Casting Call for a Lover (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,182
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Garth loves Josh. Josh loves Garth. Simple? Not!

Josh Darnell, a casting agent newly arrived from NYC, is seeking work in LA but not finding open doors. He had hoped to find work in Garth Rooney's agency—that's how they met. But though the charming, brazen Josh wins over Garth's heart, there's no room for him in the business.

Personally, things couldn't be hotter—and the book describes their love in all its torrid details—but in business sense, things aren't looking up at all. Will Josh have to go back to New York in defeat and leave Garth behind? Rocky times are ahead. Can love prevail?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Casting Call for a Lover (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Casting Call for a Lover (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,182
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story excerpt


Finally Josh couldn’t take it any longer. “I’ve gotta get out of that place,” he told Garth glumly over dinner one night.

“What will you do? You’ve tried every casting agency in LA,” he reminded him.

“Temp work, for now. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s better than sitting around the house moping, or beating my head against a brick wall at agency after agency that doesn’t want me.”

Well, at least he had a plan, Garth thought.

Josh registered with a temp agency and spent the next three days stuffing envelopes, mindless work but at least ethical. Though he was far from happy in this work, he came home arguably less miserable, for which Garth was appreciative.

He spent the following week as a receptionist at an ad agency. He found this degrading, yet he was still less miserable than he’d been at the unethical casting agency.

The following Monday, the temp agency had no work for him, and he put in a day of calling casting agencies again, seeing if anything had opened up. Nothing had, he reported to Garth with a sigh over dinner. Tuesday there was no work either, and he spent the day in the kitchen, preparing meals for the balance of the week. He kept that night’s stew simmering on a low flame until dinnertime, refrigerated Wednesday night’s dinner, and froze the dinners he’d prepared for Thursday and Friday. Feeling he’d done something useful and meaningful, he was in a better place in his head when Garth came home, but Wednesday the temp agency sent him out on another mindless job that left him once again dispirited.

Thursday and Friday he was sent to be a greeter at a local car dealership and was on his feet all day, which didn’t improve his frame of mind, as Garth discovered when he got home from work.

Monday was even sadder, but in a different way. When Garth got home, Josh said, “Babe, we have to talk.” Then, with the saddest face imaginable, he informed him, “I’m pulling up stakes. I’m going back to New York. My old agency will take me back. I can’t make a go of it here. I know what they say about New York. ‘If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.’ But the song just isn’t true. I can’t make it in LA. I quit. I’m going home with my tail between my legs.”

“What about…us?” Garth asked forlornly.

“There won’t be any ‘us’ unless you’re willing to settle for a bicoastal relationship with visits whenever one of us can afford the time and airfare.”

“It’s better than nothing,” Garth said plaintively. “It’s hardly my ideal relationship, but dammit, I love you! I don’t want to lose you!”

“I don’t want to lose you, either,” Josh replied in a voice filled with anguish. “I’ve got to eat, though, and I’ve got my pride. I can’t keep doing temp work, and I couldn’t keep working in an office that has no ethics.”

“I respect you for that,” Garth said. “But, dammit…”

“I don’t want to leave. I love you. But I’ve eaten into my savings pretty heavily the last few months. I can’t expect you to support me. I can’t go on like this, and even if I were willing to work at a temp indefinitely, the money is for shit.”

The pall that descended on the household was palpable. Josh had set a return date of one week hence, and while he and Garth tried to make the most of their last week together, it was a gloomy week for sure. They ate out almost every night, so Josh could enjoy the best of LA before he left, but neither of them was in a celebratory mood, and neither of them ate with much gusto either. Even their lovemaking was lackluster, to say the least.


Adult excerpt


With a mighty forward thrust, Garth drove straight ahead and speared his dick up against the eager asshole waiting in front of him. For just a moment, Josh’s tight opening resisted. Then the force of Garth’s drive pushed the blunt head of his dick through the tight but tender muscle ring and into the depths of Josh’s ass channel.

The sound that Josh emitted in response was unclassifiable—not quite a howl, a screech, a grunt, or any of the other usual descriptions applicable to someone who’d just gotten pronged by a bloated dick. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t a complaint or a protest. Clearly he wanted more. So Garth gave him what he wanted. Garth crammed still more of his dick up Josh’s anal channel, driving forward, pushing hard, nosing his dick into the far reaches of Josh’s interior. Josh, working with him, slid his body backward along the length of Garth’s dick and back again.

