Adjusting to the Situation (MM)

Granite County 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,401
59 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]
One big Native American and one smaller blond cop meet on the dance floor, have a rendezvous in a storage closet, and the next day discover they will be working together. What’s one of the first things Synn Romeo and Craig Collins do? Find another closet.
What’s the second thing they do? Try to figure out who is mutilating and killing blonds. Help the County Sheriffs take down the man who has taken over the underbelly of illegal drugs and guns. And fall in love.
What’s the third thing they do? For Synn, it’s finding Craig when he’s kidnapped. For Craig, it’s surviving the kidnapping in one piece. Then the two discover the joys of life, like caring for Craig’s pets, Pete and Lola, and honoring Synn’s heritage in a special ceremony. Granite County has never harbored such evil before. It’s a good thing love always wins when men find themselves adjusting to the situation.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Adjusting to the Situation (MM)
59 Ratings (4.6)

Adjusting to the Situation (MM)

Granite County 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,401
59 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this series
Loved Sin and Craig story , of love survival, trust and commitment
donna b buccella
Craig and Synn are great together plus the culmination of the case they’ve all been working on since book 1 was exciting.
Christy Duke




Craig was tired. The whole idea to release a little stress and scratch an itch had backfired completely. A tall Native American, with long black hair, piercing dark eyes, and a take-charge attitude had somehow gotten under his skin. After Craig returned to his apartment and closed his eyes to get some sleep, the image of a hard enormous cock stretching his lips wide and forcing him to swallow it down his throat haunted him. Craig’s own cock was tender from all the jacking off he had done throughout the night.

Now, sitting at his desk, and pretending to fill out the weekly work schedule spreadsheet for the deputies, Craig made a decision. The only way he was going to get Synn out of his mind was to go out tonight and find someone else.

Synn. What an appropriate name. Craig forced down a groan of unwanted desire. Just the thought of the man had his dick filling.

Looking around the bullpen, Craig checked to see if any of the other deputies had noticed him shifting around uncomfortably in his chair. They would jump at the chance to raze him if they saw his hard on. Luckily everyone was busy typing on their computers, looking at files or talking on the phone. Now he just had to calm down his unruly dick.

Granite County usually kept around thirty employees spread throughout three shifts on the force. This included deputies, investigators and administration. Unfortunately the drug sting that had taken down Pine County’s corrupt sheriff had included a few Granite County deputies. And Sheriff Titan seemed to be taking his time in finding replacement personnel that met his criteria.

This morning only about eight deputies occupied the desks situated around the large room. From Craig’s position, located right outside the empty Chief Deputies office, he could see the whole room. Things were quiet at the moment, but Craig knew from reading the confidential report the sheriff gave him, things were going to change.

The door connecting the courthouse building to the sheriff’s department opened, catching Craig’s attention. Craig froze when Synn entered the room. The big man stood there, looking delicious in dark blue jeans and a charcoal blazer covering a black T-shirt. His long blue-black hair was pulled back, emphasizing his high cheekbones. A dark brown steely stare traveled over every person and item of the room, until they settled on Craig. Synn’s nostrils flared and his eyes widened. A predatory look came over his face.

If Craig could have, he would have run out the door. The intensity in Synn’s eyes told him things were far from finished between them. Craig trembled, not knowing if this was a good thing, or bad.

Synn blinked and the moment was gone. Craig watched him turn away and stride to the door of the Sheriff’s office suite. After a brief knock, Synn disappear behind it.

Deputy Troy Lambert dropped down onto the chair sitting next to Craig’s desk. “Who do you thing that hunk of drop dead gorgeous meat was?”

“You better be careful, Troy. You’ll find yourself at the end of sexual misconduct charges if anyone hears you,” Craig warned.

“Naw, it isn’t harassment if it’s the truth.” In Troy’s usual way, he switched subjects. “Hey, you want to go out to dinner at the hotel tonight?”

Craig wasn’t sure it Troy was asking as a friend or if this was a date. At the end it didn’t matter. It was time to quit thinking about a certain long-haired man who was totally messing with his brain. “Sure, do you want to meet there or go right after work?”

“Let’s go right after work,” Troy said, smiling.

Craig took in Troy’s curly blond hair and pretty green eyes. He was slim and about the same height as Craig. Troy had been with the department about a year. Craig hadn’t had a lot of contact with him, mostly just an exchange of comments now and then. Since, Craig had only been employed by Granite County for two months before he had been put on medical leave to heal from the shooting. Craig would always be thankful for Troy’s quick actions right after he was shot. They had saved his life.

Part of Craig wished there was an instant magnetic force between them, demanding he get closer, like Craig felt with Synn. But maybe in the end this would be better.

Smiling back, he agreed. “Sounds good.”

“Great, see you then,” Troy said, reaching across the desk and touching Craig’s arm. Craig couldn’t stop himself from pulling away from that touch.

Frowning, but not saying anything, Troy got up and left Craig to his own troubled thoughts. Now he wasn’t sure if he should have accepted Troy’s invitation. The image of Synn giving him that smoldering look before disappearing into the sheriff’s office played through Craig’s mind. Confused Craig forced his focus on the spreadsheet in front of him.

Forty-five agonizing minutes later Sheriff Titan walked out of his office with Synn. They stood side by side, facing the bullpen.

“I’d like to make an announcement,” the sheriff called out.

