[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Devon knew another world existed but he never expected to stumble into it. Transported to a land of shapeshifting dragons, Devon is caught in the middle of an ancient ritual to decide the next King of Draconia. Fortunately or unfortunately, the gorgeous men who want the crown present the ultimate temptation.
Abraxas, leader of his Clan, must try to become King. However, between his  lingering feelings for his ex-lover, a rival from another Clan, and his growing feelings for Devon, he is in trouble. 
Layden knows competing against his ex-lover for both title and Devon’s affections is a good way to get into a fight, but Devon may bring the three of them together in ways none of them expects.
As desire ignites between them, Devon is unsure if he’ll want to get back to his own world. Enemies circle closer in this deadly game for the throne but the biggest danger Devon faces may well be to his heart.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
Devon in Wonderland (MMM)
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
Love the book, with Devon going to land of Dragons. To visit the place of stories told by his father. Hope to see what happens next, maybe something with Brandon
virginia lee
Awesome storyline.........couldn't put it down!




When Devon’s eyes met the black dragon’s, his breath hitched. His aquamarine-colored eyes held his gaze as he ran a hand through his messy, short-cropped black hair. His sinfully beautiful lips curved into a half smile as Devon’s cheeks flooded with color. He had the rugged, bad boy look that sent a shiver of desire straight to Devon’s cock. Damn. Devon swallowed nervously, his heart pounding loudly in his chest. He looks good enough to eat.

“Pleasure to meet you, Devon.” His name rolled off Abraxas’s tongue like warm velvet, leaving butterflies in Devon’s stomach. Devon had to look away from his gaze before he could find his voice.

What the hell’s wrong with me? I’m acting like I’m back in college, drooling over every gorgeous man that comes near me! He glanced down at his feet, too embarrassed by the way he must look standing next to all of them. He was in dire need of a hot shower and covered with mud and dirt. His torn tee shirt and tattered blue jeans only made him feel more self-conscious. He gnawed on the bottom of his lip as he brushed his short-cropped auburn hair out his line of sight, hoping to hide the fact that there was dirt and sand matted throughout most of it.

“Where’s the heir to the Azure clan?” Druis’s authoritative tone brought him out of his thoughts.

“We don’t know, Dru. Alex never responded to your summons,” Ezekiel’s quiet voice responded, and Devon noticed the sudden tension that filled the room at the mention of this Azure clan heir. Abraxas’s displeased look stood out to Devon most, and it made him wonder what had happened between the Azure clan and everyone else to cause such a strong reaction.

“Maybe we sent the wrong summons to the Azure clan. Maybe Alex didn’t assume the position as clan heir after the death of his brother, Reign. What if another family took over and has yet to be presented in court? The tragedy only happened a couple months ago, and didn’t the Night clan have something to do with it? I bet they didn’t send him because they knew Abraxas would be here and they were afraid he’d murder Alex just like his cousin did Reign.” Cerilius spat the words like an insult at Abraxas, and the energy in the room cackled around Abraxas as he glared in Cerilius’s direction. Devon noticed sparks of electricity forming around Abraxas’s hands. That must’ve been the power of the dragons his father had told him about.

“I’m warning you, Cerilius. Don’t fuck with me.” Abraxas’s nostrils flared, and his knuckles turned white from where he was clenching his fists so tight. Cerilius pursed his lips, holding his tongue, and Devon was glad he did. The look in Abraxas’s eyes said he meant business, and Devon had the sinking feeling that if Cerilius had kept on, Abraxas wouldn’t hesitate to kick his ass.

“Enough, Abraxas, Cerilius.” Druis barked the order to both men. “Besides, I’m certain that has nothing to do with it, Cerilius. I would have expected there to be a formal announcement if that were the case. The Azure clan has always kept mostly to themselves, but for them to disrupt the natural hierarchical order of things is completely out of character.”

“But you have to admit, nobody’s ever seen Alex outside the Azure palace walls. I mean I honestly didn’t expect him to come even if he is the heir,” Asher said as he leaned against the pillar closest to him.

Druis rubbed the temples on his forehead. “I don’t care what the reason. The king is dead, and as is tradition, the heir to their clan should be here to pay their respects. Now I have to spend my afternoon storming their palace because they blatantly ignored a direct summons from the late king. I should charge them with treason!” His anger was obvious as he slammed his fist into the nearest wall. The stone gave way to his brute force, crumbling and cracking under his power. It was unlike anything Devon had ever seen. Any normal man would have broken his hand throwing a punch like that at a stone wall.

