[Siren Publishing: The Bellann Summer ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/M, HEA]
Helping out friends, Laser went in search of hard-partying Holt McCoy and Daniel Powel. His mission turned personal when he saw the two sharing a scorching kiss. Taking them home was easy. Keeping them turned out to be another matter entirely.
Holt used drugs and alcohol to forget the agony of watching his beloved mother lose her battle with leukemia. But no matter how hard he tries to find love, in the end he’s alone. After being kidnapped and tortured, Daniel had two options: feel sorry for himself for being stuck in a wheelchair or go out and have fun. His choice had his mind floating out of his body to the hard beat of music. His soul found its other half in Holt. Then, Laser came along and proved he needed a third.
It was too bad Daniel and Holt couldn’t get this relationship thing right and kept getting lost. But they needn’t have worried. Big, bossy Laser always found them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Loving Laser's Lost Boys (MMM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
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The ride was familiar. Daniel had been on this bumpy, two-lane, back-in-the-sticks road before. When Laser turned into a rundown old farmhouse with a dilapidated barn in the back, Daniel knew where they were.

“This is where we met.” Holt put a hand on Daniel’s thigh and squeezed.

Daniel looked over and saw Holt’s other hand rested on Laser’s leg. As always, Holt included them both in everything he did. Under the word loyalty in the dictionary was a picture of Holt. Probably his picture was also under loving, nurturing, and perfect.

Laser parked the truck and turned toward them. “Let’s go see what Darlene has to say about this place.”

Daniel didn’t understand. “We’ve already been here. We know it’s a rundown piece of shit.”

Laser reached over and placed his thumb on Daniel’s chin. “The first thing to remember when looking at a new property is to look for good bones. This means checking for a solid foundation and structure.” Laser smiled and tapped Daniel’s chin. “Now let’s go see what this place has to offer.”

Daniel shook his head as he left the truck. This wasn’t a new property, this had to be at least two hundred years old. As for bones, he wondered how many were buried out back.

“Look at him,” Holt spoke and pointed toward Laser. “He’s gone into his hunter mode. His face is emotionless and he’s balancing on the balls of his feet. The guy is tripping on this place.”

Holt was right, but Daniel didn’t get what Laser saw. He studied the house. The front porch looked okay, or it would be if someone painted it and the rest of the place. Maybe they could cover the gray if they used at least ten coats of the thickest paint available.

He couldn’t find one window that didn’t either have a hole in it or was missing completely. The front door matched the house’s color, but at least it was still there and looked sort of solid.

“I don’t know, Holt,” Daniel commented. “I’m not seeing what has the big guy’s underwear in a bind.”

“They’re going inside,” Holt said. “I suppose we should see what a solid foundation looks like, if this place has one of those.”

“You go on in,” Daniel instructed. “I’ll look around out here. The word sounds as if it has something to do with water or a fountain. Just be careful of loose floorboards or holes. I wouldn’t want you to hurt something.”

Holt wrapped his arms around Daniel and gave him a quick kiss. He didn’t unbalance Daniel in his exuberance. The man was nice that way. He also sometimes saw too much.

“Are your legs hurting today?” Holt asked. “Is that why you don’t want to climb those steps to go inside?”

“The physical therapist was a slave driver yesterday,” Daniel responded. “I’m a little sore.”

He wouldn’t admit that he was the one urging the therapist to do more with him. He was on the edge of ditching the crutches and couldn’t wait a moment longer than necessary.

Holt kissed the corner of Daniel’s mouth. “I’m sure we won’t be long. If you find this foundation, call me.”

Daniel nodded and took a moment to admire Holt’s tight ass flexing beneath his paper-thin jeans. Damn, just damn.

As he made his way around the house, he had to admit if you could overlook the neglect, the building was kind of pretty. The trees around were huge maples. His grandfather would love to tap them in the spring for their sap to make syrup. Daniel figured it might be better not to admit to puking next to the one on the far left during a rowdy party.

Behind the house, he found a small building that at one time might be a tool shed. Further in the corner of the yard, the chicken coop still had a few fence poles with wire attached around it.

Daniel stopped and studied the huge barn that stretched across the length of the back yard. There even was a short brown silo attached to one corner.

Not a smidgen of color stained any of the building’s boards. Some boards were missing and no glass remained in the windows of the basement area. Daniel wondered if it would be best to burn it down and start over.

“Isn’t it magnificent?” Laser walked up beside Daniel.

Daniel looked around, wondering what Laser was looking at. He couldn’t believe when he followed the line of Laser’s gaze that the man was talking about the barn.

“Have you been smoking wacky tobacco? Daniel asked.

Laser laughed and put his arm around Daniel’s shoulders. “You are so funny.”

“I wasn’t kidding,” Daniel responded. “I hate to break it to you, but this place is a dump.”

“No.” Laser turned serious gray eyes on Daniel. “This is going to be our forever home, and that barn will be my office and storage for my building materials.”

