The Deadly Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Deadly Mates

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,973
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Alternative, Interracial, Vampires/Werewolves, Shape-shifters, MM]

Moon's Sweet Poison

Isolated by his pack, Viktor spends his days struggling against his father’s attempts to control him. In a world where everyone seems to hate him, he desperately wishes to find that one special person, his mate.

His prayers seem to be answered when Viktor meets a beautiful stranger with a hypnotizing gaze. From the minute their eyes meet, Viktor knows that the stranger is his fated mate. But everything goes terribly wrong when he finds out his mate, Kaiden, is actually a weresnake, an assassin sent by his pack to kill him.

Kaiden knows his only chance of freeing himself from the Assassin’s Guild is one last kill: Viktor. Despite that, he finds himself drawn to the werewolf and cannot resist his touches. Will their connection be stronger than betrayal, or will Viktor find his death at the hands of his own mate?

Wings of Moonlight

Lysander Metsovou is a man on a mission. His mother, the harpy queen, entrusts him with a very important task: kill Kaiden Hearne and eliminate the influence the man has on their nation. Determined to succeed, Lysander is taken aback when he meets Flame Grayson.

When a huge eagle attempts to kill his best friend's lover, Flame knows the eagle is his mate. Torn between his destined mate and his family, he vows to find out who Lysander really is. All the while, Lysander refuses to accept their connection as more than sexual chemistry.

Before either of them can clarify their emotions, tragedy strikes. The horrors of a past long ago buried return to haunt them all. Flame and Lysander have to fight side by side to save their friends and family from a plot that could destroy them and the world as they know it.

Scarlet Hyacinth is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Deadly Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Deadly Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Deadly Mates

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,973
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Moon's Sweet Poison


Suddenly feeling disgusted with himself, Viktor pushed the man in his lap aside. He needed to get away. He needed to breathe. Ignoring the human clinging to his arm, he got up to leave, only to then pause when a tantalizing scent tickled at his senses. Viktor's heart started to beat faster, his cock hardening again. Turning, he scanned the crowd, seeking to detect the source of the scent. It took a bit of effort, seeing as the scent of drugs, sweat, arousal, and blood filled the club. Not to be deterred, he continued to look around, finally finding what he searched when he met the most amazing eyes he'd ever seen in his life. Mate. His mate. No, it couldn’t be.

He thought the human said something, but he got too caught up in those beautiful eyes to care. He’d never seen such color in his entire life, swirling orbs of gold and onyx. In the dim light of the club, they seemed to glow with an inhuman light, a dangerous glint that drew him like a moth to a flame. Heart pounding with excitement, Viktor took in the sinful form of his mate’s slender but toned body, hugged by leather that clung to him like a second skin. The stranger’s long, flowing hair glinted with a peculiar rusty shade, and his full lips twisted in a suggestive smile. His patrician nose gave those flawless features an aristocratic look. Viktor drank in the vision and knew without a doubt that he’d found his destiny.

* * * *

For some reason, Viktor abandoned his human plaything and got up, apparently intending to leave. Kai felt a little surprised at the sudden twist. He squashed the glimmer of satisfaction caused by the twink’s failure and considered his approach. He didn’t want to appear pushy or desperate like the human, but the werewolf seemed to be on his way out. Kai needed to make sure Viktor saw him. Once he did, leaving would be the last thing on the werewolf’s mind.

Smiling to himself, Kai proceeded with his plan, stepping out of the darkness that shielded him from sight. He could barely contain his surprise when the werewolf’s eyes found him. He had never been detected so easily before. Kai inwardly frowned. How did the werewolf sense him? Luckily, years of training helped him keep his displeasure off his face and set his work mask into place. He doubted Viktor knew or suspected his identity. Perhaps Viktor just scented another supernatural creature. Despite the fact that the assassin guild prided itself on eliminating the chances of such a thing happening, a small margin of error always existed.

Giving the other man his best come-hither look, Kai leaned against the wall and patiently waited. The werewolf looked at him as if Kai were the prey and not the other way around. Too bad Viktor would die today. He was a truly handsome specimen.




Viktor’s mind simply stopped functioning, overwhelmed by the surge of feelings and sensations Kai awoke in his heart and body. When his mate surrendered to him, wrapping his legs around his waist, he knew he’d found heaven. Without separating their lips, he got up, Kai’s pale limbs still wrapped around him. The carpeting was soft, but he didn’t want to chance hurting his mate by taking him on the floor. Holding Kai tightly, he somehow made his way to the bed and collapsed on top of the sheets, careful not to crush Kai’s body in the process.

When the kiss finally broke, Viktor pulled away from Kai’s embrace, suddenly needing to see his mate’s body in its entire magnificence. The view made his mouth water. Kai’s rusty hair spread out, creating random patterns upon the pillows. The mist of desire clouded his eyes, the gold and onyx seeming to swirl magically. Kai’s pretty lips looked swollen from Viktor’s kisses, and his face flushed in a telling sign of his arousal. He seemed a wanton and debauched angel. Viktor’s angel.

