The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg (MM)

Mate or Meal 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,703
58 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, sex toys]

Snack or sweetheart? Definitely sweetheart. Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter Shiloh. Shiloh is everything Liam’s soul yearns for, a gorgeous, feisty spitfire who turns his blood into flame and makes his entire being sing. But Shiloh is reluctant to believe in Liam’s good intentions.

Shiloh has been searching for The One for as long as he can remember. In his quest, he made several mistakes, and now he is reluctant to believe again, especially in a wolf. After all, wolves prey on his kind. How could he possibly entrust his heart to one?

As they struggle through misunderstandings and try to build a relationships, a third member joins their little family—a mysterious swan egg abandoned in front of their door. Will it strengthen Shiloh’s bond with Liam or will it separate them forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg (MM)
58 Ratings (4.6)

The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg (MM)

Mate or Meal 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,703
58 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was a great book...I laughed, I enjoyed the erotic scenes, and may have a shed a tear. Loved the story and the characters.
Nicholi LeCroix
Cute, fun and easy to read. I really like the Mate or Meal series. The two in this story are sweet and hot.
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Shiloh has spent his life searching for his mate; someone to finally call his own. His enthusiastic search has brought him great pain, and just when he gives up, his mates arrives in the most feared beast; a wolf. Liam is tired of the endless search for the man who is fated to complete his life. When he runs into him in the woods, his initial greeting brings great pain to them both. A shadow from the past lurks, waiting for the moment he can break them apart. Will someone put an end to them before they ever get started, or will their feelings be enough to keep them together? Who could ever imagine there would be a sweet love story between a wolf and his swan? Ms. Hyacinth is an amazing woman who lives to make the reader view life from a different point of view. The Mate or Meal series gives people who perceive themselves as different, hope that there is someone out there who can appreciate them for who they are. I love Shiloh for his sweetness, but Liam is a man of depth who looks past all the differences and pain and sees a man who he needs to be with no matter what. I appreciated the updates on Carson and Brody as well. If you have missed the pleasure of Ms. Hyacinth and Mate or Meal, then I encourage you to give them both a try." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "THE WOLF WHO HATCHED AN EGG is a very good GLBT romance of two shapeshifter men working to build a family together. The romance is emotional, tender and spicy, while the plot is tight and builds the "Mate or Meal" shifter world beautifully. This is book two in a series about predatory wolf shifters finding mates among non-predatory shifters. Liam is the beta in a wolf pack and visits the couple featured in book one (The Lamb Who Cried Wolf), Brody and Carson. Carson's friend, Shiloh, is a swan shifter who has been searching for his mate since he was a teenager. When Liam sees Shiloh, he immediately recognizes Shiloh as his mate. Unfortunately, their initial contact is only sexual in nature, causing Shiloh to mistakenly think Liam is like all the other men who only want to use Shiloh. Liam and Shiloh slowly build a trust and relationship with each other. But just when it seems these predatory and vegetarian shifters are becoming a couple, a mysterious egg is left at their door. Can a wolf and a swan really build a family together? I really enjoyed this book. I adored the trust that Liam and Shiloh build together. Shiloh had been so hurt by others that he nearly misses seeing Liam as his mate. Liam, though, refuses to allow Shiloh doubt and emotionally pulls Shiloh to him with compassion and tenderness. This is best illustrated when the couple first makes love; Shiloh is used to men using his body for their own gratification but Liam shows Shiloh how making love is a sharing between two people. Liam recognizes Shiloh's worth even when Shiloh doesn't and this made for a compelling story. I also enjoyed how their emotional and sexual relationship felt like a real couple figuring out how to have jobs, pay bills, and where to live amongst their love for each other. The dialogue between the couple was honest and open and added a perfect emotional balance to their highly sexual relationship. I read book one of this series and though it was decent but THE WOLF WHO HATCHED AN EGG is much better. The author did a lot of the world building in book one so in book two readers are just reintroduced to the different shifter species. The world building here is more delicate than in book one and made for a much easier read. I enjoy the mythos created that predatory shifters have preyed on the non-predatory ones and thus the animal groups are fractured and xenophobic. The only agency which governs all the shifters is the adoption agency for shifter children and this plays a big role in both books of the series. Of course, at heart this novella is about the romance between Liam and Shiloh but when the mysterious egg is left on their apartment steps, the couple starts becoming a family. I enjoyed this progression of both the plot (where did this egg come from) and Liam and Shiloh's relationship (can they raise a baby together successfully). In addition to the egg drawing Liam and Shiloh into a family, their friends and extended family morph into the community to help them raise the egg. I enjoyed revisiting Brody and Carson from book one, Shiloh's friends (a squirrel and hummingbird shifter), and Liam's Alpha, Soren. I think this community of shifters is a real strength in this book and will make me read subsequent books. THE WOLF WHO HATCHED AN EGG is a very enjoyable romance with plenty of heart and spice. It continues to build a strong animal shifter world with wonderful characters who fall in love and have charming families. Readers who enjoy M/M romance will love this story."-- J9, The Romance Reviews

