Slick Rock, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Slick Rock

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 143,353
2 Ratings (3.0)

Box Set #64: Slick Rock, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Slick Rock Cowboys, Tara Rustle’s grief and loneliness since her mother passed culminates in finding her home burning to the ground after spending another birthday alone. She snaps and wakes up in the arms of Clay and Johnny Morten with no memory of how she got there. Little does she know, they were once her childhood neighbors. As her memory returns, Clay and Johnny set out to seduce the woman they’ve lusted after for years. But when an old flame of Clay’s and Johnny’s threatens Tara’s life, will they save her in time or lose all that they were just beginning?

In Double E Ranch, Felicity Wagner applies for the job of ranch hand at the Double Eagle Ranch and her body awakens the moment she sees owners Tom and Billy Eagle. When sheriff Luke sun-Walker examines Felicity after an attack, he knows this is the woman for him, and he, Tom, and Billy set out to woo her together. They know a fiery, passionate woman hides behind the walls she has constructed around her. When Felicity’s life is threatened by an insane ex-ranch hand, the one responsible for the earlier attack, the three men must risk everything to protect her, but will they reach her in time?

In Her Ex-Marines, Rachel Lamb is on the run from the law and finds herself in Slick Rock, Colorado unexpectedly applying for a position at the sheriff’s department. Sheriff Damon Osborn is horrified when he learns about her past and vows to protect her, offering to have her stay with him and his two brothers. All three men are ex-marines, and all three vow to use all their training to protect her. But their skills will be put to the test when Rachel is kidnapped and they have to rescue her before time runs out.

In Leah’s Irish Heroes, Leah Harmer is stunned speechless when the two hottest men she has ever seen walk into the diner where she works. She is equally surprised when they rescue her from her harassing boss. Connell and Seamus O’Hara know Leah is the woman they have been looking for, and now all they have to do is convince her to accept them both. They jump at the opportunity to get her to their house and don’t look back once. Can they convince her she is the woman of their dreams, or will the danger stalking her scare her away?

A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.


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Slick Rock Cowboys (MFM) Double E Ranch (MFMM) Her Ex-Marines (MFMM)

Leah's Irish Heroes (MFM)

Slick Rock, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)
2 Ratings (3.0)

Slick Rock, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Slick Rock

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 143,353
2 Ratings (3.0)
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Tara needed to get out of the house. She was going stir-crazy and knew she wouldn’t see Clay or Johnny for a while. She headed to the bedroom to rummage in the drawers and find herself something to wear. She looked at herself in the mirror, covered her mouth with her hand, and giggled. She looked ridiculous. The jeans she had borrowed were so big on her, if she hadn’t found a belt and added more holes to it, the pants would be down around her ankles. The legs were rolled up so many times, it looked like her shins and calves were deformed. The jacket she had on over the large T-shirt hid her hands and wouldn’t stay rolled up no matter what she did. The arms were too wide, and she had lost too much weight to keep the rolled fabric in place. Her hands were invisible beneath the floppy ends of the jacket. Tara gave a mental shrug and headed out the back door.

Tara breathed in the scent of the roses and jasmine planted just outside the back door. She wandered down to the corral and leaned on the fence as she took in the beautiful scenery. The expansive plains and fresh country air seeped into her soul, relaxing her for the first time in six years. She had missed her home so much, as well as her two best friends, but she missed her mom the most. She felt like a big, gaping wound had split her chest wide open and would never heal. She had lost the closeness of her best friends the day she moved away from this place, and two years later, she had lost her mom. She had no one anymore and didn’t know if she would ever feel whole again.

The first sob caught Tara by surprise. She would have thought she had no tears left after all the crying she had done over the last couple of days. She slid to the ground and hugged her knees in tight to her chest. She felt so alone. She had no one to lean on, no one to love, and no one to love her in return. She had nothing left. Tara was so caught up in her own grief she didn’t hear the truck coming up the drive.




Tara was on fire. She couldn’t contain her sounds of arousal any longer, and she thrust her breasts and hips up, demanding more pleasure. She cried out as Clay pushed his finger into her tight, wet sheath until it was buried to the second knuckle, felt him twist it around inside her body and begin to rub over a sensitive spongy spot deep inside. She’d heard about a female’s G-spot and was ecstatic that Clay had found hers with ease. In a matter of seconds her body was making lewd squelching sounds, and the spongy area inside her expanded toward his finger. She whimpered as Clay rubbed faster over her sweet spot until she was on the brink of climax. She could feel her pussy walls fluttering around his digit, trying to draw him in deeper. She was shocked when he withdrew his finger and mouth from her sex and then watched as Johnny withdrew from her breasts.

Tara screamed and sobbed with frustration. She had been so close, and to have them stop was pure torture, but she knew her men were the ones in control. They were trying to teach her that it was their way in the bedroom as she was to abide by their rules. And she loved every minute of it.

