Devil's Pact (MFM)

The Devil's Playground 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 180,000
173 Ratings (4.4)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Western Menage Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Epitome of pure evil, born without a heart, soul, or conscience…even his parents did not claim him.

An Outlaw Who Takes What He Wants…

The moment Devin Spawn stumbles upon the exquisite beauty bathing alone in a river, he wants her. Morality non-existent, yet he struggles to keep his distance. His sexual excesses and massive proportions would be too much for the tiny girl who appears more waifish and innocent than womanly.

A Widow With So Much to Give…

The instant Megan Spawn feels his heated touch and potent sensuality, her flesh burns with wanton desires. It matters little he is the devilishly handsome outlaw known as the Devil’s Spawn, the most feared, lethal gunslinger in the West.

Together They Risk Everything in the Devil’s Playground…

Where sexuality is as untamed as the bloodthirsty savages roaming the western frontier, and childhood sweetheart Caleb Walker is guilty as sin, the dark side of lust and passionate surrender comes at a hefty price when you forge a Devil’s Pact.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Devil's Pact (MFM)
173 Ratings (4.4)

Devil's Pact (MFM)

The Devil's Playground 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 180,000
173 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Love Devin :) .... there's a good story to go with the detailed erotica in this book. Well done!
I very much like the story. However I find it lacking in the true sense of a menage as I dislike how the plot plays out for Caleb. Good story and awesome writer but that's just my opinion.
Professional Reviews

farrr.gif5 ANGELS, Fallen Angel Recommended Read: "Devil's Pact is the kind of book for people like me who enjoy reading about an overly aggressive testosterone filled man in love. Devin is not a gentleman; he's crude, kind of mean but the same passion he uses when killing is exactly what he brings to the bedroom. Samantha Cruise's historical feast was more than just a well developed story with guns, danger, mayhem and delicious wickedness. Devil's Pact was a story that sucked me into the emotional upheaval of the characters. I was right there during the orgasmic interludes that left me sweating and anxious for more. I was with them as they attempted with their bodies to say what each found so hard to say with words. I can't say enough how much I actually loved this book, all 497 pages of it. A story that had me on the hook from the first encounter with Meg to the final culmination when finally a decision was made on if Devin and Megan could make it, if their passion was more than rabid frenzy lust but something life altering, something meant to be forever. Caleb, the third in the menage, was just icing on a cake already flowing with goodies, but he wasn't Devin: a man readers will go away loving or detesting. That is why I think Ms. Cruise did a great job no matter the impression you get, strong love or hate for some of her characters. She did something special by seducing you into the story to feel anything at all." -- Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Samantha Cruise cooks up a great western tale throwing in a menage, BDSM and frequent rollicking sex for flavor. She spices it up with a horse named Deuce who's smarter than most people. Stir in the cavalry offering Devin a presidential pardon if he'll work with them. She's got a great story cooking with a lot of choice cuts of `meat' in it, each piece piping hot! Seriously, each of the primary characters like Devin, Megan and Caleb are so well written that we get to know them well as the story grows. There are plenty of secondary characters, Indians, outlaws, fools who mess with Devin's newly found family, surprises, to keep the story exciting. A lot of the dialogue is priceless. When some nasty outlaw spits his tobacco juice we want to move our feet out of the way. If there's a negative in the book it might be too much sex.only because it interferes with the really, really great story. Near the end I wanted to find out what happened, how it ended, so I just wanted to skim through the sex scenes. I don't know about you, but when the story itself makes me want to skip the sex parts, it's an exceptionally well done book!!" -- Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