When Viktor’s gaze washed over Kai’s lower body, he noticed a certain peculiarity on his mate’s skin that he hadn’t seen before. Around his collarbone and ribs, Kai boasted beautiful golden scales, a reminder of his reptilian nature. They shone in the artificial light of the lamp, and Viktor suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to touch them.

“You don’t like them?” Kai whispered shyly. The whisper drew Viktor’s attention to Kai’s face again, and he felt shocked and angry when he could see a touch of fear and shame shading the arousal from before. Could his mate really not know how beautiful he was? Viktor would not allow that.

“They’re beautiful. Like you,” he said softly.

To prove his point, Viktor lowered his head, licking across Kai’s collarbone until he reached his target. The golden scales were smooth like silk and tasted exquisitely like the essence of Kai. His mate let out a surprised sound, arching his back. Oh, would you look at that, a sensitive spot.

Viktor tortured the soft scales over and over, licking and nipping. He realized with awe that more scales sprouted down Kai’s chest and over those long, smooth legs. The evidence of his mate’s passion and surrender made Viktor want to howl in triumph. He wanted to worship Kai’s body, teach his mate how beautiful love-making could be. He wanted to prove to Kai that mate bonds could cross any abyss and that Viktor’s feelings would never change, no matter what. More than anything, he needed to make Kai see himself through Viktor’s eyes and realize how special and amazing he was.

Smiling to himself, Viktor ignored his own painful hard-on and proceeded to torture each and every beautiful scale. The artificial light coming from the lamp made them shine in a myriad of colors that shifted in swirling patterns. Kai begged and pleaded, but Viktor took his time, reveling in the taste of his mate on his tongue.

Down and down he went, lingering over beautiful pink nipples and teasing the naughty belly-button. He licked across Kai’s abdomen, following the treasure trail of scales to his prize. Viktor swiped his tongue over his mate’s hard cock, drinking in the nectar of Kai’s pre-cum with greed.

Viktor didn’t give blow jobs often, preferring to be on the receiving end, but with Kai, it felt more amazing than anything he’d ever experienced. He couldn’t take all of Kai’s dick, as Kai was more than generously endowed. He massaged the rest of his mate’s cock with his hand, reaching down to fondle Kai’s balls.

As he played with his mate’s testicles, he noticed with a gasp that tiny scales the size of small gems now dotted Kai’s sack. Mouth watering, he dragged his tongue across the scales surrounding the base of Kai’s cock. Kai almost arched off the bed with a choked cry. “Viktor, ssstop! I'm going to come!”

His mate’s sweet hissing reached out to Viktor, and he knew he could not put off claiming Kai much longer. “Mmm…and what’s so bad about that?”

“I want to…oh…oh, Viktor…when you’re inssside me…”


Wings of Moonlight


A gust of wind swept through the now-empty grove, further stirring the restless beast inside of Flame. He shared a look with Viktor and saw the same apprehension in his friend’s eyes. “We’ve lingered here too long,” Viktor said. “We need to go.”

Flame nodded and turned to follow after his Alpha. For some reason, however, he hesitated. The wolf inside pulled at him, howling that they needed to stay. What in the world was going on?

The wind changed direction, and all of a sudden, Flame scented a foreign, yet familiar, aroma, the one scent that all wolves were bound to recognize, even though it was different for each individual. The scent of his mate. Flame wanted to howl in triumph at the knowledge that his other half was here somewhere, in this very grove. And then realization struck. The entrancing aroma of his mate was tainted by something else, something darker. The smell of hate, of violence, and of anger.

Turning on his heel, Flame looked back just in time to see a large bird swoop down on them, claws extended.

It seemed to be some sort of huge eagle, the size of a man, with an incredible wingspan and razor-sharp claws. Flame had seen nothing like it before, and he felt awed at the sight. He found himself unable to move, rooted on the spot. Viktor didn’t have this problem, probably because the peculiar bird seemed to be targeting Kaiden in its attack.

Before Flame’s very eyes, Viktor shifted, a large white wolf appearing where his human body stood before. All the while, Kaiden dodged the bird’s attack with fluid movements. The snake shifter avoided the eagle’s deadly claws, but he didn’t seem to get enough respite to find his weapons. Fighting in his animal form would have been suicide in this case.

Viktor lunged toward the bird, but the large eagle flew away just in time. As Viktor freed him from the bird’s relentless assault, Kaiden cursed and retrieved the one blade he kept with him.

In that moment, Flame’s mind recovered, and he realized the identity of their attacker. Without sparing another moment to consider the effect of his actions, he shifted and jumped Kaiden just as the snake shifter threw the knife at the bird. The blade trajectory shifted, hitting the bird’s large wing instead of its heart as Kai had obviously intended.

The bird shrieked a wounded sound of pain that tore at Flame’s insides. It tried to fly away using its remaining functional wing, but to no avail. The large, majestic body seized, the wings stopped flapping, and the eagle fell from the sky, hitting the ground with a sickening crack.