“Do you know how sexy you are, Tara? My God, if you could see yourself the way we do right now. Your face is flushed, your nipples are hard, begging for attention, and this little bald pussy is bright pink. Your clit is protruding, just begging for our touch,” Clay advised in a deep, husky voice. “You have one more punishment left, then we are going to fuck you and send you flying. I can’t wait to have your sweet cunt wrapped around my cock, squeezing and milking the cum from my balls.”

“Please let me go and fuck me,” Tara sobbed, tears leaking from the corner of her eyes, desperate to reach climax. “I can’t do this anymore. I need to come.”

“I’ll let you out of the bindings, sweetheart, but we’re never letting you go. You’re ours, Tara, and the sooner you come to terms with that, the better off we’ll all be,” Johnny said in a quiet voice, full of compassion, as he released her from the restraints.





Felicity wondered what was going on, but didn’t dare ask. Tom’s hard, commanding voice gave her goose bumps. She had a feeling she was in over her head, but couldn’t figure out why.

Felicity caught sight of Jack leading three horses out of the barn. They were all tacked up, just waiting to be mounted. The big black stallion prancing skittishly drew her eye. He was such a gorgeous animal. His muscles rippled as he moved and his black coat was so dark she could see traces of blue in it. He had to stand at least seventeen hands, and she knew he would be a handful for anyone who rode him. She guessed he was probably Tom’s horse. He would certainly need a large, muscular horse to ride. The other two horses were just as large, but Zeus had more fire in him than the other two horses.

Felicity watched as Tom moved over to Zeus, grabbed his bridle, and led the horse toward her. Felicity didn’t move, not wanting him to know he intimidated her, but she hoped like hell he was leading that horse to her. She would show that arrogant ass she wasn’t some prissy little female.

“You get to ride Zeus here. Let me warn you though, he’s a bit of a handful,” Tom advised.

“Oh, good. I love a feisty horse,” Felicity stated with a grin.

“Okay, let’s get going. I want to be finished before nightfall,” Tom stated as he mounted.

Felicity watched as Billy mounted his horse. Then when she knew the two men were watching her to see how such a small woman would mount such a large horse, she hid her grin. She vaulted into the saddle without so much as using a stirrup. Zeus, obviously not used to being mounted in such a way, protested. He reared up and tried to throw her. Felicity clung to the horse’s sides with her knees and legs, pulled on the bridle gently, all the while crooning to the finicky stallion. When she had the large animal under control, she looked over to the two men and had to bite her tongue to stop the laugh bubbling up from her chest. They looked to be in shock.




He needed to feel her flesh filling his hand, her nipple stabbing into his palm. He moved up, enveloping her flesh in his hand, kneading her soft, voluptuous flesh. Her little pink-tipped nipple firmed beneath his touch, stabbing at him for more. He pinched her turgid flesh between his thumb and finger, making her cry into his mouth once more. He moved his free hand down over her stomach until he reached the elastic at the top of her panties. He wanted to thrust his fingers into her cunt, wanted to see her ride his hand until she climaxed, but didn’t want to scare her off. So instead he slipped his hand beneath the elastic until he felt the little nub of flesh at the top of her pussy with his large finger.

He pulled his hand from her panties, weaned his mouth from her own, and lifted his finger to his mouth as she watched him through heavy eyelids. He sucked his finger into his mouth, and when he pulled it out, he made sure he had saliva coating his digit. He slipped his hand back under the material of her panties and began massaging his finger over her engorged clit. He leaned down and forward, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked on her nipple, dragging it between his teeth, flicking his tongue over her hard peak until she was arching into his mouth and rocking her hips into his hand. He slid his hand to her lower belly, just above the top of her cunt, over her pubic mound.

He pushed down on her firmly, then moved his hand around in slow, massaging circles. He pressed his finger more firmly over her sensitive clit as he swirled and rubbed over her nerve endings. He could feel her stomach jumping and trembling beneath his hand and knew Felicity was close to reaching orgasm. He gently grazed his teeth over her nipple, slipped his thumb into her panties with his finger, and gently pinched her clitoris between the two.

He opened his eyes, looked up, and watched as his woman threw her head back as she screamed out her release. Tom pulled his hand from her panties and his mouth from her breast, pulled her onto his lap, and held her as she quavered and trembled in his arms. She finally slumped against his body, totally relaxed for the first time since he, Luke, and Billy had entered her room. The only sound was the harsh, rapid breaths of all four adults.





