Sharing the Female from Earth (MFM)

Lost in Space 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,738
15 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
After crashing on an unknown planet on their way to Omega, Della is faced with choosing between Veran, an alien, or Kane, a human stranger, as mates. Or does she? Both men want her, but does Kane only want her because there are so few human women there, and what of Veran, when his planet has no females either?
One man fears he is isn’t strong enough to keep her safe on the strange planet while the other fears he is too stoic and unfamiliar with what a human female needs emotionally to be happy. Can the two of them work together to make Della happy and keep her safe?
Della is willing to try as she develops feelings for the bronzed alien man who saves her life while discovering all the ways Kane makes her happy. When worry creeps in over their ability to share, the two men band together to prove their determination and deep feelings for her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe  is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sharing the Female from Earth (MFM)
15 Ratings (4.3)

Sharing the Female from Earth (MFM)

Lost in Space 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,738
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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This was a good book.




So much smoke. Della Ferrell struggled to breathe as she climbed over the debris she could barely see. She pulled the T-shirt she was wearing over her nose and mouth in an attempt to filter the air she sucked into her already smoke-filled lungs. Her head throbbed from where she’d hit it on something when all hell broke loose. What had happened? Why had they crashed?

Three months earlier she’d been living below ground back on Earth in manmade bunkers originally built for the military’s use. She and twenty other women had been chosen, along with forty men, to make the journey to one of the three planets as soon as a ship could be outfitted with needed supplies to sustain them their first year.

When the sun had begun to spew solar flares right and left, disrupting everything electrical on Earth, no one had really thought it would amount to much. It would settle down and everything would return to normal. Only that hadn’t happened and it was eventually revealed that the sun was going to eventually destroy Earth.

General panic had erupted in every country, with whole governments toppled by panicked citizens. The US had fared better, but not by much. They had scrambled to put plans into place to relocate their inhabitants to other planets. Three had already been picked out for further exploration when it was determined they could sustain life during routine space exploration. Then they figured out that the women of Earth were contracting Shear’s disease as a result of the increased radiation from the sun. It left them barren, unable to have children, further endangering the continuation of mankind.

The decision was made to sequester all remaining fertile women and all children under the age of eighteen below ground in the bunkers to shield them from the sun’s devastation. Every female between twelve and fifty were screened for Shear’s disease and tested to see if their eggs were still viable. If they weren’t, they were left above ground to live out the rest of Earth’s days the best they could.

Della stumbled over something and fell, her hands hitting the ground littered with rubble. The stinging told her she’d probably cut them, but with so much smoke, she couldn’t see well enough to tell. The air close to the floor wasn’t nearly as thick with smoke so she began to crawl, heedless of how much it hurt her hands and knees. She had no idea where she was headed, but followed the emergency strips that pointed the way.

She tried to remember what had happened before she’d been knocked unconscious but all she could remember at present was getting up that morning and going to breakfast in the vessel’s large cafeteria. Everything after that was a blur. The next thing she knew was waking up just outside the door to her room with blood pouring from a gash on the side of her head. Her entire body ached as if she’d been thrown about when they crashed.

So far she hadn’t seen another person and the deafening blare of the alarms kept her from hearing much of anything either. Her one thought was to keep moving in the direction of the emergency arrows lit up along the floor.

As she crawled over chunks of the ceiling and walls, the fear that she was the only one left alive began to build inside her. What would she do? She wasn’t a survivalist. She’d told them that when they’d selected her as a passenger. She didn’t know the first thing about starting from scratch out in the wilds of some unknown planet.

Out of nowhere, someone appeared to her right, making her start, a muffled yelp escaping her covered mouth. The other person moved closer to her, pointing forward but not saying anything. Della wanted to roll her eyes since it was obvious that was the direction she was headed. It became evident that it was a man crawling beside her by his size. He dwarfed her with his broad shoulders and long arms and legs. She couldn’t tell much else about him through the smoke and with all the dirt and blood covering his face and arms.

