Toby Green, a submissive omega struggling with weight issues, has waited all his life to find his missing half. Seeing every wolf in the New Haven pack happily paired off leaves him out in the cold with few options. He’s about to hand in the towel when he sees Devon Walker walk into his shop. Unmated wolves stay clear of the Walker brothers for a reason, but Toby doesn’t intend to let a little danger get in the way of his happy ending.

Seeing his brother happily mated gives dominant wolf Dev Walker hope he’ll someday find his intended despite his black reputation. When his past comes back to haunt him, Dev finds himself at the crossroads. Is a future with Toby a possibility?

Be Warned: m/m sex

Dev's Wolf (MM)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

“Watching me sleep must be boring,” Dev whispered against his ear, making Toby shiver. He flicked his tongue against his mating mark, lazily circling the spot.

“Give me my morning kiss then,” Toby demanded, sighing when Dev sealed his lips with his.

Dev didn’t kiss him gentle. He consumed, nipped, and bit. Toby let his prodding tongue in and sucked down hard. Dev let his lips go, and began a trail of heat down the side of his jaw, the column of his throat, placed a tender kiss on his mating mark, before moving to his collarbones. Toby groaned when Dev licked one nipple. He felt a slight edge of teeth before Dev bit down hard, sending a jolt of pleasure and pain straight to his chest and groin.

Toby cried out. Transferring one hand to hold Toby’s wrists, Dev reached for his shaft while his mouth moved on to mark his other unattended nipple. Toby’s balls drew in tight against his body, and his cock continued to thicken under Dev’s persuasive fingers.

“Fuck.” Toby wanted Dev to mount him right there. Flip him on his fours and ride him hard, but Dev liked to tease and torment. He liked to prolong his pleasure, and drive him to the edge. Leave him breathless, aching, and unable to think later on. Shit. Just thinking about it made Toby horny.

Dev noticed and growled. “I hope you remember the last time you came without my permission.” Toby swallowed. He remembered. Dev lashed his wrists and ankles to the bedpost and went down on him repeatedly until he thought his head would explode from ecstasy.

“I remember.”

“My good little wolf.” Dev locked his gaze with his. Catching sight of the wild shade of wolf-amber there in his eyes, Toby shivered. “You’re mine, little wolf. Mine to do as I please and mine to mark. I want everyone to see my bites on you so they know who you belong to.”

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