Devil's Promise (MFM)

The Devil's Playground 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 139,000
54 Ratings (4.4)

[#317 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spousal sharing, sex toys, public exhibition, excessive physical violence inflicted on heroine by villain]

Driven by insatiable desires, Megan Spawn leads a secret life filled with taboo liaisons. Luckily, she doesn’t have to choose when it comes to a lover--she's married to two men, the notorious outlaw Devin Spawn and the distinguished Caleb Walker, who only whet her appetite for sensual pleasure. When Megan catches the eye of Caleb’s gorgeous partner, Dr. Randolph Sinclair, temperatures begin to rise.

No woman can resist the passionate bedside manner of Doctor Sin. Not even Cassandra Huntington, a red-headed beauty who would rather solve the problems of the world than risk accepting his stimulating cure, is immune to the seductive charms of a sinful rogue in a white coat.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Devil's Promise (MFM)
54 Ratings (4.4)

Devil's Promise (MFM)

The Devil's Playground 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 139,000
54 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
loved it, hopefully there will be another in the series.
pleasure seeker
If you like to read sex, sex and more hot sex, this book is for you. Don't expect anything more.

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4 HEARTS: "Hot! This book rocked my world. I enjoyed reading Ms. Cruise previous book and this one lived up to my expectations. Very well written. Her writing draws you into her world. She is so descriptive I have no problem seeing the characters in my mind. The story line was intriguing and kept me wanting to read on. Ms. Cruise really knows how to write the love scenes, very descriptive, plentiful, erotic and explicit." -- Celtic Debbie, The Romance Studio

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“There you are.”

Devin half turned from the corner bar in his private study at the sound of her voice, glass and decanter of rare brandy in hand. A thrill of lust raced down his spine when he saw Megan, her pale blue, chiffon nightdress floating over the lush carpet like blue mist.

“We chanced finding you alone.” Megan’s long, golden-brown ringlets tumbled over her shoulders as she neared, playing a sensuous game of peek-a-boo with her jiggling breasts.

Each sway of her small, rounded hips silently called to him, and her rather petite but lovely, trim legs promised hours of pleasure with each step. Yet it was the weighty bounce of those milk-laden breasts, almost too big for a petite woman of her size, that made his throat go dry. Devin let his eyes dawdle. His pulse pounded with rampant longing, and blood rushed to his growing cock.

 “Have you said good night to Shelby and Emma?” She cradled Reed, their five-month-old baby boy, in her arms. The top of her gown, made entirely of lace, distinguished her nudity beneath. A matching robe was tied slackly below her bosom. Her swollen nipples were still crimson from nursing fairly observed by anyone who cared to look.

To keep from staring at the shadowy thatch between her thighs, he served himself and polished off the brandy in one draw.

Reed’s nanny, Eloise, a waifish girl of about sixteen with big blue eyes and pale skin, followed a few steps behind. She stopped a foot inside the room like a wary kitten unsure of her surroundings.

Devin eyed the nanny and sighed heavily. Forty-room manor and the brown-haired girl could not find another room to wait, he reflected sourly. Along with the other servants, the nanny was too terrified to venture closer than absolutely necessary. Majority of Boston society feared him, which suited him fine since he didn’t care much for them. At last, just to keep the nanny on edge, he answered in his usual brusque tone. “Yep.”

Megan took the empty glass from him and placed it on the bar.

“Caleb and Randolph are waitin’ downstairs,” he added, her subtle, rose-scented fragrance tantalized his nostrils.

“Wonderful,” she exclaimed, placing the warm bundle in his arms. “That leaves time to wish Reed a good night.”

“Hell, Megan, I swear our boy gets better looking every day.” He kissed Reed’s chubby pink cheek and made a silly cooing noise that always gifted him with a smile from his son. “Must take after his ma,” he boasted with a wink.

“I’d say Reed takes after his father. Eats a ton and built like a horse.” Her hazel eyes lit up at her deliberate play on words, slowly lowering her gaze to his crotch.

Hung like a horse, even at rest, Devin knew Megan could detect the outline of his aroused penis snaking down his thigh. The concealed flesh thickened even more under her stare. When their eyes met, her saucy gaze was effortless to read. She wanted him.

“Miss Eloise,” he said roughly, gesturing for the girl to take the baby. Lucky for him, the girl only had eyes for her shoes. No chance she’d notice what raged behind his bulging fly. Her eyes never climbed that high whenever he was in the same room.

“Will that be all, ma’am?” The nanny promptly scooped the baby in her arms.

Devin refilled his glass and took a seat on the leather couch in front of his desk, watching the bony girl scurry behind Megan like a scared mouse.