Before long, they reached an area where eight or ten others were gathered in front of a closed door. Her companion moved forward through the small crowd to help the other two men try and pry the door open. Evidently that was their way out and it wasn’t budging. Her heart sank that they would all die right there because of a stuck door. Hysteria bubbled just beneath the surface, but Della fought it down. She would not freak out. All she had to do was make sure she kept breathing and was ready to go once they got that door open.

They’ll get it open. They have to. I’m not going to escape Earth just to die out here in space or wherever we are.




He dropped her on the bed where she bounced with a giggle. He’d obviously been thinking or Kane had gotten to him or both.

“Now strip, woman.” Yep, Kane had been talking to him. The woman part was all Kane.

She grinned over at the grinning male leaning innocently against the closed door. Without another thought, Della jerked at her clothes until she was completely naked. She stood up on the bed and watched as Veran undressed in front of her. He took the time to fold every piece of clothing before setting it on a small shelf that he coaxed from the wall.

Behind him Kane stripped out of his clothes, but instead of folding them, the idiot tossed them all over the floor before shoving Veran aside and wrapping himself around Della’s lower half. He rubbed his face all over her belly before twisting around her to bite her on the ass.

“Hey!” she yelped.

“Down on your back so I can taste that pussy, woman. I missed out on that last night and want some tonight.”

When she sat on the bed with a slight bounce and lay back, Kane immediately planted his face between her legs, where he made a meal out of her, sucking and licking like a mad man. Veran took possession of her breasts where he showed her that he did indeed have a longer tongue than human men. He licked and teased her nipples before sucking hard on them so that her clit throbbed and her toes curled.

By the time Kane had sucked a climax from her, she was wet and aching to be filled by something other than a tongue or finger. They’d revved her up and she was ready for something more.

Kane had Veran to lay flat on his back while he helped Della crawl on top of the bronzed male. She rubbed her dripping pussy over Veran’s engorged cock until it was equally wet with her juices. Then with Kane supporting her and Veran’s hands at her hips, Della slowly fitted Veran’s thick dick at her slit and eased down onto his cockhead. The pressure of the broad crown splitting her wide was delicious and scary all at the same time. Then she slowly began to engulf him with her cunt, taking more and more with each movement of her body. When she stopped slipping downward, Della lifted up nearly all the way off, to his deep groan, and slowly slipped back down again, until she had taken all of him her body would hold. His rod pressed intimately against her cervix so that each time she rocked, it sent shockwaves straight to her clit.

“Oh. My. God! I can feel you in my throat, Veran!”

Kane pressed her over so that she lay on Veran’s chest with his arms around her so he could prepare her ass for his dick. She chanted silently to herself to relax and willed her legs to lose some of their tightness as Kane spread some sort of lube around her anus. The dark hole already felt swollen and nothing had touched it yet.

The more Kane added lube to the tiny hole, the more she worried that she wouldn’t be able to take him there with Veran inside her pussy. But Kane had two fingers pumping inside her before she knew it.

“Your ass is so fucking hot, woman. I can’t wait to sink my cock inside it. Relax for me,” Kane said.

She did her best, but when the head of his shaft began pressing into her back channel, the pressure was more than she’d expected.

“Easy, Della. Relax for me. You can do this.”

She breathed through the slight pain and slow burn until finally, his cock eased past the tight rings and into her tunnel. She felt him sink deeper still.

“Fucking hell, Della. You’re so hot and tight. It’s like sinking my cock into warmed molasses. You’re milking me and I’m not even moving yet.”

“Kane.” Veran’s strained voice reminded them both he was fighting a losing battle at remaining still much longer.

“Della?” Kane asked.

“Yes. Fuck me. I need you both to move. The pressure is too much like this.” She hissed.

They slowly started a rhythm where one pulled out while the other tunneled in, rocking in and out of her a little faster with each stroke. Della had never felt so full in her life.

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