Chasing Denver (MM)

Honey Haven 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,087
26 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter]

Gus has been in love with Denver since first laying eyes on him nearly a year ago, but Denver is a recluse, staying tucked away in his attic suite. He has no idea what’s wrong with Denver, and although Gus has tried, the youngest Cabell brother refuses to utter a single word to him. Until one morning Denver starts to talk to him, and their lives are changed forever.   

When he was a teenager, Denver accidentally killed his best friend. He hadn’t meant to let his beast loose and has lived with his guilt ever since. Afraid of losing control again, Denver keeps himself locked away, even from the one human who has come to mean everything to him.

When some friends Gus met online shows up at the hotel to help him ghost hunt, Gus starts to suspect all is not what it seems, and it’s up to Gus to save Denver’s life when his suspicions are confirmed. 


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Chasing Denver (MM)
26 Ratings (4.6)

Chasing Denver (MM)

Honey Haven 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,087
26 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




Gus rubbed his shoulder where he’d been shot two months ago, wincing at the stiffness. He rotated his arm before he stepped off the elevator with the cart of food for Denver. He slid his hands over his shirt, swallowed tightly, and then pushed the cart down the short hallway. He rapped on the door and waited.

When Denver didn’t answer, Gus tried the knob and found the door unlocked. It wasn’t like Denver not to answer. He always answered.

Worried, Gus opened the door and peeked his head inside. He scanned the room until he saw Denver in bed, the blankets pulled up past his shoulders.

It had been Denver who’d rescued Gus when he’d been shot out by the pool house when he and Henry had been kidnapped by some lunatic. Even so, Denver hadn’t said a word the entire time he’d carried Gus. Not even a peep when Denver had handed Gus over to the paramedics.

And he hadn’t spoken a word to Gus since then, either.

Gus pushed the cart of food into the room and left it by the small table. “Denver?”

The guy didn’t answer him. He didn’t move. Was he still asleep? In the year that he’d been bringing Denver his food, the man had always been awake for breakfast.

Gus tiptoed to the bed and poked Denver’s arm. He was dying to crawl into bed with Denver and cuddle. He’d been in the man’s arms for only a brief moment when Denver had carried him back to the hotel, and since then, Gus had craved feeling the guy’s arms around him again.

Stop being a perv.


The man of his dreams turned over and opened his eyes. Gus’s insides fluttered as his body blushed with heat. Denver had a few days’ growth on his jawline and upper lip. His beard and mustache made him look roguish.

I’m totally being a perv right now because I want to crawl into bed with him and suck every inch of his body.

“What time is it?”

Gus took a step back as his eyes widened and his mouth fell open. Had Denver just spoken to him? This was the first time he’d heard the man’s voice, and Holy Christ on a cracker, it was deep and gravelly, sinfully erotic as he sat up and shoved the blanket aside.

Holy crap! The guy was naked. Gus’s jaw dropped even farther as Denver got up and crossed the room. His steps were unsteady, and for a second, Gus thought Denver would fall over, but he made it to the table and dropped onto the cushioned chair.

His cock was right there, hanging out in full view. The guy didn’t even bother to cover himself as he took a sip of his coffee. Gus stood there, stuck on stupid as he became dizzy with lust.

Was it his birthday? Christmas? Had he died and gone to heaven? Gus wasn’t sure what good fortune had fallen upon him, but Denver had actually talked to him, and he was seated there with his beans and wiener on display.

Gus couldn’t stop staring at Denver’s junk.

“Did you need something else?” Denver lifted the lid to his plate and inhaled deep drafts of his breakfast.

“Are you feeling okay?” Thank fuck his brain had kicked back into gear. Gus was finally able to rip his gaze away from Denver’s soft, thick cock and his heavy sac. “You’ve never spoken to me before.”

Denver set the lid aside, picked up his fork, and stabbed his scrambled eggs, ignoring Gus.

Well, that hadn’t lasted very long. Gus knew he should leave, but his gaze slid down Denver’s gorgeous, buff body. He was not only drooling over Denver’s nudity but at the tattoo sleeve the man had on his right arm.

Ask me to suck your cock. Ask me to do anything for you, you sexy god. Gus cleared his throat. “Denver?”

“Did you cook this?” He pointed at the eggs with his fork.

“Yes. I’m the cook, and I’ve been here for a year. I’ve prepared all your meals myself.” So thank me by bending me over this table.

Denver nodded.

Gus didn’t want to leave, to break whatever spell had been cast over the handsome man. What if he brought Denver his lunch and he ignored Gus again? Gus liked listening to his voice, liked drooling over his body, and didn’t want the man to cover himself after he left.

“I swear you make the best coffee.” Denver took another drink.

Okay, Gus had to be in some parallel universe. This had to be a different version of Denver, the one who wasn’t a recluse, and they got along fabulously.

That was the only explanation.

“Did you need something else?” Denver repeated the question, but Gus was too busy freaking out on the inside. He nodded, shrugged, and then shook his head.

When Denver grinned, Gus just about fainted. The smile had been hand carved by angels, molded by the gods, kissed by fairies before they’d released it to make Gus’s world explode.

Denver’s smile wavered before he turned back to his plate. Gus had overstayed his welcome and needed to go, but damn if he could get his feet to move.

He sucked in a deep breath, grabbed the cart, and hurried toward the door, his cock so hard that it throbbed in his work pants.

“See you at lunch.”

Gus stumbled over his own feet as he reached for the door handle. He had to be tripping on drugs, but he didn’t do drugs. He turned and looked at Denver. “Yeah…uh…will do.”