Devin’s hungry gaze riveted to the split spread out for him between her gaping thighs. She knew he wanted to take out his cock, climb between her legs, stuff his big, fat tool up her cunthole, and slam into her until his thick semen shot deep in her pussy.

Tonight, he would have to work for the privilege. Gradually, she lowered one hand to her mound, combing through the sparse pubic hair. She felt the lips of her cunt seeping with wet heat, throbbing beneath her fingers. She pulled back her outer labia, flaunting the inner pink slit and clitoris. She looked down at his bulging groin then up to his eyes. “Stroke yourself.”

He tore open his trousers and whipped out a rigid stalk of male meat, a sight that never failed to awe her. Grabbing the beefy stalk roughly, his hand moved up and down the long length as he fondled his scrotum with his other hand. His eyes never left her cunt, evidently mesmerized by her fingers now caressing her flesh avidly.

“Don’t make yourself come. I want to do that.” His tongue swept over his lips like a ravenous lion about to attack his prey.

“I know you do. For now, sit, and enjoy.” Her nipples were engorged, filled with excess breast milk. She squeezed the hard tip, rolling it between her fingers until warm breast milk spilled over her fingers and dripped down to her stomach to settle in her belly button then spilled out over her mound. With her free hand, she sank two fingers deep inside the drenched gap. Instead of feeling bliss, her unsatisfied cunt throbbed longingly for his rock-hard cock.

His strokes became harder, urgent. “Damn you, Megan, let me fill that juicy pussy. I can see you dripping from here.”

“Patience, darling,” she whispered, her hand moving from her breast to her clit to try and enhance her pleasure. Her pussy tingled with rising desire as she touched her clitoris, already hard and throbbing. She rubbed her clit faster and faster with one hand while pushing in and out of the hot depths of her pussy with the other.

The swollen lips of her cunt burned with arousal against her fingers. Her moans grew in intensity at the pleasurable stroking of the distinctly wet, squelchy passage. Soon her hips began to undulate wildly. Still, she was nowhere near coming.

“Come on, Megan. That oozing cunt of yours can never be satisfied with just your tiny fingers. You can’t wait to have my cock inside you.”

Damn him, he knew her so well. Nevertheless, she wasn’t about to let him have his way. “Caleb mentioned wanting a baby. How will you manage when you won’t be able to have this?” She withdrew her fingers just shy of the entrance and parted the quivering opening to expose the innermost channel throbbing with an overwhelming desire for the bonelike hardness of his penis.

“I’ll show you.” In two strides, he was there.

She shrieked when he flipped her over on all fours, slippers flying off her feet. He plunged his fingers inside the pooled moisture between her cuntlips and pulled out. In an instant, he coated his cock, took hold of her hips, and pushed his bulbous cockhead past the rigid sphincter muscles with considerable force.

Megan cried out at the startling invasion, her hips bucking violently against his firm grip. Dropping her head on the desk with her arms braced in front of her, she tried to hold on. Her anal ring gripped the pulsing cockhead so tightly tears clouded her eyes. She could feel his enormous cock working its way into her reluctant anus, forcing the tight muscles open. Thick inch by thick inch penetrated her until a good two to three inches bore into her.

He grunted roughly, twisting and churning as he drove deeper into her bowels, crowding her rectum with the broad head. His large hands grasped her buttocks, spreading them farther apart. The wide, slick surface of his shaft withdrawing then plunging back again, with each thrust her clitoris throbbed, and her loins responded.

Every nerve in her yielding anus contracted blissfully as the intense pain eased. She glanced over her shoulder, and chills of lust rippled all the way through her body. Half his foot-long cock was jammed into her. His embedded rod stuck out of the hole between her white buttocks like a dark, reddish-purple, wooden club, igniting havoc upon her pulsating flesh as he forged deeper still.

He always seemed to hold back. Unlike Caleb, whose sperm-laden scrotum tickled her pussy while he fucked her asshole. Rarely did Devin’s balls slap against her when he took her anally. She had to have every last inch even if it killed her. “Deeper, Devin, damn you, fuck me with everything you got. Make me come.”

“I’ll fuck you, Megan, morning, noon, and night. Your sweet ass, your wet mouth, tight pussy, any way you want. I’ll make you come.” He reached underneath and buried three thick fingers inside her empty pussy, causing her to moan with delight. “However you want it, baby, I’m yours.”

“Oh, yes, Devin,” she whimpered at the exquisite rapture of his cock pulling out of her slowly, stroking the mouth of her convulsing channel. She felt his fingers push the protective hood as far back as it would go, milking the sensitive little pea underneath. A fiery heat radiated through her entire body. She cried softly, “Stick it in me…fuck me!”

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