Sal Matthews has struggled with low-self esteem and health issues all his life. Being a werewolf doesn’t change anything. He’s tried every diet available, but Sal has never really been motivated until he sets his eyes on the dominant werewolf Kal Walker. Every inch of Kal screams dangerous, but Sal can’t keep away.

After their old pack disbanded, Kal Walker and his brothers have a hard time integrating into the New Haven pack. Killing’s the only thing Kal’s good at and peace is a concept he’s been struggling with. He’s been unsure of his purpose until he meets Sal during a monster hunt. The insecure and submissive wolf calls all of his protective animalistic instincts to the surface, especially when a threat puts Sal’s life in danger.

Be Warned: m/m sex

Ketogenic Wolf (MM)
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

Sal’s mouth hung open for a few seconds before he managed to recover himself. “What? I’m not going to spend the night with some stranger, let alone a powerful wolf who has a black reputation like yours.”

His incredulous and stupid response stunned Sal. Kal growled, standing and violently shoving aside his computer chair. With Kal being this close, Sal could practically feel the heat coming off the aggressive line of his body.

Sal swallowed at the sound of breaking plastic. Kal’s enormous bulk loomed over him, frightening and dominating. Fear crawled down his spine. Sal urged his muscles to move, to get off his stupid chair and run for the hills, but they wouldn’t bulge.

Why the hell couldn’t he keep his mouth shut? There were just some men one couldn’t say no to, and Kal had been one of them. Then again, he never expected to be caught up in a situation where someone would actually offer to sleep with him. Mediocrity sat well with Sal and it also made sure nothing like this ever happened. So why now?

“Say that again to my face, little wolf,” Kal said, voice uneven. Sal could practically feel Kal’s wolf rising from the surface.

“Um.” Sal’s back hit his chair when Kal leaned into his face.

Formulating any sort of response became impossible when Kal pressed his nose against the side of his neck. Only shock registered. Sal felt the slight edge of Kal’s teeth brushing against his skin, testing, exploring.

“I can smell you, Sal,” Kal murmured. “Your fear and excitement. No, your arousal.”

Sal’s wolf rose inside him. Not burdened by mortal fears and inhibitions, his wolf sought the volatile force of Kal’s wolf. He sunk his fingers into Kal’s dark hair, pressing Kal against his neck.

Oh God. What was this man doing to him?

“Not here. On the bed,” Kal said against his neck.

“What?” Sal asked, dazed, taking a few seconds to realize Kal’s hands on his waist. He squeaked, feet dangling for a few seconds in the air. Kal lifted him as if he weighed nothing, only tossing him on his bed. “Fuck, man. You can’t just toss me around like some sack of flour.”

“Get this in your handsome little head, Sal. You’re mine and I do whatever I want with what’s mine.” Kal tugged at his ankle. Sal kicked at his hand, but Kal didn’t seem bothered by his kicks. Kal halted, eyes narrowed, nostrils flaring. “Say it to my face then. Tell me with your own words you don’t want this, or me, and I’ll back off.”

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