Flame got off a stunned Kaiden and padded toward the fallen body of the bird. He nudged the motionless eagle with his snout, letting out a lost whine when the bird showed no reaction. Behind him, he heard Viktor shift and head toward Flame with Kaiden in tow.

A growl emerged in Flame’s throat, and he turned to meet the two men, snarling in warning. Viktor’s eyes widened. “Flame…What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Still in wolf form, Flame ignored his Alpha’s words. Much to his surprise, Kaiden spoke in his stead. “The bird…The bird is his mate.”

Viktor groaned. “You have got to be shitting me.”

Kaiden knelt next to Flame, demanding his attention. “The blade I hit it with was poisoned. You have to let us near it, otherwise it’ll die.”

Flame considered his options and scented his fallen mate, whimpering at the realization that the smell of death already started to envelop the eagle. He shifted and turned to Kaiden. “Help him. Please help him.”




Flame’s rough hands guided Lysander carefully until they were in a sixty-nine position on the bed. Lysander let his lover lead the way and focused on the dick in his mouth. Or tried to, at least. When Flame’s mouth engulfed his dick, he lost all power of thought and coherence, and all he could do was moan and hope that through some miracle, he’d be able to give Flame pleasure, too.

He took Flame’s cock deep in his throat and shuddered when Flame did the same for him. To a certain extent, he felt surprised he yearned for the other man so much, but the shock was distant, and he couldn’t bring himself to care. He just wanted to find a way to get Flame’s dick in his ass and, preferably, keep Flame’s mouth in that wonderful sucking motion. That was anatomically impossible, right? Lysander couldn’t figure it out, not when Flame did that wicked thing with his tongue that made Lysander’s whole body pulse with a blaze of ecstasy.

Flame’s finger went to tease at Lysander’s opening and pushed inside. His flesh yielded with ease, still stretched from their lovemaking just minutes before. Lysander’s eyes went wide when that blunt digit hit his special spot, rubbing it in an almost sadistically erotic motion.

Lysander couldn’t take it anymore. He exploded with a choked cry, mouth still wrapped around Flame’s dick, mind struggling between the desire to give his lover the same bliss and the urge to just ride his own pleasure. In the end, he lost control over his limbs, bones melting from the climax, and he didn’t get the chance to do anything but pathetically cling to his lover’s body.

He moaned in distress when Flame’s heat disappeared, that fat dick slipping away from his mouth. Flame’s voice soothed him, and Lysander registered his lover moving them around, until they were facing each other, the feel of Flame’s heavy body on top of Lysander’s, overwhelming him. 

Murmuring soft endearments in his ear, Flame pushed inside Lysander’s body, so slowly it made Lysander’s heart ache. He felt feathers sprout again, but Flame didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the other man looked intent on keeping the excruciating rhythm. Even when Lysander tried to urge him forward, Flame held him down, forcing Lysander to stop, forcing their eyes to meet.

As he looked into those deep pools of darkness, Lysander felt himself falling. Gods, he’d wanted to drive his lover crazy, but instead, Flame was effectively demolishing all his barriers.

Confusing emotions and sensations took hold of Lysander as his body surrendered to his lover’s ministrations and his mind tried to fight them. Losing control, losing himself to Flame. It scared him. He wanted what Flame offered. God, he ached for it. But it needed to be on his terms. Already, he’d given up too much of himself. He couldn’t let himself fall for the other man.

The fear gave him the strength to push Flame away. Flame gave him a puzzled look but didn’t protest, allowing Lysander to change their positions on the bed. Lysander almost winced when their bodies separated, but instantly he suppressed the feeling of loss. This was just a fuck, damn it! He didn’t need to get all emotional about it.

Grinning, Lysander reached for the burning candle sitting in the tiny cup on the nightstand. Under the heat of the fire, hot wax was already starting to pool, drops falling on the wooden drawers. Lysander had a better idea for that wax.

Lysander snatched the candle, carefully holding it so that he wouldn’t get burned. He tilted the candle over Flame’s body, letting it hover over Flame’s nipple. The air seemed charged with electricity as they both watched the candle burn. For a brief moment, Lysander felt hypnotized by the fire. He met Flame’s eyes through the blaze, this time unafraid. He had the power. He wouldn’t lose this battle.

The peculiar spell was broken when one drop of wax fell off the candle and onto Flame’s skin. Flame hissed, but Lysander felt the other man’s dick throb against his ass. More drops fell and Lysander watched with greedy eyes as the hot liquid decorated Flame’s dark skin in sinfully beautiful patterns. First the man’s nipples, then down his abdomen. Lysander even turned to torture Flame’s legs. All the while, his lover sat there, claws buried in the sheets, teeth gritted, sweat covering his body, and cock jolting whenever the wax hit his skin.

Finally, Lysander got tired of the game. He set the candle back on the nightstand, his dick aching for release. Flame looked desperate, too, and gave Lysander a pleading look. “Please, babe…Just…”

Ever so softly, Lysander swept the wax off his lover’s body. “It’s okay. I’ll give you what you need.”

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