[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/M, bondage, sex toys, HEA]
After a tough week, including both of them getting dumped, Department of Criminal Justice agent Dean Titan and Granite County Chief Deputy Creed Darnley blew off some steam with sex that turned into a relationship. Things are good, yet not exactly great, and then they are kidnapped.
Before Granite County Medical Examiner Job Nicolson could come to terms with his fears of kinky dominating sex, Dean took up with fascinating Creed. When he heard about them being kidnapped and hurt, he heads to the hospital to take a chance and care for both of them.
For care to turn into love for these three, Dean and Creed have to first recover from the extreme torture they endured, and let Job into their hearts. Not to mention gun welding assassins, stalkers, an election, and finding a place to live that accommodates all their jobs.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Controlling His Men (MMM)
46 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is a must read book. The series is great. It is a book that is hard to put down until finish
Bellann has you hook on her stories and this is another great one.
With Dean, Creed and Job all trying to fit together.
virginia lee
donna b buccella




Job’s heart jumped into his throat, making it hard to breathe. Like a man being led to the electric chair, Job left Creed’s side and slowly walked over to Dean’s bed.

“I thought I was hallucinating. You’ve been here the whole time, haven’t you?” Dean asked, hoarsely.

Job picked up the large container of water with a long straw protruding out of the opening, and lifted it to Dean’s lips.

After a few sips, it looked to Job like Dean was more comfortable.

“When I got back to town and found out what had happened to you both, I had to come and help you,” Job answered. There, he admitted it. Now hopefully Dean wasn’t going to throw him out.

“Why would you want to help a man who, according to you, has sick and unnatural sexual urges?” Dean asked.

Okay he deserved that. “I didn’t mean any of that shit I said. I’m sorry, Dean. I was scared and stupid.”

Dean studied him with his one good eye. The doctors put a patch on the other to give it a chance to rest and heal. That side of Dean’s face was misshapen and purple from Bechard’s fists breaking his cheekbone. But to Job, Dean would always be one of the most handsome men he had ever met.

Job refused to look away from Dean. He wanted to show he was sincere.

“You know, I’ve become involved with Creed after you threw me to the curb,” Dean said.

Job wanted to argue and scream. Dean somehow always managed to cut through his professional doctor persona and bring out his vulnerable side. This made him want to revert back to being a two-year-old again.

“Say it, Job. Now or never,” Dean ordered.

“I didn’t throw you to the curb. I had this stupid idea that, if I did the stuff you talked about, my family would find out and never want to see me again. Even though it excited me, I thought I should only have sex the normal way,” Job burst out.

Angry vibes radiated off Dean and his one eye became hard. “Normal? Are you saying what I want isn’t normal, Job?”

Job cringed. He hadn’t meant that.

“Give the kid a break, Dean. The word he’s looking for is ‘vanilla,’” Creed said.

Job could have kissed Creed right then. Even if Creed should be getting some much-needed rest.

“Don’t look so relieved, babe, you’re not off the hook,” Dean informed him. “Creed and I are together now. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you think I’m going to dump Creed because you’ve changed your mind. You can have another think coming.”

“I was actually hoping you both would give me a chance.” Job held his breath.

“Both?” Dean asked, his one eye wide.

“Did he say both?” Creed asked.

Job’s eyes met Creed’s across the room. He hoped Creed could see he was serious and wanted him.

“Eyes on me,” Dean ordered.

Job hesitated. Creed’s warm, chocolate-brown eyes made him want to cuddle up next to the man. He knew Dean’s dark, almost black, eye would be hard. Drawing in a silent breath, he looked at Dean.

“I think you need to explain exactly what you want,” Dean said, “then Creed and I will have our say. And just so we’re clear, if one or the other of us isn’t willing to give you a chance, then your tight little ass is out in the cold.”

Job flinched and looked down at his hands. He had always found Dean a little overwhelming in his dominance. He never could understand how tingles of fear could cover his skin and at the same time his dick would be hard as stone.

“Hey, little doctor.” The gentle tone in Creed’s voice eased Job’s nerves. “There’s enough room on the end of that bed by Dean’s feet. Why don’t you climb on up there so we both can see you?”

Job looked at Dean, who nodded, and carefully sat on the corner of the bed. There might be enough room for him to scoot further on, but he didn’t want to take the chance and hurt Dean by jiggling him around.

“Dean, don’t you think he should take off his shoes and get entirely on the bed?” Creed asked.

“Yes, I think he should,” Dean agreed.

Dean’s eyes bore into Job’s. This was it. Job knew a small test when he saw it. Letting go of his misgivings, he slipped off his shoes and climbed on the bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, as there wasn’t a lot of room and he didn’t want to touch Dean’s bruised legs.

Quickly, he glanced at Creed, but then brought his eyes back to Dean. He thought Dean’s expression was less stern, but that could be wishful thinking.

“You said you wanted to be with us both. Do you have any idea what you would be getting yourself into?” Dean asked.