"Nagging parents and an abusive ex-boyfriend send Shiloh Holden from his childhood home among the swan shifters to a new life in the big city. Hoping that the city will give him a better chance at finding his mate Shiloh makes a new life for himself there. After several years however the only thing his search yields is the whispered title of slut and no mate. Trusting that a change of scenery will raise his spirits Shiloh takes a bus trip to visit one of his best friends, a lamb shifter named Carson and his family. Carson is considered a bit of an oddity for mating a wolf shifter, but Shiloh can see that Brody loves Carson with all his heart. Recently the couple adopted two little shifters as well, a lion cub and an antelope. Talk about an interesting family. The wolf pack Brody once belonged to still checks on him occasionally so they aren’t surprised when Liam Denning arrives. All bets are off though when Liam is introduced to Shiloh because Liam’s wolf instinctually knows that the swan shifter is his mate. The pair will weather their own ups and downs before being accepted as mates. But when an egg is dropped on their doorstep the real trouble begins. How can anyone believe that Liam will treat the egg as his child instead of tonight’s dinner? Shiloh does. The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg is a clever mixture of witty fun and sorrowful tension with a supremely satisfying end. Taking the premise that shifters live openly in the human world also adds to the normality of the twists and turns of this plotline. The dialogue is realistic, especially when Shiloh speaks hurtfully and has to make amends to Liam, who is definitely the more patient of the pair. Sensual one minute and tender the next, The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg has a charm no one can deny." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

TwoLipsRecRead.gif5 LIPS: "Shiloh Holden, a swan shifter, has decided to become the only swan in history who can sing. He needs something to take his mind off the fact he hasn’t found his mate even though he’s slept with half of L.A.’s shifter community trying to find him. No one can accuse him of not trying to find his mate. Unfortunately, none of his past lovers can see beyond his pretty face and good time. The problem with Shiloh’s plan to become a singer is that swans are tone deaf until right before they die; this, coupled with his lack of a mate, puts Shiloh in a bad mood. This bad mood makes him think a change of scenery might be in order. Liam Denning, a wolf shifter, has been ordered by his alpha, Soren, to visit his best friend and Soren’s brother, Brody, and Brody’s new family. Soren is still worried about their safety after some wolves attempted to kill Brody and Carson. Brody and Carson are the first known predator/prey couple. A lot of shifters have problems with natural enemies being mated. Luckily that doesn’t bother Liam, especially when he discovers that his mate is also prey. So far, The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg is my favorite story in the Mate or Meal series. While Shiloh comes across as the confident life of the party, he really isn’t. He finds himself lacking due to all of the frogs he kissed before he found his wolf. His view of himself leads to problems with Liam on more than one occasion. Fortunately for Shiloh and the reader, Liam isn’t going to let Shiloh push him away. Liam has more faith in Shiloh and their relationship than Shiloh does. This steadfastness comes in handy when their ability to keep their egg is in jeopardy, and when Shiloh’s life is endangered. The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg is a very touching story. It reminds you that “real” men can be soft and aren’t afraid to do “women’s work” when necessary. I loved that Liam never hesitated to shift into his wolf form to warm the egg and never had to be asked to do so. Watching Liam convince Shiloh of his sincerity and his desire to be with him was also a treat. Scarlet Hyacinth wrote a beautifully touching story when she penned The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg and I highly recommend that you pick it up for yourself." -- Neka, TwoLips Reviews

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All his life he’d waited for this moment, for this man. Now, it didn’t matter that they were so very different. It didn’t matter that their positions on the food chain should have marked them as sworn enemies. The only thing Shiloh cared about was this amazing person, who touched him like no other and made him feel things he hadn’t thought possible. “Make love to me.”

