Controlling Ella (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,795
5 Ratings (3.4)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, warlocks, light bondage, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Ella Perkins is twenty-three years old and recently widowed. When she puts her late husband’s 1955 corvette up for sale, Griffin Holden shows up to purchase it. Griffin and his twin brother Graft soon involve Ella in their lives when they hire her to redecorate their newly purchased home. She soon learns that Griffin and Graft are hybrids, their father is a warlock and their mother is a fairy. They know that Ella is something special, and believe that she is their perfect mate.
Ella has been hiding the truth of her past, even from herself. As she gets to know the twins, the truth starts to leak into her conscious mind. Her late husband was controlling her in ways that Ella is afraid to acknowledge. Can Griffin and Graft help her face the truth without destroying her and their swiftly evolving love for each other?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Controlling Ella (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.4)

Controlling Ella (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,795
5 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
a good read, took a bit to warm up to Ella though but all of a sudden, just as the story was moving along nicely the book ended. Boo.




She nodded timidly. The man had an oddly commanding air about him, even more so than Larry. “Did you have an enjoyable afternoon by the lake?”

“Father. Don’t embarrass her. Were you honestly watching?”

“I like to know what my sons are up to.”

Ella felt her face flushing with heat. She wanted to crawl under the table and disappear. Was it really possible that Orian had been watching them?

Graft set a tray of drinks on the table and sat down. He turned to her with an amused sparkle in his eyes and then shook his head. “The two of you are going to give her a stroke. Knock it off.” Graft gave her leg a squeeze under the table and Ella turned her eyes to Griffin.

He chuckled mischievously. “I’m sorry. No. My father doesn’t have a crystal ball or a viewing bowl. He was just being nosy and I’m sure your scarlet face just answered his question.”

She could feel her expression turning from embarrassed to sour. Griffin got up and walked over to kneel beside her. He put his head in her lap. “Forgive us, sweet one. It was adorable to see you blush though.”

Ella was not used to being teased. She didn’t know whether to smack him in the side of the head or get up and leave the room. Instead she simply stayed where she was. Trinket put a huge bowl of homemade rolls on the table. They were golden brown and shiny as if they were coated in honey. “What are you men doing to this poor girl?”

“I was being a bad boy, Mother,” replied Orian in a repentant voice. “I was getting a feel for her sense of embarrassment. She blushes easily. It is nice to know that such a beautiful woman has a sense of modesty.”

“Beauty has nothing to do with modest, Orian.”

“I disagree,” said Graft. “I’m not saying this is a finite rule, but very beautiful woman tend to learn early how to use their beauty to their advantage. The human race values outward appearance too highly. That makes for questionable ethics and arrogance.”

“Are you saying that Ella had questionable ethics?” asked Orian.

“I said it was not a finite rule. Ella is obviously not arrogant, and she has very high ethics. She is also not accustomed to having her balls broken at the dinner table, Father and Griffin.”

Graft was her white knight of the hour. Not only had he complimented her, but he had spoken up when Ella didn’t feel she had the right to do so. She put her hand over his, and tried to stop the tears from forming in her eyes. The situation had upset her very much. Possibly more than it should have. Griffin touched her other hand and when she turned to him, he stood. Griffin pulled her chair away from the table and almost lifted her out of the seat before leading her outside. “Why do you look like you are going to cry? We were only teasing you a little bit. My father has a weird sense of humor. It’s nothing to get upset about.”

She didn’t want to face him. Her tears were unwarranted. Larry had always told her that she cried over stupid things, and now Griffin was doing the same thing. She said to him what she had never said to Larry. “I can cry if I want to.”

Griffin visibly slumped his shoulders. “I missed something here. I wasn’t saying that you shouldn’t cry. I was asking why you are crying.”

She sniffled, her top lip curling into her mouth. “Because…”

“Because why? I want to know what upset you so much. Was it the idea that my father knew what we were doing?”

“I don’t know.”

He led her over to the swing in the backyard and brushed it with his palm to remove the dead pine needles. Griffin urged her to sit down. “Please talk to me. Didn’t you talk to Larry when you were upset?”

She shook her head. It was part of the reason that she was upset. “I wasn’t allowed to get upset.”


She inhaled, started to speak, and then stopped. Ella knew that the words in her mind were going to come out wrong. They were ridiculous, and somehow she hadn’t known that before. “I…” Ella licked her lips nervously. “Larry didn’t like it when I got upset. He told me it was childish to cry and said that I overreacted to everything. I learned to…” She shrugged. “I would wait for him to leave or go hide in the bathroom. It was a blessing that he didn’t want to see what I did in there, so I always shut the door.”