Rachel leaned against the sink, breathing deeply, trying to get her panic under control. She met her own eyes in the mirror. Her pupils were dilated, and her eyes were haunted. She turned on the faucet, splashed cold water over her face and wrists, then patted herself dry with a paper towel. She stood there in that lonely bathroom staring at the stranger before her. She could see how frightened she looked and knew without a doubt she had to leave. The door to the ladies’ room opened, and she turned, bright fluorescent lights gleaming in her eyes, only allowing her to see the tall silhouette of the man standing in the doorway. Rachel stepped back until her back was pressed against the wall, and a shaky hand rose to her mouth to stop her from crying out in fear. Her legs nearly buckled as the man stepped forward beneath the light. His familiar features releasing her from her paralysis, her legs no longer able to hold her up, Rachel slid down the wall to the floor. She cried out as strong arms caught her before her ass hit the floor. She wanted to rage at him for scaring the shit out of her, but her earlier adrenaline rush had left her too weak, which just made her angrier.

Damon wrapped his arms around her and hauled her up against his big, warm body. Rachel knew he could feel her shaking and wanted to push away from him, to castigate him for frightening her so badly, but she was going to have to wait until her strength returned. She became aware of him running a large hand up and down her back, soothing her and offering comfort as he made nonsensical crooning sounds.

Rachel’s fear finally began to abate, and her strength began to return, as did her fury. She stiffened in his arms, drawing away from him. She took a step back and stared him down.

“How dare you. You have no idea what you’ve done. I can’t believe you investigated me. Oh my God. I have to leave. Please, take me home so I can pack,” Rachel demanded in a fierce whisper.

“Rachel, you can’t run for the rest of your life. What sort of life are you going to have, running from town to town, state to state? You can never settle down, get married, and have kids. What about your mom? Are you going to be able to send her on cruises with a bodyguard for the rest of her life? That’s called existing, baby, not living.”

“At least I’ll be alive and so will my mother,” Rachel whispered, feeling tears pool in her eyes then spill down over her cheeks.




Rachel pushed against Tyson until he lay on his back beside her. She threw a leg over his hips and straddled his body. She brought her mouth back down to his, sliding hers over his full, moist lips. She was grateful when he took over her tentative kiss, thrusting his tongue into her moist depths. She tasted him as ravenously as he tasted her, her nipples brushing against the hair on his chest as their mouths met, making her pussy weep with her need. She aligned her hips with his, rocking and sliding on his length, the tip of his cock massaging her clit.

She growled with frustration when Tyson pulled his mouth from hers, staring into the depths of her soul. He slid his hand down between their bodies, grabbed his cock, and held it up away from his belly.

“I want you to ride me, sugar. Slide onto me, Rachel. Take me into your body. Please, sugar,” Tyson said.

Rachel rose up on her knees, aligned her body with Tyson’s, and slowly lowered. The feel of his hard, warm, silky-smooth steel rod separating her flesh and making her burn slightly was pure ambrosia. She hadn’t gotten a look at his cock, but by the feel of his flesh trying to merge with hers, the man was huge. They both groaned with pleasure as the head of his cock popped through her tight muscles, but what endeared Tyson to Rachel at that moment was the fact he was letting her control things. Waiting for her to be ready to take more of his cock into her depths and not pushing in before. Their gazes met and held, and the heat and fire she could see in Tyson’s eyes, she knew was mirrored in her own. But there was something more. It was like she could see to the very depths of his soul, and what she saw there made her breath catch in her throat and tears prick behind her eyes. She lowered her mouth to his at the same time she slid over him, taking him deeper inside of her. She moved back up then plunged down again, taking him into the depths of her body, as well as her heart.

Tyson reached up with his hands, brushed her hair back from her face, and slid his hand down her arms, over her breasts, and down to her hips. He held her still, his cock pulsing inside her, her internal muscles answering by gripping him and releasing again. His hand glided back up to her rib cage, and he pulled her down to meld their mouths once more. Rachel fell into his kiss, answering him and following wherever he wished to take her. The feel of a finger against her anus made her squeal in protest, her muscles gathering to move her body into a sitting position and out of reach of that wicked finger. She pulled her mouth away from his and turned her head to look over her shoulder. Sam was behind her, totally naked, his hand fisting his cock as he massaged her ass.

“I won’t hurt you, darlin’. Just lie down on Ty and relax,” Sam whispered, moving in closer to her, between Tyson’s spread thighs. Sam placed the palm of his hand between her shoulder blades, putting gentle yet firm pressure on her upper back. He didn’t relent until Rachel did what he wanted. When she was lying supine, impaled on Tyson’s cock, her head turned to the opposite side to find Damon beside them, naked, holding his massive cock in hand.

“I want your sexy little mouth on me, baby,” Damon stated in a voice rough with passion. He slid the tip of his cock over her lips, begging her without words to open up to him.

