Dragon's Bloodmoon (MMM)

Deadly Mates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,208
55 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, dragons, werewolves]

For two years, Jared waited in vain for his dragon mate to return. As he struggles to forget, a new man appears in his life. Only he isn’t a man. He is a vampire, and his task is to kill Jared.

Tomas has been entrusted with the important mission of retrieving the powerful amulet, Gaia’s Spirit--and killing its keepers. When he meets Jared Grayson, he finds that he cannot do as asked. He kidnaps Jared, hoping to keep the young werewolf safe.

Sentenced by the dragon elders to forced hibernation, Zongxian awakens only to find out his mate has vanished. Desperate, he goes in search of Jared, and in his quest, he meets a handsome vampire who takes his breath away.

Together, Tomas and Zongxian have to fight impossible odds to save Jared. Can the three-way bond survive the ruthless power of the vampire nation?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dragon's Bloodmoon (MMM)
55 Ratings (4.3)

Dragon's Bloodmoon (MMM)

Deadly Mates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,208
55 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Excellent continuation of this series. The characters are bold and winsome, while the story takes you to a fantasy world that lets your imagination soar. The plot is imaginative, and you'll find yourself falling in love with and rooting for vampires and dragons. What a wonderful way to take your mind of everyday troubles - lose yourself in one of Ms. Hyacinth's paranormal treasures. I anxiously await the next installment.
Missy Martine
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Dragon’s Bloodmoon begins quickly, in the midst of a battle. Hyacinth does a spectacular job of introducing the characters and explaining the situation through the narrative without losing the momentum of the scene. This kind of writing skill draws you in and makes the novel difficult to put down. Hyacinth’s writing style borders on art. She wastes no words while still delivering a riveting story. I’ll confess now that I haven’t read the first three novels in the series, a situation that will soon change. Though this story stands alone, tidbits of well-placed information definitely hint at a deeper, more complex conflict arcing through the series. In this installment, Jared, Zongxian, and Tomas find love. Jared is a young werewolf. Zongxian is a more experienced dragon, and Tomas is the vampire sent to take the amulet Jared guards and kill him afterward. The mating bond he feels for Jared, and later Zongxian, derails those plans, and the trio must fight in order to be together. The complex plot unfolds with dynamite intensity in Hyacinth’s talented hands. The love story at the heart of the novel is sweet and hot. Jared definitely assumes the submissive role, while Zongxian and Tomas end up in the dominant/caretaker roles. The amount of love and respect between the members of this trio only adds to the eroticism of the love scenes. I absolutely loved this story, and I’m going to be reading a lot more of Ms. Hyacinth’s work." -- Clare C, Happily Ever After Reviews

5 CUPS: "Whew! This series just gets better and better with every new book! I absolutely loved Dragon’s Bloodmoon. One of the best things about this series in my opinion is the variety of shifters. Usually with shifter books the mates are both the same type of shifter but not so with this lovely series from Ms. Hyacinth. You get the whole gamut of shifters here, including snake shifters, and I fully expect there will be a few more surprises in the books to come. The world building is excellent, and incredibly imaginative and I love how the author uses Greek, Chinese and other mythologies to help build her worlds. The emotion filled passion that encompasses the relationships between the three mates is also not to be missed. If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Scarlet Hyacinth book, then I strongly urge you to check her out today, she is one of the very best storytellers around!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "I have encountered shifters in previous books but I have never met so many together nor have I learned about intermingling and mating bonds and how powerful it could be until now. This book was an eye-opener for me. How I wish I could have read the first three books in the series. Even if references to previous characters and situations were mentioned, I feel that this book can stand alone. Jared, Zongxian and Tomas' story is complete in itself. Author Scarlet Hyacinth has managed to pull me into the story without confusing me. Once I got past who was who and who did what, I had a great time reading the book. In fact, everything happened so fast that I didn't realize I was done. I also loved the fact that the setting here is contemporary and familiar so much so that I couldn't help but wonder for a second if shifters and vampires do really exist. If the story took place in a different world or time period, it would have still worked. Magic, paranormal romance and erotica made for a great combination in DRAGON'S BLOODMOON, the fourth book in the Deadly Mates series. Fans of the earlier books will surely have another great read in their hands."-- Aobibliophile, The Romance Reviews

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Jared’s eyes widened as he took in the sight of the new arrival. The man was sex incarnate. He wore a professional-looking suit, but the way it hugged his body in all the right places made even the appropriate garment erotic. His white shirt contrasted with his olive complexion, and his perfectly tailored jacket did nothing to hide his wide, strong shoulders. Dark green eyes shone like sharp diamonds, spearing Jared with their intensity, sending a bolt of arousal through his body. He was obviously the new Ecology teacher, and also Jared’s mate. Fuck.

