Quinn & Kiernan: Snake Bit (MM)

Silver's Studs 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,450
13 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, bondage, exhibitionism, sex toys, spanking, voyeurism, HEA]
Quinn White survives an abusive father, and his future is looking good—until his demons return to threaten his dreams.
Kiernan Bradley is a man with a plan. That plan includes the incredibly sweet and quirky Quinn. They begin their relationship as friends, eventually becoming lovers. They should have had it all, but unresolved issues begin to eat away at Quinn’s newfound confidence, causing him to break up with Kiernan.
When Quinn surprises Kiernan with an apology for causing him pain by ending their relationship without an explanation, they decide to try again. There is a new twist this time, however. Not only does Quinn want to start over, he wants to be Kiernan’s pet. It is something of a shock, but it is only the first of many as they move together toward their future, love making them stronger.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Quinn & Kiernan: Snake Bit (MM)
13 Ratings (4.5)

Quinn & Kiernan: Snake Bit (MM)

Silver's Studs 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,450
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this series!!!!
Love these two together. Second chances, new start, releasing the past, finding ones truth, opening ones heart for love they deserve. So happy for Quinn and Belinda.
Kiernan loved and accepted Quinn as he is, no questions., and that makes him the sweetest, sexiest hottest man ever. Fantastic
donna b buccella




Quinn shuddered hard as he listened to Angel Salazar tell his story of being kidnapped and used as a sex slave. It was so horrific and far worse than anything Quinn had suffered. Quinn felt tears sting his eyes. Angel was amazing, he thought, his admiration growing for the man. Angel was so willing to share his story to help others, to let them know that there was hope.

Looking around the theater where Angel was speaking to a large audience, Quinn wondered how many people were there because they needed hope. Sometimes it wasn’t always easy to tell. His own past was a perfect example of that. His father had beaten him regularly from the time he was four years old, but most would have never guessed their secret. Others were probably there because they had heard about Angel’s story and wanted to hear it directly from him. Quinn applauded when Angel finished. The man was a hero in Quinn’s opinion.

Grabbing his coat as the lights came up, Quinn headed for the exit along with everyone else. He was supposed to meet Snake for a late supper, and he knew he had at least an hour before his friend was done with classes at the new community college. Window-shopping seemed like a good way to kill time. He loved to look into the store windows. Sometimes there were things he wished he could afford, but he didn’t let it get him down because he couldn’t.

As Quinn began the circuit of storefronts around Silver’s green, he shivered and zipped up his coat. It was only the end of September, but it was already cold enough for him to see his breath. It had snowed overnight. It wasn’t the first snow of the season. It was, however, the first significant snowfall, of over six inches. He knew the forecast was calling for more. He would definitely have to wear his boots the next time he was outside for an extended length of time.

By the time Quinn headed to the restaurant to meet Snake, he had gotten some good ideas for Christmas presents. He had friends now, and he hoped to give each of them a small gift. He knew if he was careful with the money he had saved, he would be able to do it. There was only one person he would spend a little more on, and that was his friend Snake. Christmas, however, was a few months away.

Most people thought he and Kiernan were lovers, but they weren’t. They were just very good friends. Sometimes Quinn thought he wanted to take it to the next level. He knew Snake wouldn’t turn him down, but he wasn’t sure it was the right thing for him to do. Hell, he didn’t know if hanging out with Snake was the right thing. Was he leading the guy on? They liked to joke around, and sexual innuendoes were plentiful.

Snake seemed happy having Quinn as a friend. Heck, they hadn’t even kissed, and they had now known each other for several months. So that meant they were friends and nothing more, Quinn thought as he mulled their relationship over in his mind.

It was complicated, and he was giving himself a headache. The server brought a glass of water and a straw. He tore off the paper and put it in the glass, leaning forward to suck it down.

“I wish I was that straw.”

Quinn stiffened in surprise. It was the kind of thing he and Snake said to each other all the time. The problem was, it wasn’t Snake saying it. Quinn didn’t recognize the voice. Releasing the straw, he turned his head and looked around, his gaze finally landing on a man sitting two tables away. There was an expectant expression on his face and something in his eyes Quinn didn’t like.

Lowering his gaze quickly, Quinn didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t tell the guy to buzz off. He wanted to. The guy gave him the creeps. To be fair, most men did, because he wasn’t deliberately inviting their attention. He felt like they were forcing it on him, and that’s what he didn’t like about them. What he wanted to know was what he did to attract them.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

Fuck. The man had moved and was now standing beside his table. Quinn’s heart sank. Where was Snake? He should have been there by now.

Looking toward the man, Quinn nodded. “I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” It was a blatant lie. Snake was not his boyfriend, but Quinn didn’t think Snake would mind him saying he was, not if the circumstances were right. “He should be here any minute.”