Job rubbed his finger over a crease in the blanket he was sitting on. “I thought that if I helped the two of you while you were recovering, we could see if it would work between all of us.”

Job looked up. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell what Dean was thinking.

“Would you be able to meet my demands? I was holding back while we were dating. I wouldn’t now,” Dean said.

Job shivered. Casually, he moved his leg to give his dick room in his jeans.

“Is this just in the bedroom?” Job asked.

“Mostly, but I think it will spill out into our daily lives together,” Dean answered.

“Job needs to let us have a moment alone,” Creed interrupted.

Job saw Creed frowning, and his heart sank. “Okay,” he said. Sliding off the bed, he grabbed his shoes and left the room.




Job stood in the middle of the master bathroom, working on taking humid, moist air from the running shower into his lungs. One minute he was unloading the dishwasher and checking on a napping Creed. The next, he found himself helping a man built like a Roman Gladiator undress.

Dean Titan was tall, broad and wide in the shoulders. His waist tapered down to powerful thighs that made Job drool. Just thinking about the thick, long cock between those thighs caused Job’s ass cheeks to clench together.

Job wasn’t a virgin. There were lovers in his past. In college, he enjoyed attending classes, learning how the body functioned. Outside of class, he learned how two bodies felt rubbing together in the heat of sex. But nothing prepared him for the overpowering DCI agent in his shower.

Blinking, he sprang into action and all of his clothes fell to the floor in a heap. Job was ninety-nine percent sure his dry spell of no anal sex was about to end spectacularly. Opening the shower door, Job found Dean sitting on the built-in bench, legs spread and stroking his cock that not only intimidated Job but excited him beyond belief.

Stepping into the shower, Job knelt down between Dean’s legs under the warm spray of water. Looking through the mist coating his hair and face, Job met Dean’s dark eyes. Reaching up, his hands encircled the big man’s heavy cock.

Leaning forward, Job licked a path from the hair-covered base to the spongy, bulbous head, taking his time to enjoy every square inch. Dean smelled and tasted so good. Job couldn’t resist licking around the bottom rim of the thick head, while running his hands up and down the velvety root.

Dean leaned against the tiled wall of the shower, tipping his head back. “Suck on it, babe,” he ordered.

With pleasure, Job pulled the head of Dean’s cock into his mouth. Humming, he flattened his tongue against the wide cap. A combination of salty and bitter pre-cum exploded on his tongue, making him search out the tiny slit on the end for more.

Like a delicious lollypop, Job sucked hard on Dean’s cock, his mouth stretched wide, straining to accommodate his width. Looking up, Job saw Dean lean forward, almost curling over him.

Dean flexed his hips up, pushing his cock deeper into Job’s mouth. A hand cupped the back of his head, holding it steady. Now Job was under Dean’s control, accepting his will.

With slow increments, the cock in Job’s mouth rocked further inside until he was forced to swallow over and over.

“That’s right,” Dean’s deep voice murmured. “Take it all.”

Dean abruptly pulled his cock out until only the head was sitting on Job’s tongue. Both men looked at each other in understanding. With one slow, steady thrust, Job was deep-throating Dean’s cock. Not giving him time to adjust, Dean started a rhythm, forcing himself further down Job’s throat.

Job loved it. All too soon, Dean’s hips stuttered, his cock growing bigger. Job’s lips stretched wider, straining to accommodate his lover. He moaned, wanting to taste Dean’s cum. But the big man would have none of that and came down Job’s throat. When Dean finished spilling his essence, he pulled out, leaving the head of his still-stiff cock in Job’s mouth.

Breathing hard through his nose, Job savored the small taste he stole by putting the tip of his tongue into Dean’s slit.

“Climb on my lap, babe,” Dean ordered. “And put your arms around my shoulders.”

Reluctantly releasing Dean’s cock, Job stood. Stepping forward, he swung each of his legs across Dean’s thighs until he straddled his lap facing him. Reaching up, Job followed Dean’s instructions and put each of his hands on the big man’s shoulders, bringing their chests together.

Dean grabbed a tube off the small shelf built into the corner of the shower. Squeezing a good amount of lube onto his fingers, Dean’s hand disappeared until Job felt it probing between the cheeks of his ass.

“Dean,” Job said, his body trembling.

“Shhh…push out,” Dean ordered.

A large finger rubbed hard against Job’s hole until the tip popped inside. Job instinctively raised his lips, needing Dean’s kiss. Dean’s tongue brushed over his lips before sliding between, and their tongues tangled together. At the same time, the finger in his ass pressed deep.

Dean continued to kiss Job, forcing him to breathe through his nose. Job relaxed his muscles, letting the probing finger slide easily inside him. Dean didn’t waste any time and one became two. Job became overwhelmed by the dual sensations of his mouth being dominated as well as his ass, and pushed against Dean’s chest.

“Relax, Job,” Dean said against his lips. “I’m in control. Hold on and let me in.”

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