Roman's Silent Mate (MM)

Supernatural Society Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,794
23 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, spanking, HEA]

Roman Walker left the demon realm to search for his mate in the human world. When he arrived half a century ago, the human world was chaotic with supernaturals challenging and killing each other. After working to build a stable world, Roman still dreams of finding his mate.

Micah Evans refuses to love anyone. With everyone he's ever cared for dead, he believes his love is bad luck. Living on the streets, Micah walks a lonely path as he hides from vampires and shifters out to get him.

One dark night, Roman saves Micah from an attack. Discovering his mate should be a happy time, but Roman now needs to convince his human mate that love is worth it. If that wasn't bad enough, he has to keep the supernatural world from falling apart and his mate safe from shifters and vampires. Worst of all, Micah continues to hide the reason he's being hunted.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Roman's Silent Mate (MM)
23 Ratings (4.4)

Roman's Silent Mate (MM)

Supernatural Society Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,794
23 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
This was a first book from this author for me. I was intrigued by the plot. I was not disappointed. Micah grew on me immediately. I cried for his suffering and rejoiced and his mating. I cannot wait to see what is next. I hope that this series has many stories to come and I will get every single one. Please keep them coming Sydney. <3 :D



Behind him he heard growling. No, that can’t be, he thought. He turned and the three men were gone. Instead, three large black wolves stared at him. The wolves were massive in size. His mind screamed. Wolves in the city. He shook his head, questioning his sanity again. The city was full of vampires, but wolves, too?

He pushed his body harder. His foot caught on an uneven section of pavement, and he tumbled to the ground and slid across the rough surface, scraping his hands and ripping his jeans. Almost instantly, he forced his body back up, but his ankle burned with pain. The pain moved up his leg. Micah whimpered as he tried to run, but winced with each step. He hobbled and tried to run again, but his ankle hurt too much. He looked back. The wolves were almost on top of him.

His ankle gave out and he tumbled again. He braced for another fall, but it never came. Two strong, muscular arms wrapped around him, pulling Micah into a hard, powerful body. He tried to push away.

“I’ve got you,” a deep voice said.

Micah whimpered before looking up into intense silver eyes. The silver-colored eyes both beautiful and unnatural pulled him in. Micah couldn’t turn away. He felt stripped bare from the piercing stare. He could hide nothing, his body and soul naked. The intensity filled him. His heart pounded. His whole body burned with the need to touch the tall man who held him, to reach up and run his fingers though the man’s ink-black hair. He wanted to pull the man down until their lips met. He licked his tongue over his upper lip, circling down to his lower lip.

Without thinking, Micah’s arm lifted up as his hand moved to touch the man’s cheek. Right before he reached the lightly tanned skin, Micah yanked his hand back. Horrified by his actions, he looked down, but the pull was too strong. Micah's eyes moved back up the man’s body and stopped at his eyes.

They looked directly at each other. Micah’s eyes widened in shock. He forgot about the danger they were in. He grabbed the man’s sleeve and turned to point at the three wolves. He watched in fascination as the wolves stood snarling and growling at the newcomer, but made no attempt to approach.

He gasped when the largest wolf transformed into the man from before, the one he assumed was the leader. Once again, he questioned his sanity. A wolf transformed into a naked man. No, that can’t be. He shook his head. This was real. His heart pounded a little faster. He wasn’t crazy.

“Roman Walker,” the shifter said. “We’re here for him. He’ll need to come with us.”

Micah looked up at the person the wolfman referred to as Roman Walker. He felt the man's large hand rubbing up and down his back. He shook his head, silently pleading for help.

Roman nodded in response and pulled Micah closer. “He is not going with you,” Roman said in a fierce tone that oozed power, strength, and confidence. Roman tightened his hold. “He’s hurt. Leave now, and I won’t kill you,” he snarled.

The wolfman backed up. He hesitated before responding, “You’re on the Council. You can’t kill us. There are rules.”

“Does it look like I care?” Roman asked. His silver eyes started to glow, the white part turning black. “You can’t break the rules and expect others to follow them. Back off or I’ll burn you alive.” Both sides of the alleyway burst into flames. Two long rows of fire burning brightly.

