[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, time travel, werewolves, HEA]
Rory Greenberg travels back in time to be with his brothers before it is too late. Unfortunately, he’s sort of new to the whole time traveling thing, so he doesn’t expect to land right in the middle of winter, or inside of a werewolf camp who immediately scent that he is a luna werewolf and capture him.
Allan Edwards never had much regard for luna werewolves, but he’s a prisoner in this pack as well, and one sniff of the other man lets him know that they are mated. Allan has no intention of leaving his mate behind.
Escaping is easy, but surviving the snowstorm is hard, and the only thing Allan can do is trust Rory when he leads him to another pack, this one full of luna werewolves, and Allan has to convince them to not kill him before Rory can recover and explain their situation. Not an easy task considering he used to hunt their kind.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
In Lust with the Enemy (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So freaking adorable. Rory is the cutest thing and Allen was so sweet and gentle. I'm sorry Allen wasn't able to kill off Bud and his entire pack, but he sure put a dent in them. Looking forward to more.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This fourteenth book in the series adds yet another visitor from the future to Roarke's pack: Eli and Leo's youngest brother, Rory, has decided to travel into the past because he misses his brothers and only family. He never expected to be captured, then rescued by a member of the enemy pack who turns out to be his mate. Allan, said mate, had no idea he could fall for an omega luna werewolf, but now that he has, he knows he needs to prove himself to Rory as well as the man's brothers if he wants to live with Rory. All of this plus a few extra complications makes for a great installment of the luna werewolf story, filled with action, emotion, and lots of exploratory activities in the bedroom as the two mates get to know each other. Rory is an omega luna werewolf, and as such, in danger from both Bud's and Lawrence's packs because they like to capture and enslave omegas as a supposed "power source". Luckily Allan is there to rescue him, but that doesn't mean everything is fine. Rory doesn’t know the man, has no idea how or if he will ever trust him, and both his brothers are so protective it doesn’t look as though Rory will ever get the chance to get to know Allan. The more he finds out, the safer he feels, until they get careless, are captured by Bud's pack, and Rory has to question everything he's begun to believe he knows about Allan. Allan may have been a member of Bud's pack, since it was better than being a lone wolf, but there were things he disagreed with to the point he ran. He can’t believe he's fond his mate, and struggles with the fact he's a luna werewolf. A lot of the things he's been told about lunas are scary, but what he sees once Roarke's pack takes him in (only because Rory tells them they are mates) makes him reconsider. Anyway, he is wiling to do anything to prove himself so he can stay with Rory. His desperate plan to save both of them when Bud recaptures him doesn’t work so well, and he thinks he may have lost it all…If you like shifter stories where one partner's world view is turned upside down, if you enjoy reading about mates who don’t know each other, have no reason to trust their partner, and struggle to get along outside the bedroom, and if you're looking for a story with lots of exploratory and hot action between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Christ, Allan’s mate was a luna werewolf, and now he was stuck in a house full of them, but these people knew who Rory was. Some of them did, anyway, and even though it galled him to no end that he couldn’t be beside the man as he was treated for hypothermia, he was kind of shocked that he hadn’t been chained up and thrown outside like a dog.

That was how Lawrence had been keeping Rory when Allan had first been kidnapped.

Allan Edwards knew he would be treated with suspicion after he mentioned that he came from Bud’s pack, that band of rogue wolves who were out for the blood of any luna werewolf they happened to sink their teeth into.

Allan had abandoned that pack and was a traitor to them, but he didn’t expect this pack, which was made up almost entirely of luna werewolves, to just take his word for it.

That would’ve been the height of stupidity.

He hated the fact that he was forced to separate from his mate, and it made him twitchy as all hell as he waited for news on how Rory was doing. They’d both been walking outside in the middle of a snowstorm, in their human forms, for what had seemed like hours.

