[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, with M/M/M elements, werewolves, voyeurism, sex toys, HEA]
Nathanael and Justin Cooper want Siyandra Taylor, but they’ve held back from getting to know her better because they’ve seen how she looks at Roderick Cooper, CEO of Cooper’s Farm and Alpha of the Cooper’s Farm Werewolf Pack. But her time to choose is almost up, and they can’t wait any longer.
Roderick won’t look at the woman he loves because, as Alpha, he believes he has to provide brides for his men before picking one himself. Siyandra has almost run out of time to fulfill her contract and choose a pair of bachelors to marry. She really likes Nathanael and Justin, but she’s attracted to Roderick as well.
Meanwhile everyone is on edge as the werewolves move to buy the BDSM club and put in good managers. But before the sale is complete, they really need to find out who is introducing the evil things there.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Chosen by the Wolves (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this series and was tickled to see Roderick find his mate, along with Nathanael and Justin.




“Siyandra, do you still want to see us run as wolves?” asked Justin.

“Oh, yes, please. I’d love that.”

“Cooper, would you like to run with us tonight? It won’t be a long run, just enough for us to stretch our legs properly.”

It’d been a hell of a long time since he’d run in his wolf form. Offhand, he couldn’t even remember when it was. But months ago, definitely. Suddenly his wolf craved to be let out. To run free.

“Thank you, Justin, I’d like that. It’s been too long since last I ran. But how will this work with Siyandra?”

“Esther taught me how to ride the quad bikes. I’ll go on a bike while you three run.”

He smiled at her. She was smart as well as beautiful. But he already knew that from her interview. “All right. Let’s go to the barn then.”

They went back outside and in the barn, Siyandra took the keys and started one of the big red quad bikes, while the three men undressed. Roderick was conscious of being older and less fit than Nathanael and Justin, but at least he didn’t have a bulging belly yet. Although if he continued to spend a hundred hours a week sitting a desk he’d get one all too soon. He really needed to delegate more, but he’d already hired Keisha to help in the office so she could do some of Okapi’s work and Okapi could take over some of his chores. But there still never seemed to be enough hours in the day to do everything.

Oh well, he was going for a run now and really looking forward to it. His cock stood up and bounced as he looked at Siyandra sitting on the quad bike. Damn she was stunning. So very lovely. He wished she was sitting astride him not the fucking bike though.

The men were looking to him to lead them, so he said, “Siyandra, do you know the way down to the river then up to Lookout Hill?”

“Yes. I’ve been there several times.”

“Right, that’s what we’ll do then.”

He led the way down to the river, aware he was running just a little faster than he would if he was by himself. But damn it, he was the Alpha here and he wasn’t going to look old and incapable in front of his men. Or in front of Siyandra. But he’d have to slow down before they started going up the hill. If he got a stitch in his side, he’d look truly pathetic. He ran easily to the river and they stopped there and jumped in and out of the water, and around and over fallen trees. Justin rolled in the sand then shook himself spraying it everywhere, making Siyandra move out of his way, laughing.

He sniffed the water then lapped up a drink, standing with all four paws in the flowing stream. The sand here filtered the water and it was always pure and fresh. Wolves loved playing in water and this was a popular spot for the community both in human and in wolf form.

After a while they were all ready to move on again and he took them over a few dunes, which he expected Siyandra would enjoy going down as much as the wolves did. Then it was back onto the track to Lookout Hill. This, too, was a favorite place for the community to visit. In the day time there was an amazing view out over Cooper’s Farm—the crops, the fields, the wooded area. Even now, after midnight, it was beautiful with stars overhead and the fields lighter and darker shades of gray on black.

Siyandra turned the quad bike’s engine off, and climbed down, petting and stroking each of the wolves. She rubbed their ears and held their muzzles staring into their eyes. When it was his turn Roderick was certain she’d know each of them again if she saw them in wolf form. She was memorizing them so she could recognize them in the pack.

Finally she sat on the grass as if waiting for them to play some more, but the only game Roderick wanted to play involved her naked and his cock deep inside her. Such a damn shame he couldn’t take her. She belonged to Nathanael and Justin now, and it was more than he should expect they’d even let him share this brief time with her.

He changed into human form and sat a few feet away from her, facing her. “So what did you think of our wolves, Siyandra?”

“I saw Gowan on the airplane and I’ve seen some of you in the distance, but it was good to be able to share this time with you. I’ll know you again if I see you. Really, you’re all quite different. Not just in the color of your fur and your eyes, but in the way you stand and walk.”

“How do you mean?” asked Justin joining them.

“You’re a lot more playful. Mr. Cooper is very serious and focused. Nathanael likes to be first.”

Roderick stared at her. She’d summed up their characters in a few words and she was pretty damn accurate. “Call me Roderick,” he said.

“Roderick? Not Rod, or Rick, or Ricky?” she asked.

She had a lighter note in her voice and he wondered if she was teasing him.