The entire room filled with whispers and excited giggles coming from the girls, and maybe even some boys. The man walked to the teacher’s desk and cleared his throat. Somehow, even in all the ruckus, Jared still heard it, like his ears immediately focused on the one sound that had come from the teacher. He guessed the other students must have felt the same, as the noise vanished at once.

“Hello, students,” the man said in a soft, accented voice. “I am Tomas Medina y Hernandez, and I will be your Ecology teacher from now on.” As the teacher wrote the name of the class on the whiteboard, the jacket lifted a bit and Jared’s eyes went to Mr. Medina’s ass. God, was the man perfect everywhere?

When Mr. Medina turned once again, his full lips twisted into a smile and his green gaze fixed on Jared. “But you can call me Tomas,” he purred.

Jared had the impression that the other man addressed him directly, but he couldn’t know for sure. His fellow students seemed entranced with Tomas, and Jared frowned as he realized even Brian looked hypnotized.

“We will now start the lesson,” Tomas said, sounding all-business, but still heavenly sexy. Jared had only once experienced this sensation, with Zongxian, and he’d learned his lesson. Even if Tomas made him want to throw off his clothes and beg to be fucked, Jared still felt wary. Something was off.

He’d have thought that Tomas could be one of the famous bloodline heirs he’d heard so much about. That would, in a way, explain the sudden spell the man’s presence put on everyone. But unless all the students in his Ecology class were somehow shifters, such a thing didn’t make any sense. Besides, Jared seemed to maintain his rational abilities, unlike his colleagues.

Tomas snapped his fingers and even the air in the room seemed to freeze. “Well, well, Mr. Grayson. How interesting. It looks like you’re immune to my charms.”

Hardly, Jared almost said, but he bit his tongue and glared at the other man. “What’s going on? What did you do to them?”

Tomas’s seductive manner turned predatory. “Nothing much. Just ensured they wouldn’t interfere, and you wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.”

Jared shot to his feet and gaped at the other man. “What? You’re insane. What do you want with me?”

Tomas moved so fast Jared didn’t even see him coming. Somehow, before he could even try to come up with a plan, Jared found himself pinned against the desk, face front, held down by Tomas’s waist. Next to him, neither Brian nor the other students gave any sign of seeing anything unusual. In fact, they didn’t seem to be seeing anything at all.

“I don’t want to play around,” Tomas growled in Jared’s ear. “I want you to give me the amulet, or else.”

Jared almost laughed. Why did his mates always want The Spirit of Gaia, and have no need of Jared?

As it turned out, he was proven wrong in the next two seconds. Jared froze as he felt a hard cock press against his ass. “God, you smell good,” Tomas muttered under his breath. “What the fuck are you trying to do to me?”

Jared couldn’t help but rub his ass against the other man’s crotch. His entire body begged for Tomas’s touch. Everything inside him wanted Tomas to take him, and to fuck him. But then, Jared realized he didn’t know this person. Beyond the instinctual need to mate, he couldn’t even be sure if the man’s name was really Tomas. Even if they were drawn to each other, in the end, the so-called Tomas just wanted the power of The Spirit.

That knowledge gave Jared strength. Taking advantage of Tomas’s distraction, he head-butted the other man. Taken by surprise, Tomas cursed, and his hold on Jared weakened. Jared didn’t delay in making his escape. If nothing else, he needed to let his family know that someone—maybe the snakes—wanted The Spirit again.

Giving Brian a regretful look, Jared lunged for the door and retrieved his cell phone from his pocket. As he dialed, he vowed to return for his friend as soon as he warned his sister of the danger.

“Hey, Jared,” Maya greeted him. “What’s up? I thought you were at class.”

“Maya, they’ve come after The Spirit again.” He ran through the corridors as he spoke, wondering why the hell the university seemed so abandoned. Where were all the people?

“What?” Maya asked, sounding concerned. “Who? Where are you, Jared?”

“MIT. A man came, claiming to be a teacher. I don’t know who or what he is, but he wants the amulet. He said his name is—”

Before he could tell his sister the name he’d been given, a heavy body hit him from behind and the phone flew from his hand. “That wasn’t very nice, corazon,” Tomas said.

Immobilizing Jared in an iron-vise hold, Tomas rubbed his still erect cock against Jared. He shifted Jared against the floor until they were facing each other. “Not nice at all.”

A brief flash of fangs registered in Jared’s mind before he felt a sharp, delicious pain sweep through him. He realized somehow that Tomas was biting him, greedily sucking on his neck. Everything started to make sense as the man’s nature revealed itself. Vampire. Tomas was a vampire.