Rachel didn’t hesitate. Just seeing Damon’s cock in her face made her crave his taste. She opened her mouth and twirled her tongue around the crown of his dick. The taste of his pre-cum exploded on her taste buds, making her want more of his salty, musky flavor. When she had teased him and herself enough, she opened her mouth wide, sucking him between her lips. She hollowed out her cheeks as she sucked him into the depths of her mouth, the sound of Damon’s voice offering instruction only making her burn hotter.

“Oh yeah, baby. Good girl. Suck my cock, Rachel. Do you know how sexy you look with my dick in your mouth? Relax your throat, breathe through your nose, and take me down, baby. Oh fuck, yeah. That’s so good. Your mouth is heaven, Rach.”

“A little cold, darlin’,” Sam stated, breaking into Damon’s speech. “Don’t tense up, Rachel. Breathe through your nose, and try to relax. God, you’re beautiful. You look so damn sexy with my brothers’ cocks in your pussy and mouth. I have to get you nice and lubed, darlin’. We are gonna make you feel so good,” Sam declared.

Rachel couldn’t answer, so she moaned around Damon’s cock as he rocked it slowly in and out of her mouth. The feel of Sam’s fingers pushing into her ass was so darkly erotic she squirmed on Tyson’s cock. The pleasure/pain was enhanced as her clit slid on his hard rod.

“You’re doing good, darlin’. I’m gonna give you some more lube, and then I’m gonna get three fingers into your sweet little ass. Push out for me, Rachel,” Sam demanded.

Rachel felt Sam push his fingers into her ass, and she was grateful that he talked to her the whole time, trying to keep her relaxed. He pumped, twisted, and scissored his fingers into her dark hole until her tight muscles accepted the intrusion to her body, finally relaxing.

Rachel felt Sam move up close to her back and cover her with his body. He leaned down next to her ear and blew his moist breath into her ear canal, making her shiver.

“I’m coming in now, darlin’. I want you to try and stay nice and relaxed. You will feel a bit of pinching and burning, but it should not be painful. I want you to stop me if it’s too much. Okay, Rachel?” Sam asked.





“I was hoping you’d say that, darlin’. I want you to just breathe evenly and deeply. Don’t tense up. Try to keep your muscles relaxed. Okay, Leah?”


“Good girl. Connell, hand me the lube.”

Seamus took the proffered bottle of lubrication from his brother, flipped the lid, and squirted a generous amount onto the tips of two fingers. He massaged the cold gel into the puckered skin of Leah’s ass until she relaxed and he could see the pink ring of muscles. He placed the bottle of lube to her anus and drizzled the viscous liquid into her hole. He cupped his hand, caught the lube in his palm, then coated his hard dick with the gel. He wiped his hand on a small towel his brother gave him, gripped Leah’s hips in his hands, and pulled her ass into the air. He covered her body from behind, kissed her on the ear, and slowly but surely began to push his hard cock into her ass.

He groaned as he felt the tight flesh of her ass separate, allowing the head of his cock to pop through into her anus. He held still as her muscles clenched and released around his erection, giving her time to adjust to his invasion.

“Are you okay, darlin’?” Seamus asked against Leah’s ear.

“God, yes. Seamus, it burns and pinches, but it feels so good. I want more. Please? I want you to fuck me.” Leah sobbed.

“I’ll give you more, Leah. But I have to go slow. I don’t want to hurt you, baby. How is your arm? Am I hurting you?”

“No. My arm’s not hurting at all.”

“Good.” Seamus growled then pushed his way further into her ass. He felt sweat beading on his brow as he held his control on a tight leash. He was only halfway into Leah’s ass, and she was squeezing his cock so hard he was in danger of shooting too soon. He ground his teeth, breathed through his nose, and felt sweat trickle down his nose. He moved his hand around to her pussy and massaged her little clit and then eased his way into her body until his balls were flush with her skin. He held still and wrapped one arm around her waist. The other he placed between her breasts. He lifted her up and pulled her up against his body. He groaned as his cock slid into her ass another inch, and even though he wanted to slide his hard rod in and out of her body, he held still. Leah was now sitting in Seamus’s lap with her torso perpendicular to the bed. Her legs were on the outside of his and he moved his wider apart so Connell would have access to her pussy.

Seamus held Leah as his brother moved in closer to their woman. He watched as Connell leaned down and took Leah’s mouth with his. When Connell weaned his mouth from Leah’s mouth, his brother moved up until Leah’s breasts brushed against his brother’s chest, and then he felt Connell forging his cock into Leah’s cunt. Seamus groaned as her ass got tighter and she clamped down on his erection. Connell was finally buried in her cunt to the hilt, and Seamus held still with his brother, giving their woman time to adjust to the dual invasion.

“Please, please, please,” Leah begged.

“Please what, darlin’?” Seamus asked.

“I need you to move,” Leah gasped. “Please, now.”

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