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Dragon’s Den Book Five of the Running in Fear Series

Running in Fear Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 59,000
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In this Fifth title in Trinity Blacio’s best-selling Running in Fear series, the were pack meets and finds love with a dragon shifter vampire species.

Suzanne Butterfield wanted an alpha male of her own. It was hard to admit that she was jealous of what her friend Tonya had; a man who knew how to control her life, worship her body and make her submit. Of course it helped that Tonya’s man was an Alpha of his werewolf pack, built like a tank, and tall as a mountain.

Dominic Hazelfield, a vampire king and dragon shifter, was a true master, not only to his vampire kingdom, but also in his BDSM club. By opening this club, Dominic believed he would finally find his true blood mate, that she would just walk into his den and submit her body and soul to him.

Archer Morganthe, Clan leader of the Florida Everglades Vampires, was a loner; only his right hand man knew of his longing for Dominic. When he finally had him within reach, Archer found himself surrounded by Dominic's allies as well. He didn’t know how he was going to survive with so many around him, but somehow he would live to protect his mates.

Granger Iceshard, or as many called him--the Ice Man, listened to no one, claimed no clan. Always a ladies’ man, Granger was confused by his body’s overwhelming desire towards the men around him. The only problem was when he was confused, it made him dangerous.

Blair Wellworth was a Vampire warrior and wizard, and could shift into any animal. Only his family knew of his secret, but when danger threatened one of their Kings, Blair opened his closed heart for the love of his companions.

As danger loomed closer, the five came together, not only to protect each other, but also to prepare for what the Goddess of Vampires, Empusa, has warned them about -- the war between good and evil.

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Part of her drink got stuck in her throat when he said dragon. Her eyes watered and she coughed. "Dragon, as in a huge thing that can breathe fire and fly?"

Archer patted her back as all three of them laughed.

"Yes, a dragon. Are you okay?"

Suzanne looked at Archer. "And you, can you change too?"

He grinned and nodded. "Yes. I, too, was born a vampire. My animal is also a dragon."

She took a deep breath and peeked at Granger, who laughed and nodded. "Afraid so, Red."

"Oh, this is so not going to work. I mean, I always loved dragons, but…how the hell does a dragon mate with a human? Their cocks have to be huge!" She squeaked and slapped her hand over her mouth, her face heated. "Oh God. I can’t believe I just said that. Just ignore me."

Dominic roared his laughter, as did Granger and Archer.

Once more all eyes in the room were on their small party.

"Suzanne, our dragons are not going to mate with you. Well, they would if you were a dragon too, but when we come together in our human forms, it would be the same. The dragon is still part of us inside. But of course, you do know the dragon has a nice long thick tongue? Just imagine what it could do."

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