“Hey, babe. I’m sorry I’m late.” Snake’s deep voice soothed Quinn’s frayed nerves. Those same nerves short-circuited when Snake bent to kiss Quinn as he tipped his head back to look at him. Their mouths pressed together briefly. It was short enough to be public-friendly and long enough to make his toes begin to curl in his shoes. “Hi. You are?” Snake asked the man politely as he straightened.

The unwelcome stranger chuckled. “Obviously unwanted. I was just saying hello. Now I’ll go back to my table and wallow in self-pity.”





When Kiernan laid Quinn gently on the mattress, there was a sigh of pleasure from the man. Then he was rolling from side to side, laughing as he did so, giving Kiernan a good look at both sides of his body.

“This is like being on a cloud. I wish I could afford a mattress like this.”

Shaking his head, Kiernan joined Quinn on the bed as he rolled away for a second time. He caught him on the rebounding roll, pulling him close and kissing him on his swollen, rosy lips. Quinn felt so good, their naked skin pressed together as Kiernan held him.

“Are you ready, baby?”

Quinn nodded and grinned. “I want to find out if you’re all talk.”

“Don’t worry. You’re about to find out.” Kiernan released Quinn and left the bed long enough to get the lube and condoms he had brought with him. He placed the condoms on the bedside table and climbed up on the bed. “Pull your legs back. Show me your tight little virgin hole.”

Kiernan sucked in a breath as Quinn did as he was told, pulling his legs back to his chest and putting himself on display for Kiernan’s pleasure. The small pink pucker was a tempting sight.

“How does it look?” Quinn asked.

The question was definitely unexpected. Kiernan’s gaze was jerked upward. He laughed as he saw his lover wiggling his dark eyebrows. The man was unusual, but that was one of the things Kiernan loved best about him.

Winking, Kiernan went back to what he was doing. “It looks very sexy, baby. It will look even better with my cock stretching it out until your toes curl and you scream my name.”

He didn’t waste any time as he opened the bottle of lube and poured a small amount over the quivering ring of muscles. Quinn squeaked as the cool liquid made contact with his hot hole. Dropping the bottle, Kiernan began to stroke the puckered flesh, teasing, rimming, before playfully dipping into the center. The muscles squeezed instinctively against the intrusion, even as slight as it was.

“You’re going to have to relax, baby. I want this to be nothing but pleasure for the two of us.”

Quinn nodded without speaking and let out a breath. Kiernan saw his body relax slightly. Pushing his finger into the center once more, Kiernan pressed in a little deeper, now watching the expressions crossing Quinn’s face.

“That’s it. Relax.” It didn’t take long to find Quinn’s sensitive gland.

“Oh, fuck yes, Kiernan! Do that again,” he begged.

As Kiernan obliged, stroking it, he said in a firm voice, “I don’t care what I’m doing to you. I don’t want you to come until I tell you to. Do you understand, baby?” Quinn stared, aghast as his body trembled. Then he nodded, appearing determined. “Good.” Shifting his position on the bed, he told him, “Let go of your legs. Now put your hands above your head and leave them there.”

Dominant in bed, Kiernan was very pleased with the way Quinn responded. He would always be gentle with the man, would never force him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, but Kiernan would push the limits. If he had learned one thing about Quinn, it was that he was adventurous in life. Hopefully it would carry over into their sex life.

Leaning over his gorgeous little lover, Kiernan took Quinn’s cock into his mouth and sucked it smoothly down to the root. The tip of his nose touched the smooth skin covering Quinn’s groin. Because this was the first time seeing his lover naked, he didn’t know if waxing was a usual thing for him or if it was because Quinn wore a skimpy thong for work. Either way, he loved it.

Sucking and licking the man’s cock, Kiernan was prepared to torment Quinn for as long as it pleased him. He had vowed to do so until Quinn’s toes curled and he screamed Kiernan’s name. Quinn had promised not to come until he was given permission. Kiernan knew he was about to share an experience with Quinn that he had never experienced with anyone else. The slender leg draped over his shoulder was holding him close, silently encouraging him to be bolder.

Kiernan pushed a second finger inside Quinn’s dark channel, stroking the silky lining, as he released the man’s cock. He shifted his attention to the man’s tight balls. It would be a miracle if Quinn could hold onto his control. He smiled for a moment before sucking on the wrinkled flesh, savoring the man’s taste, inhaling his soft musky scent.

With his cock now revived and throbbing against his belly, Kiernan began to wonder if he would be able to outlast Quinn. He added a third finger, stretching the muscles gently, Quinn’s moans and whimpering like music to his ears.

Four fingers pushed into Quinn’s ass was an erotic sight. Kiernan left them in there as he sat back on his heels, Quinn’s ankle now on his shoulder, the other leg bent to the side. It was a wanton, pulse-pounding sight, as erotic as they came.

“Baby, are you ready for me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please fuck me now.”

“You are not to come.”

“I won’t, Kiernan. I promise I’ll be good.”

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