Precious Love (MM)

Special Operations 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,400
43 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: M/M, HEA]
Frankie Di Salvo thought he had died and gone to heaven the day Porter Reece walked into his life. The man was everything Frankie had always dreamed of. But more than that, Porter's friendly personality and protectiveness drew Frankie in like an eager puppy. He was willing to agree to anything to keep Porter.  
Porter Reece had been looking for one good thing in his life, and he found it in a gorgeous man named Frankie. The times he was able to spend with Frankie between missions were the only things that kept him going when life got hard.  
When Frankie's life gets put in danger, Porter does the only thing he can think of and takes him back to the compound, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that his fellow marines and friends will help him protect Frankie. But the danger his precious love is in isn't just coming from an outside source. There are those at the compound that want Frankie gone as well.
Can Porter convince them that Frankie is innocent before it's too late?
And even if he does, will Frankie still be around for him to love?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.


Precious Love (MM)
43 Ratings (4.4)

Precious Love (MM)

Special Operations 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,400
43 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
Loved this book.
Nancy Henry
First, I want to say that I love Stormy's works! All of them! But I was really disappointed with this one. It almost seemed like there was a huge chunk missing or something. We never got to know Porter or Frankie very well. And it was SUPER short. Only took me an hour to read, tops! Not sure what happened here, but I really wish I could have given it my normal 5 stars for her work!





Frankie Di Salvo lifted his head and glanced toward the assistant manager. It was never a good thing when that man was left in charge. He might be the owner’s nephew, but he was an idiot and a bully. Frankie had cringed the day the guy was hired. In the six months since Bradley had been the assistant manager, that gut clenching feeling hadn’t changed.

“You have table fourteen.”

Frankie’s gaze moved to the table on the far side of the restaurant. It was about as far from his assigned tables as he could get while still being inside the same building. Damn. He’d be running back and forth until the customer left.

“I was assigned to the tables by the kitchen.”

His usual tables were in the back of the restaurant near the kitchen doors. It was where the hostess—who had her nose so far up Bradley’s ass, they were practically engaged—liked to place the customers she felt weren’t the quality clientele she preferred. How she figured the riff raff Bradley allowed into the place was quality was beyond Frankie.

“Well,”—Frankie felt Bradley’s glare all the way from the bar—”now you’re assigned table fourteen, as well.”


His night just got a whole lot busier.

Frankie heard Bradley and a few of the other servers laughing as he crossed the entire length of the restaurant and headed for table fourteen. He smiled as brightly as he could under the circumstances and pulled out his order pad.

“Good evening, sir. My name is Frankie and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I tell you about our specials?”

Frankie glanced up and lost his ability to breathe. He was looking at what was without a doubt the sexiest man he had ever seen in his life. Tall, muscular, and just enough of a hint of danger to make Frankie rethink the lustful thoughts running rampant through his head.

“Hello, Frankie.”

Frankie’s knees shook at the deep timbre. He’d give a month’s salary to hear that man talk dirty to him. He could probably come from that alone.

“I would love to hear the specials.”

“Um...” Frankie licked his lips as he tried to remember what the specials were. Oh man...what were they?

“Breathe, Frankie.”



Frankie felt his face flush with heat as he inhaled. “I am so sorry, I—”

There was no excuse.

“What are the specials, Frankie?”

“Oh,’s Thursday so the burger is the Rogue Elephant, made with two all beef patties, three slices of salami, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, and an elephant garlic sauce. It comes with a side of fries or a dinner salad.”

The beautiful man arched up one of his light brown eyebrows. “Is it good?”

Frankie grinned. “Oh yes. I believe it is one of the better burgers on the menu.”

“Then I’ll have that, extra onions.” The man closed his menu and held it up. “I’ll take it with fries and a cold beer.”

“Glass or bottle?” Frankie asked as he quickly wrote the order down. He had learned early on to always write it down. His memory was for shit when he got busy.

“Bottle is fine.”

Frankie paused with his pencil hovering over the pad and glanced up. “Domestic or imported?”

“I’ll let you choose.”

Frankie swallowed tightly. “Me, sir?”

“Pick a beer that will go good with my burger.”

Frankie smiled again, his shoulders relaxing. “I’ll be right back with your beer, sir.”

He hurried back to the kitchen and dropped off the man’s order. After grabbing a beer he thought his customer might like, he carried it back to the table.

“Your beer, sir.” Frankie smiled as he set it down on the table in front of the man. “I’ll bring your burger out just as soon as it’s ready.

“Thank you, Frankie.”

“Can I get you anything else, sir?”

“That will be all for now, Frankie.”

As much as Frankie hated to do it, he forced himself to turn away and head back to the other side of the restaurant. He wanted to stay and just stand there and stare at Mr. Gorgeous, but he’d probably get fired if he did. He still had other customers to take care of.

Frankie took care of his other tables as best as he could, but he couldn’t help the looks he kept shooting back across the room toward table fourteen. He couldn’t keep his mind from wondering to the sexy man he waited on.

Every time he did, he found soft sage green eyes staring back at him. It was as comforting as it was disconcerting. There was a glint of danger in the man’s deep eyes that gave Frankie pause and made him wonder if there was something wild loose in the restaurant.

Frankie was surprised at how well he was able to perform his duties considering he couldn’t stop thinking about table fourteen. Normally, if he wasn’t concentrating on exactly what he was doing, he was a complete mess.

