[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters,werewolves, HEA]
Secrets from Gabriel's past haunt him and hold him back from claiming his mate. His internal struggle has always caused him to keep to himself. But this struggle is giving Taylor mixed signals, and a whole lot of pain. Gabriel won't tell Taylor that they are mates, but he doesn't know that Taylor already knows.
The pain from his mate's rejection causes Taylor to spin out of control and in return he lashes out at everyone, including his best friend Jesse.
Taylor holds a big secret that he tries to deal with alone. With new friends, late night parties and a lot of alcohol, he decides to leave the pack, Jesse, and Gabriel behind to keep his secret hidden. But by keeping his secret from the ones he loves, it will cause them to lose him forever.
Can Gabriel face his demons in time to save Taylor? Or will he be too late and spend eternity alone?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Secrets (MM)
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OMG! I didn't see that coming. I was so excited to get Maggie's second book. I loved Taylor in the first book and was soooo looking forward to his story. Maggie didn't disappoint. It was funominal. Taylor was such a hoot as I hoped. Reading about his pain and inner turmoil made me cry. First Maggie hit us with his secret, and it was an OMG moment. Then what happened to him was another OMG moment. I couldn't believe I was crying so much. Then the piece of resistance, how he changed. My mouth hit the floor. It was the biggest OMG moment. I was floored and delighted. I loved the twist. I never saw that coming. And Taylor and Gabriel together, holy crap. They are smoking HOT. The food fight scene alone made me laugh my ass off, and then get hot. I hope Maggie gives us more of these two. You've got me hooked Maggie. Can't wait for more from you and this pack. I couldn't put this one down. Keep up the good work and keep surprising us. This is an absolute MUST READ. This one goes on my favorite list.




The kitchen was very busy, as the whole house was in there grabbing lunch. They were all sitting around the breakfast nook or at the center island, eating and chatting away. Jesse sat next to Micah as they ate their lunch and stole glances and knowing smiles at each other.

“Oh gods, you two must have mated and claimed each other, because if you get any sweeter over there I’ll have to pull my teeth out from all the cavities,” Lexi drawled as he sat down on one of the bar stools at the island.

“Don’t do that, sweet cheeks, or it will take away from that beautiful smile. But no teeth may make for a very interesting blow job, don’t you think?” Taylor said as he walked into the kitchen. Everyone’s eyes went to him, mouths dropped open, eyes widened, and utensils dropped. Lexi whistled. “You look hot there, little buddy. Where you going dressed like that?”

“I was just going to do some laundry, then if it’s okay with Micah,” He looked over at the Alpha. “I was wondering if it was okay to use your computer or if there was another one I could use. Then I was thinking about going for a jog.” He walked over and grabbed an apple off the counter. His back was to the room full of staring eyes.

“Um...Tay? Why are you dressed like that?” Jesse asked cautiously.

Taylor swung around to face Jesse. “Like what? I always dress like this, Jess.” He looked down at himself. Taylor was dressed in electric blue boy shorts that were a size too small. His butt was hanging out the back and you could make out his package in the front. He had on a hot pink skin-tight T-shirt that said, “I Eat Boys for Breakfast” printed on the front. He cut the shirt so it was a half shirt and his stomach was showing. He also had anklet socks and sneakers on. His spiked blond hair now had purple tips and he had black kohl liner around his eyes.

Gabriel slid up next to him and gave a low growl. Taylor slowly turned his head to look at Gabriel. Taylor smiled the sweetest smile at Gabriel then handed him his apple. “Here, sugar, for your little condition. They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe it’ll work for your STD-riddled throat, too.” Then Taylor turned his attention back to Jesse, as Lexi rolled with laughter.

“Tay, I know you dressed like that at home…”

Taylor cut Jesse off. “Is this not home now?”

“Yes, of course it’s our home now, but it’s not just us anymore, sweetie. I think you’re making everyone uncomfortable,” Jesse said carefully.

“Am I making anyone uncomfortable?” Taylor asked, his eyebrow raised as he looked around the room at all the guys. A whole lot of no’s were called out, with one yes from Gabriel and one “Hell no” from Lexi. “See, everyone’s fine with it, Jess.”

“Well I’m not fine with it, Tay, and I don’t think Micah is fine with it either.” Jesse huffed.

“You don’t care, Micah, do you?” Taylor asked, looking at Micah, who had his head bowed down looking at his plate and slowly eating his lunch since Taylor walked into the room.

“Gods, please don’t put me in the middle of this,” Micah whispered.

“Micah?” Jesse asked.

Without looking up, he said, “I have to agree with Jesse on this one, Taylor. It may not be appropriate around all these guys.”

“Well duh, of course you agree with Jesse. You claimed him, now you two share a brain.” Taylor huffed, then bent down to fix his shoelace, giving Gabriel a front row view of his ass. Gabriel groaned. Taylor stood back up and looked at Gabriel over his shoulder. “How about you, big guy?”

“I...I like it. I just don’t think it’s right for public viewing.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not in public.” Taylor patted Gabriel on the chest as he walked past him and went to the fridge. He opened it and bent down and grabbed something from inside. He heard Gabriel whimper. Taylor covered up his smile before he stood back up and turned around, closing the fridge. He had a yogurt in his hand. He walked over and grabbed a spoon from the drawer then walked around the center island and sat on one of the stools. He dipped the spoon into the yogurt and brought it up to his lips. He wrapped his lips around the spoon and slowly pulled it out as he closed his eyes and hummed. “Hmmmmm, this is so good.”

Taylor knew Gabriel was watching him. He scooped more yogurt onto his spoon and brought it to his lips again, He flicked his tongue out and licked a small amount of yogurt onto the tip of his tongue, then slowly pulled his tongue back into his mouth. Taylor kept up this slow seductive eating display until the yogurt was gone. Taylor was fully aware of Gabriel’s eyes on him the whole time. “Yum that was good.”