Griffin stared at her for a moment, the concern on his face verifying what she already knew. She was wrong.




Ella was trussed up like a hog, her pussy completely exposed. If Larry had ever tied her up as such, she would have screamed. Somehow it didn’t bother her to have Graft doing it. She knew it was only a temporary position. Graft would not leave her this way and go out to kill someone. She wondered if Griffin was in the room. “Can I speak?”


“Is Griffin here?”

“No, he went to bed.”

“Oh.” She was bewildered to hear that she was alone with Graft. She had never had sex with just one of them. Graft pinched the outer flesh beside her clit between his fingers and clipped something tightly onto her skin. He placed another one halfway to her pussy and then a third directly to the right of her cunt’s opening. It didn’t exactly hurt, but each one supplied a tight, slightly pinching sensation. The clips wiggled and then he wrapped what felt like a piece of twine around her leg, tying it loosely. A second later, he adjusted the string so it pulled the lips of her pussy outward with the clips. Graft did the other side, exposing her clit and pussy completely. When he ran his fingers up the center of her splayed flesh, she jumped.

“Am I hurting you, Ella?”

“No. It just feels really tight and really weird.”

“It is not supposed to hurt. Let me know if it starts to. I like how it looks. It pulls you wide so I don’t have to push at the outer skin. I have full access to your sweet spots. You have a really nice pussy.”

The comment caught her completely by surprise. “Thank you.” Ella was afraid to move. If she shifted her leg and pulled a clip off, it would probably pinch badly.

“I would love to pierce your pussy lip. Would you let me?”

“Can we do that some other time?”

“Of course.” He was beside her. Ella felt him gather her breast into his palm. He coerced the nipple tight with his fingers and slid what she imagined was the small rubber cup over it. Graft pumped it up and then turned it on. Ella’s nipple was stretched tight, the tiny fingers of the spinning rubber massaging the head of her nipple. The sensation was far more dramatic than she expected. She heard herself moan softly and when he did the other one, it doubled the pleasure. “Feel good?”


He leaned and stroked her cheek, his lips touching hers. His tongue was soft against her own, his mouth caressing her in a way that made her pussy long for the same attention. Then Graft was gone. Ella waited, wondering what he was going to do next.

The soft whir of the spinners on her pulsing nipples was slightly distracting, and she strained to hear what he was doing. Ella felt him between her legs again. Graft slid something thin and cold up into her anus. She had no idea what it was until he turned it on and it began to softly vibrate. The sensation leaked into her pussy, making it throb with expectation. Graft’s finger slid down her crease again and then he moved it back to her clit. His finger felt slightly weird and then it too began to vibrate. Ella opened her mouth, gasping for air. He inserted his tongue into her wide-open cunt, his mouth hot against her skin. Ella was panting for air, her breaths coming out in small mewls of sound.

Graft sealed his lips around her flesh, sucking as he stroked her inner nerves with his tongue. Ella rocked her hips, her cunt roaring to full flame under the assault of his attention. She felt it coming, the pulse of her pussy more rampant. She wanted it, needed it. Her cunt exploded around his mouth, throbbing as he continued to suck and lick. The buzz in her anus and against her clit was overwhelming. Ella thrashed her hips and he put his hands to her abdomen, stopping her. Graft was relentless. He wasn’t backing off. His finger held its position, his tongue wiggling against her G-spot.

Ella’s cunt was rising again, the throb hotter and ever more demanding. Graft filled her pussy with something slim and cold. He turned it and Ella had no idea what it was. It was highly ridged and somewhat squishy. Rather than buzz, it started to spin slowly inside her. It shifted as it turned, putting pressure on all different places inside. Ella felt every tiny movement. Her cunt muscles were flexing ever quicker against the rotation. Graft removed his finger and licked her clit.

His tongue rolled to the right, encircling her skin, and then he changed direction. The toy in her cunt was building pressure. The raging call of climax was like the ever-nearing chug of a steam engine train, closer and louder with each passing second. Ella began to thrash again, her hips straining upward as Graft held her down with his free hand. It came, harder than before, her pussy pounding, her teeth clenched as she moaned in euphoria.

The toy was gone, but Graft continued to lick her clit. His tongue was applying the perfect amount of pressure. It was moving slowly, lapping at her throbbing clit. Ella suddenly felt the energy of his body as it flowed through his skin. It was more than just the wetness of his mouth, the buzz subtler than the vibrator but far more compelling. He slid his finger down, placing it over the opening of her pussy. It made Ella very aware of each time the muscles flashed tight in demanding desire.

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