Rory had been kept so weak that he couldn’t even shift into his wolf form, which would have protected him somewhat from the cold. Because of that, Allan didn’t dare shift either. He needed to carry the other man, and he wouldn’t have been able to do that without opposable thumbs.

He ran his hands through his hair just to try to stop the shaking that was in his fingers. He was pacing the bedroom he’d been locked into. He could bust out so easily if he wanted. It wasn’t like he was being chained down with silver. The room was actually very nice, if a little bare, but Allan still thought about ripping the door from its hinges, or taking the bed and hurling it through the window and watching the glass shatter.

He could take all the alphas in this pack if he had to, just so he could be beside Rory.

No, he had to calm himself down before he let his aggression get the better of him and the dozen or so other alphas in the house started to smell it on him. If they did, then there was no way they would let him see his mate.

He wasn’t strong enough to take out that many alphas by himself, and despite which pack he used to belong to, they were treating him very well. He might be locked in this room, but he wasn’t being chained, and it was better than being locked up outside.

Allan pulled the lace curtains back on the window and saw a whole lot of nothing. There really was zero visibility. It was all a white blur in front of his face.

The storm had gotten so much worse, and it was lucky that Allan had arrived here with Rory when they did. If it had been this bad last night, he wouldn’t have been able to see the house. He might’ve ended up walking right past it and onto the frozen lake. Would he and Rory have fallen through the ice? Would he have even known he was standing on the ice before it was too late?

Fuck, it was such a scary thought, and Allan wiped his face as he thought about how suddenly glad he was to be locked in this room.

He’d be glad so long as it meant those other wolves were treating Rory all right.

Christ, he didn’t even know the guy’s last name or his age. He didn’t know anything about him other than they were mates, and it had been several hours already since they’d arrived, and he didn’t know much of anything else.

He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t eaten anything that was brought to him, and he was losing his damn mind.

The knock on the door had him spinning around right as it opened. The man named Roarke, the alpha who was in charge of the pack, walked in with both of Rory’s brothers. No one looked very happy.

“He’s asking to see you,” said one of the men beside Roarke. Leo, Allan thought his name was.

“Is he all right?” Allan asked, and he immediately started walking forward.

“He’s better,” Roarke said. “He’s not in danger anymore.”

“We think,” Leo muttered, and that was clearly something that Allan was supposed to hear.

Roarke elbowed the man in the ribs, which made him shut up incredibly fast.

“We think that if he has his mate by his side, that it might speed up the healing process,” Roarke said. “Otherwise he’ll be staying in bed for the next couple of days.”

“But you won’t be getting into bed with him,” Leo said.

Roarke glared at the other man. Allan watched the exchange with a sense of shock. If anyone continued to speak like that in Bud’s pack after they’d been told to be quiet, they would’ve gotten a lot more than just a glare for punishment.

Allan had seen people whipped and beaten or forced into their wolf forms and chained to the fence for humiliation after disobeying orders.

These guys seemed a little more open with their rules, that was for sure.

“Well, yes, anyway,” Roarke said. “Someone will be in the room with you to make sure nothing happens.”

“How do you know I haven’t fucked him already?” Allan asked. It irked him that he wasn’t going to even be allowed privacy with his own mate. Rory had been nearly passed out at the time he’d said it, but he had confirmed that Allan was his mate.




“Holy fuck, Rory!” Allan moaned, and then his hand was out of Rory’s hair as he pressed his palms down on his mouth to keep from moaning so loudly as he came.

Warmth flooded inside of Rory’s mouth, and he swallowed it down easily as the rush of energy that came with having his mate inside of him like that overcame him. Rory hadn’t even been the one to come, but he was buzzing off the pleasure his mate was getting and he continued to suck on the man’s cock, milking him, long after there was nothing there.

Allan’s dick remained hard, however. That was the power of being a werewolf. The stamina was amazing.

It also meant that they weren’t going to be done here until a proper claiming happened.