The roaring of shock ringing through Daniel’s ears clouded the events that followed. Only Laser’s firm hand resting on the small of his back kept him from floating off into la la land. In a haze, he heard Holt suggest a garden would fit in the corner of the yard. Laser assured Holt that any dreams they may have could come true here.

Daniel frowned, grabbed onto the front of Laser’s T-shirt, and pulled him down so he could speak into his ear.

“I couldn’t find the fountain,” Daniel whispered.




Holt collapsed back onto the sofa and Daniel released the now soft prick. Using his hands to lever himself up, Daniel crawled into Holt’s arms and the two snuggled up against each other. Moments later, both were snoring softly.

Laser sat there with his needs unsatisfied, wondering if it would be best to wake the two up and take them home. Maybe his dream of being in a permanent ménage relationship was just that, a dream.

Laser lowered the footrest, stood, and went over to the leather rocker-recliner in the corner. He grabbed the fleece blanket lying over the back. After covering the two men and taking a moment to admire how cute they looked together, Laser left the room and sought out the solace of his own bed.

Minutes or it could have been hours later, a tiny creak alerted Laser that he wasn’t alone. Keeping his eyes closed, he listened, getting a gauge on what or who had disturbed him.

A whisper broke the silence. “Shh, we have to be quiet.”

“I am quiet. You be quiet,” was the reply.

“Your chair needs oil. It squeaks.” Laser figured out that was Holt.

“I can’t help that it squeaks,” Daniel countered. “Get me in there before he wakes up.”

Laser kept his breathing even, not wanting to alert the two that he was awake and fighting the need to chuckle at their antics.

“Can you get into the bed?”

“Of course I can get into a bed, I just look like a cripple,” Daniel answered.

The bed jiggled.

“Wait,” Holt whispered, not doing a very good job of keeping his voice down.

“What?” Daniel demanded, doing an even worse job at being quiet.

“Let me get your clothes off.”

“Good idea,” Daniel agreed.

Laser couldn’t resist and peeked over at the two men that were quickly capturing more than just his interest.

Holt pulled Daniel’s shirt over his head and opened his pants.

“Keep your eyes closed,” Daniel demanded.

“Why?” Holt asked.

“I don’t want you to see my scars.” Daniel voice caught.

“Oh, Daniel.” Holt put his hand on Daniel’s cheek. “I think you’re beautiful no matter what you look like.”

Laser got what Holt meant immediately and agreed.

Daniel, on the other hand, had to spout a bit. “Sometimes you don’t make sense, Holt.”

“See if you can get in the bed,” Holt responded.

A puff of cool air touched Laser’s body as the covers were pushed down. There was nothing subtle about Daniel getting into bed or pulling himself up next to Laser. An elephant would have been quieter and more graceful.

As Holt walked around to the other side of the bed, the soft whisper of clothing being dropped to the floor caught Laser’s attention. It seemed both boys wanted to play.

Holt climbed onto the bed and easily slid next to Laser. He reached down and pulled the covers up over Laser and Daniel.

Laser raised his arms and both men snuggled in. Once the two were settled against him, Laser hugged them closer. He didn’t expect the soft rush of peace to slide over his soul.

His eyes popped open when fingers encircled his cock.

“Holy shit, he’s a big one,” Daniel whispered.

Another hand joined the first and began to explore the base of Laser’s cock before sifting through his pubic hair.

“Man, you’re right,” Holt whispered back. “Feel the size of his balls.”

For the next few minutes, Laser had to work on breathing as his cock and balls were thoroughly checked out. Blood surged and his cock lengthened to his full length. He spread his legs, giving the boys more room to play.

“Damn, I want,” Daniel stated.

Laser’s breath caught. Warm wetness encompassed his cock head and a tongue became busy seeking out every ridge and vein. Daniel proved to be knowledgeable at sucking cock. Laser closed his eyes in bliss. It seemed the man didn’t have a problem with his size.

Not to be outdone, Holt disappeared under the covers. Laser’s toes curled when his sack was lifted, and a wet tongue lapped at his sensitive skin, until Holt took one of his balls into his mouth.

Laser froze, the new sensation of his testicle in Holt’s hot, wet mouth intriguing as hell. His attention split in two ways when Daniel began fucking his mouth with Laser’s cock.

Shit, he wasn’t going to last long. Laser stared up at the ceiling and tried to remember the periodic table of elements. That became an utter epic failure when a wet finger added to the spine-tingling sensations, by creeping between his ass cheeks and rubbed against his hole. Laser’s belly quivered when the tip of that questing digit probed his ass.

The mouth around his cockhead sucked hard. Laser reached down, and grabbed Daniel by the hair, holding the man in place. Cum surged from his balls, up through his cock, and spurt into Daniel’s delightful mouth.

The finger in his ass began fucking it in earnest, the pinch sending more spunk into Daniel’s mouth. Damn, these boys were good.

Laser finished and relaxed back onto the bed. A spark of regret surfaced when the finger as well as the mouths that had tantalized him into giving up his load, left his body.

“Shit, he tasted good,” Daniel whispered and made his way back to Laser’s side.

“I get to tasted him next time,” Holt answered.

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