Laughing, Zongxian threw the covers off Jared’s body. Tomas started removing his clothes, but stopped just before taking his pants off. “You sure about this, Jared? If you’re not up to it or if you don’t want to be with both of us…”

Jared let out an exasperated snort. If anything, the arousal and pleasure just helped his body mend, giving his wolf the energy to heal possible remaining injuries. “Just come here, you two.”

His two mates obeyed. Moving faster than the eye could see, they got rid of their clothing and climbed over Jared. The queen-sized bed didn’t quite fit three grown men, more so given Tomas and Zongxian’s size, but Jared didn’t mind. He found himself pleasantly sandwiched between two hard bodies. Zongxian’s erection prodded him from behind, while Tomas’s rubbed against his own hard cock. “God, I want you. I want this so bad,” he said.

Two pairs of hands caressed him, gently exploring every inch of skin. Zongxian’s fingers enclosed around Jared’s nipples, tweaking them and rubbing them with measured strength. Tomas pressed his lips against Jared’s, coaxing them open. His tongue pushed forward, exploring Jared’s mouth, lazily massaging and tasting. Jared gasped against the other man’s lips, the slow torture driving him mad. He needed more. He’d waited so long for this. He’d thought he’d never get the chance to have it. Now, he couldn’t get enough.

“I want inside you,” Zongxian whispered in Jared’s ear.

Jared nodded in excitement. He wanted to be filled, taken, to feel his mates in every fiber of his being.

Tomas broke the kiss and allowed Zongxian to shift them around the bed. As they moved, Tomas stole a kiss from Zongxian’s lips, and Jared groaned at how beautiful his two mates looked together.

“Touch each other,” he whispered. “I want to see it.”

Tomas grinned at him and pushed Zongxian down, forcibly straddling the other man. Zongxian readily accepted Tomas’s domination and allowed Tomas to take possession of his mouth. It seemed apparent to Jared that they must’ve done this before. He didn’t mind. In fact, seeing his mates kiss made him so hot he could come on the spot.

Jared leaned against the headboard and jacked his dick as he watched the beauty of his two men together. Zongxian and Tomas broke away, panting hard, and gave Jared twin looks of lust. “Come here, you,” Tomas growled.

Jared obeyed, secretly satisfied when he ended up between his two mates once more. Tomas knelt in front of Jared, his hard cock demanding attention. Zongxian positioned Jared on all fours, gently massaging Jared’s ass. He spread Jared’s cheeks and whispered, “So beautiful.” His dry thumb went to tease at Jared’s entrance, rubbing the tiny hole, giving Jared a hint of what would soon happen.

Jared moaned, embarrassment and desire swirling inside him. Sure, he’d had lovers before, but no one had touched him there. He hadn’t dared to pursue his sexual interests too far while Sasha Petrovic had led the pack, and after that, there simply hadn’t been time. His life had been, in many ways, consumed by his family. For once, he’d allow his mates to consume him, and enjoy every minute of it.

He saw Tomas toss something to Zongxian and a few seconds later, heard the distinctive sound of a tube opening. Cool liquid hit Jared’s skin as Zongxian liberally coated his hole with the lubricant. He gasped and spread his legs wide. “P–please. Now.”

“You’re so beautiful when you beg, corazon,” Tomas purred. “Come now. Open your pretty mouth for me.”

Jared obeyed and Tomas’s cock nudged at his lips, seeking entrance. Jared accepted the invasion, groaning as the flavor of Tomas’s precum hit his taste buds. Tomas gasped, the vibrations obviously causing great pleasure.

Tomas didn’t move, allowing Jared to take his time, to do what he wanted. Jared gladly took what his mate offered, mapping Tomas’s dick with his tongue, toying with his mate’s foreskin. He sucked lightly on the glistening head, doing his best to give Tomas as much pleasure as he could.

And then Zongxian thrust a finger inside Jared’s ass, and Jared cried out, losing his focus. Tomas caressed his hair, soothing him, whispering sweet words. He didn’t even seem to mind that Jared had lost his grip on his cock.

Jared regretted that transgression, but Zongxian’s finger distracted him, and more so when it hit a certain spot inside him that made stars burst in front of his eyes. Another digit penetrated him and Jared found himself pushing back against them, begging for more. By the time a third one joined the first two, Jared was almost incoherent, his entire being aching to be filled, branded by his mates.

Thankfully, his two lovers guessed his thoughts. Zongxian removed his fingers, and before Jared could even feel the lack, the head of the dragon’s dick prodded against his hole. Jared gasped as Zongxian pushed inside. Blindly reaching out in front of him, he embedded his now-clawed fingers into Tomas’s thighs.

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