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Learning the Hard Way 3
As opposites, the mercenary Mike and the mass murderer Keelan have overcome numerous challenges together. Now, Keelan’s past has caught up with him, and they are forced to consider whether they dare trust anyon MORE...
The Concert Pianist
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Everything changes after Elizabeth discovers a letter inside a secondhand piano. It brings much more than music into her family life. Is the piano haunted?
Star Maps
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Carl Thornton, seventeen-year-old stargazer and total nerd, resides in Reno, Nevada, and lives for watching the night sky. His dream—discover a UFO. His mantra—“Seeing is believing.” He meets Grace Paxton, an MORE...
Mystery of the Broken Vase
Shayla’s an only child, but ever since the vase was broken she feels an intense desire to run, but where to? What does it mean?
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Martin Calder and his girlfriend, Dana—no last name given—are back. Possessing superpowers, Martin joins up with Dana to fight crime throughout their adopted city of Baltimore. Fighting crime on Earth is easy, MORE...
Learning the Hard Way 2
Keelan and Mike met as opposites in a prison where violence, murder, and power games were everyday life. To survive, they made a pact to stand together. But that demands trust, and on the shadowy side of life, MORE...
Dr. Nof Is Missing
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Dr. Nof, a biochemist who has traveled to a moon called Barom in order to find a cure for plagues, is missing. Because dangerous beasts roam Barom’s jungles, finding her will be a challenge.
Coming Home
In the third book in Trinty Blacio’s best-selling Running in Fear series, it’s been little over a month, and Jaycee Manz has finally stopped running. The threats are gone. She has her three men—Remi LeBlathe an MORE...
0 ratings
Some legends live on. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid, all our legends that will more than likely never die. But what happens to the ones that do die? The ones who fought for law and ord MORE...
Tall, Dark and Hairy
0 ratings
In the woods, no one can hear you sneeze… Daisy Janney--college student and assistant mortician--can't wait to get out to the country to attend a music festival for spring break. Her favorite band Shizknit wil MORE...
Learning the Hard Way 1
Mike and Keelan meet each other as opposites in a prison where violence, murder, and power games are everyday life. To survive they make a pact. They stand together against the rough life in a hell where the pr MORE...
Jade Mountain
0 ratings
Michael Brin, a homicide detective, is sent to a sparsely populated moon called Fara to find two missing scientists.
The Titans of Ardana
0 ratings
That's the catchphrase of Martin Calder, a teenager obsessed with the hit television show, The Metas. On a mission to get an autograph from the star of the show, Dana?no last name given?he comes face to face wi MORE...
For the Greater Good
0 ratings
After the loss of the helmet and the destruction of Azure Bay, things are looking bleak for the allied forces of the Western Continent. The orc army is on the move toward the dwarves’ mountain, seeking the last MORE...
Monsters of Myth
We've read about them. We've watched movies about them. They've haunted our nightmares and tantalized our imaginations. They are the monsters of myth and legend. You know them: vampires, Frankenstein's monster MORE...
Demon with a Comb-Over
Laugh till it hurts! There are few things in life worse than being a bombing comedian in an empty club, unless you pick on the one person in the crowd who happens to be an ancient demon who can make your life MORE...
Success After Darkness
Joey loves his wife Jasmine and his twins, Tammie and Tamala, but he is also frustrated because as much as he loves his family and God, he does not have the success that he wants so badly. Will his desire for s MORE...
Searching for the Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story
In Searching for The Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story, the prequel to best-selling author Trinity Blacio’s Running in Fear series, Alpha shapeshifter Remi LeBlathe has only one thing on his mind tonight—sex. Unfortun MORE...
The Goblins of Christmas
0 ratings
It’s Christmas time in Athens, and when George discovers that his Rovani partner, Yeraki, has never celebrated the holiday, he and the rest of their taverna band gleefully fill Yeri in on the mythology surround MORE...
A Pig named Bacon
0 ratings
Bacon loves to play in the mud but he soon finds out that Mother Nature holds the key to life. What will he find when he searches for the ones he loves?
Santa's Village is Deserted. Why?
Santa's village is deserted. Where did everyone go? The Good Fairy is at a loss. What can two young boys do to solve the mystery and save Christmas?
Hush Little Baby
0 ratings
Sian and Andy have good lives, loyal friends, a beautiful home and a loving family. To everyone else, they are the perfect couple, the doting husband, and the successful wife. But every family has secrets, and MORE...
The Light of Day
0 ratings
From the day 19-year-old Michael Bradley sees a beautiful sad Mexican girl in a Chicago brothel storefront window. he can't get her out of his mind. He returns the next day, but she's not there, and the brothel MORE...
Just Another Quiet Little City
Magic is in the air, and it makes the rules. Teenagers Gabe Common and his girlfriend, Millie Themmes, have settled in Angels Camp, California. As a high school dropout with little education and no future job p MORE...
Monster Boots
0 ratings
A bully named Wild Billy Buffoon shows up leaving more than just his carbon footprint. Billy with the help of his two stomping feet push the town of Foots past its limit until he’s confronted by the town sherif MORE...
KickAssQueer is a gay Web site thousands go to for news, gossip, and as a forum to exchange often heated opinions about GLBT life in America.When one of KAQ's editors is savagely murdered, it's PI Don Strachey MORE...
To Die For
0 ratings
Larkin Quinn can't wait until her heart transplant surgery is over so she can awaken to the beautiful and fun life she’s desired. But from the moment she opens her eyes, her world is dominated by terrifying nig MORE...
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