[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, bondage, spanking, wax play, sex toys, HEA]
Ever Wilson is mourning the tragic death of her parents. Her boyfriend has walked out on her, and she had been left alone with no family to rely on. She is also secretly dealing with the changes in her body after being bitten by a werewolf named Carmen. Carmen, however, was killed before explaining to her what she would become.
Ever meets Mick Sten and finds herself under his tender holistic touch. When Mick flies down to help his father in Texas, Ever gets the flu. It is Mick’s twin brother Kris who comes to her rescue. Kris nurses her back to health, and Ever finds that she cares about the two men equally. She also discovers that they are werewolves, and that she is in danger because she now possesses Carmen’s genes.
When identical triplet Liam comes home from France, Ever finds herself entangled in the center of their family pack.
A Siren Erotic Romance
3 Shades of Wolf (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a weird book. At first I thought it was just trying to tell us about how to live gluten free then it was trying to tell us to have the emotions of robots. You would think that the author would have provided more info about how she was initially turned but no, there was no info, no emotion instead we learnt about honey & painkillers.
I totally won't be rereading this book again!




He waited, his hands slipping up her sides as he began to rub the naked upper portion of her ass. Ever was so turned on. Her entire body was tingling with sensation, his hands feeling as if they contained a magic spell. “Before what, Ever?” he repeated with slightly more vehemence in his tone.

Maybe she should tell him. Maybe he would be able to order tests or give her some kind of herb to undo what Carmen had done to her. Ever inhaled deeply, trying to brace herself. Mick wouldn’t understand. Mick would think that she was crazy and she would never see him again. “Before my parents died.”

His hands stopped, solid muscle clinging to the outer portion of her ribs. “Did you know that a lie causes a complete physical reaction? It caused the muscles to tighten unconsciously. Wanna tell me the truth?”

She swallowed hard. It had been a lie and he knew it. “I can’t.”

“Why?” His hands moved again, working the knots from her muscles, the massage so deep and penetrating.

“You’ll think that I’m crazy.”

“Try me.”

“His name was Carmen. I took some business school classes and two weeks before graduation, I was in a club. Carmen walked up me and…” She chuckled. “He was so sweet and so full of compliments. He bought me a drink and we talked for hours. I gave him my phone number and he called me the next day. We dated for three months and then one night he said that we should stay together for eternity. I asked him if he was proposing, but he wasn’t. He…” Ever stopped. She couldn’t go on. She couldn’t possibly tell him this.

Mick slid off the side of the bed and put his hands under her stomach, flipping her over. Crawling back over her, he sat on her upper thighs. His hands remained on her abdomen, kneading, caressing her skin as he stared deeply into her eyes. Ever looked away and he put his hand to her cheek, catching her gaze. “Talk to me, Ever.”

“Someone shot him a week later. The police said that it was random gang violence. But I don’t think so. I find it more likely that someone knew what he was, and they killed him for it.”

“What was he? Was he a werewolf?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. He died before he had a chance to explain exactly what he was, or what he made me into for that matter. It’s not like I’m forced to change when the moon is full. I don’t want to kill anyone. Sometimes it happens in my sleep. I wake up and I’m furry. Carmen never got a chance to explain what he had done. He bit me and I felt weird afterwards. Is there some kind of test or drug or something?”

What was she asking? Why had Mick asked if Carmen was a werewolf in the first place? Was she getting furry because she was talking about it? Ever grabbed for her face, feeling the skin and then looking at her hands. Mick took them gently. “It’s okay, Ever.”

“I’m not crazy. I swear.” He brought her hands to his lips, kissing her fingers.

“I know you are not. There are things in this world that are thought to be fictional. You are not a vampire because you were out in the sun. You are not shifter, because theirs is a born thing. Weres can pass their genes along through a bite. It was Carmen’s way of claiming you and keeping you young to be with him. I’m sorry he is dead.”

Mick believed her? Was he humoring her? His eyes were so beautiful, the brown coloration lightening and taking on more yellow as he looked at her. He had the same eyes as Carmen. “You’re one of them?”