“My mother never shortened my name, but at school I occasionally got Dick and didn’t like it. Rod or Rick would be okay in private I guess.” Then he realized he and she would never be alone in private. She belonged to Justin and Nathanael. Fuck it. Why can’t I get it into my head she’s not mine?

“I like Rick for you. Nathanael, do you ever get called Nate?” she asked.

“Yes, I do, and I don’t mind it. Are you going to call Justin, Juzzy?”

“Justin’s only two syllables. I can cope with that.”




“What about three cocks? Could you cope with them? One in your cunt, one in your ass, and one in your mouth.”

“Three?” asked Siyandra.

“Justin and I are right, aren’t we, Cooper? You want her as much as we do. Your eyes and your body can’t disguise it no matter how hard you try. So yes, three. You know you want Cooper and he wants you. But Justin and I want you as well. So three men, three cocks. Are you ready for that? You want us all, don’t you?”

Roderick’s cock was so damn hard he was afraid he’d shoot his cum right now before he’d even touched her. He hadn’t realized they’d seen his desire on his face but he was impressed and humbled that they’d agreed to include him in the relationship. Just like that, with no arguing or negotiation, the other men had simply accepted him. Or maybe they’d already talked about it in private. Either way, he was unbelievably lucky. He would get to touch the woman he wanted above all others.

“I do want all three of you. I thought I’d have to choose. I thought Rick didn’t want me. But I’d like to try to please all of you.”

Instantly they were undressing her again, properly this time, not just partially like in the car. And this time she stopped and pulled her purse off her shoulder where it’d been all night long. Inside was a tube of lube and a string of condoms, which she handed to Nathanael.

“I thought good girls didn’t fuck on a first date?” he teased her.

“Technically it’s the second date. Besides, as Justin said before, bad girls have a lot more fun.”

Roderick lay on the grass with his legs stretched out in front of him and pulled a condom over his heavy dick. He lifted the now naked Siyandra and sat her on his cock, noticing how easily he slid inside her cunt and how hot and wet she was.

He reveled in her little shiver, and the way she wiggled closer to him. Roderick pushed on her hips until she was pressing down hard on his balls, his dick encased in her cunt to the hilt. Then he started stroking her skin, eager to touch and taste every inch of her, to imprint her scent and feel and texture on his mind forever.

She was busy exploring as well, her hands rubbing over his chest and her fingers tweaking his nipples. He pushed her head back and sucked a breast into his mouth. Her breasts were large and soft. They filled his hands and made his cock jump inside her. He sucked hard on her nipples pulling on them until they were fully engorged then drawing wet lines over her globe with his tongue.

Nathanael was opening her ass behind them, so he moved his hands down to pull her ass cheeks apart and help out. Fuck! They were soft and arousing as well. Every inch of her made his cock hard and his desperation to begin fucking her harder to postpone. Then Justin was kneeling beside them holding his cock in his hands and Siyandra turned her head to lick over his shaft. Roderick watched her face as she tasted and teased Justin. She was definitely enjoying her power over them. She was a woman made for loving. A strong, sturdy, smart woman, well able to cope with three men.

Finally he could feel Nathanael’s cock pushing into Siyandra’s ass, sliding gradually down inside her on the other side of the thin tissue wall from his own cock. She’d been clenching him tightly before, but now that grip intensified. Suddenly he was worried he really would spurt his seed before the fucking began. Her grip on him was so delightful he was within an inch of coming already. Roderick closed his eyes and made a mental list of all the things he needed to do tomorrow. Suppliers and deliverers to talk to about the onion crop, plans to make with Nala about her herb garden, and discussions with Heath and Purvis about what they’d learned at the BDSM club.

That fucking club. He couldn’t wait to be the majority shareholder so he could return it to the way it used to be. A genuine BDSM club following the safe, sane, consensual rule, with a “neat, black” dress code and no total nudity allowed in the public rooms. Consenting adults could do as they pleased in the private rooms, but there’d be no more public fucking once he took control unless it was a properly authorized and run exhibition.

“I’m ready,” said Nathanael.

Roderick withdrew from Siyandra’s cunt, pleased his cock was back under his control, as he matched Nathanael’s slow strokes in and out. He had one hand resting on her breasts flicking a finger over her nipples, cupping her globes, and generally trying to increase her desire and find out exactly where she most liked to be touched.

Out of the corner of his eye he watched Justin pumping in and out of her mouth. He head was tipped well back, but with Nathanael behind her fucking her ass, Justin wouldn’t be able to get down her throat tonight. Still, from the intent look on his face she was doing a great blow job on him. Roderick expected no less of her. She was a woman made for love. Her lush body was the perfect home for three dicks and he knew fucking her in a bed would be even better than the amazing things she was doing to his dick and his heart right now.

His heart. Hell, yes, his heart. He’d wanted her from the moment he’d seen her interview and no matter how often he’d told himself she belonged to a pair of bachelors, that hadn’t changed his need for her. Justin and Nathanael agreeing to share her with him was the greatest gift anyone had ever given him, apart from Siyandra herself giving him her body. She was everything he’d ever wanted and more, and he vowed to cherish her forever.

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