Rory might have the man’s cum inside of him, and he was still experiencing the pleasurable tingling sensation of his energy flow as they connected, but it wasn’t the same as a full claiming. They needed more than just touching and blowing each other. They had to fuck each other.

More specifically, Allan had to fuck Rory.

His heart started thumping fast after that thought went through his head. It was pounding so fast that he got a head rush from it, and he actually had trouble breathing. He had to pull his mouth away from Allan’s still hard cock and sit back just to catch his breath.

Allan was from Bud’s pack. The pack that very well may have been responsible for the murder of his parents, and he was mated to him, and he was about to let him fuck him.

“Are you all right?” Allan asked.

To his credit, he sounded like he was actually worried about Rory and not just concerned that he wouldn’t be having anymore sex if Rory was having a panic attack.

“I’m fine,” Rory said, and he sucked in a deep breath. “I just need a minute.”

Allan sat up. He reached out, as though to put his hand on Rory’s shoulder, but then pulled back. “Take all the time you need.”

For some reason, that helped Rory to calm down. He was on his knees between Allan’s legs while the man calmly looked at him and waited for him to get his bearings again, and Rory was sensing no impatience. He wasn’t getting the vibe of anger out of the man because it looked like what they were doing might stop, and there was no annoyance either.

Allan was just sitting there, waiting for Rory to tell him whether or not they were going to continue.

Rory had feared Allan would be the kind of alpha who would be making all sorts of cruel demands, regardless of what Rory was feeling. Instead he was just waiting.

“I’m fine,” Rory said as his heart began to calm down and things went back to normal. “I’m okay.”

Allan was looking at him like he didn’t quite believe him. “You know, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I know we’re mated, but I don’t like the idea that I’m having sex with someone who feels like they’re being forced into it.”

That made Rory incredibly pissed. “I wouldn’t have sex with someone unless I wanted to,” he said. “No one’s forcing me to be here.”

“You aren’t forcing yourself?”

Rory hadn’t been expecting that question, and he hadn’t even looked at it from that angle either. In fact, the question took him aback, big time.

Allan’s mouth twisted a little as he reached for his clothes. “That’s what I though.”

Rory reached out and caught his wrist. “I’m not forcing myself to be here,” he said. “I want this.”

Allan stared at him without blinking for several long seconds. It was like the guy was searching for something inside of Rory that would tell him that he was being truthful.

Realistically, Rory knew this was a good thing. His mate was the type who was careful and sensitive, but it could also just be an act that was meant to get Rory lulled into a false sense of security.

He’d been in a relationship or two where the personalities of the men he’d been with completely changed once they thought they had him, and Allan and Rory were mates. Allan had a lot more to lose if he didn’t play his cards right here.

Still, Rory really wanted the sex. Even if this didn’t work out and he had to risk his life just to break it off, he was at least going to get off out of this.

“Well? What do you say?” Rory asked.

Allan nodded. “All right.”

“All right?”

“I believe you,” Allan said.

Rory breathed out a heavy sigh of relief he hadn’t realized he’d been holding back, and he leaned up and pressed his lips to Allan’s.

That spark of energy was still there, only stronger this time as Rory thrust his tongue into the man’s mouth and licked him deep. That energy shot right to his cock as he was suddenly reminded that he hadn’t even come yet. Allan had, and the man was clearly desperate to do so again as his hands were sliding all over Rory’s chest and body.

He was being careful to not touch the amulet, however. Rory guessed he didn’t want to push any of his buttons by doing something that he knew Rory wouldn’t appreciate.

Rory was moaning just from that touch alone. He wanted more of it. His body was unbearably hot and his balls were tight and probably turning blue at this point, but he needed more of this. Even if this didn’t work out, he needed more of it. He needed to feel this.

Rory blindly reached for and grabbed one of the condoms that was on the bed and beside Allan’s thigh. He pulled away from the kiss to rip it open with his teeth.

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