He practically ripped the door open as he fled, pushing the cart in front of him. It wasn’t until he reached the elevator that he could finally breathe. His world spun around him as he slid his keycard into the slot to open the elevator doors.

Had Denver actually spoken to him, or was Gus still sleeping and dreaming all this?

Gus sagged against the elevator wall and pinched the head of his erection, wincing and hissing as it slowly deflated. He’d know whether he was dreaming when he returned with Denver’s lunch.




This had to be a fantasy, right? There was no way Gus was actually in Denver’s arms, sucking and licking at his flesh. How many times over the past year had Gus dreamed about something like this? How many times had he pleasured himself while imagining doing dirty things with Denver?

The number was in the hundreds. Maybe higher.

Denver hissed when Gus bit down on the nub, teasing the flesh between his teeth. Gus slid his hands down Denver’s strong back and pressed them against his tight buns. Oh fuck! He was actually touching Denver’s ass.

Gus had thought he would be a happy man if Denver spoke to him. He stood corrected. He was in heaven as his hands explored Denver’s backside and he moved to the other nipple, lashing the flesh with his tongue.

With a low growl, Denver moved them backward. Gus held on to him as he walked, dining on the man’s chest, refusing to let go. If this was a dream, Gus was taking full advantage of it.

“My turn to taste you.” Denver lifted Gus up and laid him on the bed. Gus was shocked the guy could pull him off his feet and loved the fact that Denver could.

 Denver pulled off Gus’s shoes and socks, tossing them aside. Gus watched the expression on the guy’s face, loving how hungry Denver seemed to be, how desperate he appeared as he pulled Gus’s pants and underwear off.

Gus instinctively tugged at his shirt, trying to pull it down as far as it would go. But Denver moved his hands aside and stared at Gus’s nearly naked body. “So perfect.”

“Holy shit fuck!” Gus shouted as Denver sucked Gus’s cock into his mouth. Gus couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t do anything except writhe beneath Denver, drowning in a pleasure he never knew existed.

Gus was seconds away from passing out. His dizziness was back, making his head spin as Denver pressed his hands behind Gus’s knees and spread his legs farther apart.

Gus came so fast and so hard that he felt the vein at his temple throbbing.

Along with his cock. His cum spurted down Denver’s throat as Gus convulsed, his legs jerking in Denver’s hands.

“Fair warning,” Denver said as he pulled back. “I haven’t had sex in a very long time.”

What did that mean? Was Denver going to ravage Gus’s body? God, he hoped so.

Denver flipped Gus to his hands and knees, and Gus squealed at how easily the guy had been able to do that. Fuck, Denver was strong.

Denver rattled around in his nightstand drawer and came away with a bottle of lube. Gus’s heart quickened, and his limbs turned to soft noodles, his body quivering as Denver wet his fingers and then slid them into Gus’s ass.

“Oh my fuck!” Gus ground his face into the bedding, his breath coming out in quick pants as Denver stretched him.

This was really happening. Gus was really going to have sex with Denver, the man of his dreams, the guy he’d fallen in love with. Gus bit his lower lip as his cock hardened. Just that fast he was ready again, and Denver was only stretching him.

Gus clawed at the bedspread, whining and whimpering. He needed more. His body felt like it was coiling in, ready to explode at any second.

Having youth on his side was a fantastic thing when it came to getting hard after already having an orgasm. But nothing in Gus’s twenty-two years of living had prepared him for the maelstrom of emotions and sensations that crashed inside him.

Until Denver pulled his fingers free. “Take your shirt off.”

Gus had enough brain function left to shake his head.


He shook his head again.

“If you don’t take it off, we stop.”

The bastard wasn’t playing fair. Gus was wound so tight he might actually hurt Denver if he stopped.

Denver grabbed the hem and pulled the shirt off, even though Gus tried to cling to the material.

“Much better.”

Gus looked over his shoulder and glared at the man.

Denver winked.

Gus blushed as he watched Denver slide his underwear off. He felt as though he was packing a peanut compared to Denver’s cock size.

With heavy-lidded eyes, Denver crawled into bed and rolled Gus to his back. Gus was still clutching his shirt in his hand as Denver settled between his legs.

“Forgive me if I go too fast.” Denver lubed his cock. “Like I said, it’s been a very long while.”

“For both of us.” Gus hadn’t fooled around since coming to Honey Haven. Not for a lack of flirting with cute boys who’d checked into the hotel. But no one had been interested in him, further crushing his self-esteem.

“Then this’ll be a night neither of us will soon forget,” Denver said.

Gus didn’t care if he’d had sex every single day of his life. This was a night he would never forget. Ever. Even if this was a onetime deal, Gus would replay this night in his mind for the rest of his life.

Denver was about to ruin him for all others. If there were any others that came after Denver, which Gus seriously doubted. His heart belonged to this big lug, and no one would ever measure up to Denver.

Gus winced and sucked in deep breaths when the head of Denver’s cock breached his hole. He curled his fingers into the bedding as Denver inched his way inside Gus’s body.

“Deep breaths,” Denver crooned.

That was easy for Denver to say. He didn’t have a side of beef stretching his ass wide. But Gus nodded, taking those deep breaths as Denver bottomed out.

Denver dropped to his forearms and glided his lips over Gus’s jaw as Gus wrapped his legs around the man’s waist.

“I’m trying my best to go slow.” Denver slammed his eyes shut. “But I need to go faster.”

Gus bit his lower lip and then said, “Unleash yourself on me.”

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