[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Felix has been on his own for over a year after running away from an abusive home. But he’s a survivor and determined to make his life work. Until he’s robbed in the night and an enormous bear comes to scare off his attackers. Just when he thinks he’s going to die, the bear seems to vanish. In its place is a man—a handsome man, who kisses Felix and tells him everything’s going to be okay. 
Bear shifter Burne lived as half a man for a thousand years after the death of his mate. Felix has no memories of that time, but Burne is more than eager to show his mate the love they used to share. But only if he can convince Felix that everything he’s saying is true.
When Felix runs from him and falls into the hands of the people who want him dead, Burne will do whatever it takes to get him back.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Bear of a Knight (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Check his pockets.”

Felix couldn’t move as his arms were grabbed and yanked back. He felt his jacket pulled open as the men behind him searched him. Felix’s eyes stayed on the sandwiches and chicken on the ground, and he hated himself for it, but as he looked, he was starting to wonder how long he could stretch the five-second rule.

“Anything on him?”

“Bit of cash,” said one of the men.

“Fuck, that’s not a lot.”

Something hard hit the back of Felix’s skull. He saw white and fell down against the bench. He would have fallen to his knees had it not been for the bench there to stop him.

“Okay, now you listen to me. You’re going to stay like that, curled up like a little bitch, you understand? You fucking turn around and look once at us and we’ll slit your damned throat.”

Felix nodded. He didn’t bother pointing out that he’d already seen their faces because he wasn’t stupid enough to do that. He just wanted them to go so he could pick up and salvage whatever he could.

“Look, I think he’s going to cry,” mocked one of the men.

Felix clenched his eyes shut. Why did this have to happen? Tonight was supposed to be a good night. Tonight was supposed to be the night when Felix had a full stomach, money in his pocket, and a plan, and these assholes had ruined everything. Why did they have to show up? Why?

“Holy shit, hey, Andy, check it out.”

The tone suddenly changed. “Holy fuck.”

It was the sharp way the man spoke and how his voice cracked that made Felix look up.

He saw the bear standing right there, just out of reach of the trees but directly under the yellow street lamp so that its entire dark frame was illuminated for Felix, and his attackers, to see.

It had been attracted by the food. Had to be.

“Fuck, let’s get out of here!”

His attackers ran. Felix made the mistake of running with them because the man in charge abruptly turned around and pushed Felix hard against the chest.

“Fuck off, let it eat you instead!”

Felix screamed as he fell backward, suddenly remembering that one saying, or was it a joke, about two men running away from a bear.

They didn’t need to outrun the bear. They just needed to outrun the other man.

And now that Felix was on the ground, there was no way in hell he was going to be able to outrun anyone. He scrambled to his feet. “Wait! Stop!”

He didn’t even know why he called out to them except desperation and fear that he might get eaten alive by an actual bear.

Felix screamed when he felt an enormous paw step on his back. He flailed and kicked, desperate to get the bear off him, but its weight was too much. It was going to crush him!

Felix froze when he felt the enormous, wet nose of the bear come down on the back of his neck. It sniffed him, as if it was checking his scent to see if he was delicious or not.

And Felix had been working in Carl’s restaurant where everything smelled like good food.

He really started to cry this time. He was going to be eaten alive by a bear. He was going to die, and after he’d taken the trouble to come to this stupid town.

He never should have run away. His stepdad hadn’t been that bad. The man was an asshole, but that was a thousand times better than going hungry and being eaten by a bear!

“Calm down. I’ve got you. Nothing’s going to hurt you.”

Felix snapped his eyes open. He’d barely been aware of closing them in the first place.

He was almost too scared to look back, to see what was behind him.

There was still a pressure on his back, but it didn’t feel so heavy this time. To be honest, the pressure of the bear’s paw hadn’t felt that heavy either. It was as if the animal had been trying to keep him still instead of crushing him.

That wasn’t much of a relief, considering it had been a bear he’d been dealing with.

But when Felix turned around, there was no bear there. It was just a man. There was a man on top of him. A handsome man, the most good-looking person Felix had ever seen in his life.

He wasn’t just thinking that because of how relieved he was to see a man there instead of a bear. Those cheekbones were to die for.

The way he stared down at Felix, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as if he was happy to see Felix at all, made it all the better. “Christ, are you all right? Did they hurt you? Where are you hurt?”

Felix shook his head. He’d lost the power in his voice to speak up. The way this guy shone so brightly was almost like a character in a manga. He was that good looking. It was as if there was a halo around him. It was insane.

“They…they attacked me. Where’s the bear?”

The bear was more important and more dangerous. Felix had to remind himself that, now that his attackers were gone, the bear was supposed to be his main concern.

“Don’t worry about it. It won’t hurt you,” said the man. His hand touched Felix’s cheek. His fingers were callused and rough. Working hands. Felix wasn’t sure how he felt about being touched by a stranger, but his body didn’t seem to mind it. Felix found himself leaning into that touch, as if he couldn’t get enough of it. He wanted more of it. There was no getting around it.

