Dragon Rider's Woman (MF)

Dragon Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,369
5 Ratings (3.4)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy Romance, M/F, with F/F, public exhibitionism, light bondage]

Doraya escapes a life of drudgery thanks to attractive dragon rider Goril and his sexy dragon Fiami. Then she discovers that throwing in her lot with Goril and Fiami means she has inadvertently become the sexual property of their whole tribe. Doraya joins seven other women who live with the thirty-five dragon riders and are shared fairly between them.

The riders are desperate for more women to join the tribe, but the traditions of their land make this almost impossible. Each rider is good-looking and kind, but it is Goril who Doraya adores. Doraya’s unexpected mind-meld with Fiami threatens her mental health but ultimately brings her closer to Goril. Can Doraya solve the riders’ problem, and in so doing win Goril’s love as well as his lust?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dragon Rider's Woman (MF)
5 Ratings (3.4)

Dragon Rider's Woman (MF)

Dragon Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,369
5 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I am torn by this book. I like the concept and the main parts of the book; but I don't like FF-sex EWWWW :-( and the introduction to this book did not say anything about FF scenes, which might have kept me from buying it. So I have read it and skipped over the FF scenes as best I could, and done my best to enjoy the rest, when I concentrated on these parts which would have been rated as a possible 5 if it hadn't been for ......... Please try to be accurate in the intro
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Doraya hates her life of servitude and wishes to escape. She hears rumors regarding dragon riders women, but Goril is her only escape and dragon Fiami is an added bonus. Goril and the dragon riders are always seeking willing women to become a dragon rider’s woman. He is surprised when Doraya not only captures his attention, but that of his dragon as well. Doraya and Goril find more in each other than they ever expected. Can Doraya adjust to the ways of the dragon rider, or will she be forever lost to her dragon? Ms. Garth offers a solid fantasy for escaping the life you abhor and stepping into a different world. I found the writing easy to read and entertaining. The imagination of Ms. Garth builds a world the reader can only dream being a part of. I look forward to the next in the Dragon Rider’s Series." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

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‘Oh, Doraya,’ he moaned, rocking his hips back and forth. ‘Oh, Doraya.’

She sucked and slurped at his cock, suddenly loving the sensation of power. This big, strong dragon rider was at her mercy, his pleasure dependent on her actions.

‘I’m close,’ he grunted. Doraya remembered the gushing liquid that had covered her chest on the castle tower. She forced another fraction of his cock between her willing lips, and he groaned more loudly than ever as he pumped his cum into her. The first gush hit the back of her throat, and her eyes watered, but she managed not to gag or cough. Swallowing was pleasant, soothing her throat, and seemed to provoke the next gush and the third. She licked his cock clean, very gently, then placed it on his belly and lay alongside Goril.

His chest was still heaving as he restored air to his lungs, but he reached for her hand and held it until he could speak.

‘Are you sure you’ve never done that before?’

‘I think I would have remembered,’ she said drily.

He chuckled. ‘You’re a natural, little one.’

She felt a rush of happiness.

‘Did it excite you?’ he asked.

Doraya had been so focused on his pleasure, she’d forgotten to think about her own, but now he mentioned it, that questing animal between her legs was back. ‘Yes, very much,’ she said.

‘Let me see.’ He rolled over and slid his hand between her legs. ‘So it did.’

His deft fingers stroked her clit. It felt good, but not good enough. Could she ask for more? He had, so perhaps it would be okay?

‘Harder. Please,’ she gasped, opening her legs wider.

Goril responded, and she began to thrust her hips rhythmically against his hand and moan. Then she felt a new sensation, his other hand joining in, a finger probing her entrance.

‘This shouldn’t hurt you now,’ Goril said, ‘but tell me if it does.’

Slowly and patiently, he inserted one finger a little way.

It felt so good, yet everything he did made her want him to do more. Doraya thought she might burst with frustration. Was this how Fiami felt?

‘Please,’ she said. ‘More.’

He pushed his finger further into her. She bucked against his hand, forcing his finger in as far as it could go.

 ‘More?’ he asked.

‘Yesssssss!’ she hissed.

He inserted a second finger alongside the first and began to work them in and out, rubbing her clit steadily all the while.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh…’ She tossed her head back and forth, wanting to find something, get somewhere, but she wasn’t sure what or where.

‘Come for me, little one,’ he coaxed, and lowered his head to take her nipple.

The feeling of his mouth sucking on her breast was more than Doraya could hold, and she yelled out her release as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her slender frame.

Goril took her shuddering body in his arms and held and soothed her through the aftershock. She couldn’t help noticing that he was fully erect again, and although she had just come herself, she was sure she could enjoy more stimulation.

‘Is Fiami satisfied?’ she asked.

‘No,’ Goril said reluctantly. ‘But I can hold her back more easily after the first one.’

Doraya looked up at him from under her eyelashes. ‘I think we should give her more of what she needs.’

‘I’m surprised you’re not exhausted.’

‘I slept all day.’ Doraya felt revivified. ‘I want to do more. Learn more. Feel more.’

Goril kissed her hair again. ‘You are such an asset. I thank the day that brought you to us.’

‘Thank the dragon that brought me.’ Doraya boldly took hold of his cock and began to stroke it. ‘I want you to put this inside me.’

‘Doraya!’ He sounded shocked. ‘You’re not ready.’

‘I feel ready,’ she said. ‘We could try, anyway.’

Goril hesitated. ‘You’ll probably feel Fiami’s mind, her emotions, if we fuck.’

‘When, not if,’ she said. A small voice in the back of her head asked where her newfound confidence had come from and who she thought she was anyway, but she ignored it. ‘So dragon riders’ women feel their dragons’ minds?’

‘Not always. And only when they fuck.’

‘That’s a terrible way to try to put me off.’ She grinned at him. ‘Now I really want to know what it’s like.’

He hesitated again.

She poked a finger into his chest. ‘Do you want to keep Fiami all to yourself?’

‘It’s you I want to keep to myself,’ he said roughly. ‘I won’t be able to if you keep stroking my cock like that.’

Doraya took her hand away, and he groaned at the loss of sensation.

‘Let’s try,’ she said softly.

He rolled on top of her, his weight pinning her to the bed. ‘Tell me if it’s too much,’ he rasped, and placed his cockhead at her entrance.

The feeling of it nestling there was almost unbearably exciting. Then he began to push. At first, Doraya thought she had made a mistake. His cock felt so huge, perhaps her body couldn’t fit it in any more than her mouth could. Then she felt an incredible stretching sensation. Her body was yielding to accommodate him, and her mind was stretching, too, to accommodate something huge. She remembered the enormous happiness she had momentarily felt on the castle tower. This was the same, but more complicated. Lust, anticipation, and excitement, all mixed together and irresistible.

‘Yes!’ she said, beating her fists on Goril’s back. ‘Give it to me!’

He began to thrust, trembling with the effort to keep it gentle, but she met him thrust for thrust, jamming her hips against his, clawing at his buttocks now to pull him in more tightly. He gave up his resistance, slid a forearm under the base of her spine, and slammed into her, wonderful friction inside her building heat in her body until it burst into flame.

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