrated. An impossibility, or so she’d thought until that moment. His gentle hands slid over her hips and lifted her to his mouth, spreading her thighs wider.

He opened his mouth in an impossibly languid motion and drew her swollen flesh into his mouth and held her there, sucking gently until the tense coil inside her burst, releasing a wild howl of pleasure from her. He continued sucking through every pounding, pulsing wave of her orgasm until she thought she would shatter into tiny pieces, unable to contain the pleasure inside her a second longer.

As she came down, he gentled her, licking and stroking, but avoiding her oversensitive clit as she caught her breath. He sat up and came to lie over her again, bracing most of his weight on his arms. His eyes practically glowed with desire as he gently stroked tears from her temples.

Tilting his head down, he kissed her lips, and she tasted herself on his tongue. He whispered, “No more sad tears.”

“Only joy.” She arched against him, joining his cock against her slippery cunt. “If you have a clean bill of health, I’m on the pill.”

She burned to feel him slide inside her the first time but let him control the moment as he kissed her again. His lips slid to her collarbone, and he kissed and lapped gently then murmured, “I had a checkup when I got back in the States. I’m all clear. Thank you, Lily Bell.”

He punctuated her name with a smooth thrust, filling her cunt with one hot stroke. He was huge, and she was grateful when he paused to give her a chance to become accustomed to him. He switched to the other collarbone and sucked at her flesh, raising goose bumps all over her body.

Involuntarily, her hips flexed and her cunt rippled with tension at the contact. She wrapped her arms around his back and threw back her head as he began to move in small, gentle strokes. Her heart pounded at his care for her, and she felt more hot tears slip from her eyes.

“You feel so good, Lily. So tight and soft. I love your pussy.”

He thrust harder, and she felt the flickering, dancing echoes of an orgasm as she thrust back against him with each stroke. Her body vibrated with tension, wound so tight it felt ready to explode any second.

Pleasure welled inside her, and she joyfully whispered, “It’s coming, Del, it’s coming! Oh! Del!” She felt immensely powerful as she moved beneath him, taking the pleasure he gave her so freely.



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