5 BOOKMARKS: "All I have to say about this book in two words is INCREDIBLY HOT. I had to keep a fan on as I read through the pages. Samantha Cruise hits the nail on the head with this erotic western which was scorching enough to cause smoke signals. The chemistry between the ruggedly handsome outlaw Devin and Megan sizzled off the pages. Adding Caleb into the mix was icing on the cake. With these two strong alpha males intent on pleasuring one woman and receiving pleasure in return I felt like I was right there with them. What made the story so enticing was the development of these characters. I was always left guessing about what choices they would make. They were dynamic and kept me well entertained. Along with the character development the story kept you enthralled with what would happen next. There were many surprise elements thrown in along the way which only added to the overall appeal. The love scenes in this story were some of the most imaginative and well written scenarios I have read. I could feel the passion between the characters sizzle on the page as I read them. I have to admit Devil's Pact was unlike any romance I have read before. The love between the characters is bold, harsh, and demanding. Readers beware this book can burn and will leave you feeling needy. But I have to admit that Samantha Cruise has added a new flavor to my reading list. I will be interested in reading anything Samantha Cruise decides to write in the future." -- Layken, Wild on Books

4 STARS: "Samantha Cruise offers a romance western with an unusual twist. I like westerns and romance, and I like this story. The plot is a bit different than I anticipated. The characters are well-developed and very likable. I was particularly impressed with the lead character Devin. Fans of romance and western will enjoy Devil's Pact." -- Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book

4 CUPS: "Devil's Pact is hot and erotic with a plot that lures in the reader. Devin is unique and quite an enigma. I liked the way he and Megan interact with each other. Just one glance from the other and one can practically see the steam rise from the pages. The secondary characters added just enough elements to the pot to make the story even more interesting. Samantha Cruise really knows how to make the Wild West come alive in this action-packed yarn, where no one really has a dull moment and the romance is never stale." -- Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

"Samantha Cruise has written a mnage unlike any I have read and I plan to read anything else she releases. She caught my attention with Devil's Pact and I think she will hold it for a long time." -- Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

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Megan froze at the ominous figure emerging from behind the tree.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” The deep resonate voice was hauntingly low and utterly menacing. The owner of that intimidating voice held her dress up in his right hand, his left thumb hooked over his double holster, strapped low on his waist and tied-down the way gunslingers wore their belts. His fingers strummed casually over his left pistol, a long dagger sheathed by its side.

She gaped, and as she studied the huge bear of a man, transcendent fear rose in her. It gripped her heart so fast, she thought she was going to die where she stood. At around what must be six-nine, he towered over her four-eleven frame, and even seemed to dwarf the hundred-year-old elm tree he stood beside.

A wide-brimmed charcoal grey hat sat low on his forehead, completely shading his eyes. Dark wavy hair hung over the collar of his buckskin-fringed jacket. His sun-faded black shirt with the buttons undone midway revealed hard, bronzed flesh underneath and a spattering of dark curls across an impressively wide chest. Well-worn buckskins clung to his long, massive thighs and legged moccasins that reached his knees, where a hunting knife was strapped to both sides of each calf.

The huge trespasser looked every bit as dangerous as he sounded.

Quickly, she weighed her options, concluded there were none.

She drew in a deep breath. Her first thought was the children. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be her last. She needed to think quickly if they were to survive.

She eyed him defiantly, squaring her shoulders for the forthcoming battle. Her death, if it came to that, would not be that of a coward. She dropped her arms to her side, unconcerned the wet homespun shift now molded her body, transparent thanks to the river water dribbling from her soaked hair.

A grin curled the corner of his lips, as if he derived enjoyment from unnerving her. She glared at him as her heart thundered.

“Seems I am in possession of a calico, and you have need of one.”

She willed herself not to move, run, or show fear, holding her ground with great difficulty. Despite the shadow concealing his eyes, the heat of his scrutiny was apparent. She could see the outline of his cock twitching beneath his buckskins. She wanted to scream bloody murder and bring about every man in the territory, gun in hand to shoot the brazen heathen. It was impossible. If she screamed, no one was around for miles to hear. Only Shelby and Emma, sound asleep in the back of the wagon, would come to her aid. What could two small children do but only add to the harrowing quandary?

“Sir, I’m much obliged you found my dress.” Her tense-free tone came as quite a shock considering her limbs were unsteady. Mindful charitable sorts offered, not pilfered, she held out her hand. Bold. Foolish. It was a risk worth taking.