Micah cringed and moved closer to Roman. Roman’s large hand continued to rub in a circular motion between his shoulder blades. The touch made Micah’s cock harden. Micah looked up mortified that this man might notice. Roman stared past him at the wolves. The man’s steady focus with his unnaturally colored eyes and the wild and dangerous glare should have scared him, but Micah imagined those deep, penetrating eyes on him while he licked the man’s cock from tip to base. Micah’s body shivered as he closed his eyes. His body burned and begged for the large hand to keep rubbing his back and maybe move a little farther down. The deep attraction was scary and new. What was he doing? He silently prayed the night would end before things went too far and he found himself begging the man to fuck him. He looked up again. Maybe being pounded by this man wouldn’t be so bad.

Micah turned when the wolf leader cursed. Micah watched as the leader whispered to the two other wolves before turning back to look at them. “Fine,” he said to Roman before turning to Micah. “This isn’t the end.” The man’s body shifted into a wolf, and the three wolves ran in the opposite direction down the alley.




“Whenever you want to wrap your lips around my cock, just let me know and it’s yours.”

Micah’s head snapped up. He looked at Roman’s smirk. The man enjoyed teasing him. Micah, knowing it would get him in trouble, lifted his hand and gave Roman the finger. Micah looked directly at Roman and returned his smirk, daring him to react.

Roman’s face slightly reddened in anger. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked over to Micah. He lifted him up and carried him through the door into the connecting bedroom. Roman sat on the bed and positioned Micah facedown spread across his lap. He pulled off the towel, exposing Micah’s creamy white ass.

“I promised you, if you gave me the finger again, I would spank your ass.” Roman rubbed his hand up and down Micah’s backside. “Apologize and I’ll forgive you this time.”

Micah shook his head. He loved pushing Roman's buttons. He turned to the side and looked straight at Roman and stuck out his tongue. He turned back around and positioned his ass for the promised spanking. At the time, Roman meant every word. Roman was backing down for Micah’s sake, but Micah wanted the man’s hands on his ass. He pushed his cock into Roman’s leg for friction.

The first swat stung. True to the man’s word, each smack was harder than the one before. His hard cock kept pushing into Roman’s muscular thigh. It felt so good. After ten firm smacks, Roman rubbed his ass.

“You were very good. Your ass is nice and red. Now I’ll reward you.” Roman helped Micah up.

Micah straddled Roman’s lap. He leaned down and kissed Roman. He rubbed his body against the larger man. Roman’s tongue pushed at Micah’s lips, and he opened them to let Roman slide inside. Roman’s tongue pushed in as his large hands moved up and down Micah’s back. Micah ran his hands through Roman’s black hair. He wrapped his fingers in the wet strands and deepened the kiss. Micah pulled away, trying to catch his breath. He gasped when Roman stroked his hard cock.

Roman moved Micah onto the bed and positioned him on his back. Micah looked up at Roman as he removed the towel wrapped around his waist. Roman’s very hard cock jutted out.

Micah’s body shook with desire as large, strong hands coaxed his legs apart. This wasn’t a good idea, he told himself. Everyone he loved or cared for died. He wouldn’t survive another heartbreak. It was better alone. No matter what his mind whispered, his body reacted to every touch. He was powerless to stop Roman's strong fingers stroking his cock. Micah tried to resist, to deny the longing, but he was fighting a useless battle.

Roman stopped stroking his cock. “Let go. Don’t deny your passion. Let me touch you.”

Micah nodded, opening his legs. He reached down to rub himself when Roman’s large hand lightly slapped his hand away. “Not yet.”

Micah nodded as he pushed his hips up and down trying to urge Roman to continue.

“Have you done this before?” Roman asked, reaching into the nightstand for a bottle of lube.

Micah turned his head away, too embarrassed by his slutty behavior to answer the question. He jumped, thrusting his hips up when a finger pushed inside him.

“Answer my question,” Roman ordered.

He couldn’t explain the need to have Roman dominate him. The instant desire to obey. The overwhelming yearning to let go and trust Roman to handle everything. He closed his eyes to stop the thoughts from ramming into his head. He wanted to stop drifting and focus on the feel of Roman’s hands on his body. The finger continued to push in and out of him.

Roman leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Has anyone fucked you before?”

He shook his head no and pointed to Roman and held up one finger, trying to show Roman he’d be the first one.

Roman moaned and leaned back in. He caressed Micah’s ear with his lips before whispering, “Do you want me to stop?” Before moving away, he licked down Micah’s neck. “You taste wonderful.”

Micah looked up at Roman. The last thing he wanted was for Roman to stop. He should stop, but his body wanted more. He wanted to be touched. Micah wrapped his arms around Roman’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Micah’s legs opened wider to give Roman easier access. His fingers moved up and down Roman’s chest, feeling the toned, muscular body.

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