“Who are you?”

The man continued to look at him, this time his hand sliding into Felix’s hair.

“Orange hair,” he said.

That wasn’t so uncommon. Felix wanted to ask why the man was so shocked by it, but he couldn’t. Not when this large, stupidly handsome and muscular man who had just rescued him leaned in and pressed their mouths together.

The kiss was so sudden and unexpected, but at the same time warm and wonderful, that Felix couldn’t think about anything other than the sweetness of this man’s lips and the soft noise he made when his tongue came out and flicked against Felix’s lips.

The sudden surge of pleasure was so unexpected and so shocking that Felix had to pull away. He was breathless. Their lips had barely touched, and there had been only a little bit of tongue, but Felix still had to pull back. If he didn’t, then his dick was going to start making him do things he shouldn’t be doing.

“Why…why did you kiss me?”

“I had to.”




“No more talking,” Burne said, his voice low and sweet.

Felix could hardly believe it when the man kissed him again, his tongue pushing deep into Felix’s mouth, licking inside before he abruptly pulled back.

“Slide your tongue against mine. It’ll feel good.”

Felix knew something like that would feel good. It wasn’t as if that was a knowledge he didn’t already possess, but at the same time, why had it fled his mind? Why couldn’t he seem to think straight?

Doing as Burne commanded seemed to make things a lot easier, so Felix resigned himself to giving in, giving this man all the control and doing everything he said.

Burne pushed Felix’s head back just as his fingers pushed deeper inside, scissoring Felix’s body, opening him up wide and making him gasp.

It was apparently the exact thing that Burne had been looking for, as he took an immediate advantage, sliding his tongue deeply into Felix’s mouth again, and Felix could hardly keep up.

The heat of his mouth, the scratch of whiskers on Burne’s face and mouth, Felix liked that feeling. He liked the rough scratch against his mouth. Was it twisted that he hoped it would leave a mark? He didn’t care. More of that feeling, please. Lots more.

He moaned softly through the kiss, still desperate to contain any noises. He didn’t want anyone to hear him. He couldn’t make too much noise. He was ashamed of how good this felt, but he still wanted more. He needed more.

Burne would be inside him soon. This was going to happen, and the more Felix felt those fingers stretching him open, the more he felt he needed them to be there. He needed Burne to do this. He needed to feel the other man fucking him, pushing his cock inside.

Burne pulled away from the kiss with a soft moan.

Felix panted heavily when Burne pulled away. He felt boneless and helpless, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but notice how flushed Burne’s skin was. His eyes were half lidded, and his lips were moist and shiny from the saliva and their kissing.

“I can’t hold back. I need to be inside you.”

Felix nodded, but he didn’t get the chance to give the go-ahead before he felt Burne sliding between his legs, spreading them wider than even Felix thought they would be able to go.

Then Felix felt it. He hadn’t even seen it yet, and he couldn’t explain why that could be in that moment, but he felt the hard length of Burne’s cock pressing against his ass, pressing between the cheeks, and then the blunt head touching Felix’s pucker.

He was slick. He must have used the same cream on his cock that he’d used on his fingers when he’d stretched Felix wide.

“God, you’re so tight. Can’t believe it.”

Burne wasn’t the only one shocked. Felix was glad, though. He hadn’t meant to lie, but he did want this to be his fist time.

So it would be his first time. It would be the first time that mattered, and that meant he hadn’t lied. Not really.

Felix reached up, curling his arms around Burne’s shoulders, pulling him as far down as he could go.

“Do it. I need you, please.”

He wasn’t being dramatic. Felix did need this, on a level so primal that he didn’t understand it.

“Please, don’t make me wait anymore. I can’t…I can’t…”

Burne quieted him with another one of his heated kisses. The force of his mouth pushed Felix’s head back, opening his lips wide for when Burne thrust his tongue inside.

Felix moaned softly then was so glad for the kiss that muffled the louder, shocked yell that came after Burne pressed his cock against Felix’s hole and pushed forward.

The pressure that came first was immense, but then the sense of relief when Burne’s dick popped through the ring of muscle, followed by more tension and pressure, was almost too much.

It hurt. Felix would have hissed from the pain if he’d been able to, but his mouth was still preoccupied.

He didn’t care about the pain. He welcomed it because this was a different sort of pain than he’d expected. He felt safe this time, and he felt that if this became too much for him, that Burne would stop, and that was more than enough to make Felix happy.

“All right?” Burne asked softly. Their noses touched.

Felix pressed his lips together, nodding.

Burne pushed his cock forward another inch, Felix’s body giving way to him, accepting him little by little. “You’ll tell me when it’s too much,” Burne commanded.

Felix nodded, already knowing he would never tell Burne any such thing. He wouldn’t have to because, no matter what, it would never be too much. So long as Felix got more of this, was filled all the way to the root, then it was never going to be enough.

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