“I’ll go get Alex for you, Druis. I don’t mind.” Ezekiel’s soft voice interrupted Druis’s raging fit momentarily, and it seemed to noticeably calm him down. He nodded in affirmation.

“Fine. Just be quick about it. In fact, why don’t you just fly there? That way you should be back by nightfall.”

Ezekiel bowed. “As you wish.”

“Wait, did you just say fly there?” Devon asked as he looked to Druis. “As in, he’s going to turn into a dragon, grow wings, and fly?”

Druis chuckled. “You’re a strange one, you know that?”

“I’m strange!” Devon scoffed. “You can turn into a big scary dragon and I’m the strange one.”

“To each his own I suppose.” Druis flashed a daring smile. “You ready to see what being a Draconian is all about?”




Devon moaned as he felt Abraxas’s hot breath against his flesh. He could feel his desire coursing through his own body as though they were one. His lips moved closer to Devon’s exposed nipples, teasing them with his tongue. He gasped at the sensation.

“Easy, love. You don’t want to spoil all the fun just yet.” Layden’s low, husky voice from above caused Devon to open his eyes. He was greeted with the sight of Layden’s naked form, staring down at him with a devilish grin planted on his lips.

“I’m not spoiling all the fun. I’m just getting started.” Devon could hear the amusement in Abraxas’s voice as he returned to trailing kisses along his abdomen. Lower and lower.

“Abraxas, I—” he panted just as he reached the hard cock nestled between Devon’s legs. Unbelievable pleasure wracked through his body as Abraxas didn’t pause. His tongue danced across his mushroom-shaped head, sending a jolt of desire through Devon. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as Abraxas took him deeper into his mouth.

“You like that, love?” Layden asked as he reached for Devon’s erect nipple.

“Yes.” His voice was breathless as the feel of Abraxas in between his thighs sent shivers down his spine. He licked and sucked every inch, sliding Devon’s cock in and out of his mouth, driving Devon to the edge before he pulled back. Devon looked down and was met with Abraxas’s mischievous, lust-filled gaze.

“Now comes the fun part.” He grinned as he pushed himself up. “He’s all yours, Layden.”

Devon glanced up at Layden, unsure of what torturous pleasures he had in mind.

“Go on, Layden. Fuck him.” There was no teasing, no easing into it. Layden slicked his hard cock with some lubrication and positioned himself in between Devon’s legs. In one swift moment he shoved his dick deep inside. Pain and pleasure from the sensation nearly sent Devon over edge as Layden began pounding in and out of his tight hole.

“Open your mouth,” Abraxas ordered.

Devon did as he was commanded. Abraxas’s thick cock pressed inside his mouth, and Devon eagerly took him deep inside his throat until he couldn’t take anymore. He pulled back and swirled his tongue on the head of Abraxas’s dick, lapping at the traces of pre-cum that had begun to form. Devon moaned at the taste of him and reached for more, working Abraxas’s balls and thick shaft to bring him more pleasure.

“Fuck,” Abraxas groaned as he entwined his fingers in Devon’s hair and forced his cock back down his throat.

Devon loved the feel of both men moving in and out of him at the same time. His muscles tightened as Layden hit his sweet spot, threatening to make him come. Layden wrapped his hand around Devon’s hard dick, stroking it in rhythm with the pace he’d set. Devon moaned against the cock stuffed in his mouth. He was close to coming completely undone.

“That looks tasty. Can I have some?” Layden asked as he ground his hips, driving himself deeper inside Devon.

Abraxas pulled from Devon’s mouth, and Layden leaned in closer. He’d never had a threesome before, but he found himself oddly attracted to the idea of watching both men touch each other.

His gaze fixated on them as Layden bent down and took Abraxas’s cock into his mouth. Layden slid his cock back inside Devon, sending another rush of desire straight to his cock.

The sight of Abraxas fucking Layden’s mouth was enough to drive him over the edge. Devon threw his head back as he came, his muscles tightening uncontrollably around Layden’s cock. Two thrusts later and he joined him, filling Devon full with his cum.

Abraxas shoved Layden from his dick and growled. “I want to be inside him when I come.” He panted as though he were trying to control himself, and Layden flashed him a wicked smile.

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