Dominated and Claimed (MM)

Granite County 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,011
40 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]
County Sheriff Steve Titan is a hard, dominating man who demands submission and rules. He’s been watching Haley Kenyon for months and even though he is seventeen years older, he has decided to claim the little beauty as his own.
Haley grew up in an abusive drug den, but worked hard to graduate college early and lands a job teaching four-year-olds. He may be small, but he has kicked many men to the curb when they couldn’t give him what he needs in the bedroom and a relationship.
Now that he has gained the sheriff’s attention, can the big guy handle an over the top snarky mouth and attitude? Can Haley handle the spankings when he pushes too far? Oh, then there are the whole issues of dirty cops, an old shed everyone is interested in, and the fact that Haley refuses to sleep in a bed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dominated and Claimed (MM)
40 Ratings (4.7)

Dominated and Claimed (MM)

Granite County 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,011
40 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another AMAZING book by Bellann! I again couldn't put the book down and read until I was done. I absolutely loved the book and Oh my the ending surprised me and had be gasping out loud. I am anxiously awaiting the next book!
Fantastic, I loved Steve and Haley story. Steve sexy hot dominant sheriff damn loved this..... Hoping Haley and Pete finally get so closure
Loved this
donna b buccella




Sliding his sore ass off the sheriff’s lap wasn’t the most comfortable thing Haley had ever done, nor was getting dressed for a jogging stint that Haley hadn’t asked for. By the time he had wiped off the sheriff’s leg and the floor, he thought maybe it was time for him to point this out.

“You know, I don’t remember any discussions taking place that included me running anywhere with you.” Haley’s eyes widened when the sheriff started to stand up, the look on his face telling Haley he was going to be thrown over the sheriff’s lap again. Haley’s poor derriere was currently not in any shape to feel the sheriff’s hard hand against it. So like the smart teacher he was, Haley turned and headed for the door.

As he descended the hangar steps he tried again. “What if I’m not a runner? I could have bad knees or lungs. It would be a shame if you had to carry me home or call an ambulance because my poor heart exploded or something.”

“Knock it off, beauty. I’ve been watching you for six months, and you jog at least three times a week,” the sheriff said as he started stretching his legs and arms.

Haley got caught up in watching the sheriff’s muscles ripple and move as he continued his stretching routine. Then his mind caught up to the conversation and got stuck on the watching him for six months part.

“Start stretching, I don’t want you pulling something,” the sheriff ordered.

Automatically Haley bent over and touched his toes. Within a few minutes he had his muscles loosened and ready. Straightening up, he looked at the sheriff.

“You’ve been watching me for six months?” he asked.

“The first time I saw you I was leaving the hospital floor, where your cousin Pete was recovering after the drug bust. You were just stepping off the elevator on the other end of the hall. Your head was thrown back and you were laughing at something Gabriel was saying.” The sheriff smiled at Haley. “Even though you looked way to young and pretty for an old rigid codger like me, I wanted you.”

“You’re not too old, but maybe you are a rigid codger.” Haley smiled back at the sheriff.

A big hand pulled him up against the sheriff’s rock-hard body. Firm demanding lips descended onto his in a brief kiss that left Haley’s senses spinning. Then against his lips the sheriff said, “Slow and easy, beauty. When we get back, I’ll wash every inch of that gorgeous body of yours.”

Haley was released and the sheriff took off at a steady pace down the driveway to the side road that would take them past miles of thick woods. Haley followed, knowing that running always let him figure things out in his mind. And boy did he have a lot to figure out. Minutes later the men were running easily side-by-side. The sheriff may have longer legs, but he was heavier and Haley found he could easily match his speed.

Around mile two, Haley asked, “What if I had a boyfriend?”

“You didn’t,” the sheriff answered.

“What if—”

“Enough, beauty, keep running,” the sheriff ordered.

By the halfway point, when the sheriff finally turned back toward the hangar, Haley’s leg muscles were starting to burn and his mind had settled down to where he was enjoying the flex and push the run was giving his body. When the two men made it back to the hangar, Haley was out of breath and ready to see what the big sheriff had in store for him.


* * * *


Steve enjoyed every second of watching Haley’s tight ass ascend the wooden hangar steps to his apartment. As he followed, the steps creaked and groaned under his weight. The cop in him noted that no one under a hundred-fifty pounds would be able to surprise Haley in his apartment with those squeaky steps. Of course he only had to worry about that until he convinced the smaller man to move in with him.

Was he jumping the gun? Not really. Men like him knew what they wanted when they found it. He had watched Cade, Damian, Gabriel, and the other guys from the Rescue for Hire Company find the other half of their souls and never let the men get away.

Steve knew his beauty was going to give him a run for his money. Hell, he was counting on it. The reason he had reached the age of thirty-eight and didn’t have a partner was because he had never found a man who was feisty enough to challenge him and yet have that submissive quality he demanded.