As Garth’s balls bounced against Josh’s, Garth knew he was in Josh to the max. He had buried his hard-on to the balls in Josh’s butt, and there was nowhere to go but back out again. Of course, as soon as Garth pulled out, leaving only the swollen knob of his dick still embedded in Josh’s clenching asshole, he drove back in with even greater energy, fueled by a strong sexual hunger whose flames were fanned by Josh’s matching fervor.

“Pinch my nipples,” Josh begged. Balancing on one hand, Garth used the other to squeeze his toughened nips, compressing the proud flesh between his fingers, feeling the rubbery points grow tougher as he squeezed them. At the feel of those insistent fingers, Josh moaned and drove back and forth even harder, faster, squeezing Garth’s dick in his grip as he ratcheted back and forth. His tight ring of muscle gripped Garth’s dick as he rode it up and down.

Sweat began to break out on Josh’s body. Garth saw the glistening drops form on his back, and he bent to lick them up. Josh’s chest, too, grew wet with sweat at the touch of the hand that was pinching his nips. Garth slid that hand down Josh’s chest, relishing the feel of the firm abdominal muscles, the planes of his pecs, the promontories that were his nipples. Garth’s hand glided everywhere on a sheen of sweat.

“Let me roll over,” Josh requested. Garth stopped his ceaseless plowing of Josh’s asshole, and Josh dropped down to lie flat on the bed, then flipped over, all without dislodging Garth’s dick from his asshole. Raising his knees, he exposed his pucker at a fine angle for fucking and, at the same time, gave Garth a better view of his enticing balls. Then he began to rock back and forth in restrained coital motions.

He couldn’t move as readily in that position, of course, but the result was to stave off his climax if only for one more minute of ass-fucked bliss. Garth skewered him deeply and saw his face break out in a beatific smile.

At that point, Garth was so carried away with the sensations in his own body that he stopped noticing the expression on Josh’s face. Josh’s tight asshole clamped Garth’s dick in a mortal squeeze that threatened to relieve him of the cum in his balls long before he wanted this to end. In fact, he decided, maybe it was time to do something to more actively postpone orgasm.

With some regret, he pulled out of Josh’s asshole, Josh’s clenching muscle gripping his dick inch by inch and squeezing along the length of it as Garth slid out. Josh groaned with disappointment, but Garth bent low and took his beloved’s dick into his welcoming mouth, tightened his grip, and began sucking. That silenced Josh’s groans quickly.

Sucking on Josh’s meaty rod, Garth let his tongue linger on the broad, flat underside and trilled his way up and down the length of it before reinstituting suction and working his way up and down it again. Josh’s body bucked on the bed, and he began to whimper in urgent need.

Once again Garth pinched Josh’s nipples, this time attacking both at once. Garth was sitting back on his knees, not in need of a hand to support his weight on, so he could utilize both hands to pleasure Josh’s nipples simultaneously. Josh writhed and squealed, humping his body on the bed and begging Garth to suck harder, faster.

Instead, Garth deliberately slowed down, sucking more slowly, easing up on the strength of his suction, teasing and tormenting his lover with the best of intentions for making the pleasure last. “Suuuuuck,” Josh wailed. And in response, Garth slowed down even further.

“Fuck me!” Josh begged, changing his tune now. “Stick it back in me.”

“You want this?” Garth taunted, waving his dick at him. “Is this what you want?” He slapped it against Josh’s hip. “Where do you want it?”

“In me,” he wailed. “Shove it in me! Let me have it.”

“Up here?” Garth inserted a finger into his asshole. “In here?” He thrust a second finger in with the first, then a third. Fucking quickly in and out with his fingers, he let him feel all three fingers digging deeply up his anal canal, probing for his prostate. But every time Garth hit that walnut-sized gland, he pressed on it quickly, slid across it, and darted away. Josh was in a total agony of frustrated need.

Then again, so was Garth. He really needed to get off. So he slowly pulled his fingers out, spreading them apart as he did and catching them on the rim of Josh’s asshole as he pulled them out. Then he thrust his dick back up his passage.

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