“Oh, no, missy, it ain’t gonna be that easy,” he replied in a tone hinged with a self-indulged diversion, a warning of sorts. Her eyes widened as he took a predatory step closer, lofty and menacing.

She yanked her hand back instantly. Her wildly beating heart plummeted to her stomach. A chill of terror grated over her body. She gaped up into the dark shadow concealing his face and could only blink at the blatant insinuation.

“It’s gonna cost you.” He waved the dress in his hand and narrowed the gap in two broad strides.

“Sir, I have no money with me,” she responded in an unwavering tone, staggering backward. She feigned an ease she did not feel as her innards quivered by the nearness of such a powerful body. “If you follow me…”

His deep chuckle caused her to falter for a brief moment.

“…follow me home, I’ll pay. Name your price.” She didn’t have any money, even at home. Doc, and his assistant, Caleb, were waiting for her. They would pay, or better yet, shoot him on sight. Silently, she prayed it would be the latter.


* * * *


Devin studied her up close, her hazel brown eyes and long, sweeping lashes. Her soaked hair, he imagined when dry, would be the color of fiery gold. Her straight nose, with a few freckles across the bridge and high cheeks bones, were delicately carved.

She had a very appealing mouth, a delightfully sinful mouth with full, pink lips. With a quick intake of breath, he visualized those perfectly lined lips on his and other places as well. His cock jerked in response.

An oval face framed exquisite features, her only flaws were the shadows under her eyes, which he suspected were from the daylight fading fast behind the dense canopy of trees.

And with a voice so soft and melodious, it sounded as if she were singing rather than speaking. It suited her perfectly, as did the dimples sparking near the corners of her lips.

This little lady wasn’t pretty. Rather, she was a dream come alive. Downright the most beautiful lassie he ever laid eyes on, and that was saying a lot.

He stood close enough to witness the fear in her eyes, despite the notable calm in her tone. She was definitely afraid of him, and with good reason. If she knew who he was, she would have turned tail long ago. Strangely, he wondered why she hadn’t made a run thus far.

This woman definitely intrigued him.

“Little miss, I don’t want your money.”

A sharp gasp escaped her gaped mouth, which she abruptly clinched. Her eyes darted frantically around, as if looking for an escape.

“If you want my horse, take it and ride on out,” she urged, her voice quavering slightly.

He didn’t answer right away. Instead, his steady gaze bore into her. Her entire body trembled with fright—of that, he was certain. Nevertheless, she stood, facing him with her arms by her sides. Chin held high. She was not making a move to cover herself. She no doubt knew full well he could see right through the thin wet garment that clung to her every curve.

The woman had balls of stone, which was more than he could say about most men he came across. His were hard as stone and ready to crack any second.

“If that ol’ mare was worth more than half a red cent, I would’ve taken it long ago.”

“I have nothing else of value.”

His gaze traveled over her trim figure, the outline of her breast clearly visible, the taut nipples straining against the soaked fabric, calling out to him. Impulsively, he licked his lower lip as his sights rested on the dark wet hair shielding her mound. His cock twitched for freedom, aching for the glory between those thighs.

He fought to hold onto the scrap of control that remained. It had been too damn long. He silently cursed himself for not stopping at the nearest brothel along the way. The way he felt now, he could come just by staring. Shit, six months without a woman could do that to a man.

“From where I stand, you got plenty assets.”


“I mean you no harm. If I wanted to molest or kill you, I would have done so by now.” He could see her fear of imminent ravishment in her eyes.

“Wha—what then?” She looked fairly relieved.

Her relief was short-lived.

“A kiss.”

She watched as he tossed aside her dress. The calico with the pretty green floral pattern landed near the tree stump.

With his hands on the butt of each six-shooter, he waited patiently. He felt his rock-hard cock twitch as he imagined what they could be doing right now. How her small body would writhe beneath him as he held her slender hips and buried his cock between those slender thighs. Damn it! Why weren’t they anywhere else but Tejas? He’d have to settle for a meager kiss.

