[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, flogging, whipping, sensation play, wax play, sex toys, HEA]
Ivory Tainton wants a Dom. Hadrian McNaught’s a Dom but he and Gregory Boland want Ivory to get to know them as people first. They’re both lone wolves who have met up with each other and now want a woman to make them into a family. Ivory isn’t listening. This is her opportunity to find out all about BDSM and she isn’t waiting for all their explanations. Ivory’s one of the dance teachers at the DADISP with very little free time. How can they get to know her when she’s always racing off to do something? How can Hadrian explain BDSM to her when she wants to jump straight in and experience it herself? And how can they get her to understand how very dangerous it is to allow anyone calling himself a Dom to teach her instead of waiting for them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Two Lone Wolves (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this one. Cara can't write a bad book.




Ivory Tainton made her way through the crowds at the barbecue, looking for a group of women to talk to. There were sixty women at the Second Desperate and Dateless Interspecies Week-Long House Party—known as the DADISP—and almost two hundred men, so finding an actual group of ladies wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

Also, there seemed to be an excessive number of security guards standing around. Now, okay, the barbecue was out on the lawns of the Konference Kabins convention center, but even so, it was well inside the fenced property, not on the roadside or being held in a public park or something. Why were there so many beefy security guards surrounding the barbecue pit, the food tables, and the dance floor?

The DADISP was a week-long event and tonight was the third night. Ivory and her sister Ebony were here as dance instructors and already Ebony had found two men who made her very happy. There were two men Ivory liked as well, but what she wanted was some men who’d introduce her to BDSM and neither of the men who wanted to get to know her better would do that. So now she wanted to talk to the other women here and see if any of them had met up with a Dom they’d introduce her to.

How the hell will I ever know if BDSM is what I’m looking for, if no one will teach me? Or at least give me an introduction to a BDSM club with high standards and a rule about only permitting safe, sane, and consensual play.

“Ivory?” Dorothea, the events coordinator for the DADISP, gripped her arm. Ivory turned around, and sighed. Standing one on either side of Dorothea, making her look even smaller than she really was, were Hadrian McNaught and Gregory Boland, the men who had made it quite clear they’d like to get to know her better. She stifled her sigh and looked at them both critically. They really were very easy on the eyes.

Hadrian was maybe five feet eleven tall, with a very stocky and muscular build. He’d told her he’d been born in the mountains of Wyoming and he looked as if he had the sheer mass and power to move a mountain any time he wanted to. He also had thick black hair, and very dark, almost black eyes, that seemed able to look right into her innermost being.

Gregory was a couple of inches taller than Hadrian and it was his eyelashes that she’d noticed first about him. She’d kill for eyelashes like his, they were so long and thick. His hair was light brown, although his brows and lashes were darker, and his eyes were hazel, not that she could tell in the semidarkness right now.

Purposely ignoring the men, she smiled at Dorothea. “Hi, Dorothea. Why is there so much security here tonight?

“Oh, you know what wolves are like. They’re just naturally protective.” Dorothea stepped back and Hadrian and Gregory moved to take one of Ivory’s arms each.

“May we escort you to get some barbecue?” asked Hadrian.

Ivory sighed again. They were really nice, and she was hungry. Just smelling the delicious meat cooking had made her ready to eat. But she wanted a Dom and was running out of time to find one. Gently but firmly she pulled herself free of them both. “Not tonight, but thanks anyway.”

Turning swiftly, she dived between some men and reappeared the other side of them hurrying to the group of women she’d sighted just before Dorothea had stopped her. Maybe one of them could point her to her Dom.




Greg cupped her breasts and sucked her nipple and areola into his mouth. He sucked hard, demandingly, and her eyes slammed shut as honey poured from her core and dampened her inner thighs. She gripped onto his shoulders as he licked and sucked then held the nipple in his teeth and tugged on it, elongating it, before turning his attention to her other breast.

As Greg began to lick around her second breast, a slippery finger massaged the ring of her sphincter muscle and pressed inside. Hadrian had a finger inside her before she expected it, and his other hand massaged and petted her ass, cranking the growing need inside her higher and higher.

Greg kept kissing her breasts, but slid a hand down to tease around her clit. Ivory’s knees went wobbly as Hadrian’s finger massaged inside her ass and Greg rubbed her clit.

A hard slap on her ass started her, but before she could form any words to say, Hadrian slapped her again, and again, as he slid a second finger into her ass. Distraction. He’s distracting me, like magicians do, she thought.

Ivory pushed back on the fingers in her ass, wanting more. Greg used the opportunity to slide his fingers into her cunt stroking her gently as his thumb kept circling her clit. And his tongue rolled her nipple around his mouth.

“Oh, God, more. I want to come.”

“Why don’t you roll a condom onto Greg’s dick instead?” asked Hadrian, stroking his hands up and down her back.

Condom? She hadn’t seen any condoms. Now neither man was touching her, Ivory forced herself to open her eyes properly and there on the counter nearby was a box of condoms. Hadrian must have put it there when he got the lube.

She pulled one out of the box, ripped the packet open and rolled the latex over Greg’s cock. He’d been an impressive size before, but now his cock was enormous, the head red and the shaft thicker than she’d remembered it.

As soon as he was sheathed she held him to her pussy and moved closer so he could get inside. Damn he felt good. He filled her to capacity, stretching her wide and possessing her totally. Behind her she felt Hadrian’s cock at her ass. She knew to breathe out as he pushed in. but he seemed to be taking it very slowly. Finally she felt him rocking and wiggling and moving down her channel. The men held her between them as they moved the few necessary inches so that Greg’s back was against the cabin wall.

She noticed his hips were away from the wall and the question still forming in her mind was answered when Greg aid in a deep husky voice, “Wrap your legs around my waist.”

It took some effort to lift both her legs that high when there was a cock impaling her both front and rear, but she managed it and then the men wiggled closer to the wall until her ankles were jammed between Greg’s back and the wall.

“I hope we don’t put sweat marks on the wall,” she mumbled, wanting to giggle.

“It’ll be worth losing my deposit to fuck you,” said Greg, kissing her nose.

That only made her want him to kiss her properly. She grabbed his hair and held his head still, slanting her lips over his until he kissed her deeply. She slid her tongue into his mouth and he did the same with her, both of them exploring together.

But she couldn’t kiss for too long. The entire concept of both her cunt and ass full of cock was too novel and new for her to concentrate on a kiss, no matter how good that kiss might be. The men pulled right out and then slammed into her together. In that instant Ivory climaxed, her body shaking as honey poured from her, and both her cunt and her ass milked the cocks inside them. Gradually she realized she was still holding fistfuls of Greg’s hair and she let go and gripped his shoulders once again. As if nothing had happened the men withdrew again, and slammed into her, pulled out, and pushed in, over and over again.

Instead of her climax dying down, the orgasm lingered in her belly, sending occasional twitches of release through her body. Ivory wiggled on Greg’s hips, tightening her legs once again behind his back, and brushing her aching nipples over his rock-hard chest.

“Are you ready to come again?” asked Hadrian, following up his request, with several hard slaps to the outside of her thighs.

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