Claiming Destiny (MFM)

Midnighter Seductions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,571
26 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, capture, exhibitionism, light bondage, light spanking, food play, HEA]

An ancient portal quietly reopened the day the Mayan calendar ended, but it wasn't the "big bang" ending of the world as predicted. It did, however, change everything for Destiny Harriston. Stranded on a desolate stretch of New Mexico highway, Destiny doesn’t know she’s just become prey for two very different hunters. One wants her life. The other wants her for life. Rock and Jag entered our world expecting to find the women their legends spoke of, but all they found was an old man babbling on about stories of Chupacabras and Midnighters. When Destiny crosses their path and is critically hurt, they’ll be forced to face an ancient enemy who has lurked in the shadows for more than a millennium.

Capturing their woman was the only way to keep her safe, but now two worlds are threatened and they have to choose between their love for her and protecting everything they’ve ever known.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Corinne Davies is a Siren-exclusive author.

Claiming Destiny (MFM)
26 Ratings (4.5)

Claiming Destiny (MFM)

Midnighter Seductions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,571
26 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another outstanding book by Ms. Corinne Davies! I would suggest her books to anyone wanting a great read. Love your work and looking forward to the rest of this series!!
Kalissa Wayne
I just purchased Mrs. Davies' latest book Claiming Destiny tonight. I started reading it and stayed up until 3 AM until it was finished. I could not put it down. I loved her spin on the Mayan Calendar "crisis" but will not share the details and spoil a fantastic story. I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed, many of Mrs. Davies' books but this my favorite to date. Do yourself a favour and download this, or any of her books, you will not be disappointed.
Please do your fans and readers a huge favour - get the next book in the series out quickly.
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS: "This story revolves around the mythos of the Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012, which gives it an intriguing background. The world building is unusual but very full, and the characters are all fascinating. The chemistry between Rock, Jag and Destiny is very hot. Destiny is an independent person and the men are strong warriors, which makes for some interesting scenes. The contrast between the worlds is very good too. There are a lot of secondary characters, and I imagine many of them will be getting their own books in this series as the series, Midnighter Seductions, progresses. Overall the story is detailed and engaging with a lot of very hot ménage sex as well as intriguing characters and fascinating world building. I really liked that Destiny had a mind of her own and found an important item by herself." -- Helen, Love Romances and More

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A loud thump and then another rustle and Destiny felt the adrenaline kick into her system. A flash of light lit up the sky and the thunder followed closely. Whatever it was, it was huge. A mountain lion maybe? The temperature and pains in her legs forgotten, she pulled her knees closer to her chest and put her hand on the rock at her back. If it was a lion, she was fucked. There would be no outrunning it. All she could hope was to fight it off. Maybe jab her thumbs into its eyes when it attacked. Pepper spray! Her fingers wrapped around the cylinder in her pocket and tears pricked her eyes with relief. Whatever it was, she would spray it and pray it ran away in pain. The bush rustled again. She took a deep breath and got ready to scream and fight.

A large lump of fur burst out from under the bush, directly at her. Every square inch of Destiny’s body froze in fear, and her breath caught in her throat. Her fingers gripped the spray as her mind screamed for her to move, but her body refused to budge. The animal jumped again as the moon emerged from behind the clouds.

It was a jackrabbit.

The biggest fucking rabbit she’d ever seen, but nothing but a bunny on steroids. “Oh, my god, you scared the shit out of me, Bugs.” The moment she spoke the rabbit leapt away. She pressed her hand against her ribs, her heart pounding rapidly under her palm. Stupid bunnies.

Her stomach growled low and long and she thought of a giant bunny roasting over an open flame. “I should’ve eaten you when I had the chance,” she muttered. Bracing her hand on the rock, she moved and pulled her legs under her. Her thighs screamed in defiance, and she gasped in pain. As she shifted forward, a low hissing sounded behind her head.

She turned, ever so slowly, and glanced over her shoulder. “Please be a bunny,” she whispered. But, it wasn’t. Lightning flashed and highlighted a long, thick black body with bright orange stripes. The creature sat on top of the rock she’d been leaning against, staring at her with black, evil-looking eyes. Its tongue flicked out to taste the air before hissing at her.

This time the scream didn’t get caught in her throat and she was running before the conscious thought registered in her brain. She tripped over her suitcase and hit the ground hard, gasping for breath before pushing herself to her feet and running again. Her sandals slapped against the asphalt of the road as she ran screaming like the hound of hell nipped at her heels.

A shadow flickered in her peripheral vision, and then another one. Suddenly, a number of shadows fluttered around her. Lighting ripped through the sky overhead. Bats! Rabies! Vampire bats! Destiny screamed again, waved her hands wildly around her head, trying to prevent them from burrowing into her hair and biting her. Tears coursed down her cheeks as fear gripped her throat and she envisioned being surrounded and killed.

Her flight path took her straight down the middle of the road running blindly as she screamed. When she impacted against something large, for a moment she thought a truck had hit her. Hands wrapped around her shoulders and she realized it was a man. She looked up, way up. The top of her head might reach his shoulder, but the shadows blocked his face. His breathing was harsh as if he’d been chasing her.