Haley kept walking until he reached the neat and tidy bedroom. Steve watched him pull off his light-blue tank top and slip off his shoes, shorts, and socks. The shoes were neatly placed in the closet and the clothes thrown into a nearby clothes hamper.

“I see you like to keep things in their place,” Steve observed.

“Actually I’m kind of a slob.” Haley laughed. “But my cousin Pete has OCD and can’t stand anything out of place. He’s had enough pain and conflict in his life that he doesn’t need to get all edgy and frustrated because I can’t put things back where they belong.”

In just his navy-blue underwear, Haley walked into the adjacent bathroom and turned on the shower. As steam filled the small bathroom, he turned around and looked at Steve, who had followed him.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed, sheriff?” Haley asked.

Steve had to smile at the little shit who thought he was going to run this part of the show. “How about you come over here and undress me, beauty?”




The phone sitting on the nightstand rang. The sheriff reached over, picked it up, and held the front out to Haley. Haley automatically swept his finger across the screen.

Lifting the phone to his ear, the sheriff said, “Sheriff Steve Titan.”

Haley blinked, realizing all this time he hadn’t known the sheriff’s name. He wondered if he would ever have enough courage to call him by his given name. To Haley he was the big, hard, sexy, handsome sheriff that turned his insides to jelly and his cock hard as a rock. Now that he thought about it, the man would always be the sheriff to him.

As the sheriff talked to whomever, Haley had a chance to admire the man who had deliciously ordered him around all morning. To Haley, the sheriff was a badass. He was tough, tall, and built like one of those mythical Greek gods from the books he had pored over in high school. He kept his dark hair razor-short on the sides and just a little longer on top. Haley thought if he let it grow a little longer, it might be dark brown in color.

Haley snorted to himself. The sheriff wasn’t going to let go of any control, even on his hair. By the sound of it, the conversation was coming to a close, so Haley only had a few more seconds to take in the sheriff’s firm, thin lips and square chin. His all-seeing dark eyes, high forehead, and prominent cheekbones made the sheriff a very handsome man. But it was the man’s iron-hard inner strength that drew Haley in like a magnet.

“I have to go, beauty. There’s been a multiple car accident up on Highway 70.” Those eyes kept looking at Haley, seeing everything. Haley tried his best to keep his face from showing any of the emotions he was feeling. A man shouldn’t feel so deeply lost just because a virtual stranger was leaving him to go to work.

“Well, go have fun,” he said, proud of himself for sounding so cool.

Haley again found himself on his back with the sheriff on top of him and his arms stretched above his head, wrists held together by one of the sheriff’s large hands.

“You have a smart mouth, beauty. But that’s okay, I can handle it,” the sheriff said. “The question is can you handle me?”

“What’s to handle? You’re leaving,” Haley countered.

“But, I’ll be back.”

Haley snorted. “That’s what they all say. Except usually they want a blowjob before they go.”

“Careful, beauty. Talking about other people that were in your bed before today could get you another spanking,” the sheriff said. “From now on I will be the only one in your bed.”

“I don’t do beds.” Haley chose to ignore the spanking comment. He also ignored how his cock jumped and lengthened when he heard it.

“We’re going to work on that,” the sheriff stated.

Haley was just about to make another snarky remark, when the sheriff’s lips covered his, and he swore he saw fireworks behind his eyelids. Immediately he opened, letting the tongue that was demanding entrance into his mouth.

He could do nothing but open his legs wider, letting Steve in closer as he was stretched out like a sacrifice under the big man. The tongue in his mouth continued to explore while a calloused hand encircled his cock and stroked it, making Haley’s toes curl. Haley wanted to arch closer and rub his sensitive skin against the lightly furred body above him, but Steve held him so securely he could barely move anything, except his tongue.

Tentatively he touched the tip of his tongue to the side of Steve’s. Immediately Steve tangled them together and sucked Haley’s tongue into his mouth. The firm hand on Haley’s cock was now steadily stroking him and his toes curled up even tighter as his balls pulled up painfully.

Helpless, Haley lay there, legs spread wide open, arms stretched high above his head, and both his mouth and cock totally being dominated, just like one of his secret dreams. A tingling at the base of his spine told him he was about to shoot his load.

Steve pulled his lips away, ending the kiss. Confused, Haley looked up into Steve’s face, trying to see why he had stopped.

“Don’t come,” the sheriff ordered.

Haley blinked. The man must be utterly, over-the-top crazy.

“No smart remarks, Haley. Do as I say and the pleasure will be tripled,” the sheriff said. “Come and I’ll spank your ass.”

Haley might want to come, and the thought of another spanking might not be too bad, but his cock only listened to the sheriff. Slowly, the tingling stopped and breathing became a little easier. Except now he was really horny, and the exasperating man had let go of his cock.

“I have to go. When I come back, I’ll make sure you are so satisfied, you won’t be able to move.” The sheriff dropped a kiss on Haley’s tender lips. “Rule number one, no self-pleasuring. You will wait for me.”

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