He couldn’t remember ever saying that to any man. Even with all the guys who’d fucked him, no one had made love to him. Liam seemed to understand, and he simply smiled back.

Leaning even closer to Shiloh, he pushed a finger inside Shiloh’s anus. The digit slid into Shiloh’s pass easily, and Shiloh moaned, begging for more. All of a sudden, his body seemed to burn with a flame only Liam’s touch could quench.

Liam added another finger, scissoring them gently, with exquisite care. Shiloh didn’t manage to suppress the urge to thrust back onto them, needing a stronger, deeper invasion. But whatever Shiloh did, Liam still took it slow. He rubbed Shiloh’s prostate with merciless insistence, and at one point, Shiloh lost control of himself, thrashing against Liam.

And then, Liam pulled his fingers out of Shiloh’s ass and hugged him tight. He lifted Shiloh’s legs, and he positioned his prick at Shiloh’s opening. “Shh,” he murmured. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

With that, he pushed inside. His cock stretched Shiloh’s anus so perfectly that Shiloh thought he must have fallen in a dream. Shiloh was no virgin—he couldn’t be farther from it—but he still felt like one when Liam touched him. The penetration hurt, but it was also better than anything Shiloh had ever felt. Shiloh bit his lip in a futile attempt not to cry out. He clung to Liam’s shoulders, choking, needing an anchor in a world that no longer made sense. How could this be? How had he never known this type of pleasure? Why was it that only Liam reached a place no one had ever before?

“Just let go, baby,” Liam whispered against his lips. “Don’t be afraid.”

He pulled out of Shiloh and thrust back in, a quick, hard motion that somehow still managed to be tender. Shiloh released a sob. How could he not be afraid? Liam was inside him, inside his body, his heart, and his mind. What would there be left when the man dumped him?

“I’ll never, ever abandon you,” Liam said. “You’re safe now.”

Shiloh didn’t know how Liam had guessed his fears. Perhaps they were written all over his face. Perhaps the wolf could read his mind. Either way, Liam’s words seemed like a balm for the wounds he’d never even realized he carried. He wanted to be safe. He wanted to be with Liam, always.

Liam started a gentle rhythm, in, out, in, out, rocking rather than thrusting. He went slow, always holding Shiloh’s gaze. He didn’t say another word, but it wasn’t necessary, not anymore. Everything Shiloh needed to know was right there, in those gorgeous eyes, along with the reassurance, the acceptance, the lust, and oh, God, the love.

At one point, Shiloh’s vision went blurry for a few moments, and Shiloh realized he’d lost the battle with his tears. He pushed them back angrily, hating looking weak in front of his mate. The thought sent a wave of shock through him, especially because it came so out of the blue and felt so natural.

When Liam gently swept his finger over Shiloh’s cheek and wiped away a stray tear, Shiloh knew there was no way back. For good or ill, he’d already chosen his path, and it lay with this man.


* * * *


Shiloh’s tears would have broken Liam’s heart had they been of pain. But Liam sensed the true emotions behind them. There was so much need, confusion, relief, and affection hidden behind them that they were a treasure. Shiloh himself was a treasure. Unfortunately, the man didn’t know it, but Liam would take the rest of his life to make sure the man understood his own worth.

He continued to push in and out of Shiloh, loving the tight grip of his mate’s ass on his cock, but at the same time, feeling the swan’s pleasure echo inside him. His beast snarled its satisfaction, but he still took it slow, knowing it was what Shiloh needed—making love, not fucking.

On and on it went, and Liam felt each and every one of Shiloh’s barriers break. He held his mate through the passion, reassuring him with soft words. “I’ll always be here, baby. Always.” He’d never tire of saying it, either, because it was true, and he wanted Shiloh to remember it, to never doubt again.

The pleasure increased slowly, like the sea that came closer with the rising tides. Shiloh moved with him, and their bodies fell into a perfect rhythm, into complete harmony. They fit together just right. Shiloh’s scent, the hold of his anus around Liam’s prick, the sparkle of his unshed tears, the beauty of his swollen lips, and his eyes, God, his eyes… Everything about him made Liam want to prolong this moment, to have it last forever.

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