He nodded slowly. “I am. I was born a were. The things they say on television and movies aren’t true. Granted, we feel the full moon, but it does not prompt us to run out and kill someone. We are simply an offshoot of nature. It is said that our kind lived in the wilds and needed the ability to grow long, thick fur to protect ourselves. We retained our form and simply grew fur. Unfortunately for our kind, our women are more like certain breeds of dog. They only come into heat once a year and if they find no man then they don’t breed. It has limited our ability to prosper and reproduce. We can multiply by a bite, but it is rarely done. Too much fear has been bred into the minds of humans for them to readily accept what they have become. Most freak out, just as you are doing. You and I also can’t breed. A human who is turned is still genetically inferior to a full were and your body will not accept my offering.”




There was something that she wanted to talk to him about. Mick slid his jeans down his hips, her eyes following them as they dropped to the floor. He stepped from the crumble of fabric with the most amazingly muscled legs she had ever seen. They weren’t bulky and didn’t appear to have a smidgen of fat on them, but they were perfectly tapered and thick with muscle. She sat up, wanting to rid him of the light-blue boxers that were still covering his flesh.

What had she wanted to talk to him about? It probably wasn’t all that important. Ever grabbed the waistband of his underwear and slid them down. Mick pushed her back onto the bed and grabbed her ankles, flipping her the right way around on the mattress. He leapt upward, almost diving on top of her as he twisted in midair, landing on his hands and feet over her. He leered into her eyes, brilliant yellow-gold orbs seeming to stare into her soul. His nostrils were slightly flared, his arms flexing as he lowered himself onto her body.

Ever started to shiver, the feel of his flesh making her quiver inside. Her heart began to beat faster, her breathing quickening from the pure sensation of his body. She put her hands to his cheeks, her mouth opening for his taking. Mick thrust his fingers into her hair, wrapping them in the strands, his lips crushing hers again. It felt amazing, his tongue demanding, snaking around hers in the most enticing way.

Ever was grabbing for him, her hands on his shoulders, her nails grinding against his hard flesh. He was amazing, his body like soft skin-covered stone. Every move he made caused the muscles in his back to flex against her palms. The sensation overwhelmed her mind. She had been denied the sight of his cock and longed to have it within her now-throbbing pussy. He pulled back, licking and nipping his way down the front of her body. She wanted him to take her, use her for whatever he desired as long as he calmed the ever-growing pulse within her cunt. It was the most infuriating thing Ever had felt. She needed him as if no other man had ever satisfied her before. Only Mick could do that for her. Only he could cure the quivering flesh that was sending ripples from head to toe. He wrapped his palms around her breasts, squeezing them playfully as he coerced her nipple into his mouth. The skin puckered and tingled at his touch, bolts of added heat streaking downward to collide with the already-throbbing beat of her cunt. Small mewls of pleasure were leaking from her throat, her breathing rapid and raspy.

Mick leaned his head back slightly, gazing up at her. “Feel good?”

“Too good. I need you inside me.”

“Not yet. Let it brew for a while.”

Ever didn’t want anything to brew. Let tea brew, not her pussy. It was about to boil over.

Her head lulled back on the pillows. It felt so heavy and foggy that she didn’t have the strength to keep it up. What the hell was he doing to her? He shifted back up, kissing her again. It was softer this time, more relaxed and leisurely. Ever returned it with complete attention. When he shifted back down, her lips felt chilled and tingly, and she licked them unconsciously. Mick had been eating cashews, and they tasted so good.

He dragged his hands down her body, the caress punctuated by tiny massaging kneads of his fingers. She was lost to the sensation, each touch catching in her mind to linger until the next one. She lulled her head to the side, watching him through lust-lidded eyes. If he licked her clit she would surely lose her mind. He knelt between her legs, pulling them upward with his hands. Ever stared at his cock. It was long and thick, jutting completely erect from his amazing body. Mick tilted his head, his eyes enthralling. His gaze absorbed her, making her shiver slightly with the intensity of it. “Say it, Ever.”

Say what? That she loved him? That she had missed him deeply. Was he asking permission? “Make love to me, Mick. Please.”

He smiled, that brilliant smile with the glimmering teeth and the two enlarged fangs. She had never seen that before. Was he going to fuck her, or kill her?

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