“Yes, yes it was,” Lexi said. “You know, little buddy, if you keep eating like that, some people may get the wrong idea.” Lexi leaned in whispering into Taylor’s ear, low enough so all the wolves in the room didn’t hear him.

Taylor turned his head and leaned into Lexi and just as softly whispered to him, “I know.” Taylor pulled back and gave Lexi a look and a very small nod in Gabriel’s direction. Lexi understood and pulled away with a smile on his face and chuckled, shaking his head.

Jesse cleared his throat. Taylor smirked at Lexi and winked, then turned to look at Jesse. “Is it contagious? Because I know for a fact that you, my sweet Jesse, don’t do pussy.” Lexi barked out laughing as he slapped his hand over his mouth.




Gabriel ran his hands up the creamy skin of Taylor’s toned abs and chest, running a thumb over one of Taylor’s nipples, drawing another moan from Taylor. “Roll onto your side, sweet baby,” Gabriel commanded gently, and Taylor complied.

Gabriel moved to lay behind Taylor and reached over and opened the nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube. He rolled over so he was behind Taylor, his front to Taylor’s back. He opened the lube and generously coated his cock. Then he poured more onto his fingers and closed the bottle, tossing it aside. Gabriel moved closer so his chest met Taylor’s back and they both moaned at the skin-to-skin contact. Gabriel kissed Taylor’s shoulder, then moved his lips to Taylor’s neck, kissing, licking and sucking up the side to Taylor’s ear. He nibbled on Taylor’s ear as he placed a wet finger to Taylor’s crease. Taylor gave a slight flinch at the contact but then he pushed his hips back into Gabriel’s hand. Gabriel slid a slick finger between his cheeks and started to circle Taylor’s entrance. Taylor moaned, lifting a hand up he reached back and gently grabbed Gabriel’s head, holding Gabriel’s head to his neck as Gabriel continued to kiss and suck along his nape. Gabriel slipped a finger inside Taylor and started to wiggle it around in slow circles. Taylor moaned and started to push back against the finger.

“More, Gabriel. That feels so good. Give me another one,” Taylor begged. Gabriel slid a second finger in and Taylor bucked against him as a long moan escaped his lips. Taylor continued to push his hips back against Gabriel’s fingers, as Gabriel sawed his fingers in and out. Gabriel ran his tongue down the side of Taylor’s neck to his shoulder and then back up. “Another one Gabriel, please. Fuck me. I’m ready,” Taylor cried out. Gabriel pulled his fingers out and slid three slick fingers in. Taylor hissed at the sting and Gabriel pulled his fingers out. “Don’t you dare. Put them back where they belong right now. They miss their new home.” Taylor huffed. Gabriel chuckled, sliding his fingers back into his mate. “Yes, perfect, just where they belong, now fuck me with them so they feel loved, too.” Gabriel smiled against Taylor’s neck. He loved that Taylor liked to talk dirty during sex, and he had never smiled so much during sex before. Gabriel continued stretching Taylor until he felt his mate was ready. He gently removed his fingers and of course Taylor protested. “No, babe, don’t stop, they like it in there, and my hole really likes them there.”

“I have something I think your hole will like even more, sweet baby,” Gabriel said then placed the head of his cock at Taylor’s opening.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, that’s definitely better,” Taylor said and pushed his hips back, impaling himself on Gabriel’s shaft. Gabriel quickly grabbed his hip and stopped him from pushing deeper.

“Slow down, sweet baby, I want to savor this moment. The moment I first enter my mate, my Taylor.” Gabriel slowly pushed forward, inch by inch. Going in a few inches, then pulling back, then going in a few more inches and pulling back. Taylor was moaning and writhing against him, the cutest little squeaking moan escaped Taylor and Gabriel thought he would blow just from that. He grabbed onto Taylor’s hip and pushed all the way in, closing his eyes at the incredible feeling of Taylor’s body gripping him tightly. He held his breath to stop from coming too soon, but Taylor had other plans. He pushed back against Gabriel and then moved away, fucking himself on Gabriel’s cock. Gabriel ran his hand down Taylor’s thigh and slid it between his legs. Grabbing onto Taylor’s leg, Gabriel lifted it up and started slamming into his mate. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Slam that kielbasa you call a cock into me. Oh god yeah…Oh Gabriel…Oh yeah…fuck me like it’s your job, babe.” Taylor’s dirty talk was turning Gabriel and his wolf on, and Gabriel could feel his control slipping. He wanted to send Taylor through the headboard. He threw Taylor’s leg up over his elbow and reached for his mate’s cock. He wrapped his fingers around Taylor’s long, hard cock and started to jerk him in rhythm with his thrusts. Taylor threw his head back against Gabriel’s shoulder, as he cried out, “Holy shit! Yes! That’s it, Gabriel! Don’t stop.” Taylor moved his neck to the side exposing his throat and Gabriel’s wolf started to howl. Gabriel latched his lips onto Taylor’s neck and started sucking.

He couldn’t take it, Gabriel was playing his body like an instrument. Gabriel’s long thick cock was hitting his sweet spot with each thrust in. He was dizzy, he could hardly catch his breath and he wanted it to go on forever. The pleasure was so intense that if he were to die right now, he would die an incredibly happy man. “Oh God no, not yet,” Taylor could feel his orgasm coming. It was racing to explode out of him. He pushed back thrust for thrust with Gabriel trying to get him deeper. Then Gabriel ran a fingernail into the slit of his cock and Taylor couldn’t hold back anymore. “Do it, Gabriel. Do it. Claim me. Make me yours,” Taylor cried out.

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