The whole room became quiet. Craig’s mind raced. Holding his breath, he hoped with every fiber of his being that the sheriff wasn’t going to say what he had a feeling he might.

“This is Synn Romeo. He has just accepted the position of Granite County’s Chief Deputy.” The sheriff’s eyes scanned the room. “I expect every one of you to welcome him and show him what a great place Granite County can be to live and work in.”

Craig’s breath came out in a rush. Oh shit.




The owner of the house died about three months ago and Craig had heard through the grape vine the place would stay empty until the owner’s son got back from an overseas trip in a couple of weeks. The word around town was that the son was going to put it on the market.

Being only ten minutes from town and sitting on an acre of land, the place was perfect in Craig’s eyes. He didn’t need forty or one hundred acres to be happy. In fact, he had already contacted the son and was waiting for a reply to his inquiry.

Synn parked in front of the three-car detached garage and turned the engine of the vehicle off. Both men sat there in silence.

Finally Craig couldn’t take it anymore and got out of the vehicle, slamming the door extra hard just to show Synn how pissed he was. Craig marched around the house hoping the view would calm him down.

Craig walked over to a heavy-duty lounge chair made from thick red wooden beams. Put a pretty cushion on it and it would make the perfect place to relax, have a beer, and enjoy the magnificent picture of nature in front of him.

“Are we trespassing, deputy?” Synn asked from behind Craig.

“Technically,” Craig said.

“It’s pretty,” Synn said.

“Yep,” Craig answered.

Neither man spoke. Only the birds and the squirrels chattering at them from the branches of the oak trees broke the silence.

Craig turned away from the view and faced Synn. “Look, I don’t know why you’ve come down on me so hard. All I did was treat a citizen of Granite County with respect.”

Synn stepped forward, his face a mask of anger. Involuntarily Craig took a step backward, the back of the lounge chair bringing him up short.

“What you did, was use that charm you’re always throwing around to get that guy to like you. Half the time you don’t even know you’re doing it.” Synn huffed, seeming to gather steam. “You put your hands on him multiple times.”

“I was just steadying him so he wouldn’t fall,” Craig interrupted.

“You made yourself vulnerable. He could have grabbed your gun or pulled one of his knifes on you,” Synn accused.

“Mr. Peterson wouldn’t have done that,” Craig said defensively.

“You don’t think so? Did you notice that your supposedly innocent Mr. Peterson had blood and hair on his boots?” Synn asked.

“Oh, so now you’re telling me he’s killed someone?” Craig challenged. There was no way he was admitting he didn’t see the blood or hair.

“No, I am saying that Mr. Peterson had traps set in the woods behind those buildings. And since it’s not trapping season, they’re illegal. I’m saying Mr. Peterson is a poacher, and I believe with the amount of weapons he was carrying, he is perfectly willing to defend his activities.”

All of Craig’s anger and bravado deflated like a balloon. He turned around and looked back out at the view, thinking what a fool he had been.

“I deserve to be written up,” he stated.

Hands came down on his shoulders and began to massage them. “I’m not going to write you up, baby. You just have to learn how to trust me.”

Craig leaned back and Synn put his big muscled arms around him. Tilting his head, Craig looked up at Synn and smiled. “We just had our first huge fight,” he pointed out.

“That we did.” Synn smiled down at him.

“I think we need to take a ten minute break from duty.” Craig rubbed his ass against the growing bulge in Synn’s pants.

Synn reached down and opened Craig’s pants. “Do you think ten minutes is enough for our dance?” Synn asked with an accent that was suddenly thick.

Craig arched up when Synn roughly grabbed the base of his dick and firmly pulled his fingers up along the skin until they reached the tip. Synn gave Craig’s cockhead a good squeeze.

“Shit, I’m going to come.” Craig’s hips thrust forward seeking more friction.

“No you’re not,” Synn ordered and let Craig’s cock go.

“You sucker,” Craig bitched.

“I’m not, but you will be,” Synn responded. “Get on your knees and get me nice and wet, baby.”

“I’ve got lube in my pocket. My ass feels empty,” Craig said, trying to entice Synn to see things his way.

“That’s good. Now you can prepare yourself while you suck me,” Synn replied.

Craig shivered at the authority in Synn’s voice. Quickly he slid his pants down and kicked off one shoe, so he could take one leg out of his pants. It was actually a relief freeing his cock from the material rubbing against it.

Kneeling on one knee, Craig opened Synn’s pants, and pushed them down the big man’s thighs, releasing the heavy cock in the process. Pulling the lube out of the pocket of his pants, Craig squirted a good amount onto his fingers.

With one hand he stroked Synn’s thick already dripping cock. While his other hand reached down and greased up his own hole.

Hands came down and fingers sifted through his hair. “Open for me,” Synn ordered.

Warm soft skin touched Craig’s lips. Automatically he obeyed Synn’s command and let the thick weeping pole into his mouth. Putting pressure on the guarding muscle of his asshole, he slipped one finger inside.

When Synn began powering short sharp thrusts into his mouth, Craig added fingers two and three into his sphincter. The wide cock in his mouth pushed deep forcing Craig to breathe out of his nose. Craig pushed his fingers as far as he could up his ass craving the stimulation.

“Freeze,” Synn said.

Craig now had a dick deep in his mouth on the verge of entering his throat, and three fingers penetrated completely inside his ass. The act of stopping all movement and enduring the invasion had Craig’s cock lengthening and a constant stream of pre-cum dripping from the end.

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