That was, if she was willing.

Thanks to the damned teachings on the proper treatment of the dainty gender ingrained in his subconscious by his two spinster aunts, if this dandelion said no, then by golly, it had to be no.


He stood firm, looming out of the dark brush like an indomitable sequoia, ensuring she had no doubt that if he wanted, he could easily change his mind and kill her on the spot, though he never would.

Leaving her no choice but to eventually accept.

The tense silence lengthened.

“One kiss?” It was a breathy, nervous utterance.

“Yes.” Though her consent came as clear victory on his part, his voice remained without inflection.

“And you’ll leave us, me alone.” She bit her lip quickly.

“Just drifting, I’ll be on my way…after.” He held his grin at bay. This was not going to be his first kiss. He was no green boy. Hell, he was doing more than kissing grown women at a tender age, so why the sudden excitement and anticipation of a simple kiss from half a sliver of a young lady a step outside of puberty?

Judging from the size of her apple-sized breasts, impossibly tiny waist, slight roundness of what he didn’t even want to refer to as hips, and the fresh innocence in her hazel eyes, he figured she couldn’t be well into her teens yet.

If only she were a little older…

“I have your word as a gentleman. One kiss and you’ll leave?”

“Hell, yes, you have my word as a gentleman,” he said firmly and let out a slight chuckle. He’d been called plenty of things in his life, but a gentleman was never one of them.

Before she could utter another word, he tossed his hat in the vicinity of her dress and closed the short gap between them. He encircled her waist, amazed his long fingers overlapped. He lifted her. She weighed nothing at all.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked as her feet left the ground. Her hands barely curled over his forearms as she grabbed onto him. She was a tiny thing. He walked toward several boulders a few feet away, holding her at arms’ length.

He stood her on the closest boulder, keeping his hands on her waist until she steadied herself. Calmly, he explained, “So I don’t strain my neck bending down so far.”

Barely reaching mid-chest when firmly planted on the ground, the added height of the boulder brought her to within a few inches of his towering height.

She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply as if to ease her nerves. The subtle move caused her breasts to rise and fall in a beguiling way that caught his appreciative attention.

He cleared his parched throat and wondered how he was going to get though this in one piece. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” he offered, more as a reminder to himself.


“Oh, my God,” she shrieked as Caleb came into view. He made his way through the dense trees, heading straight for them.

She felt her body flush with the heat of embarrassment. Caleb couldn’t see her like this. What would he think or her? What would he do? What would Devin do? Oh, no. No. No. No. It couldn’t be. Not him of all people. Not like this.

She tried to jump off Devin’s shoulders, as she fought back tears of shame, dread, humiliation, and utter mortification. His arms were firmly planted atop her thighs, and his grip tightened on her buttocks. Her heart sank.

I’ll shoot all uninvited guests.

A suffocating heart-stopping fear gripped her entire being. Caleb was a dead man.

Arms tied, she was entirely at Devin’s mercy. His mouth wasn’t loosening its hold and his tongue plunged deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t run and hide, or even attempt to cover herself.

Shaking her head frantically, she motioned Caleb to stay to away, believing if she shouted a warning, Devin, who was unaware at the moment, would be alerted to his presence.

Their eyes locked as Caleb stepped out of the trees into the confinement of the small alcove. The horror, shame and embarrassment she felt was soon replaced by absolute bewilderment and extreme astonishment as she read the inexplicable sexual arousal in his deep blue eyes.

She recognized that look. She’d seen it often enough just before Devin lifted her skirt and fucked her. The shock of his reaction stirred her blood.

As if she required confirmation, her gaze lowered. Caleb’s cock was hard, strained against the front of his well-cut trousers. This wasn’t what she expected—not from Caleb. How could he abide another man grinding his face into her pussy, eating her like she was his last meal? It confused her even more. But her body possessed a carnal urge all its own. She felt a flood of moisture seep into Devin’s mouth and her vagina throbbed against his lips.