It is Leatherface! She screamed again and tried to break his hold, but he gripped her arms painfully tight. A sound behind her alerted her to the fact that they weren’t alone. Another man was coming up behind her and he was as huge as this one. There was no way she would be able to fight them off. They’re going to rape and kill me.

She did the only thing she could in the situation. A part of her brain kicked into self-preservation mode and in a move much smoother than she ever imagined she could do it, she brought up her leg and buried her knee between his legs as hard as she could. He squeezed her arms making her cry out but then he let go. Dropping to his knees in front of her, he cupped his hands protectively over his groin and curled forward as he coughed out a groan.

She felt more than saw the other man move toward her. Another flash of light allowed her to see his face was twisted into a chilling image of rage as he reached for her. Swinging her hand up, she pressed the release button on her pepper spray and the stream launched at his throat and up over his face. He hollered, the noise almost drowned out by the thunder, and covered his face as he whipped his face away from her.

Run! She didn’t wait another millisecond and took off. Her legs pumped harder than they ever had as she ran for her life. She knew they would recover and prayed they’d retreat instead of exacting revenge. She’d rather be eaten by a coyote than face their fury. A large outcropping of rocks caught her attention. She needed to hide and hide fast. Maybe she could wait them out and they would move on. Clutching the canister of pepper spray in her hand, she ran off the road and across the uneven ground.




What the hell am I doing? Rock claimed her lips and she couldn’t deny the longing she felt any more than deny her need to breathe. There was something about these men that made her want to throw caution to the wind, run with scissors, and jump without looking. She spent so much of her life struggling to make ends meet and trying to accomplish her dreams, and for once she wanted to do something spontaneous. His tongue curled about hers, drawing it into his mouth so he could suck on it. She flexed her fingers wishing she could touch him. The feeling of being trapped and unable to do anything but accept their attentions had her hips shifting so she could feel the rush of water over her sensitive pussy.

Rock’s hand travelled down her chest, cupping one breast before slipping farther down to her belly. He boldly cupped her pussy, pressing a finger between her pussy lips and circling her clit with astounding precision. Destiny didn’t think her last boyfriend knew what a clitoris was, let alone where it was. Rock found it on the first try and didn’t wait to press against it with little circles of his finger.

She gasped for air and let her head drop back against the edge. Opening her eyes she looked beside her and saw Jag watching them intently. That added another layer to her blossoming arousal throbbing between her legs.

“I could watch you two for hours,” he whispered and then winked at her. Jag braced himself against the edge of the pool and through the water she could see him stroking his cock. The extreme decadence of this moment hit her, but instead of being dirty, it was exciting. Until this moment she’d never known that she liked the idea of another man becoming aroused while watching her.

“Please don’t make me wait that long.” Her inner filter had managed to turn itself off with his comment. Rock shifted his position and moved between her legs. He held her knee high on his hip and rocked his cock against her tummy as he moved his hand. Pressing his thumb in circles against her clit, he pressed two fingers up into her cunt.

“Oh, god!” Destiny exclaimed as the intense sensations burned a path to her core. She felt her nipples crinkle and desperately wished her hand was free so she could play with herself.

His fingers easily slipped up into her sopping channel, making her shudder again. “Please, please…” She couldn’t put into words what she wanted him to do. A small voice in her head screamed “whore,” but she pushed it back down. This was her choice and she wanted it.

Rock rolled his hips and she felt his impressive cock slide down her skin and push between her legs. “Condom,” she gasped, his hard length stroked along her clit, sending sparks of sensation rushing through her system. He cupped her jaw in his large hand and gently tilted her face up toward him. “We’d never risk your safety or health.” His thick length pushed past the tight entrance to her cunt, stretching her as she knew he would. The powerful sensation of him pressing into her stole her breath and sent her heart fluttering. He conquered her, stole her will. She flexed her fingers, wanting to reach out and grip his arms. She was overwhelmed but desperate for more. Feeling Jag’s fingers entwine with hers helped to ground her.

“You’re ours, Destiny.” Jag sounded husky, his voice resembling a growl. He pressed his lips against her neck and wrapped his fingers around her jaw and tilted her face up to his lips. His green eyes looked as dark as the leaves over their head. “There will never be another for us…or you.”

His lips claimed her in a dominant statement of ownership. Her body lifted up and Rock’s cock pumped harder against her cunt. Kissing one man while another pumped his cock in and out of her cunt was a sensation beyond her wildest dreams.

“That’s right, Atan.” Rock pumped his hips, sliding his cock against her womb. “We’re claiming you and you will accept it all.”

Destiny wanted desperately to hold on to him as he fucked her, but all she could manage was to wrap her legs around Rock’s hips and dig her heels into his ass, a silent plea for him to move faster, harder, anything that would quench this never-ending ache that had started in her body. An ache that only seemed to be relieved by their touch on her skin.

Jag ran his hand down her side. Cupping a breast, he wrapped his lips around the nipple and sucked it into his hot mouth. He kept eye contact with her as he lashed the sensitive nubbin with his tongue and curved his hand over her ass, his finger delving into the valley.


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