After making sure his other customers were well taken care of, Frankie hurried back to the kitchen to check on the order for the other table. He was a little worried when he didn’t immediately see the burger and fries until he saw the cook working on it. Knowing he had mere moments, Frankie grabbed a condiment caddy and carried it over to table fourteen. When he set it down, he noticed that only half the man’s beer had been drank.

“Would you like another beer, sir?” he asked, wondering if he had made the wrong choice in beers.

“No, thank you, Frankie. I only allow myself one beer.”

When Frankie glanced down the man’s muscular body, wondering if there was something wrong with him that couldn’t be seen, the guy chuckled.

“I prefer to keep my wits about me at all times.”

Okay, that made sense. Frankie could see that.

“Could I get you something else to drink?” Frankie asked. “Some water maybe?”

“I’ll take some water with my meal, thank you.”

He was polite. Frankie liked that. He was a waiter. In his experience, most people tended to treat him as if he was a piece of furniture or a robot. He had feelings, too. He had good days and bad days just like everyone else. Just because he carried an order pad and delivered food didn’t mean he wasn’t human.

Polite was nice.

Frankie hurried back to the kitchen. After a quick look, he knew he had just enough time to get the handsome stranger his water before he would need to go back for his order.

Frankie felt the weight of the man’s stare when he walked out of the kitchen and headed back toward his table. His breath seemed to stutter in his chest, making it harder to breathe. He swallowed hard, trying to remember to put one foot in front of the other.

What was it about this man that drew him so much?




“I’ve got you, baby.”

Frankie buried his face in Porter’s neck when he heard Charlie chuckle. He knew his face had to be bright red. Most of the time he loved how Porter could toss him around like a rag doll. Most of the time. There were times like this when it was a little disconcerting.

Frankie frowned when Porter dropped to his knees in the large shower stall. The man still had his clothes on. “Porter, what are you—fuck!”

Frankie cried out when Porter leaned forward and wrapped his mouth around the flared head of Frankie’s cock. His lips were great, but his tongue was even better. Porter licked up one side of Frankie’s cock and down the other.

Frankie moaned as the man swirled his tongue around his cock before pressing the tip into the slit in the flared head of his shaft. It took all of Frankie’s control not to thrust deep into Porter’s mouth. The suction on his cock made his toes curl. Porter’s mouth tormented Frankie, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick

He pushed his cock to the back of Porter’s throat, waiting for his reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and fucking into him again. Frankie groaned as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Porter’s throat. He winced when he went to grab Porter’s head and pain flared up through both wrists.

Porter glared up at him before gently grabbing Frankie’s hands and placing them on his head. The man never dropped the cock in his mouth. Frankie carefully rested his hands on Porter’s head, holding him in place as he slid slowly in and out of the sweetest mouth on the planet.

“Porter,” Frankie shouted, “don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

Begging was so acceptable right now.

Something possessive suddenly surged through Frankie as he gazed down and watched his cock slide in and out of the man’s mouth, something unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Pleasure built inside him, pooling in his balls and drawing them tight to his body.

Frankie held Porter’s head as he felt his orgasm approach. He pumped his hips towards the man’s mouth, and pumping furiously. Frankie shouted as he came, flooding Porter’s mouth with his release.

Frankie shuddered when he looked down once he had caught his breath. A wave of possessiveness swept through him at the sight of Porter still kneeling between his legs. His pants were open and he was working his cock in a furious motion.

Porter’s hair wasn’t long, but there was enough for Frankie to get a small handful. He ignored the pain as he clenched his hand into a fist and then yanked Porter’s head back. His lips smothered the question Porter was going to ask.

Frankie yelped as Porter suddenly stood up and pinned him against the shower stall wall.

“Porter?” Frankie asked when he felt a finger rim around his asshole. A slight pressure applied, and then Porter’s finger pushed into him. He panted, wanting to feel more, but needing a minute to adjust, then crying out loudly a moment later when Porter added a second finger and then a third.

He felt so full and wonderful.

Frankie pressed his hands against the shower wall. He heard Porter grunt right before he was flipped around and then lifted up into the air, Porter’s larger body pressing him against the shower wall.

“Legs around my waist, precious.”

Frankie quickly wrapped his legs around Porter’s waist. He reached up and grabbed Porter’s shoulders when he felt the blunt head of the man’s cock pushing at his entrance.

Shivers broke out all over Frankie’s body when Porter’s gravelly voice echoed in his ear. “Ride me, baby.”

“Porter,” Frankie groaned as he started riding Porter’s cock hard and fast. He lifted his ass higher as he shouted out his pleasure.

Porter gripped Frankie’s ass tightly in his hands and pounded into him. Frankie’s head fell back against the shower wall and loud groans filled the enclosed space. Frankie wasn’t sure if they came from him or from Porter, and he didn’t really care.

The pleasure Porter was giving him was beyond anything he had ever experienced except when he was in this man’s arms. The man’s cock hit Frankie’s sweet spot every time.

Frankie went crazy, crying out as his orgasm ripped through him, pulling his balls so tight to his body as they emptied, that Frankie thought they would stay that way permanently.

That seemed to be all Porter was waiting for. He groaned and shoved his cock deep into Frankie’s ass. He stiffened and his cock pulsed out his release, flooding Frankie with cum.

Frankie was in awe of the pleasure clearly displayed on Porter’s face. He couldn’t look away. He doubted there was another soul on the earth that was as sexy as Porter when the man was aroused.

“Guess we both need a shower now.”

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