Caleb wasn’t taken aback or outraged. He was taking pleasure in what Devin was doing to her. Lust blazed clearly in his eyes, as if he wanted to be between her thighs. He wanted to be next. The wanton thought made her sigh deeply as a surge of sexual awareness coursed through her veins.

As Caleb neared, Devin finally released her. The sudden brush of cool air on her flesh drew a quick intake of breath from her. Disappointment at the loss made her momentarily forget the distress of the situation as her feet touched the blanket.

“Our invited guest has arrived,” Devin announced, licking her juices from his slick lips. She felt her entire body burn, flush an embarrassing shade of red. Straightening, Devin turned her to face Caleb, his hands constantly caressing her body.

Filled with questions, heart beating wildly against her ribs, Megan could only gape at Devin. She could form no words or discernable thoughts. His hands roamed over breasts, down her belly, over the curve of her hips, and along the slope of her back, again and again.

“He’s here for you, Megan,” Devin said softly.

She turned her attention back to Caleb, who stood a foot in front of her. The lust radiating off him was apparent. Love also glowed in his sweet, tender gaze. He was gorgeous. Sometimes, she thought him too good-looking for a man. And he loved her, and part of her would always love him. But why? Why was he here?

“He’s loved you since you were kids. Remember how you used to touch each other?” One of Devin’s hands found its way to her vagina. His fingers carefully parted the outer folds.

Moaning softly, she closed her eyes when he slid a finger inside her body.

There wasn’t a doubt Caleb watched Devin’s finger move in and out of her pussy, mimicking the way Caleb used to touch her when they were young teenagers. She could hear the catch in his breath, could almost feel the heat of his body on hers.

“He’s the first one to ever kiss your sweet lips and caress your tender breasts,” Devin whispered softly. His other hand cupped a breast and his fingers rolled over the hard nipple, causing her moan with need—for what? Caleb? “First to touch your virginal pussy. And you were the first to touch his cock.”

Sighing, she licked her lips. She remembered their innocent touches, the warm friction as they rubbed their bodies together. She recalled them holding each other as they kissed in the warm sunlight, lying in the grass after their afternoon swim.

“Megan,” Caleb said, “say the word and I’ll leave. You’ll never see me again.”

She opened her eyes slowly and felt her heart shatter. A deep longing in his eyes crushed her spirit, as if he, too, relived the bittersweet memories Devin evoked. The intensity in his blue depths, desperate, scorching. The truth of his words struck her to her very core. He’d walk away, never to return. He’d leave for Boston as he planned. She’d never see her beloved Caleb again. All it would take was a single word, yes or no. Nod or shake.

“Believe that I’ll always love you regardless,” Caleb said.

“It’s up to you, Megan.” Devin spoke encouragingly as his finger continued the undemanding in-and-out motion, just as she showed him how Caleb used to touch her, enough to arouse, but not satisfy. Enough to drive her higher.

Him? Which him? Caleb? Devin? Oh dear, Lord, what was he asking?

“If he leaves,” Devin continued, “you’ll always wonder what could have been. The added pleasure of two pairs of hands caressing you. Two mouths kissing you, and two cocks fucking you.”

Megan knew the growing wetness coating his finger told him the idea of having them both excited her tremendously. Her rapid breathing only confirmed it further.

“Caleb looking at your naked body excites you, doesn’t it, Megan?”

She swallowed hard. Watched in amazement as Caleb’s gaze caressed her body openly, as if he was already making love to her with his eyes. It made her knees weak and her heart swell. Her blood rushed to her throbbing cunt, and arousal churned like never before.

“Answer me, Megan. The idea of him fucking you is making you so wet. My whole hand is covered with your cream.”

Struggling for her next breath, she couldn’t bring herself to admit the idea both aroused and fascinated her. She didn’t have to choose either one. The idea should have horrified her, but strangely, it didn’t. Both would take turns satisfying her pussy with their cocks, giving her pleasure. If only she could throw caution to the wind, find the words to speak and tell them what she wanted.

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