Revenge of a Fat Bitch (MF)

The Bitch Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,377
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, M/F with elements of F/F, oral sex, HEA]
Leigh walks in on her husband, Dick, having sex with Stacey Ray, the town whore. Then, Stacey calls her a fat bitch. Those words cut her to the core just as much, if not more, than discovering that her husband is a cheating jerk. She sees this as a pivotal moment, so she fires a few shots into the ceiling, runs them both off, and sets out to revamp her life.
Her weight-loss journey begins with her desire to have a revenge body. However, it ends with an emphasis on being healthy, strong, and happy. She is fortunate to have a drop-dead gorgeous trainer, Jake, who steals her heart from the beginning.
Jake introduces her to the swinging lifestyle and sex clubs. She is apprehensive at first. She has always considered herself to be rather vanilla in her sexuality. However, one taste of The Lifestyle and she is hooked.
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view and contains elements of F/F.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Revenge of a Fat Bitch (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Revenge of a Fat Bitch (MF)

The Bitch Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,377
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




August 13th


I hear a primal moan coming from my bedroom. Maybe Dick, my husband, is jacking off. I tiptoe to the bedroom, ready to surprise him with a nooner.

I open the door quietly. Before me is my husband with his face between the legs of Stacey Ray, the town whore. The saying “rode hard and put up wet”…she epitomizes that saying.

Beads of sweat line her upper lip. She throws her head back, squeals out his name, and grinds her pussy on his face while pinching her nipples.

I quietly retrace my steps to the foyer, grab my purse, and retrieve my .38 special—in pink, of course. I tip toe back into the room. He is balls-deep inside her now. She is frantically rubbing her clit while he fucks her madly. I step into the room, and I fire a shot into my recently repainted ceiling. Damn. I guess I will have to fix the fucking sheet rock and paint it again.

“What the fuck, Leigh!” yells Dick. It really is amazing how quickly a man can lose a hard-on when he hears a gunshot. They both grapple with their clothing, trying to appear all inconspicuous. Of course, it is a futile attempt. Really, why bother?

“For fuck’s sake, wipe her stank-ass pussy juice off your face. You did not even bother with protection?” I ask, exasperated. “She has been with how many men? Do you not even have enough respect for me to wrap that thing up?”

Of course, Stacey has to put her two cents in. “You are such a fat-ass bitch. Look at you, Leigh! Damn! That is the reason your husband wants me and not you. Plus,” she grins up at him. “I heard that you don’t take care of your pussy the way I do.”

At this point, I am speechless as she lies on the bed and spreads her legs for me to see her cunt. All spread-eagle, she slaps it a couple of times to get my attention. I cannot believe what is happening before my eyes. I will never be able to unsee this.

“See…not a hair in sight. Smooth as a baby’s butt. Literally. I use baby oil to keep it smooth and silky.” She actually winks at me as she divulges her secret twat hygiene trick.

There is a part of me that thinks Dick will jump in to protect me. Surely, he will come to my defense, right? He will defend my honor like a husband should. No. The room fills with silence.

“You’re right. I should get on the crack whore diet. I should completely shave my cunt from front to back porn style, so I can look like a pre-pubescent girl. I’d love to chat with you more about all this, but right now, I’d probably be able to be declared incompetent, mentally deranged. If you don’t want your scrawny ass with a little lead in it, get the hell out of my house.” I turn to Dick. “For God’s sake, take the fucking sheets with you. So fucking uncouth…”

He rips at the sheets and heads to the closet.

“What do you think you are doing?” I ask.

“Packing a bag,” he retorts.

“Maybe you don’t understand. How’s this?” I fire another shot into the ceiling. Another hole…What the hell? A crack starts to form, connecting the two like a dot-to-dot puzzle. Maybe I should install a drop ceiling and be done with it. “Have your damn whore get you clothes for now. I will have all your belongings on the driveway by noon tomorrow. Now, go! Next shot will be in flesh…and I have an itchy trigger finger.”

I watch them run down the stairs. My husband is leaving with Stacey Ray. Truth be known, I am relieved.




October 10, 178 pounds and size 18


Daniel and I decide to watch a movie together at his house. He worked late, and I cooked dinner for me and Michael. We forego the typical dinner/movie combination. I do indulge in a glass of wine with him. Maybe that is why I feel so comfortable when I lay my head on his shoulder and cuddle up next to him.

He covers us with a blanket and kisses the top of my head. We laugh hysterically through the movie. There is a sense of familiarity that makes any possible awkwardness dissipate.

The movie ends and neither of us want to untangle. “Leigh,” he whispers.

“Hmmmm…” I answer.

“It is still early…”

“It is.”


The question causes me to look up at him. “Yes?” I ask while staring into his eyes.

He doesn’t have to ask the question. I already know it. I gently press my lips to his in response. He hands—his strong, capable hands—are all over my body, searching but not achieving what he needs to fill his ache.

He firmly holds the back of my head as his tongue teases mine, letting me know what could be. The thought of his tongue on my clit sends shivers down my body. I want him to want me, to taste me. He pulls me onto his lap.

“I need you,” he tells me. He lifts his hips, and I feel his hard-on. I have an uncontrollable urge to feel him inside me.

I know that he is not Jake. God knows, I want him to be Jake. However, for just a few moments, I want to pretend he is. If that is wrong, well, I will just have to be wrong.

I lift his shirt, and he pulls it over his head. He works the buttons on mine. I help him. We are breathing heavily. I need this. If I cannot have Jake, I can at least have a release with Daniel. Rebound sex. Yolo and all that shit. I am supposed to be doing this, I remind myself. This is part of the healing process. I am not committed to Jake, so this is not wrong.

I shrug out of my shirt and take off my bra. I lift stand up and take off my skirt and panties. Never mind that I have fat around my middle and droopy boobs. I need his cock.

He undoes his belt and slides his pants and underwear off. Boxer briefs. Interesting. Boxer briefs, in my head, means a guy just cannot commit to one thing. I like that right now.

He slides a condom over his cock as I straddle him. His cock…it is unlike any I have ever seen. Every guy I have been with had a tapered cock. His is thick from tip to base. Wisps of dark, curly hair surround the base and his balls. It is yet another reminder of his manliness.

“I need this,” I tell him as I lower myself on him.

“I know you do. Take what you need.”

Those words spur another wave of lust. My pussy moistens and I slide it down his dick, gasping the entire time. The fullness is something I have never experienced. My cunt is full. Sensations of desire radiate through me, limb to limb. I ride him without any consideration of my soft belly.

The only thought I have is of his cock and the wantonness that has consumed me. I grab the back of his head and kiss him, thinking of Jake. In my mind, this is all about Jake. I ride him, screaming out my passion and rubbing my clit against him.

I throw my head back wildly. My long, brown hair whips around my face frantically as I writhe in need. I feel the need coil inside me only to break forth with luster. I close my eyes. I feel so intensely. I savor the moment. The orgasm ebbs only to flow into another one and yet another one.

Daniel looks at me, completely sated. In the throes of passion, I don’t remember him coming. I lay my head on his shoulder. “Sorry to be so selfish. You are just too much for me to handle without going a little crazy. I assume you came?”

“Oh, yes!” He chuckles. “Hard to watch that sexy show of one orgasm after another and not come.”

“I would move, but I cannot. I feel so good.”

“Just relax,” he whispers as he strokes my hair. The moment is perfect…at least, it would be if it were with Jake.

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